Jeffery Epstein was caught sharing an FAA tail number with a US military reconnaissance/attack plane that was being used for covert operations in Colombia by US state funded mercenary company, DynCorp International at the time.

The same DynCorp that was caught trafficking children in multiple countries including Colombia.

It means that Epstein's helicopter would be able to bypass border security checkpoints and elude law enforcement.

There is an extremely high likelihood that Epstein's illegal child trafficking was supported and or funded by the US government.

Full sources and details to follow

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Other urls found in this thread:,

According to documents filed in the U.S. Federal Court in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2008, Epstein shared the tail number of his Bell Long Ranger 206L3 helicopter (tail number N474AW) with a U.S. State Department OV-10D Bronco. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registration database, Epstein's Bell helicopter and the Bronco owned by the **U.S. State Department and contracted to the private military company DYNCORP INTERNATIONAL** both used the same identification number.

Page 11 for tail number

Here is the database to check for yourself.

*due note that the FAA ID number has been reassigned to a Cessna training plane now.

It means that Epstein was using an FAA ID (think aircraft license plate) at the same time that a US military aircraft was registered with one.

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Here's a brief history about Dyncorp International;

Let's take a look at who owns Dyncorp International. A quick search on
shows us that they are owned by Cerberus Capital Management.

The Cerberus Capital Management firm is ran by a Steve Feinberg. And who is Steve Feinberg? Let's check.

Isn't it funny how both the Clinton's and Trump are connected to both Billionaire Pedo Epstein and DynCorp International Child Traffickers.

Welcome to the real world. Everyone is compromised.

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Dig thread. Will post more info. as it's found.

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Need these posts to be broken down into child chewable vitamins.

I had pulled all the financials on this company 6 or 7 years go and posted them up on halfchan.
the thread was deleted shortly after.

I must say, I'm surprised this is all coming to light. I didn't think it ever would. The fact that it is, means shitz getting very real. very real.

Monitoring thread.

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There is a massive Navy/Red cross ship that parks off the coast of countries and administers aid.
I proposed it was being used in organ harvesting for super-wealthy customers.
This is going back several years, I can't remember the name of the ship, but it should be relatively easy to find.

I believe the Military was actively involved in the drug trafficking and organ harvesting trade as well.

Lets see how far this shit goes. If Trump is legit, this will all come out as being attached to DynCorp.

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Wait a minute… That's my tail number!


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God it just never ends does it.

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Incoming: (Its all coming back to me now)

Dyncorp is not only doing police contracts and contracts for maintaining aircraft but it's turned into something much different

I showed yesterday how the Bush administration leads to Dyncorp and how the Trump administration leads to Dyncorp

It started out looking at the use of [Dyncorps'] contracts regarding vaccines, they have a 500M virus and vaccine development program.

But then it turned out there are all these countries where Dyncorp was training police officers to attack and gang rape girls and boys

The last part of this investigation involved organ harvesting. We thought it was just Stingers and Sarin gas. As we get deeper into this, it gets more macabre.

I didn't mean to say Paul Farmer was harvesting organs from people. It's that Farmer is simply 'making use' of dead people in disaster and conflict areas: he's not the one making decisions on who would be dying. ("these are the enemies and prisoners" justification / revenge motive)

Compartmentalization recap

Farmer is going to relate directly to the Cleveland clinic and the [Cleveland Clinic] doctors that were vacationing in Iran that were Detained by Trump's new policy in NY.

CC is probably one of the top transplant clinics in the world; George puts up prices of the organs– 262k for a kidney, lungs 200k, etc; bone marrow is most valuable at 23k per gram–I used many sources for these prices, even if they are off by 50k it's close enough

He puts up an Operation cartoon man infographic of harvestable organs entitled, "What is your body worth?"…They don't see people as people but as a bottom line for harvestables.

Hillary donation/revenge motive justification/pay-for-flay. This [speaks to] Hillary's [/US intelligence's] need for so much health information–to find out everything about a person so they know how much people are ["organworth"] – this 'monomaniacal quest for health information'

The Paul Farmer relationship to Hillary goes back 25 yrs, back to sending rice to Haiti in 1982

The Top Economic Advisor for Trump is Steve Feinberg, the owner of Dyncorp through Service Capital

Cleveland Clinic has a south Florida location, about an hour from Trump, and next month they are going to their celebration at Mar-a-lago club [in Palm Beach, near Jupiter and Trump Golf Club also.] Trump, Bush and Hillary are all intertwined.

