Kikes making criticism of Israel illegal in NJ schools

New Jersey lawmakers are trying to amend the state’s discrimination laws to equate criticism of Israel with antisemitism

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Trump legitimately needs to do something about this. I'll still vote for him to hopefully get liberals to throw themselves off buildings out of NPC Rage, but the point still stands that Trump needs to keep on appeasing his nationalist base like he has been doing successfully without falling into traps like these

But at least under Hillary Clinton, the U.S. would have become an Israeli vassal state

Trump isn't gonna do shit, he has his hands tied by the evangelical base who worship Israel. He should keep fighting Ilhan, however, so she gets more power and influence among the libs in DNC.

Her and Tlaib are the only ones in the entirety of congress I see having the backbone to stand up to bullshit like this. I don't even expect Rand Paul to stand here which is a disgrace..its sad to see absolutely no white person in congress can stand up to the lobby.

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Won't hold up to a court challenge.

No he won't.

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Those organizations need to be sued for violating the FARA laws.

Trump has given every indication, every time that he prefers to just LARP and FLIP FLOP rather than actually stick up for free speech and the 1st amendment

He is just part of the dumbing down bullshit, he can't just be real, everything's a WWE faggot 5D load of shit. He swore oaths he obviously doesn't care the follow and yet will try to lean back on patriotism. I don't know how anyone can stomach this bullshit anymore.

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Yep..jews placed the judges, and those who they don't control they will try to threaten into doing their bidding.

it doesn't matter if you slam your desk
I still know who you are, creeper

If I were actually broken, you wouldn't be wasting your time.


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They really do the heavy lifting for us.
I swear on my testicles that I will get myself thrown in jail as often as possible if I'm ever close enough to a no criticize jewz zone.
I promise I will gladly fall on that sword.

Please oh please jews. Please try to restrict Americas 1st amendment rights. PLEASE!

For all those who say that this can't happen -
It already happened in Florida, where it is now illegal to criticize jews.
For all those who think that Trump is the only solution
I've got news for you
He's the problem whenever he opens his mouth - He says its not okay to criticize jews, demonizing those who do, by calling them anti-semitic.
What's that?
Why is he doing that?
because jews like Sheldon Adelson paid for his presidency - that's why.
Trump is a puppet for israel.
So, go vote for him you rube - he is israel's only hope
He will never do anything for the white european man ever.
if you are a white European man, he is your enemy

Nobody rules over me then.


(you have to be just a little creative in Jersey now, user)

Which he doesn't need after 11/3/20. Be fucking patient, it's like you people never followed actual politics before. (There was a time when the jew didn't have carte blanche and there was actual strategy and tactics, this is why I love watching Trump.)


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We'll see. He's been leaving hints since election days he will name israel for their involvement in 9/11.

For now he seems content just rousing anti-zionism among the left. Your average normie liberal has got to be wondering by now how Israel has so much influence on Trump/Government/DNC-RNC establishment.

The only way out of hell is to keep going.
The way to defeat the jew, is to put the jew in power.
None of us are going to live forever, but we can live to see the day that EVERYONE who is not a jew sees that ALL JEWS ARE JEWS!
I would give my life 100x's over for that day to come.
Pain, agony, horror… It hasn't even started. Wait to a jew takes the throne. Only then will the world know how insidious they really are. Only then will everyone band together to finally get rid of the infestation.
Nobody can do against the jew what the jew will do on its own. There is no worse enemy of the jew but the jew.

literally EVERYONE can be called a "Nazi," even for nothing bullshit, but you CAN'T CALL LIKUD NAZIS GOYIM, OR YOU ARE THE NAZI

The idea that jews control the government is so absurd that, after meeting with jewish leaders, the government wants to make it illegal.

Don't you dare call them nazis now, even if they themselves act like the comically evil caricatures of Nazis that the (((history books))) teach us.

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Good post.
This is why I still have trust in Trump even if he himself is a village idiot or a disgusting crook, genuinely convinced that he loves sucking jewish cock. Every single zionist shilling he's done is dialectically bad for the kikes.

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You do? Seriously?

Americans are all slaves.

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That much is true, however…

No he fucking does not.
If Trump were any sort of man of character – not that he is, but if he were – he could easily step up in front of the people and address the Israel issue, tell them that Israel is NOT our ally, that they are attempting to deceive us and harm our nation through their interference at every level of political action.

