This Picture Kills The Beast

This viral picture and its associated post kills the beast of transgenderism. The complete juxtaposition of this hulking tranny gorilla vs. the effortless natural thing he is trying to imitate shatters the illusion of transgenderism for all, except for the hopelessly indoctrinated and afflicted.

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Thanks for the great thread, kind stranger!

I actually remember Clymer, watching him descend over the past few years has been disturbing. He actually complained about this pic on twitter.
You know what's funny as hell though? I looked up this thread and it was from /lgbt/. That's right, the most left-leaning part of halfchan is still too much for these people.

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I'm sure Zig Forums is too much for them

Looks like Dicky Spencer

I don't understand this stuff at all.

Is there a tl;dr for that rant?
Polite sage

Basically outlines all the glaring differences between the tranny and the woman (skull size, long face vs wide face, sideburns vs clear cheeks, torso sizes, etc) point out the start constrast between his male build and her female one, and his body language - and how this image breaks the spell that trannies are women, and not unnatural things trying to attain a natural beauty they cannot have or even understand. Cosmic joke.


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Kek, I needed a good laugh.

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Focusing on these freaks is a waste of time.

It's not for you, it's for the normie. You have to innoculate against poz before going after the source of poz.

Yeah. So?

Someone who will definitely kill themselves

try to make memes involving 1984, it is "mainstream" enough that your average normal cattle can digest it and put the pieces together. OP's pic fits very well with "war is peace, freedom is slavery" doublethink going on in the novel, for example. you keep alluding to ingsoc with the 2+2=5 memes, and eventually, you go in for the kill and remind them that ingsoc doesn't exist, but israel does

Only a delusional person would think INGSOC actually exists.

Most normies legit have no idea they exist, so no, you're wrong. It's difficult to understand how ahead of the curve we are here, most people are 5-10 years behind current year happenings.

Bullshit. "Normies" were sold homosexuality by fake media protrayals of fags and dykes as functional, normal looking people who happen to like their own gender (cf. the Will and Grace effect).

Ambition was one hell of a trip, huh?
I remember when retsupurae was still tolerable

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Go back to half chan, you braindead cretin.

Exactly. It only took a couple of decades of sit-coms to convince them that niggers are human beings. Then it was the faggots. Gawd knows what's next.

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Happily. Just lay down on the workbench and close your eyes.

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Why do leftists always need a dozen of paragraphs to make a point?

I don't believe a word it is saying, it's a bunch of feelgood bullshit that probably doesn't have any foundation in truth. It knows that its "beauty" isn't supported by any canon of beauty known to mankind, so it's lying to itself and its supporters, but most people can't help to recoil in disgust looking at it, instinctively knowing how unnatural it is.

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I chuckled, because it's true.

To sound smarted than they actually are. Take a gander at trannypol and you'll see the same habits. It's all fluff.

I'm a dumb ass myself, at least I know.

Two decades of camp sitcoms featuring fictional nigger households where everyone acts white was enough to brainwash an entire continent into forgetting 10,000 years worth of understanding that niggers are savage monkeys, and a decade and a half of cable television comedies featuring sodomites in flannel shirts asking their husbands to pass the toast to canned laughtracks was enough to brainwash that same vast group of people into forgetting that faggotry is an unnatural and disgusting corrosion on the bulwark of society that not only destroys trust and replaces it with paranoia, but also serves as a vector for uncurable deadly diseases.

If you think this literal avalanche of pro-tranny and pro-pedo propaganda isn't the herald of the next acceptance push, then fuck off back to reddit where you can shitpost about Trump and pretend to not see the tsunami for all the water. As many people as possible need to be woken up NOW, while disgust for them is still alive and strong.

He actually retweeted the picture and commentary.

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This picture reaffirms for me that we will win in the end. Even brainwashed people can only ignore reality for a limited amount of time, but sooner or later (and it will be soon) they will cry 'Enough!' in numbers that will stop the insanity of indulging obviously mentally ill people in their culturally-damaging delusions


Cultural Marxist upcommie conditioning in (((school))). Degrees and courses are – outside of STEM, although they are harsh pozzed also – actually quantified by how many words the so called student types. This is part of how the cost and value of a course is established. (((Administrations))) can claim they required tehstudend to write 3000 words for this course, and 5000 for that one. Hence hierarchies of unter-mensch and uber-mensch decrees and debt torture levels. Before the tubes, faggots and sex perverts had similar traits of talking, useless, florid, affected, effeminate, trivial, hollow, dull, wearying conversational styles. In the same way they used to think this callow civilization wrecking patter was stylish and witty, now they write similarly and feign affect to intellect. tl:dr – media poison shift: pre-tubes, fags talk like schoolgirls in clubs and on t-phone, now judeo-gayplex write up the tubes like gaybars, feeling intellectual.

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HAH! Get real Hilltards

He's still a major league asshole.

good times…

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You're still a disgusting hedonism that diddles kids, so what?