Paul Farmer recap; Kagame recap; Doug Coe breakfast invitation of Kagame recap; momma head chop recap; Lukas Lundin and Kagame corpse disposal recap; 15000 Syrian children organ/sex trafficking recap

Hotel Rwanda film was billboarding (putting a good face on) Kagame

There are reports in 50 countries that bodies have been found with their hearts removed, and everywhere Paul Farmer goes, there seems to be dealmaking in organ market; Paul Farmer is very closely connected to John Podesta; and Podesta has vulgar art projects where people eat the heart out of a human shaped cake in public rituals;

Nemcova toasting the leader of Haiti runs an ngo org called 'happy hearts', which George thinks is "comfort furniture for the mind"…the name 'happy hearts' is a occult wink and double entendre…the 'heart is in a happy place now' being taken from a prisoner or enemy

"Heart Recipient" PAM podesta email Pam Fleischaker–which means 'flesh taker', "rape pillage and plunder" is the motto of Fleishaker corporation

Revenge Motive / Gary Webb, Michael Rupert recap

4 gangs and lots of deaths but no bodies. LA could be an area of organ harvesting in addition to Chicago–"I know Chicago is"

Religious groups feel righteous about harassing people

If 100,000 organs annually are being produced and only 5-8000 donors, I don't get it.

WillowCrisp-Winokur recap,

A third-party, non-governmental organization is doing sex-sting operations with no oversight from law enforcement {{THIS SHOULD ALARM YOU}}


"I believe the money to run operation underground railroad is coming from BoozAllenHamilton (futher:BAH) passed through DHS with a DHS block grant of some type." {{This is worded strangely. For clarity, I think he's saying DHS is paying BAH to (pay another contractor or subcontractors?) run op underground railroad}}

US Naval Hospital Ship "Comfort" that goes to Haiti every year–"Operation Continuing Promise" – they come on shore, make mobile tents, and they bring people out for operations.

I believe they are doing [epidemiological] followup on viruses they are spreading, because DynCorp has contracts for spraying for anti- "DRUG" eradication, only it never eradicates any "DRUGS", only people get sick [instead]. There's lawsuits all over Latin America for this. They call it the long term followup, longitudinal studies. DynCorp has contracts for developing biological weapons as well as the vaccines ((ie: George is speaking in code here. Viruses. Viruses are the 'DRUGS' that are developed and the 'drugs' they are purport to eliminate–just like the actual 'drug war' – they bring in the drugs they are trying to eliminate).

{{Well done BTW, George. you've successfully detourned pathogens with drugs. This is how you flip-the-scrip, folks, take good notes}}

USAID was formed in North Haiti as "a [visiting] doctor's paradise". You have two cruiselines, hospitals, brothel, airport, prison [and then luxury hotels just across the way in Dominican Republic]

MacDonald body bag drugs in cadavers recap

"Limonade, which I think is a code word for using a black heart in a white body"

Any where you see Bill Swing, he is the guy who 'tests vectors'. They take a biological weapon, insert it into a population, and then they move the infected population and see how the biological agent [viruses] spreads out. And this produces bodybags. He killed 6M people in the Congo.

Here's Fred Eshelman, PPD, a good friend of George Bush with vaccines, 17-18 vaccine studies going on right now in Haiti.

This is kind of like a slaughterhouse, farming children through young adulthood to harvest. Follow the Dyncorp bodybags. They are now tracking [their assets] with the [free, microsharking] cellphones

I mentioned that Rwanda was the base for the CIA (you did?, when?) a small country where you can watch operations in all directions. That same thing for the Middle East is going to be this King Abdullah in Jordan. We've shown where Sarin was staged here. There's going to be a transplant center in Catsock? {{wut}} These transplants are the growth industry in Saudi.