He might lose some of his base… Keyword: Might. On the other hand, he might also turn many of them off of the Israelis, force them to re-evaluate their views and beliefs, and abandon their support of Israel in favor of support for their own country.

Don't ever try to claim a politician has their 'hands tied' with regard to Israel by anyone but jews, because its a lie. Know how I know as much?

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He could and I'm not writing that possibility out yet, he is only 35-40% through his intended 8 years. It could also be such a move would be suicide if he doesn't have proof to back it up, he will get instantly impeached and his empire will fall, he will most likely be jailed afterwards and his children will hit the road. If he's in that situation where he can't even declass dancing israeli files without it compromising his presidency, then the situation is indeed fucked and his best play is making it obvious Israel controls the government which he is doing very well right now, lol.

Though I am hoping that is not the case, that there are still patriots left in the system who Trump can team with, probably in the military intelligence units and eventually drop the curtains on this shitshow of ZOG. Trump says he plays to win, so I am hoping he had a winning strategy before he even committed to this. He's been leaving way too many hints and warnings to kikes for it to not amount to anything in the end.

Trump's never had a problem with gays/lesbians. He isn't pro tranny though.

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Qboomers really are the AIDS that is killing Zig Forums

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under hillary we would have hit econonomic collapse and been at the beginning of a race war
voting trump was the worst mistake ive ever made


Israel is our friend. And you are obsessed with the Jews. Israel is our greatest ally on the war on terror and war on muslims. Get over your jew hating stupidity, back america, back freedom back Israel!

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user there's no hope for them. Take the commies that shill here for example. Between all the wallposting, kushnerposting, and endless rambling about Roy Cohn and Henry Kissinger, occasionally even AIPAC, they have all these Jewish names and the knowledge of their involvement in maintaining what they believe is a (((fascist))) uniparty, and they still never managed to connect the dots that with all these Jewish names both in the private and the public sector mysteriously having their hands in the pot and mysteriously towing one line, that maybe it's more than just ammo for shilling against a presidential candidate, and the ethnicity and the religion the malicious actors all seem to share, may play some role in who peddles which ideas and who has allegiances to whom.

Sounds good. The arent banning criticism of Israel, just bigotry

Good. Let the evangelicucks push this shit as far as it can go and the backlash against the Jews will grow stronger and stronger.


There is a difference between being aware of an issue, and obsessing over said issue 24 hours a day. Also
Hello leftie.

Then you are 120% fucking retarded, is what I'd say if I didn't believe you were instead a fucking shill for this kosher loser.

If you are not prepared to take the risk, don't run for president.
If you run for president, you no longer have ANY justification in fearing the risk.

His children are all married to kikes. Fuck em.

Kill yourself you #MIGA shill faggot.

McFuckingKillyourself my jude. The US government is a total sham, anyone still engaging it as though its anything but a complete is a fucking idiot or else a shill for that sham.

A lot of bullshit, and idiots like you (or rather, like what you're LARPing as) buy it.

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Nobody is 'obsessing' over it – thats just more of your kike pilpul shit. YOU obsess over our unwillingness to buy into your zionist claptrap. Hence, when we appropriately point out what a kike faggot this kike faggot is, you cry and moan and shout about 'obsession'. Its fucking pathetic.

I didn't even read the rest of your awful attempt to shill for the zionist, you idiot. I didn't need to.

I had my doubts, but I'm warming up to Trump all over again.

This really, really gets to you, doesn't it? You can drop the bullshit, I already openly said it. No need to beat around the bush. You're not from here. You're not a Zig Forumsack, you're a leftist.
Judging by the way you format your posts I'm guessing not Zig Forums, but some subreddit. Tell me. What is it like, knowing all these Jewish power players - by name mind you - knowing their involvement, knowing that they and their collaborators come from different income brackets and classes, all of them being Jewish, their Jewish heritage being the only common denominator left that could explain their complicit behaviour, and yet so desperately dodging the creeping realization that that same heritage they just happen to share across classes and outward political partisans, could be the missing key piece that would answer so many questions your mind leaves open without it?
It must be truly fascinating. Do you have 'episodes'? Like mental breakdowns where you're just filled with rage and don't know why?

I mean fucks sake man, look at this shit:

This is straight Q-tier faggotry of the highest order. There are no 'leaked hints', its not happening nigger. Your boy is completely fucking compromised by jews, probably because he was getting 11 year olds to suck him off and Mossad has the home movies of it.

