Ancient History, Babylon to Now

Babylon, Egypt, and Rome all originally began homogeneous and over time became mixed. There are many cases of the earliest figures in all these civilizations having "aryan" features such as white skin, blue eyes, red hair, and the like. In ancient Native American and Japanese history there are tales of these aryans as well, which is fascinating to say the least.
However, the same story seems to play out in all these civilizations… a homogeneous people become mixed through an influence of a foreign people. The thing that ties these ancient foreigners together in all these places is their incredibly mysterious and influential nature, and a form of banking: Private debt based banking, which is ancient and reoccurring, not new as you may believe. I'll go into this but it will be brief.
In Babylon you have the Tower of Babel, which could be a metaphor or an actual structure, but it's message of a humanity being united under one tongue, a mixed people, is undeniable. This is around a time of decay, and destruction of a once great people.
In Egypt you have the Hyksos, a mysterious foreign people that conquered Egypt, but didn't destroy Egypt, they took the place of the new kings and continued the culture. Foreigners blending into a civilization and leeching. This time is when many societal control strategies were populated. Sandwiching a people between two lies, a left and right if you will, to hide a higher truth, and much more familiar techniques.
In Rome the mixing is well known however the process behind this is more documented and thus too long to go into, however I assure you private banking and hebrews are involved.
There are podcasts here that go into this, search "Babylon" and skim through to figure out more. Nazi Never Never Land which gets into ancient Aryans and how religion could be true, but in a unorthodox way, is essential too.
His main sources come from Joseph P Farrell, a groundbreaking writer in this and more.

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Also i'm not spouting this as truth, it's an entertaining thing to humor, but I wondered what people here thought about it. In jest or if anyone here actually has any crazy theories about our history, it's interesting to me

Aryan means white nigger. Quit submitting to the dictatesof local political correctness and be more honest.

Also the weakness of Africa is its violently homogenous population where people who say the aid workers might be peaceful, honest people (as they generally are) tend to be shot. Homogenous populations are retarded.

A REALLY good example of this is the Tarim basin civilization. Were really old, a very pure group of the some of the earliest Indo European migrants that settled in western bugmen land.
They set up a pretty thriving network of city states in land nobody else wanted, and China left them alone for the most part. Their ancient annals tell us of of tall red and blond haired people residing here with blue and green eyes. We also see this in some very well preserved mummies that they sometimes look like Swedes, but 1000s of years old. Genetics also confirm their European origins.
What brought these people to their knees is mass migration, no different than today. One of the Turkish kingdoms collapsed (the Uighurs I think). Tons of “economic migrants” fled to this thriving collection of city states and they let them in. Bred them out of existence within a few generations, which also destroyed their very ancient and unique ancient European language, which is more similar to a Western European language than Iranian or Indian (it was a Centum language).

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So Whites have been locked in an inescapable endlessly looping cycle of cuckoldry, Jews or no Jews, since the beginning of time. Confirmed masterrace!

It's so tiring, I'm so fucking over it all. The truth is so clear yet we are on our last forced march. What a black pill thread.

It's just people making a mistake to be merciful and compassionate to anyone except the family and members of own ethnic group. I bet this civilization had their own "populares" group advocating for letting in foreigners for economic benefits and convincing others not to see race and ethnicity.

The Yuga cycle which bottomed out in 2012.

Now we're in the ascendant.

All anons should read the following thread

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Oh and look into photonic light. This is what's driving the psychically unhygenic insane, and showing us the truth.

Plutonic energy showing up the dirt everywhere.

Well, it ain't groundbreaking, but uh. I am currently writing a book about society/societies, and I did notice a sort of pattern. Cohesion of society seems to inversley follow inflation of a societys currency. Like, the more cheap, worthless money is in circulation, the less actual humans matter. This seems according to my studies, reoccur in every society. Pointing out flaws in this would be highly appreciated. Yes I know social cohesion isn't measurable like inflation.

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The glory of being human in a sea of unworthy creatures.

