Epstein Island Missile Launch Site

Epstein had illegal arms and ballistics on the island. The “tennis court” on google earth was a clear flag that something besides a heli-pad was located on island. Luxury islands don't build thick / dirt SAM walls - and no one lands a helicopter so close to a possible obstruction (the walls) on top of a windy island. Check out drops below from a bad ass IG site

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just naruto run to dodge the missiles

good find.

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Seriously, why do retards like you even browse this board?

Honestly doubtful. What would he need them for? The similarities you are pointing out are vague at best.

Sage because you could have put this in any of the other Epstein threads.

It's an entrance to Agartha

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It looks like there's a big underground structure at the ranch.

What companies would have been used for deep underground tunnel construction in that region I wonder. If there truly is such construction it would have taken serious moving of supplies to that small island and there is probably a record of that.

Thank "G-d" we have MIGApedos cracking the case!


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Holy shit
Imagine having enough money to fund tactical warheads in your private island.
He could shoot anyone from that island without being found.

Its not a missile pad, its a hunger games arena for the rape survivors to earn their freedom… None ever made it past the final round.

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It was in quotes for a reason. These kind of retarded theories only help the jews (and their god, "G-d") by discrediting actual conspiracies.


It’s funny. Lighten the fuck up nancy and don’t bother bringing your sandy slit down to area 51 in September either.

Egg shaped warhead no doubt

Way too many Shill posts for this to not be an important target. Dig. Pray. This site monitored by mil intel results will be noted/acted on.

yeah, and epstein has a NEW secret weapon, as shown by this autist spamming /v/ with "conspiracy theories"


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Of course… Communism is a Jewish creation.

I forsee problems digging out a missile silo when you are basically at sea level. The constant flooding, both from groundwater and from storms wouldn't make this a great location. Plus, what strategic value does this area have? Certainly not much for the american military, maybe for others, but there would have to be a much larger footprint in support personnel, equipment, etc.

It's a big nothing, he just likes to rape children and tape others doing the same for blackmail purposes.

Sounds like a brilliant plan

The "high, thick dirt wall" is not an Israeli design. That is to prevent flood damage from a storm.

And it looks like he converted his tennis court into an Arabic garden. The symbolism of the four rivers is meant to replicate the Garden of Eden. Just like how the temple on the island is a direct copy of Muslim temples in Syria. Muslim kike.

I don't want to defend that kike pedo at all but don't you think the reason you'd build thick dirt walls around a tennis court on a 'windy island' as you put it yourself is so the fucking wind doesn't blow your ball around everywhere?

Yeah, but why would you doctor a tennis court from a satellital picture?

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OP this is retardation, you know that right?

Smells like false flag kike shill thread pushing retarded false leads and conspiracies

What are the dates on both pictures?

I think this deserves more attention.

Does anybody think those old kikes would actually play tennis anyway? Not saying OP is right, but it's definitely a cover up of some form.

Well…if he did, he didn't get to use it in time.

Did Halliburton and DynCorp build it? For the Global good.

It's all a cover-up. And I am dead inside.

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This board is dead. Redditors killed it.

Where can we go? The astral plane? Everywhere is Jewed.

apple maps version is circa 2013, the "tennis court" appeared on the google maps version in 2016, then moved a bit for 2017. It is photoshopped.

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The 2006 shot looks like piles of rock/dirt from drilling rig holes prior to blasting a large hole in the ground. The 2014 shot is also interesting. This could be some kind of underground vault. Maybe where they store all the bones. The kill room.

Holy shit, this is the Samson option for Israeli nuclear deployment against the US!

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Someone who can't say God is chosen

Search about Jeffrey Epstein VI and its links to AI, mind control and human experimentation.

jumping jesus

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Looks like Epstein wanted to live like a typical Bond supervillain.

The tennis court is a fucking fake and just there for decoration that's why.

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Holy fuck user

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I seen someone posting some drone footage of epstiens island earlier. Was this site in the footage?

How many more are there? Globally?

Would these pedophiles really wipe out all of humanity just to preserve their sick parasitic lifestyle?

Can anybody say "$@M$0N 0PT10N"
God, Enlil, Enki, Keku, Jmmanuel, ANYBODY please help us!

O. M. F.

Short range m1ssles are only 15-20 ft long. The "court" is a good 45 ft above sea level…

Newsweek: "Incoming Solar storm could fry the electrical grid". So could an EMP launched from PEDisland

The person making this thread doesn't know how SAMs work. The square pad here is not inside a sand berm, it's elevated because it's the fire control and detection radar who's information is sent to the surrounding missile launchers.
If this is a SAM site it's a site with 0 missiles and an improperly placed radar.

These people think their perspective is the only one that matters. They're not intelligent enough to realize that they will eventually (and unknowingly) live each and every life on this planet, including the lives of all the people they harm.

We are God (aka infinity, aka all knowing), split into billions of mortals forced to experience this particular universal timeline.

Low IQ people are the primary source of the world's problems and suffering.

That is why they and others lack compassion, while Europeans have too much. We understand this innately as our evolution and survival in our cold/harsh climates strongly depended on understanding each other's perspectives so that we could work together and prosper.

Lesser humans succumb to their primitive instincts, as all lesser animals tend to do, and it's against their own interests. They can't resist the temptation, and they get stuck in hell right here on Earth because of it. They're only harming themselves in another life timeline that they are doomed to experience. And for what? A single life of "pleasure" and the feeling of dominating another life (which, again, they will unknowingly live)?

