Pedo grooming children

daughters friends dad.
daughter is 12 he send her pics of his penis
dox hack w/e. need this scum exposed
cheshire UK
carl barker
220000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000char to post

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Not your personal army. Just report him to the police.

daughter too afraid after he met her
police will do nothintg

We have a board for stuff like this, and it isn't Zig Forums

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giveme the board

they did, remember your friends have names

Fuck off, trannypol. We ARE an army against all of you and your jew owners.

nigga give me the board so i can bring this pedo to justice

Watch you fucking tongue with that ghetto shit newfriend, by the patrons, I am being extremely patient with you.

Kill yourself, moralfag.

Hey! That guy looks just like me! I have that same shirt and I always eat at that same restaurant! What a coincidence, I mean what are the odds!?

Look forward to seeing you next.

Fake and gay. OP is mad this guy fucked his wife since he's an incel.

alright pedo enabler

This faggots drunk. You were spoonfed and still pitch a fucking tantrum. If this is how you handle situations, this is why your daughter is looking for a new dad.
Fuck angloids seriously, all sound and no fury, and always snapping at their cousins hands.

I hope when youre raping your own daughter she sees this while the same humour you do.

You are a liar. If he was your daughter's friend's dad and he had sent your daughter pictures you already would have his name, address, and phone number.

You're getting your balls busted because you were already told this isn't the place for this larp shit.

illegal to doxx faggot
was wanting the actual autists to help
you go back to jacking off crying in corner thinking of your anime babies

changed phone numbers. uses some woman named Tina's phone

That's clearly Carl Barker. He's a pretty swell guy, so why do you want to cock block him so bad? That's not cool bro.

never bitch when your daughter or wife is raped

Dick pics isn't rape fucktard.

your right
sending dick pics to a 12 yo and trying to get her to fuck you is nothing
my mistake

I didn't say "its nothing" I said its not rape. So stop comparing it to rape. Either go to the police or whine some more. Spineless men like you are not fit to be fathers.

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Daugter too afraid to speak
police wont act unless she talks
you do the math pedo

If you had an IQ above 70 you'd know then easiest way to find the guy is to simply ask your daughter where her friend lives you mental midget.

enjoy raping your 3 yo bride, mussie

illegal to dox tard

Asking your daughter where her friend lives is doxxing now? Jesus fucking Christ. I'm not entertaining you anymore. I hope she gets it in the ass now in your own living room.

Do it yourself then fuckwit, you just said it's illegal, and you came in here:
A:Lying B:From somewhere else C:Ignoring the painfully obvious directions D: Demanding my kin to risk themselves for you E:calling your benefactors pedophiles, and F:being a total helpless faggot bong.
You already got your answer. Get the fuck out before the board finds you instead.


id love you to
pedos like you come to my door they meet a bad end

And now your threatening this board with violence…. Not exactly the smartest power move pal.

i pray if your daughter wife or mother is raped you lol in their face
and dont say youd take into your own hand. we both know youd fag out like the keyboard warrior you are

threatening you pedo
say youre gonna find me. do it.

SAME pedo topic to slide something.
as well.

apparently not

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hope your never in the same situation.
we can all just lol at u


You live in the UK and you just blew your top and threatened me with violence after we told you were not helping you. I have screenshot proof now. You're going to jail and the guy sending dick pics gets free access to your daughter with you out of the way powerless to do anything about it. You just made your situation far worse than you realized.

you aren't we
you don't use the site, we know that
you are lying, we know that
and you were straight up TOLD where to go and you instead turned on the people helping you resolve your fake problem, with softshoe pathos dogshit.
You are obviously drunk, but then again with anglos it's hard to tell, being that they are all so bafflingly stupid.

sure fag
youll be right on to the 5-0 in the morning im sure
and admitting id be violent to you is also admitting you are also a pedo whod come to my door

still havent given the the place to go fag
nvm you clearly like the pedos
hows your lolita anime you collection

Not its not, you implied I'm a pedo on a public forum when its absolutely not true, potentially ruining my good standing reputation. Solid ground for a defamation lawsuit. Your problems just keep snow balling.