Vegans are right

please logically explain why you eat meat. give me your best logical reasoning why you eat meat and drink milk

animals such as pigs and cows are intelligent animals who can suffer deeply and have a unique personality, they are different individuals just like dogs or humans are. they dont enjoy being kept in a cage, being castrated, being raped, having their kids taken away from them, and being killed against their will. they dont want to die for your taste pleasure

all real pollocks should go vegan, because its hypocritical of your to complain about the suffering you endure in life, how niggers and jews are ruining white countries, yet inflict much more suffering unto innocent animals for your taste pleasure and "yummy in my tummy tum tum"

its unethical and hypocritical of you to kill animals for your tastebuds. you dont need to eat any animal products to survive, humans can have perfect health on a vegan diet. the picture is of a unborn baby cow removes from its pregnant mother, after the mother was killed. it was a dairy cow who got too old (4 years) to make adequate milk and make a profit for the dairy industry, so they kill her and throw away her unborn children into the trashcan. this routinely happens in all western countries, video was france

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apparently Zig Forums doesnt instantly give you the option to play the video, unlike 4ch? fuck….


both the treatment of animals and slaughterhouses should be improved, but we need meat in our diet to avoid malnutrition sadly. perhaps we'll advance far to avoid meat safely in the future but that is yet to be the case.

Because they taste good, faggot. Simple as.

far enough**

you are not welcome here, soyboy.

Because I'm an apex predator and I enjoy tearing the flesh of my victims in my mouth. My greatest desire is devour a vegan.

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You kill other life by merely exising, fuckwit.
Are obligate carnivores immoral lifeforms for you?

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seriously, all you whiny Zig Forums dude who complain about MUH JEWS and MUH NIGGERS are such massive hypocrites. like you want to stop niggers and jews from killing whites on a ethical basis. you think its wrong for niggers and jews to do all this evil shit to whites, yet you think its okay to do it to pigs, because pigs are weaker?

dont you think its hypocritical of you to do so?

Use the catalog you sliding maggot

you're an emaciated faggot lacking several very necessary chemicals to thrive. enjoy killing your brain so you could grandstand on an ethiopian mud pancake message board.

All I care about is my race existing, beyond that I care about nature and other races not using resources. I caught several fish today because I require them to survive. I didn't revel in their demise, I thanked them and the cosmos.

I eat meat because I'm not a soy fed midget with anemia.

to all the meat eaters in this thread:

that other thread is asking if jews are behind veganism. this thread is different in that its asking why philosophically speaking veganism is wrong

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I think we should probably feed exotic birds to chimps and put them in cages to hunt vegans for sport.

also, I'm sick of pseudo-buddhist soyim equating human life with obviously lesser life. you should kill yourself because your body fights against thousands of strains of bacteria a day and murders them all unceremoniously. or even worse, think of all the mosquitos and flies you kill from simply driving your car. or all the ants you've killed by walking. you lack any understanding of proportion like the malnourished mong that you are.

you need to eat meat so you don't become malnourished and turn into a faggot like you

They don't taste very good, but sure.
Hunting is fine with controls to stop populations from being decimated.
Eating humans drives you insane.

Happy faggot?

We aren't NPCs, you can't say "you wouldn't discriminate based on race, sex, class so why discriminate based on species." You have no power here.

thats scientifically innacurate. the american dietatics association says that a vegan diet is nutritionall adequate for all stages of life

heres some movie trailer by james cameron of all these vegan athletes. did you know kawhi leonard, the nba mvp is vegan? also kyrie irving. and messi is a vegetarian mostly vegan

Not one of those faggy vegans, but don't overdo red meat consumption. Ended up getting diabetes eating steak every single day because of a pay raise.

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guess what, you don't need to be smart when you're an athlete playing niggerball

obligate carnivorous dont have a choice. they are strict carnivores who cant choose not to kill

humans on the otherhand are omnivores who have a CHOICE. we can choose not to hurt and abuse animals. most people eat meat because its tasty, and as obese and fat as a result of their diet

its also extremely unethical and hypocritical by your own standards of ethics. you are a hypocrite for eating meat

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also have fun trusting a bunch of literally whos in an organization that takes money from mcdonalds and doesn't require a degree of any sort.

we have a choice on whether we want to make ourselves retarded or not. sadly you chose the former

Explain to me why I should care about an animals life, when if I has my way I would let 90 percent of the world's population die?