No it doesn't, it exemplifies it, forcing people to proclaim a lie they know is a lie is them winning.

Bad news user. In leafland they're starting to call it STEAM (with (((arts))) inserted).

This. Not only are acceptance pushes destructive on their face, they are a massive waste of social and cultural time from nation groups on down to family units. The kikestate magic nigger scam inflicted a devastating wound on the Occident. Not just in pic rel. instances, but decades long cultural slides of having to deal with subversive kike pushing.

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Underrated Post

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>Being able to admit you made a mistake already puts you ahead of 99% of humanity, imo most dangerous assumption a human can make is knowing what they dont know, hence the problem with (((modern))) leftism. I'm so tired of this tranny bullshit, and it seems to just keep accelerating not backing it off, wonder if normies might finally get boiled outta their pot of this issue.

That's more Slowbeefs fault for turning into a cuck I hear.

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Do you have the one with the dive bombing boomer and telling you to give up your guns upon Trump's edict?

Nevermind, I found it.

Pls post I don't habe (polite sage)

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This user gets it. I hope to one day raise a glass with you as we watch them swing

This must be on repeat in every mentally ill faggots head whenever they come across someone who doesn't like their presence. I hear this every fucking time

Bad news since 1945. More probably, 1918. Or Cromwell, 1653. They should add a Y, make it STEAMY. Y for…yahtzee, yaweh or yenta.

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Adroit social intellect observation, user.

Reminder that standard TV technology of this period had reception limitations which before cable, meant that only a few channels would be legible. These nigger programs were coerced directly into after work, after dinner, timeslots when access to white audiences was peak. There weren't often any alternatives, especially before betamax or video player rental scams. All these kikestate media niggers are the rudest homo erectus unter-conscious assholes earth could produce; but they had to be on TV in that timeslot. Not only that, but every 14 minutes the viewer would get punished with kike marketing commercials that cost more than an entire series of zip coon TV shows. How is it we always give our banking, media and technology away to these godless neanderthal kikes?

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These people, in a dark place, are taken advantage of by the jew. They're forcefed drugs, pressured into hating themselves for being men, only to try to transition into women. Not to say that there were no legitimate gender dysphoric people or trangender wannabes before, but kikes have practically marked it as the pinnacle of society. I can't wait for this nightmare to be over. Call a spade a spade, a shovel a shovel.

They were always cancer for being literal goons. Fatbeef in particular was shit for being some self important nigger that thinks he invented the concept of talking over videogames, and that everyone had to regurgitate wikipedia articles of trivia and xd funni joeks that fit SA humor or they were satan. I will agree they were at least funny when they weren't too pussy to make fun of shitty lps (while having even worse mics themselves) and riffed on actually funny content.

Would the onslaught of Tranny Acceptance produce media conditions where we wouldn't have to watch or listen to women on (((TV))) or in (((movies))) anymore? Because…other than an overdue rational ban on any presence of whammen in the media, child free tranny theatre may be a satisfactory theatrical by-product. Like sports, trannies are prolly finer actress than whammen anyhow. Although one could imagine a mainline male dramaturge with theatrical talent, dressing as a tranny, acting as a tranny acting as a woman, without having to actually go to the mentally ill lengths of never leaving the larp. Technically, decent theatre shouldn't really have call for pseudo exotics; whammen, injuns, trannies, niggie-nogs, yerro perrir, atzatlebubs or judeo-faggo corporate psychos. tl;dr – more trannies => less misandric cunts on the movies and in tv?

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Soulless [[[>>> MUELLER

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From a biological standpoint, parasites often lack or have very poor eyesight as a defense to being scraped off by their hosts.

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post it here, please. I want it also.

Just leaving this here.

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Why are americans so retarded? A man dressed as a woman is a fag dressed as a woman! Why couldn't you just ban these behaviour so you wouldn't have to face these tranny epidemic now?

Because we want any opportunity to use our massive amount of firearms and unless we allow this to go a little further, we won't get that opportunity.

Regrettably, the only thing that can be banned; and has long been banned, in Occidental nations is the Truth. Our ineffectiveness really isn't a matter of stupidity, it's that we are infested with a tribe of malicious, cryptic and neurotic (((people))) and their proxies, who did not evolve to have conscience. We have no Krypton for the Neanderkike. We're fuck'd. We always lose our civilizations to these parasites. If we did have a Kryptonite, it would be banned, assassinated, tortiously demonetized or confiscated or subverted or defamed. Its one of those rare and disgusting instances in nature where a noble beast succumbs to a filthy creature.

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There is, and has always been, only one solution.

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If they were strong
We would be fighting them right now
they are weak and they are few
they cannot win a fair fight. They don't even have the anatomy for it.

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The retarded board settings won't let me repost.
It's here

XE HAS STYLE (and is an inspiration)
XE HAS GRACE (and is an inspiration)

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What, as if to spare themselves from the instinctual horror of being disposed?
polite sage because off-topic on a silly thread

Because it's a very good passive-aggressive remark. It implies the person making the insult has a superior lifestyle while making complimenting himself, implies the person against him is unhappy, has wiggle room to say he was never insulting anyone and also calls upon other people in his camp to call him on being such a nice tolerant person for wishing good upon others, even if they don't like him. I should start using this phrase, I bet trannies would explode if it was co-opted.

