Why is 4chan Zig Forums filled with kikes and boomers? I got unanimous hate for the following post:

Why is 4chan Zig Forums filled with kikes and boomers? I got unanimous hate for the following post:

I make 32k per year and pay 1600 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment. Are you kike cock suckers going to defend this system? It's literally the cheapest apartment I can find, I commute about 3 hours everyday. Should I sacrifice my future children to appease Schlomo? Fuck this system.

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i came to complain the board owner of /b2/ is a pedophile and managed to samefag and vpnnigger over months to be top board.

The brainwashing campaign of neoclassical economists to convince society that landlords are "productive citizens", after the classical guys zeroed in on the uncomfortable truth, has been very successful. Rent is a fucking joke.

What does that have to do with Boomers or even the goddamned to hell kikes?
It's your dumb decisions all the way. $16/hour and you live where?

They're the only ones who benefit from a rising cost of living.

Holding property isn't work. You don't produce real wealth. You're a parasite.

The (((Austrians))) have been quite successful.

So enlighten us then - just how should housing work then? Should the state provide you with a free place to stay?

It's always been that way. They'll eventually get redpilled on (((Capitalism))) after seeing the hundred thousand infographics about why it's shit & lolbergs are a joke. Then a new wave will arrive.

Let primary residences have far lower property taxes than investment properties. Simple. Right now it's the opposite because landlords can deduct depreciation.

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OP why the fuck don't you just go homeless? House all the shit you don't need for work and focus only on work until you got enough money to buy all the ammunition and shit you need to overthrow ZOG.

Your webcomic and analogy would make much more sense if the landlord and property owners were the ones "producing" new homes.

Move to Venezuela.

There every property belongs to Maduro's party and nobody owns a shit and everybody is "equal" in misery.

About 4cuck, all board are full of paid shills to derail the conversation from Jews.

Someone had to build them. If they haven't built it themselves, they had to pay money to buy it and then loan it out, for money. They should be giving it out as charity because gommunism nao, right?

Why do (((you))) give a fuck about 4chon?
Ignoring that why are you asking about it on Zig Forums?
Ignoring that why are you asking about it on 8ch?

So I should give you the property I privately own for next to nothing just because? And I'm the parasite?

Exactly my thoughts.

No, you're a moron. The house is a private property that I bought, invested in, equipped with thousands of dollars worth of furniture etc. to offer the service of residing there to you. Once your lease is up I will re-invest my money to maintain that apartment and keep it clean, decontaminated and up-to-date. You just want handouts.

I saw that thread on cuckchan OP, I am with you 100%. Smug capitalist cocksuckers think it's okay to exploit their own folk in the name of ZOGbucks. I had a landlord who charged $1400 to move in to a shitty area, the maintenance was awful the ground floor flooded all the time and there was a murder that happened just outside a few days before I moved in.

Fuck landlords, there will be no "class collaboration" in the next White Revolution. Those of us who watched sick relatives struggle to stay afloat will go after the rich traitors harder than even the Reds

The landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for the natural produce of the earth.

- Adam Smith


I was laughing when st. Earnest ran in…

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Rich nobleman and landowner reporting in.

My existence is quite useless tbh and I'll probably kill myself from depression and loneliness. All my money can't get me friends and a wife.

landlording is an extremely jewish profession
just look up that list of worst landlords in new york
its like reading a tel aviv phone book

OP, your landlord did not cum inside your mother's cunt nine months before you were born. He is not your daddy, princess. He doesn’t owe you shit. If you want free room and board, go back to your mother's basement.

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Next one will be "people are demanding money for drinking water". Yes, because the machinery to extract the mineral water grows on trees, and to control its quality and to ship it to your doorstep costs nothing. Build something yourself, dig your own well, or drink from a puddle. That's how things worked since always, you always pay for someone's work, or to use something owned by someone else. And it's goign to be like this even in a paradise world. Except in a paradise world we'd be able to afford it with ease, but that's another topic. Blame corporate suits that outsource the jobs to Asia, not landlords who are mostly small-time and try to get by the way they can and also have to adapt to the general market.

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Cooperatively owned housing should be mandatory

While the field is full of unscrupulus individuals, and I don't use that latter defintion lightly (they are atomized into only caring about their own welfare) many landlords have just been fucked by (((modern construction))) and government tax. I own a property myself and even with trying to be as greedless as possible, without harming my own welfare, I'm getting killed. My property taxes just went up 30% and this was not targeted, basically a blanket city increase of about 20% (some less some more). Someone gotta pay for all the gibs that governments have been handing out to invaders, single moms, and atomized elderly. This doesnt even get into the crappy material with short usable life, and retarded insurance costs.

You release who he spoke of with that correct? It wasnt your average landlord (exclusing these "property companies" that are being more ubiquitous) it was the fact that 90% or so of england at this point was owned by a very small subsect of people.
With this sad, land for housing should not be a "profit" business. Yes it NEEDS to be a paid business, and all labor involved would still be subject to profit motive for cost control, it however, should have ZERO FINACIALIZATION (((costs))) built into it. And end user cost/comfort/health should be the ultimate consideration.

Just like the United States.

The rent of the land, therefore, considered as the price paid for the use of the land, is naturally a monopoly price. It is not at all proportioned to what the landlord may have laid out upon the improvement of the land, or to what he can afford to take; but to what the farmer can afford to give.

- Adam Smith

Capitalism means you don't have a Nation.
200 years ago, the capitalists imported the niggers into "America" because they didn't want to pay Europeans high wages to work in the fields.
Now, they important spicks into "America" to work in the fields, because even the niggers won't work for the wages spicks will.

Couldn't get me to agree more user, I'm just stating since this thread is primarily about housing rental landlords, posting this is disingenuous to the conversations intent. Just imagine if the (((government))) opened up the whole western third of the country to land ownership…we could have a great migration from diversified cities and counties and create new greatness out west, because good land would be cheap again. Wonder if all the banks who wrote loans would love that for the farmers who wouldn't be able to afford the blood money anymore.

I honestly had no idea that this was such a controversial and debated topic. Seems pretty simple to me.

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