It's like when we first used logic to overcome things like fear of fire, a very primitive instinct. Ever notice how most blacks seem to share irrational fears of things? It is because they lack a logical understanding of the world. The same can be said about the Jews and anyone else who wishes to inflict harm and create more needless suffering. But with Jews, it is of course on another level. Their brains are advanced enough to interpret basic inputs from the world and for them to act according to their DNA programming - i.e., lie, cheat, steal, manipulate - but not advanced enough to understand that there is in fact "someone else" seated behind each and every pair of eyes, experiencing this same universal timeline along with them.

< "In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you." - Matthew 7:12

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I also personally believe that we lived Jesus's life too (we are all one), but there was something special about his consciousness that tied him to God and the power of eternal life (versus eternal damnation). His existence shields us from being reborn into a life of despair as we move on from our current one, while denying this connection might put you into a random life at any point in time, possibly one where you're raped/tortured/murdered by your own evil self in a previous life.

< "Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots." - Luke 23:34

After all, everything you know about your own life (your spirit and consciousness), is nothing but a series of connections made within your brain since birth. It makes sense that transitioning between one life and the next would be a direct result of the connections your brain makes at its end. If your spirit connects to the Holy Spirit, you will be given eternal life because the Holy Spirit is the same as infinity, all things possible, aka God. Without this connection, your consciousness may even be rejected from the parent system and you'll be stuck in hell by yourself with only Satan to "entertain" you. (A modern analogy might be if you imagined your consciousness to be an infected process within a larger operating system. The OS will quarantine this process so that it can't affect anything else, doomed to exist by itself, while the only way back into the larger system is to accept purity/cleansing.)

Eternal doesn't always mean good, but we can make it so, in our future. We can create a world where each life is worth living.

< "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven."

Heaven doesn't exist here, but with enough effort, we can create a future which allows every living being to exist with minimal suffering. That's as close as we will ever get, but it exists far in the future and is worth striving for.

Conversely, we can also create hellish lives to live right here on Earth, which is exactly what humans have been doing and continue to do because we've lacked the intelligence to understand the nature of reality, thus far. That is where the evil one resides, in our own temptation and shortsightedness and lack of understanding of the consequences of our actions. The (((evil one))) doesn't even realize he's causing his own suffering. Satan lives in people like Epstein. He also lives in Epstein's victims, but only so he can experience the very suffering he himself has inflicted. That is most definitely not meant to detract from the suffering by saying it is somehow deserved. No one deserves any of this. It is simply where we are at this point in time in this simulated universe.

It is an inevitable consequence of low IQ, just like getting burned by fire before we realized other options using logic.

Just like our suffering began with knowledge (aka logic), our suffering will end with an inevitable logical conclusion: that we are all actually one, and we each live each other's lives. It's time for (((the evil one))) living within each and every one of us to come to this logical conclusion as well. Don't ignore it. This is a fact regardless of whether or not your current consciousness is capable of accepting it.


It's logic. There is nothing paranormal about it.

Consider this:

If you ask a random person when they were born, where they went to school, who their mother is, or basically any question about their life upon which they can elaborate, they will have very detailed answers for all of these, won't they? This person isn't in your head. This person just another consciousness experiencing this same world, like you.

Now ask yourself… how is it that you can go to sleep every night (your conscious mind shuts off completely) and wake up the next day as a continuation of your previous day's consciousness (since your birth)? Who entered your body when you were born? How and why did that even happen? And how is it even possible for every other conscious thing to have this same experience? How can others have all the same information about reality as you (the time and place in which you're talking to them, plus significant historical events, etc.)? How is it they could be born at a completely separate time and place? How and why did they "enter" their body, like you entered yours?

The logical conclusion is that this universe and every consciousness within it is predetermined since the "big bang" or whatever initial conditions occurred to create this timeline, and that each consciousness *must* be experienced at some point. Between consciousnesses (lives) to be experienced, time and space are irrelevant. There is a parent system where time and space are nothing but a concept within God's mind (the realm of infinity, all universes, all possibilities).

This is an extremely unfortunate truth whether you accept it or not.

Widespread acceptance of this truth, however, may be the key to ending all suffering on this planet.

It'll be the same as rome and all empires before and after, only sharper sticks will be used.

the entire point is to run cover for Jew crimes.

You will notice, nobody is talking about Epstein anymore.

Underrated boast.

Partial agreement, since it does not account for those among us who are not evolved to conscience, to active cognitive fluidity, fugue states and Faustian esprit. The not-conscience group is massive. Larping in a religion won't create it, eating weird foods won't and being a globo-homo world invader consumer won't do it. There are plenty of groups, typically problem racial groups, who plainly do not have this reality in their nature. They can scheme, pantomime, do parasitic nepotism, emote appeals to altruism; but the reality is these groups are not socially or culturally viable as elements within our civilization, knowledge investiture; nor on our evolutionary technological timeline. They cannot be domesticated, acclimatized or normalized in any meaningful increment except in brief impersonations of our nature. Abandonment of Democracy, Aggressive remigration, Block-by-Block Urban Guerilla reclamation, Industrial and Technology clawbacks from Anti-Gentile nations, mass expungement global debt, Cancellation of paper-shopper citizenship's, Genetic screening, Eugenics. Anything really, to just get these daywalker losers out of our Occidental base and off our evolutionary timeline.

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Yikes, prolly legit. Humble recommend, 1995 kike movie about nukes; or (not nukes possibly), "Trinity and Beyond". Has kike William Shatner narration, good pictures, dubious intent.

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Apple map image is from 2013-14
google map image is from 2016-2018
Get google earth, (not web version, but the downloaded one) you can see satellite images over time. At present the area seems totally overgrown with brown dead grass

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I have no explanation why anyone would build a tennis court over the top of a steep hill. And would not dismiss idea the the court is camouflage for something