you should have just told us you were a retarded spic and saved us the time

he can't help being retarded if he doesn't have the necessary nutrients to keep his brain alive

I was a vegan of three years. I have just returned home from a two day fishing trip. Getting back to primal activities with kin is one of the best forms of meditation.

pretty sure statistically vegetarians are more educated, have higher incomes, live in richer environments and have higher average iq's

because its just mindless torutre and murder for your amusement, and its hypocritical and unethical for you to do it. i can understand your hatred for humans, because humans are shit in general, but when you contribute to the suffering of animals for your amusement, you become a part of the problem of shit tier people who kill for no other reason than pleasure

stop being a hypocrite and follow the original emo kid and go vegan

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Why are yiddit threads like these allowed?
OP is weak and fucking disgusting.

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Typical vegan. I'm not sure if it's the negative mindset or the malnorishment that leads to statistically higher instance of mental illness.
Providing food for myself isn't perverse entertainment, it's spiritual and righteous. Mother nature doesn't care about your feefees, it cares about survival.

Ethics is just a ridiculous little thing that retards like you clutch to feel good about themselves.

meatcucks btfo

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if a leader as glorious as adolf tells me to stop eating meat then i will. until then, stakes up.

There is nothing wrong with eating meat. There is however something wrong with how we treat the animals we eat. In the end this mistreatment of animals is going to manifest itself in poor quality meat, and unhealthy people.

Tactical redditspace here. Instead of tackling this like DON'T EAT MEAT VS. EAT ALL THE MEAT. Avoid extremes, seek balance. We can do without meat, but with meat a balanced diet is easier to attain.
We need to focus on the mistreatment of animals, instead of fighting over whether or not to eat meat - as that solves nothing.

I dont enjoy being in a psychological cage of this society and being my time consumed by employers who give not a single fuck about my time and life.

Its nature and its in every cycle of life that the strong will feed from the weaker, stupider stfu nigger

Yeah nigger, you need some sugar, you need all the things in a balanced diet. Hope your toes never go numb and your diabeetus stays in check user

Veganism does turn you black, this is true.

I'd eat people if I could.

I really do not understand vegans. If you're against the treatment of animals in the production of eggs and milk then just go buy some expensive brand that treats their livestock better. Why invent some categorical imperative against all animal products?

t. became a vegetarian literally yesterday

Diabetes is from carbs. Steak won't make you diabetic, because it has virtually no carbs. Look into keto.

and so do the niggers and muslims and shitskins when they rape and kill white people

dont you think its fucking hilarious how this entire board cares about white people but laughs at pigs? when literally pigs can suffer just as deeply as humans can?

fucking hypocrite retard

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You mean the same group that decided that there was too much fat and too little carbs in the diet due to people not needing the extra calories for heavy physical labor, and thus caused the obesity epidemic that's the leading killer in the western world?
Yeah, I'll get right on that, retard.
While I do, you might want to read up on the appeal to authority fallacy.

I eat meat and animal products because they have healed my body, optimized my health, are easy and fast to prepare, satiate me and cost less. They are also local and do not need to be shipped across the globe, preserving more of the environment. Furthermore, no rainforests et cetera needed to be cut down for them. And I am animal too and my health comes first, in any case.

We certainly eat too much meat and we absolutely need to redo the meat processing industry. We do however, require meat for a proper diet, nutrition and health so animals must be slaughtered so we can eat said meat.

Jews, niggers and gooks can suffer as much as whites… I still want them to not exist. You're inability to reason seriously concerning.

If you summerfags are going to reply to obvious bait, then at least learn how to sage.

Would you tell a tiger or a hawk to stop eating meat too, because he hurts these poor, defenseless animals?

Please logically explain why you aren’t a fruitarian, op?
Because vegans are killing things too & they don’t have to do so: Fruit & fungi are quite sufficient for survival. Why kill anything -yes even plants- if you don’t have to?
If its the suffering of the creature then there IS evidence that plants respond to damage with distress pheromones that trigger a response in other plants nearby. Don’t you care about that, op?
If its living conditions then what do you call forced & crowded monoculture growing conditions that are the equivalent of battery farms? Plants DO prefer room to spread you know,op?
Do you think plants don’t count or something? Are they not alive to you? Are you a vegan just to score 'smug' points against vegetarians & omnivores?
So explain why you think its ok to kill plants but not animals, op?