I ask the question, how do you get 800 homicides in Chicago [per year] {{800/day due to traffic accidents}}, when in LA it's a bigger city but it's 1/4 of that.

Sanctuary Cities might also be Harvest Cities. The profit motive is just too great. It's almost half a million dollars a body.

Whenever you see this profit motive, you'll see Onsite OHS, which Dyncorp owns. Team Rubicon protects these medical teams.

Monica Petersen microsharking debt slavery to sell a kidney–I can prove it. Just publish the 650k emails, even just the metadata. Let me search for Limonade

They use those third parties like Operation Underground Railroad, which how the FBI avoids their rules for informants.

Sick shirt. Where to buy?

Dyncorp's server hosts four other websites which are now defunct. You can view them at:

One site,, can be viewed here:

This was a site for an industrial tool store called
Their new site is

Why is DynCorp hosting websites for industrial tool shops? Are they fronts?


I'm not going digging around in there
fuck that shit

NetRange: -
NetName: HEGUS-7
NetHandle: NET-209-126-96-0-1
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Organization: HEG US Inc. (SERVE-6)
RegDate: 2013-12-26
Updated: 2018-02-09

OrgName: HEG US Inc.
OrgId: SERVE-6
Address: 210 North Tucker Blvd.
Address: Suite 910
City: Saint Louis
StateProv: MO
PostalCode: 63101
Country: US
RegDate: 2003-04-15
Updated: 2017-12-18

OrgNOCHandle: GEN13-ARIN
OrgNOCName: GoDaddy EMEA NOC
OrgNOCPhone: +49220399340
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OrgTechHandle: GEN13-ARIN
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OrgAbuseHandle: HUAD-ARIN
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RTechHandle: GEN13-ARIN
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RTechHandle: SWI19-ARIN
RTechName: Wintz, Sascha
RTechPhone: +1-314-300-2200
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RNOCPhone: +49220399340
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RAbuseHandle: HUAD-ARIN
RAbuseName: HEG US Abuse Department
RAbusePhone: +1-314-266-3638
RAbuseEmail: [email protected]

Atleast someone pretty please post a high res pic so I can print my own.

srs go on Alibaba and search anime
See you in a week.

can you wget a linkedin site?
its pubic, right?

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Nevermind then. I just like how it looks and it's subtle enough for me to wear and not get jailed in Germany. Dunno why're such a dick about it, m8.

So what? Trump lent his daughter out to billionaires for 10 years and nothing happened. It's pedos all the way down fuckface. Anytime you get close to the truth they classify the information and put it in their black boxes where it will be compartmentalized away until the death of Weimerica.

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I meant that you will find so much anime stuff you'll be searching through it for a week, not "get outta here nigger!"
srs, alibaba is essential for any webe. get youself a chinaman to shop for you. Most speak good English and love hearing from westerners.

Look into the guy that bought his plane. Oscar Faria
He has connections in the Caribbean and hotel investments

this the right one?

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Why would Trump even run for president knowing he's a pedo. Then write exec orders defunding traffickers and starting operation broken heart which birthed other operations that systematically took down pedo rings. If Trump was truly dirty then we would have known about it.


We did know about it. Zig Forums was calling out Trump for his ties to Epstein back in 2015.

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But I don't want just some anime t-shirt, I want the Tarrant one.

Trump is a prop
he was Plan-A
Plan-B was hot war
We are in the middle of a civil war right now.
4 high brass generals on Trumps cabinet upon election.

Think outside the box, user
if you want to go full BT, you have to embrace the suck!

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that doesn't reflect on pedos any more than trafficking represents heteros

Maybe cuckchan Zig Forums was. The first anti-Trump threads popped up here on Super Tuesday 2016.

Understood but Trumps affiliations with Epstein ended after his arrest. Epstein is kinda a big shot so anybody whos somebody had to work with or around him. Doesn't mean everyone who ever had contact with Epstein is dirty. I can damn sure say anyone who remained in contact or rode on private jets post arrest is definitely a pedo or has no morals

I was just asking for the pic to make one on my own

No it didn't. Trump hired Acosta.