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I suppose its an evolutionary measure since parasites don't hunt and rely on the hunter for their nourishment. Don't confuse parasitism with commensalism and symbiotic relationships, I'm talking about pure parasites that inflict damage upon their host until the host eventually dies or kills the parasite.

now, watch your surroundings and look for the remarkable number of people needing glasses and realize they only make up a fraction of the total with poor eye sight since contact lenses are just as popular if not more so.

The world is overrun by parasites and will implode in misery if it doesn't explode in anger soon.

I think there’s some transplaining going on in that pic.

the TLDR is that your mind has been ruined by quick dopamine and instant gratification due to your crippling internet addiction. you're literally a slave to the internet and your inability to read a single paragraph proves that you are weaker than I

I actually went to middle school (army town called killeen) with this guy. His name is Charles. His dad was a violent, rarely present alcoholic and shitty soldier, and his mom was this weirdly old lady missing teeth. The fucked up part was that the mom kinda turned Charles into her replacement husband.

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That happens more often than you'd think. It's actually a very common theme in the nigger community. It's why blacks are so protective of their mothers/grandmothers.

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Yea I went to school with a lot of blacks. Fairway was like 70% black and so was my high school. Charles was always a weird fucking kid.


Also one of the benefits I had growing up is that I had black and white talmudvision until 1980 or so, therefore those programs had an added uncanny valley. We're probably going to see holosuites within a few years (maybe not interactive but we can have Vic Fontaine sing to us like that Tupac hologram and have it sound realistic).

On the other hand we also had Jack Benny and Rochester reruns and Buckwheat from Our Gang/Little Rascals. Also you guys forgot The Jeffersons, which was a spinoff of Archie Bunker and was actually pretty funny at times.

t. talmudvision nerd, now can't watch because he sees all the kosher propaganda

John Derbyshire may be a race mixer but he makes some strong redpills.

I'm Marty McFly, meet my father George.

Thing looks like Marv from Sin City.

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Plus OP left out the fact that he's clearly insane and therefore a menace to society. He should be put down like a mad dog.

Trans phrase should be "coming out of the cellar"

Somewhere in the mid 80's the Toronto Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper published a front page headline story based on an interview with the top RCMP officials. Basically their message was a simple one; illegal drugs was becoming the biggest richest business on earth. Bigger than the automobile, bigger than oil. They then pointed out that if the big criminals became bigger than legitimate manufacturers they would end up becoming our rulers, inevitably. When you indulge in criminal shit you are effectively voting the most evil people on earth into power. That has happened and now we need to live with the result of our indulgence in criminality and vice. We are getting the rulers we asked for.

Basically this. At a certain point whites become too far gone. There is a reason why the 14 words focuses on children, not man children and whores past age 20. Protect the younger generations and the rest falls into place.

the phrase should be coming out of the bog

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From the Daily Fail

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Step it up.

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Clymer is a disgusting autogynephile.

They ignore reality when it comes to fags and racemixers thought. You're naive at best.

Jesus Christ this sheman is ugly, and fag-hags remain amongst the most degenerate and disgusting shit in existence.

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what's important here is that he gets tons of pussy because he's doing something antisocial that it's next to illegal to complain about. Don't just whine about trannies, take advantage of the rules that were created for them. While telling them they're not women if they don't cut their balls off, tell faghags you're a tranny and get your balls sucked.

Bruce (Gaytlyn) Jenner and Scott (Sophia) Hutchins.

Bruce was a man
Who is now a woman
Scott was a man
Who is now a woman
They are dating each other.

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If your Hate-Trump et of YAH, Hate-Israel, Hate The United States of America and Old Glory; just Remember this Spell:



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Can confirm it works, although I used a variation of it and I only as a riposte to a blatant act of disrespect. Others weren't around at the time, so I spared him the social repercussions of his spilled spaghetti
He just stood there with his mouth agape and a vacuous stare, as I walked away I think he mumbled something like
Good times tbh

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If you Hate the Trump et of YAH, Hate-Israel, Hate The United States of America and Old Glory; just Remember this Spell:



Ivanka looks like a anti human holy shit

So two men got sex changed to women so they could become lesbians. Hmmm…yess…yess…I seeeeeee…

Imagine trying that hard to explain your uncontrollable neurosis. And also, she "SURVIVED". He was on the verge of death before discovering that he can dress like a very ugly woman to stabilize his neurosis. Oh great. A person normally would make an effort to pretend to be sane, but Clymer was an exceptional case give how being "consistently miserable" as a conventionally-attractive male is hard to live with.

Are all transgender women just incels really?

They need to be pushed into the closet and their lies exposed to normalfags. There are kids being forced to take hormones against their will due to this shit