what will the consequences of raising children in this way be, the younger zoomers seem even more BASTE but also fucked up than people in their late teens like me lmao


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Whatcha sliding moshe?

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based youngsters.

kinda based because im a zoomer too, but god damn these kids are hella cringe and remind me of this girl ive been talking to for the past month. same mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. shes adopted all of her actual wn political beliefs from memes, months before i got involved with her. it's going to be odd in the future when our movement is comprised of 90% fags acting like these kids and being total annoying shitlords, but still are woke.

Kill self.


Ah, yes.
The alleged:
The ones that follow unending trends, like mindless sheep.
Just like the millenials.
Worshiping niggers.
The ones that are physically their age but are
mentally 10.

Sliding something or just the normal weekend raid?

kill yourselves

My single mother raised me off of the internet and with drugs. She poisoned me with weed since I was 10.
Now I am a national socialist zoomer that fantasizes about assassinating zionist politicians.
I read, I make sure my nutrition is in check, and I mentally prepare for my future.

Can’t speak for other fags in my generation. I’ve been surrounded by shitskins my whole life.



All zoomers are incels and the white women are fucking niggers because you're all Amerimutt out of shape cowardly faggots


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the shoah is neverending
it's a joke,
7/11 was part time mate.

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end religious mutilation
boys and girls
or you shall awaken Hitler-chan
here is a sneak peek:youtube.com/watch?v=lNkjqBmOmeA

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A more accurate version faithful to the tapes:youtube.com/watch?v=ro0ENgS2sTo

Zoomers are based. This spam thread that the (((mods))) left up is not.

how is this spam you retard

It is interesting how this epidemic of family life has been ruined and been replaced by media and other substitutes like the internet. No longer are children connected to their parents history and experience which they can improve upon, instead these children seek out on the internet for information which leads to this weird hybrid of identity and internet culture with no direction. I don't see any real future with these zoomers, if you've looked at the statistics these people are weaker and less likely to serve in the military (I'm European so there is no zog service required) while at the same time trying to appeal to the culture which they so idealize (A similar phenomenon with SJW on the left). It seems like the western civilization will crumble by its own weight (a systematic failure) not because people don't realise it and point it out but because the individuals that are supposed to uphold the pyramid are weak and self-interested cause of the surrounding enviorment that has nurtured them. Look up the history of Babylon and Rome, similar elements, similar reasons, similar themes.


These kids are doing these vids not because they have experienced it but because they are husks of the internet culture that has nurtured them and try to create an identity that their parents didn't help with.

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These kids are hilarious I had to be around a bunch of retarded jew nigger worshipers when Obama bin laden got elected.

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Dude, are you kidding me?
I signed up BECAUSE I felt no connection to my family or their history, nor the so called "culture" that my piece of shit country is starting to adopt.

And based on what I've seen in my relatively diverse work live, civilization is crumbling because people quite frankly have no sense of professional pride or willingness to improve on what they have.

The part about zoomers being weak and self-interested mostly comes down to them not being exposed to what it actually means to not have any of the modern luxuries (running clean water, electricity, warm shelter, a steady supply of food, communication, etc) that they now expect to be their god given right.

Unless you are a poorfag/have served, then you probably are what you are describing yourself.

Truth post is truth. Zoomers are the most fucking retarded kike sheep ever and Zig Forums knows it. Zoomers hate threads need to me posted more often on Zig Forums.


The plus side of society being massively dumbed down is the solutions revert to the more primitive the longer it continues and fuck the consequences. We could use with a little niggerly chimping out to raise the blood and solve the problems and then slowly chill them out and civilize the masses. Just give them a uniform. Basically what Germany did initially.

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this doesn't seem like d&c at all!

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