Heil Tarrant

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What's the one investment firm that owns like 50% of the (((stock market)))?
Tavistock? Or Vanguard group?
Are either of those two actually a thing? They're sticking in my head for some reason right now.
-only like 4 posts in

Thanks lad. You're a total fucking bro.

Go tell the prosecutors. Isn't he in custody?

OP, I do not see the tail number N474AW in page 11 here:
I want to verify what you're saying. Am I missing something?

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Can you get?

I don't think we will ever know. Epstein has no past. He has future. His present will be erased from history.

*No future

nah, he dindunuffin

He honestly did not though. All of his supposed (((victims))) keep publicly saying he is a very good man.



This is really interesting. I wish I were smart enough to help.

Please keep posting.

You wouldn't want him suicided…would you?

if you can make linkedin
post this:
I'd like to know more about your fren here


and of course, Goldman Sachs

any maritime fags available?
be cool to check the port history of the USS Comfy (how sick they name it that?)

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Ah, found it on page 12.

Everyone, OP made a small error. The tail number N474AW is on page 12, not page 11, of this link:

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Ya, hired him only to have the cold hard light of truth shown down upon him later on. Jesus you don't understand a thing. Trump 'hired' plenty of (((them))) only to be busted later in. I think the saying g goes, 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer'

thank you

dont shit up the thread with damage control, migapede.

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its all relevant at this point, (((one of us)))

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The DynCorp plane crashed and the number was reassigned.
Alice Weidel is the co-leader of the AfD(German right-wing populist party)

Guess who her previous employer was^^
Never, I repeat never fall for populists. There is no single politician in any western country who isn't a money hungry shabbos goy.
Gn8 i'll go to bed. Have a bump

Reminder to any Q-LARPers that you all need to be killed and that your hoax isn’t welcome here. This thread is for real content.

Hey faggots 1 and 2. Say what you will, and who's to say she wasn't arrested? Just because you're arrested doesn't mean you've been tried and convicted of anything yet. It'd be easy to stay out of the news too if you're Clinton. Pretty sure there were a few weeks there where she was hiding her ankle bracelet with a fake cast that switched legs once or twice.

If Trump were aligned with the same group of Jews who were running the shoe up until now. Why is any of this happening right now? Why would they change tactics and use Trump to bring everyone's attention to the FED hicking interest rates all the time? Why is Epstein even in the news again?

You two fuckers are BAD AT YOUR JOB


He's still a pussy faggot for not taking on street gangs. Only patsies and cocksuckers target low crime areas. Fag probably would spill the spaghetti if faced with return fire.

Wow. DynCorp has managed all IT for the CIA, FBI, SEC since the late 1990s. Imagine all of the sensitive information they had access to and how many hedge fund managers made fortunes relying on the intelligence coming out of DynCorp. They had the resources to conduct insider trading and avoid investigation, because they were the IT department for all investagative agencies.

I don't know why you faggots think Q has any connection to Trump.

Trump could easily not be a kike controller faggot and Q could still be a total fucking sham (and it is)

They're supplying their private army in house.

Bruh you don't know why he targeted that specific place? he killed some monsters

Their army is the U.S. military. They already control enough key U.S. military assets to do whatever they want.

I don't doubt they have a private army, but I want to know where they're getting the manpower? Are there people out there when their family asks what they do for a living, they have to lie about not being part of a private military?

Eh he killed some of the poison but didn't kill the poisoners

Just don't ever hand over your guns. Ever.
If this was allowed to happen and this is all some elaborate plot to usher in the One World Government (oyy vey! Borders are bad! this wouldn't have happened with 1 government in control!!!) the only way they can disarm us all us to exert extreme trust.
this may be a ploy to do that.
Or it may be legit good guys taking out bad.
How are we to think? The best?
fuck that. I'm way too seasoned to hope for the best. I'm planning for the worst. Always.

Any time one company has leverage over all organizations with the power to investigate them, they are above the law.


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Fuck you too kike. Ya, that's a hell of a plan (((they))) got going with Trump. Clue the public in on the corruption at the FBI, CIA and FED all at once. Also, press new trafficking charges against Epstein and bring him back into the news cycle.