Hold on OP,
First of all, the Tower of Babel story comes from the kikes. So that's already open the possibility that it could be like most other jewish stories; a lie.
Second of all, are you implying that you haven't actually done any research on the rise and fall of Babylon? The Babylonian Empire(s) is not some sort of Atlantine mystery. There are records from both the Babylonians themselves and their neighbors. Their collapse is not a mystery.
I'm actually quite educated on that time period and so far as I am aware, there are no corroborating records of this jewish tale.

That said, Whiterabbitradio is an excellent podcast and I highly encourage all newfags to listen to the first ten episodes. When this man began to speak, I was a libertarian-egalitarian. He not only won me over, but his popularization of Rovert Whitaker's Mantra talking points helped me enlighten many dozens of other individuals.

I am German by blood from both parents and I have sky-blue eyed. Yet my brother is brown eyed.

Also, this woo woo shit claims that Aryans are superior to Slavs. Yet Aryan is an ill-defined term that also encompasses Slavs. Aryan comed from the Indo-Aryan language which, guess what, Slavs are a part of. In fact, the entire thread seems to merely be an elaborate effort to break up Europeans along literally every fault line. East vs West. North vs South. Germans vs everyone else
This is a kike thread.

Never trust a person whom has the word DUDE in their lexicon.

I get that shit constantly, I am quarter Scandanavian, and my Scandanavian side brought me dark eyes and hair. The member of the family that was Scandanavian, had jet black curly hair and dark eyes.

The rest of my family has different colors of hair and the purest eyes you can imagine. Delicate features are a familial trait that I inherited as well,so people also say I look Celtic. No Celt ancestry though. Mother was a Ginger.

cringy feminine plebeian minded narrative
it's interesting how modern thinking is so entrenched into people's mind that even old nordicism got plebeianized
back then, but even way back in antiquity, great peoples saw themselves as foreign conquerors of lands in which they were NOT the indigenous people, think about Spartans who saw themselves as foreigners in the Peloponnese or Romans taking the Trojan myth seriously, and so on, they didn't take pride in being people who had lived there since time immemorial
nowadays, the narrative is reversed; it's not dark pelasgians getting invaded by aryan elite conquerors, but the opposite, nord pelasgians getting cucked by brown conquerors, and thus you get all of the ridiculous narrative about how the ancient world was full of nords down to the last peasant that got BROWNED by invaders
stop watching too much, it's fucking with your head

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Zig Forums is just fucking retarded when it comes to genetics.

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Makes sense to me.

I wonder how difficult it would be to splice out and select for only blue eye genes. Is this something that could be done?

The Roman myths turned out to be accurate. Med boat people came in and took over the little town of Rome, and the first thing they did was conquer a little village called Latinae, and adopted it's culture.

not really, if anything, Italics hundreds of years before Rome even existed had arrived from the north with cultures like Villanovan, there's no serious archeological or genetic evidence of a southern origin of an Indo-European speaking, dead cremating culture like that of Latins

that whole masterrace thing is a translation error. Herrenrasse means a Race of Master as in a Self-owned people… Not as on Master over others… Ein Herr is a Man. ein Meister is a master. Essentially it meant a free people that owns itself.

You will never be white, no matter how much you plead and beg. You stupid toilet cleaning Pole.

If we imply that current pigmentation genes are correct, that is the main reason why white people are white. Pigmentation genes seem to be the main genes to be selected for in Ancient Europe.
Current tests show that Nordic people didn't basically exist (at least as a group) until Early Bronze Age and all Europeans or groups ancestral to Europeans looked like niggers/shitskins and dark meds before this.
But these genes could be wrong because they are only based on modern populations. We can't know for sure how did these people look like

Sad but true.
It wasn't always this way. It's just that /int/ kikes like now outnumber actual Zig Forumsacks.
Not too long ago we were able to have actual discussions.

Another thing that the retards don't understand is that curly hair is the norm in Europe. Most men who grow their hair out will find it to be curly. And women spend vast amounts of time straightening their hair.

Relevant to the thread.

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Hyksos were Indo-Europeans, and if Egyptians were overwhelmingly Nordic originally, why are the people in the artworks mostly depicted as black haired?

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Granny Thotunkumin was a coal burner.

