Redpilling the 4plebs

Sup. So, you guys ever raid 4pol and drop redpills, and do you think it's even worth it? Specifically I do it in shitty threads, you know the ones, the low brow instigating threads, the blacked threads, the purposeful misdirection threads and all that. Considering so many people go to that site and so many newfriends fall for it over there, it seems like the best place to cast a net and catch as many people as you can by disrupting the "discussion".
I do it for fun regardless if it's very effective, I don't know how many lurkers actually click it, however most threads seem to 404 quick after I post some which is amusing. 4pol is like a giant bluepilled pond of borderline redpilled people just waiting to be fished out with the right hook into more useful waters. You guys have thoughts on this? It seems like a waste to not do something with these people more often considering their numbers are immense.

Also a general redpill thread I suppose, I use these and more.

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No, we need to do this. It is definitely worth to redpill those 4cucks.

Yes, do it.

Many converts came from previous redpill "raids" including me.

Are you literally 4 years old?

I do it, and have noticed the same thing with 404s. Can’t leave our younger/slower brothers behind when they’re so close to the truth. I think most of them are smart enough to pick our messages out from the sea of shills. It would be a serious mistake to just surrender 4chan to jews.

4chan is to Reddit what Republicans are to Democrats, which is controlled opposition. In other words it is Reddit 2.0, which is also why Jewtubers feel comfortable ripping from it, which in turn promotes even more plebeians/shills to go onto 4chan. I'm not saying that Zig Forums doesn't have issues, but 4chan is far more cucked from being mainstreamed. I'm sure our mods would also instigate a 4chan situation if we became as popular.

What an awful excuse for an op

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I think it's a very good idea to raid 4fagg, and deplete the r/Hapa, and r/AznIDentity, and JIDF spam.

I suggest, we egg them along unto a more enlightened state.

KikeChan tends to ban if you drop redpills. Then saying the reason for ban is due to CP. Look at the amount of guys who got banned with redpilling others and got ban reason back at them in the other cuckchan thread. Great idea tho.

Post images of your efforts over there. I'm always interested in New ways to red pill people. I tend to lack subtlety, probably too autistic tbh.

No trophy images or anything like that, however I'm also trying to adopt different strategies as well since I was mostly doing it for fun and not strategically. If the thread is completely irredeemably shit I just spam it with various redpills. It doesn't have to be related, just throw a wrench in there and people might take the bait and steer the discussion elsewhere.
In a more nuanced thread that either has a false premise or is in general fishy with misleading info I challenge the OP's position. If he goes against you it still reframes the discussion in your favor and if you have facts on your side and a bit of intelligent wordplay to charm people over then you can't lose. Btfoing the OP could actually work better for redpilling since it makes the idea opposing yours seem foolish. This idea isn't special of course, it's a strawman. Have your "opponent" spout a purposefully weak point to then crush the weak argument with yours in a good light.

As long as it doesn't turn into what this board has become - where no thread can go more than five replies deep before it just devolves into everyone going autistic and paranoid schizophrenic, accusing everyone else but them of being a jew. Literally every thread. For a long time now.

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I browse both

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NYPA faggot.

I started out on 4chin and that was in 2017, I go there sometimes now as well and all efforts of redpilling are worth it obviously

God bless

Yes. Time to flip the script. While shills fill this board, we should just flood back out into all other boards, and commit to what we've learned from our own shills here. Fill the rest of the accessible, uncensored internet with redpills. Same goes for IRL. Start printing fliers, stickers, etc.
Time to turn it all around.

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Who are you trying to fool non-White parasite justifying his reason behind miscegenation and thus genocide from living in our living space?

Listen, Without White people the following would never have existed.

There would have been no creative spark of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Pasteur and Marconi.

No great scientists, or mathematicians, or inventors or fine artists. No Archimedes, no Aristotle, no Socrates, no Alexander, no Renaissance, no Newton, no Kepler, no Goddard, no Mendel, no Tesla, no Faraday, no Guttenberg, no Shakespeare, no Dickens, no Twain, no Mozart, no Beethoven, no Davinci, no Michelangelo, no Galileo, no Copernicus.

No orchestras, no museums, no universities, no hospitals, no libraries, no theaters, no radio, no books, no electricity, no television, no movies, no refrigeration, no heating, no plumbing, no steel, no stadiums, no cars, no planes, no jets, no rockets, no trains, no dentists, no surgeons, no computers, no telephones, & most important – there would be no creative genius to be found that could create and sustain such a high level of civilization!

White European societies created and discovered all of these inventions plus countless others. Without the inventive-creativeness of White civilization the world would still be essentially living in the Stone Age. Currently there are no more countries living in the Stone Age.

All the countries of the world have benefited and have had their standards of living raised, while being artificially pushed into the 21 century by the inventions of White Europeans. And yet non-white countries are still not inventing the latest technologies, despite using and having access to all of our European discoveries and inventions.

It has been said that if it wasn‘t for the intentional direct interference & sabotage of the Talmudics, white men would be colonizing Mars by now.

You really need to give your people and your race the respect they so rightfully have earned with all of our contributions to humanity. For without the white race the world would be a very backward and cruel place.

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They quickly take stuff down. Your best bet is sneak around the mods.

1. Build new forums around topics of interest
2. Post interesting articles from those forums
3. Invite people to the new forum
4. Build up an audience
5. Redpill folks there.

Lmfap the very first post on their

No and no.

They had their chance to join us 6 years ago. Enjoy your gook datamining farm you ugly 4um turds.

That said, if you want to see a fucking mess, check out the /ptg/ threads.
Those useless zionist cumrags have started spamming over here now and its disgracefully pathetic.

Pointing out that Trump clearly hasn't lived up to his promises in any meaningful sense and in fact in many areas (e.g. foreign wars, gun rights) went back on his word, isn't the same as going on a Rachel Maddow conpsiratard rant.