Why the boomers are so selfish

Boomers really are evidence of what a prosperous economic society plus jew propaganda can do to a people. You will not meet a more self-centered, entitled group of whiners than the boomers. Having grown up in one of the most powerful economic booms, their lives were a free ride. Getting a home, a car, and excess income right at the renaissance of consumer products. But television advanced too, with jews controlling what shows were allowed and what news to be broadcasted.

Here is the crux of the issue: because they had it so well, they had zero incentive to doubt the system. It had been so good to them, why wouldn't they just accept what it told them to believe? But now, the younger generations have had it more difficult, and don't trust the system. Zoomers now understand that college is a farce and a debt-slavery trap, because the millennials are evidence of student loan debt. But how do they get higher paying jobs without college? Boomers, ever desiring cheaper products, will not hire from their own local community. Everything is about cheap third world labor to drive the price of consumer products down. Why hire Billy who wants a job and a girlfriend, when you can hire Pedro who's such a hard-working illegal immigrant? Well Billy, you just have to compete against hordes of violent, cheap labor. Don't you know basic economics?

Another thing boomers do is not pass down generational wealth. Every family has accrued wealth through multiple generations of accumulation, where the wealth of the previous generation is handed down to the next generation, and so on. That stopped with the boomers. Instead of keeping their homes and giving it to their children, they mortgage it to go on permanent vacation. They buy RV's and take roadtrips. It's what happens when your entire existence is nothing but consumer products from cradle to grave.

This selfish sentiment is still present in boomers that dabble in rightwing ideology. They may be racist and say nigger, but they're still capitalistic boomers. What they really want is a return to the 1980's but have it acceptable to say nigger in public. Redpilling boomers on the third position and national socialism is downright impossible, they hear the word socialism and shut down immediately. They can't die soon enough.

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wasted hitler dubs with a faggot boomer blogpost wall-o-text

Some anons seem to hate every generation while at the same time detaching from their own generation as if they are their own generation.
Generations are like horoscopes

you cant expect old men to fight. men lose their balls as they age. some never even had balls.

generations aren't a monolith, but you know how boomers react when they don't get their way

They are perfectly legitimate targets to murder-muggins and home invasions. Need some money to fund the White National Revolution? Kill a Boomer.

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I fucking hate Anglin and TDS for propagating this kosher D&C meme. Pretty sure they are the ones who gave it gasoline.

These immigrants sure work hard, don't they? Glad they're hardworking americans adopting our culture!

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Boomers are no more greedy than you or any other group is

every generation was brainwashed by jews and is fucked up in certain ways…

boomers - bainwashed, dreamers, idealistic, hippies
genx- latchkey kids, first generation to be a victim of forced bussing, affiramitve action, most redpilled but most cynical and paranoid
millenials - low t faggots born in a world of shit, blame boomers, but should be blaming jews
gen z- love niggers, hate themselves, suicidal or homicidal depending on t-levels
gen zee - trannys, furries, pedo island rape toys, the end of the line

my point is that to D&C by a generational
qualifier is retarded and only serves jewish interests. we need everyone we can. the only one pusing booomer memes are not on our side. I've red pilled boomers, its easier to red pill them than millenials.

Chaos is coming.

It's harder to hate kikes more when boomers constantly flaunt their pride in selling-out whites.

you know the issue goes greater than that. Boomers, when made aware of the situation, are actually smug that it's our problem and not theirs.

Did you hear the news where Trump let 300,000 niggers out of jail and into the labor pool on Friday? This is the real reason for the wall. As we saw in South Central LA the mexishits will overpower the nogs.

They're too young. You have to live to about 25-30 to begin to see repeating (((cycles))). We went through this "SJW War" starting in the current year way back in 1992-3 and Bubba Clinton shut down Sister Solja.

The Boomer question is irrelevant. Any sins or inadequacies of their generation will be burned away in the racewar that the collapse of American society will produce. I do not care how much or little of the fault is theirs, because the past cannot be changed and regardless of fault their destiny is death, primairly at the hands of the very immigrants they championed. That is the bitter harvest they will reap for refusing to listen to the truth in favor of the comfortable lie.