Dude has cucked on immigration (muh wall is nothing vs 100k illegals for like 6 fucking months), he's pro-fag/tranny (gave a shout-out to LGBT and said he's trying to make that shit legal world-wide), he's pro-Israel (more pro-israel than just president on-record), he's pro-globalism (so long as it's "fair", aka so long as the US [aka the jews who run the monetary system and mega-corps] don't get fucked financially), he's anti-nationalism (excluding zionism and civ-nat shit which isn't even nationalism), and now he's got his kike son-in-law (since when the FUCK did he get the chops to be a fucking diplomat?) trying to shill a 'peace plan' wherein White Americans and Europeans are supposed to foot a $50 billion price tag to get the fucking Arabs to give up any claim to the stolen land upon which Israel was founded, and you have the fucking nerve – the "chutzpah" as it were – to come in and say we're 'obsessed' about his kike son doing this kinda shit, about the absence of the fucking wall which we were promised (because all we got is a fence – unless we always HAD a wall to begin with)?

Go back to 4chan, you zionist cum dumpsters.

So you're basically admitting you are the /ptg/ fag. Of course.

Jews jewing? Yeah, thats get to me alright.
Go back to 4chan, you /ptg/ nigger.


Let me guess, that's not even you typing it out, it's copypasted straight from a dedicated channel on your discord server and slightly altered in an attempt to fit in. Are you the same d&c faggot who used to pop by every thread pasting something along the lines of
Or is that someone from the same server?

Go back to 4chan, you /ptg/ nigger-faggot, where you belong.

Watch the first 30 seconds to hear what Trump think of freedom of speech.

I just tried to make that into a webm for you, and ya know, its funny… It seems like jewtube has some sort of filter which comes onto certain videos to keep most converter sites from being able to utilize them.

I can pull a 5 second clip from a 2 hour video of retards playing video games, but the minute I want to snag something of merit in political terms, it seems like that video is always "unavailble" or some shit.

Had you read that post in it's entirety, you would have also come across
It's painfully obvious to anyone who's been here long enough, that you're new here. Either a schizophrenic boomer who overdosed on redpills and is now stuck in an infinite panic loop, made easy to astroturf into making bad decisions, or a leftist larping as a Zig Forumsack as part of a democratic outreach program. And the odds very strongly point towards the latter. It's the anger that betrays you.
Don't get me wrong, actual Zig Forumsacks do get angry over stuff, but it's never this play-pretend 'disappointment' over shit the God Emperor Trump never said or even insinuated, not being the case. It's about real shit that someone like you would never acknowledge, at least not with some name or pseudonym attached, let alone your real name. Shit like this
You and I both know that isn't the case. That shtick doesn't work. Yes, you do so here, in an attempt fit in, but as soon as the mask slips, you'll be rambling on about how communism was White and how if you're not a communist, you're pro (((corporate capitalism))) because you're still stuck in that dichotomy, and come up with excuse after excuse to rationalize how it's definitely not the Jews, and then defer to some vague boogieman to blame your pet utopia never coming to fruition onto.
I'm sorry user, but you're just that transparent.

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I didn't need to you. You're a /ptg/ faggot. You're not going to address any issues laid to you, so why bother?
You're here to shill. For zionism. Nothing more.

Pure /ptg/.

Nah. You're a jew shill. No matter how much you pout about my pointing out that you are a jew shill, you will remain a jew shill. Shilling for zionism. Nothing more.

Go back to 4chan, you /ptg/ nigger-faggot.

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There we go.

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imkampy made this post

Side note:

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It wouldn't embed either.

Again with the short attention span and the illiteracy. Just like in that other thread here come to think of it - ah, that's why you keep going on about halfchan. Someone said the same thing to you and it got to you so much, you can't drop it any more. I was wondering about that.
Seems someone is particularly slow. For someone who wouldn't stop bringing up /ptg/, I thought you'd be faster with this.

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This insane law is moving forward, it's an opt out law. The CASE act. Jews like to slam their critics with huge judgments.

Trump is talking about bringing in the death penalty for anti semitism and to him being anti Israel is the same as anti semitism.

That link goes to 1hr 55 min mark when Trump starts to talk.
Trump is 169% traitor.

