My roommate is a pedophile

Below is an audio recording of a #pedophile admitting to his tendencies (skip to 4 minutes in to get to his confession). I talk for 4 minutes improv b4 introducing the audio recording. The recording is of my roommate who I have been spying on for weeks. He had me suspicious and so I investigated his behavior online and found alot of Messenger texts of his to underage boys. I will upload screenshots of his texts here.
This is his Facebook: 
( If you pose as a late-teenager, you should have alot of fun with this creep. )
We are here to protect you.
- Anonymous

#Pedo #pedohunters #pedogate

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And why is this a problem exactly?

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Cmon guys, lets use the internet to change the world. One asshole at a time

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First post always a disgusting jew.

Obviously you need to kill him OP. Man up for once in your pathetic life that has you living with a subhuman degenerate.

I am here to raise public awareness regardless. If you're here in Las Vegas, watch out for this creep.

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Emphasis on 'mate' in 'roommate.' OP wants that dick for himself.

Hes an autist tho… doesnt the system protect retards?

Share the audio with the police.
#nypa #shareblue #glownigger #leftypol

This isn't a blog nigger.

I am going live tonight with another recorded confession from this asshole.

MidnightPST… catch me then. Im outts here. This guy is going to jail haha

>help (((me))) save the world from pedos!!!
What a cohencidence.

changed phone to 785-554-7781

i think its his aunt: "Tina"

exactly, they are trying to slide the epstein thread with FAA flight tags, which is red hot right now.

(((you))) hopped IDs but are still speaking as (((OP)))
Get on the ball Moshe.
I know jews are sub 90 IQ, but come on. Doesn't JIDF have the best and brightest?

so your a fucking pedo too….. best keep your location under wraps if you want to see out the year

They're only here to derail and detract.

Quite a bit of these pedo hunter fags on here tonight larping.

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When they they learn this basic fact of life?

Just beat the shit out if him OP. Unless something unfortunate should happen and he disappear.