You dumb fucking kikes are finished. Even Kissinger admitted that Pisarael won't exist in 10 years shortly after Trump was elected. Oh ya, Bibi is slowly circling the drain too right now

>lone asset wolf attacking infrastructure
I didn't see any staging facilities hit by his attack, just rank and file shitskins. If he cared about his """message""" getting out, a blaze of fire against a notorious street gang would have been a perfect pedestal to place it on for all to see.
Lone wolf attacks are done almost exclusively by assets and cryptofeds anyways. Keep fellating him, glowniggers paid a pretty penny for all the research and prep work. Can't let that go to waste! :^)

A retired army general, who was former VP of DynCorp, a company implicated in a massive child sex trafficking ring, is facing life in prison for child rape.

Washington, D.C. – A retired Army general, who after leaving the military, worked as VP for embattled DynaCorp International for three years – the private military contractor at the heart of numerous international child sex scandals – has been charged with multiple counts of rape for the alleged assault of at least one minor three decades ago.

Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene faces six charges for alleged rapes that happened in 1983 and 1989, according to an announcement made by the Army last Friday. He faces life and prison and the loss of his pension if convicted of the charges. As a retired officer, Grazioplene is subject to military law under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and will face an Article 32 hearing to determine if he will face a court martial.

Details surrounding the case remain scarce, as the Army released no other information as to what precipitated Grazioplene being charged three decades after the alleged sexual assault.

According to the NY Daily News:

Grazioplene, from Virginia, graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. and entered the Army in 1972 as an armor officer. Before retiring in 2005, he worked as the the director of force development in the Pentagon’s Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment. Grazioplene’s LinkedIn page says that after leaving the military he has worked with the military contractors DynCorp International and Mission Readiness LLC.

Revealing the extreme level of complicity, by DynCorp, in the illegal exploitation of children, former employee, Ben Johnston filed a RICO lawsuit against Dyncorp after he was allegedly fired for reporting human rights abuses by other employees during the Bosnian conflict.

In a 2002 report titled “Dyncorp Disgrace,” Johnston was quoted:

“…None of the girls… were from Bosnia… They were imported in by DynCorp and the Serbian mafia. These guys would say ‘I gotta go to Serbia this weekend topick up three girls.’… “DynCorp leadership was 100 percent in bed with the mafia over there.”

A report by Salon further detailed the systematic abuse Johnson alleged to have witnessed:

“Johnston recoiled in horror when he heard one of his fellow helicopter mechanics at a U.S. Army base near Tuzla, Bosnia, brag one day in early 2000: “My girl’s not a day over 12….… the bragging about a 12-year-old sex slave pushed Johnston over the edge. “I had to do something,” he says. “There were kids involved.” …. At least 13 DynCorp employees have been sent home from Bosnia … for purchasing women or participating in other prostitution-related activities. But despite large amounts of evidence in some cases, none of the DynCorp employees sent home have faced criminal prosecution.”

Attacking gangs would be like someone who's already been poisoned.

The big lie that is spread here is that the kikes are the ONLY problem and if we got rid of them that 2 billion muslims would be totally fine.

That's a lie. What you're referring to is a dubious quote that was printed in a gossip column in 2012.

Hey Achmed, they finally started up the call center again, eh? How's the wife? She go through puberty yet?

A long time ago, Q said that this was bigger than even anons can imagine.
This web of organ/blood harvesting seems to be that thing.
Q says Israel is last, specific reason not mentioned a single time.
Israel is the hot button topic on people's minds due to conditioning (Schindler's List, mainstream media control, etc).
These are two things alluded to without giving crumbs.

Link? And if so all the better…that means the time is nearer.

DynCorp quarterly report
should be some good leads in here

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nice time to dig

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Try harder, Herschel.

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Anons, I have decided I want to get a job at DynCorp. They are one of the real puppetmasters in this country. Unless Trump is trying to bring them to heel and this Epstein thing is part of it.

And relevant fresh Zig Forums post with heavy digging going on.

FUck me wrong damn board

FY2018 Annual 10k

ITT: Not a single contractor. Sad.

If you think fucking 15yr olds is "bad" you don't have the stomach to work for DynCorp. That is "mild" to their operators. They talk openly about that to anyone that will listen.