Lol. Trump shitted the wrong bed.

t. kike

Trump needs to sit back and let these kikes discredit themselves by excessive shutting down.

Agree with this completely. Jews are stupid for overplaying their hand this much. They are just making our work easier. Time is ripe to redpill the normies on the Zionist question. Start with light redpills like pic related which show how Democrats are in bed with AIPAC, why the MSM rarely questions this influence..and then drop more pills until they fully wake up.

With Trump making it very obvious (whether 4D or genuine) that Zionists clearly have a very strong influence on the government, time could not be better to talk to normies and any leftists you know in real life about (((their))) influence.

If you want to save your country from the jews, then redpill as many people as you can in real life.

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Christians could introduce an anti-Christianity bill.

They're unironically afraid of basic criticism

The jews are our friends. What is wrong with you people? I mean stuff like this is crazy.

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It's one of the tactics they've been successfully using for eternity, so they know it works.

No matter how hard politicucks suck off the yid, the kids are alright.

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You sure your pics aren't staged?

You are clearly a recent immigrant. This was a big fucking scandal when the story broke.

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I've been here for years, niggerfaggot.
I'm just not an amerimutt.

You're embarrassing yourself.

t. amerimutt

I beyond the emotional plane where embarrassment is possible. I am an instrument of my race.

Stop taking my side, nigger.

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You're a moron.


Already a law here in florida. Its a good thing though… People here are waking up at record speed now.

No one is "waking up". You spend your time in hate filled echo chambers, you have no grasp of normal people

Floridafag here. You either didn't read the bill or you're full of shit. That law that passed made it legal for state and local governments to discriminate against contractors who support BDS Israel. (Because otherwise contractors could sue.) You can't get thrown in jail for criticizing Israel here. That's retarded.

Holy shit, they're like cartoon characters.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of the Pot and the Kettle? It's not a story that a Jedi would tell you…

these kikes will try to nuke the internet if Trump wins again.

And abnormal faggots are doing such a splended job.

Post some flyers promoting BDS. Of course you faggots love Jews more than Whites so anything other than Nadzess..

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)

I'm fully convinced that the internet was invented (by whites) to be a bulwark against traditional ZOG media. There is no easier way to see the jew for what it is than to just hop online and look at their behavior in Israel, which would be impossible in a pre-internet world.

Trump is wholly a creation of jews and is owned in totality by jews. Nothing he does in unapproved by jews. Everything he does is for the benefit of jews and detriment to all others. Go be a trumpnigger somewhere else.


Exactly, the BDS movement could cripple Jewish power worldwide. The Stormfags only care about larping behind a keyboard.

Perhaps point out which of those links has the flyers ready-to-print? Thanks!

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I got banned from jewtube ran by a dyke jew for….
criticising a jew who is 50 years old in 2019 getting holohoax reparations from Germany for harm done to him in the 1940s before his birth.

If jews want reparations from Germany for the horror of being born like Claude Segal from Scottsdale AZ says on camera and with the Nazis not finishing the job they never started, there needs to be a final solution. To prevent further abhorrent Jewish births that require reparations all Jewish girls in NJ schools should be taught how small jew cock is in sex ed class and how they need nigger dick, and all Jewish boys need to be supplied with free condoms. This is The final solution to stop us paying more reparations for jews demanding compensation of being born in an incomplete holohoax era.

Why not tell the truth? Pro-zionism is Anti-American and this was proven during the election with their kvetching of "America First". Oh and all zionists are pedos just a fraction of a fraction for instance

?Arch Paedophile Jimmy Savile was a devout Zionist and an Israel supporter,7340,L-3978272,00.html

These laws are basically an attempt by kikes to ban BDS organization in schools and colleges. So definitely support BDS, nothing makes kikes kvetch more these days.

Plus you get to redpill normies on inhumane savagery of the Jews towards Palestinians, just the type of inhumane behavior nazis are accused of in the (((history books))).

at point Zig Forums becomes an "Israel" based website and its antisemitism for lefties and normalfags to talk shit about us. good times!

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Jews will support muslims when they are protesting for immigration but they will call them antisemites when they protest for Palestine.

I don't think we have any people in that swamp. It's all niggers in one area, dagos in another and jews. Shtity gun laws and high taxes. We can let this one go as it has no value.

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Is this webm hate speech? Censored from Jewtube for being too true and kosher.

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yes this includes the porn industry


This, tbh. Support BDS:

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