I will not be talked out of granting my parents the token respect they deserve for bringing me into this world, however supremely undeserving of it they may be. I will also not expend any further effort beyond what is stricly necessary to save them from their own mistakes, either. Quite frankly, their situation is neither relevant in the long term nor are they capable of being saved from their own mistakes in the short and immediate term. Ergo, discussion of them at all is simply a pointless hate-LARP. We get it, you have mommy AND daddy issues. If you were the strong white man you pretend to be, you would rise above it. To be ruled by your imperfections is untermensch. This is a trash-tier thread that belongs on halfchan or TDS.

i'm genx, nothing redpilled my boomer and silent gen family then seeing my millenial cousin dating a nigger. Yes this shit is fucked, I hate half my family, I have some boomers I can't stand, and some are redpilled. My point is no different the the MGTOW sht. MGTOW is obvious D&C as is Boomer D&C. Every generation is fucked. Our women are fucked, our men are fucked. But for some reason the Boomer meme is continuously accepted as being ok for some reason? It only serves to keep boomer wealth from staying within familes. They want us hating boomers, so boomers piss money away on stupid shit, instead of using it to support our cause. Why else would it get pushed so hard? Once the boomers are dead and their wealth is absorbed by ZOG, the rest of us are fucked.

The kids think us genXrs are boomers. We got the first taste of the slowdown. Interest rates were in the teens. MSM was all "First generation to be worse off"

Lol I'm 21 and I recognized shit a lot earlier.

tl;dr: jews

but if they spend their wealth, we all benefit through the increased activity instead of boomer jr and the gov splitting the carcass after they die

That's what they were already doing. There's not much of a way to make a fortune without serving zog and boomers are a big part of that. That's why boomers promote working without thinking what your working for and job availability for your posterity.

Hey that's great OP

Remember to remind the civnat kikeloving boomercuck "nationalists" this

>c. 1300, nacioun, "a race of people, large group of people with common ancestry and language," from Old French nacion "birth, rank; descendants, relatives; country, homeland" (12c.) and directly from Latin nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe," literally "that which has been born," from natus, past participle of nasci "be born" (Old Latin gnasci), from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

Kill the Boomers leave no witnesses



Can't stand some of these people.

Demanding I apologize for something I did not even do.

Scorched Earth, but at least we're not speaking German now. Nazi Gold was the real cause of our economic misfortune. Boomers like talking about pussy. To them, this is true wisdom. Ask about pussy and Nazi Gold. If that fizzles, there's always Classic Rock.

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Nope, not even close. Like a fat guy calling me a pig.
My pants have either grown, or I have shrunk.

The only 'boomers' OP knows are his parents and he has mommy and or daddy issues.

blah, blah basic bitch bullshit. Think before starting a thread, small child.

Checked and heiled.
Boomers are seething.

Be careful,you start a fight with boomers and you're going to get stepped on.

They are ruthless when they go after somebody.

They ruthlessly call 911.

only when their rascal scooter gets stolen, israel is insulted in their presence, or their 5th pension is threatened.

Nope,you might live near leftists, go live near real boomers. Enjoy your misery the first time you talk shit about them.

You are why everything is fucked

Hi Jew. 'Always gotta be first and the center of attention.
You are a cursed people. A rotten diseased people.

Nah I think Pedro is enjoying living next to them more so.

Focus on jews, OP. Attacking people over 65 isn't going to accomplish anything.

Well perhaps feeding me to faggots instead of reaching out to me would have saving your weak spirit and calmed your tits.

No one was worse than the WW2 generation. We're in this shit because of their stupidity and willingness to destroy Europe because a bunch of commie kikes told them to. Their treachery is unparalleled in all of history.

To understand the Boomer and to effectively combat them you need to understand hedonism. They are pleasure addicts. Anything that causes them discomfort (often truth/reality) is tossed to the wayside or stomped into the ground.
Every selfless thing they do is done to justify their selfishness.

You're going to blame a bunch of fossils for this mess?

This mess is everybody's responsibility. From the illegal to the President. They all made choices that created this mess.

Easier to hate the puppet than the puppet master.

Not just 65~ yo's. It even goes down to Gen-X and early millennial. It's about the (typically older person's) "so what? I got mine" attitude.


