Two Substation Fires in Madison, WI

How can the ground which is dirt, stone and concrete be on fire unless the ground has been doused with flammables?

Notice the perfect right angles in the lines made by the fire in the first AP photo.

The WI governor declared a state of emergency, and the National Guard was deployed to "assist the local authorities".

Power outage in NYC on the 13th July prompted NY pols to decry the existing infrastructure system.

Trump walks out of the infrastructure bill meeting with Pelosi because Pelosi said he is engaged in a cover-up back in May.

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It's not spam. This is my first thread. There is a total lack of curiosity for finding out the cause behind the fires. The characteristics of the fire suggest to me at least that arson is probable.

Didn’t putin teach you about chernobyl

This is not the remedial board. You're told to lurk for two years for a reason.
Did this happen months/years ago or is it happening right now? If it's happening right now, how on earth would you be able to ascertain anything about a lack of curiosity?

If you're curious about the fire and you think it's arson, then say so immediately IN YOUR ORIGINAL POST and provide real evidence to support it. In the meantime, go back to reddit.

what is the analogy here?

The ground wasn't on fire. The transformers where. Which are oil filled and old as fuck. The thick black smoke is from the super heated oil burning, lit off by high voltage arching.
Overload old run down transformers and they blow up. Most US cities are 3rd world-tier now.

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I remember reading, I think in 2015, about a disproportionate amount of muzz in Wisconsin and if I'm not mistaken, Madison was seemingly overrun by them.

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13th? Try right now

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do niggers live nearby? if not, that's a damn waste

Thank you for the post.

Do the stones around the transformer fill a trough that is designed to contain oil fires such as this?

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The smoke was all over downtown Madison coming from both sides of the isthmus. How much exposure to PCBs would lead to serious health effects?

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Saging, but just want to say hi to WI anons. Fox Valley here. Ran in to one of us at work before he went into the Army. Show those power levels cuz I'd love to meet more of you.

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A substation failed because of a kW overload on the hottest day of the year. It's not rocket science.

how many 'power outages' is that in recent memory? are these the 'attacks on critical infrastructure' that sparks civil war?

chlorine triflouride

electrical fires can be caused by badly maintained equipment but substations are also prime targets for destabilizing tactics in guerilla warfare.

Don't forget the the PBB oil as well user
polybrominated biphenyl

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