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Can you give me an example of someone who is "Nordic" by skull shape while having straight black hair and a deep tan like the Egyptians mostly had and depicted themselves having?

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Eye color isn't inherited through mendelian genetics it is more complicated than that

Carving and painting yourself onto ancient temples is called "graffiti".

is there any other kind?

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we wuz chinks and shit

This is how the Egyptian ancients saw themselves and their neighbors:

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So why is the Egyptian at the end well tanned like I described earlier?

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They're not homogenous though, they have a whole bunch of different tribes and ethnic Africans there, similar to European ethnicities, there are even blacks there who aren't your typical example of a nignog, like the San Bushmen.

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(a) We do not learn from history because our studies are brief and prejudiced.
(b) In a surprising manner, 250 years emerges as the average length of national greatness.
(c) This average has not varied for 3,000 years. Does it represent ten generations?
(d) The stages of the rise and fall of great nations seem to be:
- The Age of Pioneers (outburst) The Age of Conquests
- The Age of Commerce
- The Age of Affluence
- The Age of Intellect
- The Age of Decadence.
(e) Decadence is marked by:
An influx of foreigners
The Welfare State
A weakening of religion.
(f) Decadence is due to:
Too long a period of wealth and power Selfishness
Love of money
The loss of a sense of duty.
(g) The life histories of great states are
amazingly similar, and are due to internal factors.
(h) Their falls are diverse, because they are largely the result of external causes.

The average duration of an empire is 250 years, and this hasn’t changed in 3000 years.

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What I find wierd is how kikes shut all information about babylon in modern culture. It's crazy to think Egypt survives but not babylon

Gee. almost like it's by design?

Taken from the book "The plot against South Africa". I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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Kill yourself nigger.

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I guess that means America has less than a decade or two left. I think we had a good run. Shame about not listening to the founding fathers warnings on not giving the vote to shitskins and entangling alliances.

We may actually have encountered each other before though I forget if we had a pleasant or antagonistic conversation.
Anyway, I disagree strongly with the book that you may have recommended that had pic related.
The theory behind the book is okay though I had some minor quibbles.
1. Breaking the Roman empire up like that is dishonest,
2. Greece wasn't an empire.
3. The Ottomans lasted until 1918. and the Roman Empire lasted until either 476 or the 14th century depending on how autistic you are.
4. Spain… eh?
A lot of this seems to be not the duration of an empire but instead when it ceased expanding.

This borders on insanity and ignores biology. Were the original Zulus and Abos Aryan?

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Sorry for any confusion.

We were Flying Hindus an shieett. We was like the Jews an shieet, but..but..they got kicked out of countries a total of 1100 times throughout history, and we beat them, because we were kicked out by low IQ subhumans a total of a grillion times.

You just can't ever stop? You're going to die. Forever this time.

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What a joke; it's about a classy as "Disney on Parade".

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I was with you until the part where you implied that Mediterraneans aren't turks and niggers

says the turkish nigger

Throwing Tartary/mu flood hat in the ring – Tocharians are goo candidate for the historical forebearers (Tunguska event as a clean up operation of remnant sites/tech)

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The difference between men and women:

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You forgot Ancient Greece.

In regards to Ancient Egypt:

In regards to Babylon:

In regards to Persia:

The civilizations of Egypt, Babylon and Persia had now fallen because of Jewish subversion. Next to bear the brunt of Jewish parasitism was Greece. In all history, no two peoples have been more diametrically opposed than the Jews and the Greeks, and the Jews have always borne great hatred for Greek culture. The Greeks represented the refinement of the civilized gentleman and individual, while the Jew continued to be a brutalized, earth-bound, non-creative, unartistic and nameless member of a bandit tribe.

Why does this make my dick hard and why is Anubis so hot?

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bc ur very ill, bernd. get out more, maybe join a support group

What am I ill with? I'm not even into men.

Weird stuff isn't even that abnormal on imageboards, even on Zig Forums.

"decade or two"? I think you are being overly optimistic. And not listening to the Founding Fathers was on purpose. The Media, which is controlled by (((them))).

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From that last article:
So basically your stance here amounts to