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Based. The absolute state of zoomers blaming 70-year-olds for their problems. Meanwhile, ZOGs police/military stand idly by… young, strong, disciplined… not protecting or serving the people… not defending the US Constitution.
Trained killers… awaiting ZOGs next infernal command to increase elite profit.

No, it's pee-paw boomer trying not to get killed at ghetto WalMart; buying shit-tier groceries and getting his heart medication refilled (on a fixed income). Boomers are clearly our REAL enemy.

A lot of the military are middle aged or retired and living off of military gibs. Just look at the boomer that told me to buy a house next to boomers that he fantasizes about them getting off their greedy fat asses to kick mine. They are sick and stupid as fuck.

The younger ones are increasingly non-white.

Kick your ass? Good lord junior. They will destroy you. They won't lay a finger on you. They grew up when this system was first being built, and wrote all of it's rules.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites

They won't lay a finger on me, because they won't get off their fat asses, but of course all boomers fantasize is about killing whites, because whites with integrity threaten their comfort.

I wish somebody would hit you with a truck.

You're fire Pedro.

They helped Jews write the rules, and they did not build it but in fact helped destroy white civilization.

Jews weren't even in power until the mid 70's.

No generation are selfish, there's only a set of laws that make our life difficult to bear.

I would kill you Storm fuckers in minute for attacking other Whites.

I am sure you would Pedro

Oh but it's okay for you boomers to constantly threaten to begin with. You are the most vile fucking scum. The Boomer cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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That's not a Boomer, that's a Jewish Boomer pet that thinks Jews are the same.

Quads of truth. Attacking people making less than 10M/year is D&C. If the wealthy aren't straight up Jews, they work directly as their hand-maidens. I hate to admit this, fought this unpopular idea for over a decade… but seeing what the wealthiest Jewish family I know has been doing lately is too much. Billionaires forcing good people into retirement, even though profits are up.
They say the company isn't growing FAST ENOUGH. 30% pure profit isn't good enough?
How did the 100M/year hurt them? Show me where the 100M touched you on the doll, little girl.
Still privately held (part of that elusive 4% of the media) so you know they are going to sell out. Nothing else makes sense… streamline (fire) 3/5 of management so it looks roastie on paper… plus Viacom, ClearChannel, or whomever doesn't have a power struggle with entrenched top brass. Keep a few yes-men in place to hand over the keys to the new owners.

Or you can focus on boomers living on $2500/month SS that they paid into for 40 years. I look at most boomers wagies as a promise kept. You know we aren't getting shit; not le boomer's fault.

Jewish billionaires stealing everyone's retirement for sweetheart deals… found your "boomer" kiddos = The owner's son, he's like 30yo… neo-liberal… I'd name him… but there still much work to be done. All in good time.
Surprised his boomer dad didn't step in… but that's my overall point, 70+yos are powerless.

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Actually we'd be speaking russian, Stalin was going to throw the kitchen sink at hitler from the get go.

One of the main arguments for giving Amnesty to give Amnesty is to fund boomercare, but here's the million dollar question.

If those 30 million illegals & their anchor babies were given Amnesty we're talking not middle class talented workers but almost exclusively a lower class that's all subsidized with welfare.

If those 30 million illegals are a net-negative regarding putting money into the system, then how will they pay for boomercare? Why do we need illegals if in the coming years according the the left their work will be automated, and we'll all have to give them UBI?

1000 dollars a month * 12 * 30 million illegals is 360,000,000,000 dollars.

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Good observation. I'm not saying boomers aren't annoying. I almost drove to one's house a few days ago for calling me 10x about some dumb bullshit, like trying to bully me.

My favorite boomer post in the last few weeks was the guy who seriously suggested the solution to being NEET was to

Boomers think you can still profit as a fucking paperboy. Not my enemy. I feel sorry for them.

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There's only a single way that would benefit them.

They intend to collapse the system, redo Bretton Woods, and restructure the debt.

This will simultaneously reduce the standard of living, cause all kinds of turmoil,and allow them the oppurtunity if they so choose to seize power.

It's hellarius to see them suck Zog dick when their tax money is used to give armed escorts to polticians who either coach illegals how to cheat the Refugee status Exams, or while physically escorting illegals, or while they pledge to give illegals health care that you are threatened with jail time if you dodge a single dollar of tax payments.

Is he right?


Boomers just very immature they never actually had to grow up because they had a huge safety net. So they have a lot of solipsism they are red pilled to a extent but, you won't find a staunch ally in them because they still benefit off the system.

No point in hating them for saying annoying things because at the end of the day they got tricked. Its also something tyrants have done in the past to make you hate a group, is giving someone who is your ally against the tyrant special treatment so you resent the group who would be your ally instead of the tyrant who is actually controlling the system to make your life shit.

Currently they are using shitskins as the distraction but, shitskins only get away with what they are allowed. There is a reason why 100 Europeans wiped the elite military units of of various shitskins they are inferior subhumans. So who is allowing them to get away with being subhumans none other then marxist jews.

So point your vitrol towards jews always because they really are a cancer on this Earth.

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eh, I think this is a bit of d&c but I will say there might be a bit of a contrast

like it's not like boomers didn't have access to a lot of truth or weren't encourged to think critically growing up, things weren't like they are now for them, also for me there's the element of how far in they've gone. I dunno, it can just be weird to look at a boomers bookself and then observe how they can't handle it when you don't believe everything on the tv

That first image in the art has a slide at the edge of the left. There is a cigar logo on it.
Call me a kike, whatever. I’m depressed and I’m losing. I want to change

I've seen that with other npcs as well. You say something you're not suppoaed to say, you will usually get two responses: either anger or fear. Former will result in the npc acting like you are silly, and trying to make you look silly, while not talking about the subject at hand anymore, while the latter will result in panicked name calling, implying you're mentally ill and such, and reports to social media admins for your ban for wrongthink, maybe they will even report your crimes to their friends or followers, in hopes they do the same and take the bad man down

in short, there is absolutely no point in trying to converse with most individuals anymore, they are a lost cause. do what saint tarrant did, do not ask for permission, ask for forgiveness when your work is done. or don't, I don't see why anyone in their right mind would respect anyone who would say that killing your invaders is bad

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elves live a very long time, and look young.

tfw boomer elf sells out to (((humans)))

Shut up you fat nigger

lol salty much boomer?

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Estate taxes. They're living too long and immodestly (and don't care, 'every man for themselves'). Many are seeing their saving evaporate, trusting their finances to the same people that negotiated 2008 bailouts with zero oversight.

9/11 as Paperclip Nazi Capital divorcing from its Rockfeller-Bush Anglo ties (no more underwriting black budgets, like the economic blitz on the Soviet Union). And Yamashita gold.

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The boomer hate meme is being pushed by Jews. And reinforced by the Jews at TRS, Daily Stormer, and other such pysop shops. You are your parents. "The boomers" are not alien, they are you.

Literally FUCKING BUMPED. Hyper Accuracy. Fuck Old Kike Faggots

Stalin didn't have a kitchen sink until America gave him one.


White Nationalists are the enemy Whites. Worse than any Jew.

More D&C in the White Race…not between men and women now but between the younger generation and the older generation. You kikes never get bored, do you?

Just kill yourself.

You can't say it's D&C when the elites are preying already upon their victims.

You don’t know what D&C is.

You're saying David Duke and organisations like Golden Dawn are worse than Jews?

I do. WNs are really fucking stupid. The capitalists are literally D&Cing, and you guys don't want to execute them for their crimes. You want to let them win.

If they effectively say, "sleep with the corrupt whites who did everything to us" then that is bad. It's inoperable.

Who is telling somebody to sleep with who? Mate selection is a person's choice.

As for being corrupted, What? A European with nonblond hair and non blue eyes is not corrupted.

The original Europeans were Gingers, and most had GREEN eyes.

It is really hard not to blame boomers for a lot of things. The previous generation was just as bad though. I was working on my geneology and I noticed that the most divorces occured in the 50's. Basically all of my grandparents had been married several times. Apparently this was the norm then?

white nationalists still have constitutional rights you fucking retard. to say you want them to die goes against what created the country in the first place. neck yourself.

If they win, you lose.

Anyone who disagrees, try discussing immigration, jew privilege and the job market with a boomer.