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When I switched to an all-meat diet, my gas went away. It has been an embarrassing problem I have dealt with since I was a child, one shared by the males on my father's side of the family. Cleared up lots of other health problems as well.

It would seem that we are carnivores first, omnivores when in dire need.


these animals dont want to die for your food. a whole foods plant base diet is nutritionally sufficient for all your dietary needs. go vegan you unethical hypocritical cunt

go fucking tell it to a lion that's ripping apart a gazelle you dumb fucking cunt

i agree we shouldn't cause unnecessary suffering to animals but i'm still going to eat them because i am an omnivore


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I remember when I was a faggot vegan. One day you'll look back in sincere regret as I do. No one will take you seriously because of how fevor you were with your vegan shit just to give it up.

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This. Human body doesn't need meat every day. People eat too much meat. In perfect society every human could only buy set weight of meat per month.

yeah, another trustworthy american institution recommends genital mutilation of american boys as well

Why are faggot vegans always so holier than thou and shove their shit in your face while they sniff their own. Fuck off nigger I eat meat and enjoy raising, hunting and butchering my own game if I need to eat.

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Don't use the term vegan or vegetarian, or you're helping the jewish terrorists torture more animals. By accepting these terms you put yourself into the position of being against everyone that eats meat, which the jews exploit to create division on political and economical level, which creates marketing propaganda that keeps both groups away from going after the jews who are committing atrocities against the animal kingdom by industrialized capitalism. Don't use these terms and don't buy products labeled as such.

This propaganda is why so many people have become unhealthy as fuck. Make them scared of the most wholesome food (steak.)

Shills like you get btfo in one thread, you wait for it to sink, then open a new one repeating the same propaganda. Hitler was right about arguing with Jews. If this board had moderation they would need to lock this thread.

No soy burger for you today, slave maggot.

That would be egg.
Steak is quite high up the list, though.

Lefty faggots:
The same lefty faggots:

It's easy to notice that the "think tanks" behind that propaganda are almost entirely Jewish. Average vegan argues like average JIDF faggot on Zig Forums , and the sheer hypocrisy of the kike is not lacking in the slightest.

Vegans are retarded slaves who promote the interests of their (((masters))). Most pathetic people on the planet.

For protein and because it tastes good.
Also for every animal you don't eat, I'll eat three.

Do you talk to pigs?
They never complain.

dude you have to be braindead to actually think like you do. you have NO FUCKING ARGUEMENTS against veganism besides insults and adhoms and >"waaa waa muh jews muh jews =OOO"

if it was white people being the victim heres you'd be crying crocodile tears all day

and then you turn around and hurt others for your amusement

dude you have no empathy and you are a hypocrite by going vegan you will increase your empathetic part of your brain, literally vegans have more empathy for other peopel than meat eaters, pic related

k bois im going to play diablo 2. time to grind lower kurast for hours at a time because i have no life, no girl, no sex, no love, no intimacy. all i have is this screen in front of me and my corporeal body, untainted by the opposite sex


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This. In a general sense it's a good idea to avoid the words kikes push on us, and to always reflect on the "labels" and "buzzwords" we use, make sure those we use puts our views in a positive light, doesn't put us on an objective weak footing and so on.
Like foreigner/alien rather than migrant/refugee/immigrant

Listen to yourselves…you're bickering against each other like social media normies. It's basic division, created by putting you into opposing interest groups, so that you're wasting your time away arguing each other, while the jews responsible for this will exploit the shit out of all three groups. How many times will you all fall for the same division tactics?

You eat meat for a lot more than just protein. Plants are filler, and are missing a multitude of essential nutrients. What they do have is not very easy to absorb.


No excuse to not have chickens for eggs man. Vegetarian is the simplest and easiest solution.

And that's only until you can raise your own damn livestock with a good quality of life yourself.

That is the most gay image I have seen in my life

Anybody promoting malnutrition, or taking animal possession away from humans is doing the work of the enemy. This is not infighting.

*and the focus in this topic ought be
Not vegans vs. meat eaters. Kikes create two factions, lets them fight, capitalize while feeling no consequence to the abuse they do. This is the same tactic in a sense used with "antifa vs fascists" one group go to the extreme of defending the kike, the other goes to the extreme of simply fighting the ones defending the kike, and the kike goes free and unnoticed.

I know you're just trolling for replies, but humans are FACULTATIVE carnivores, falling into the omnivorous spectrum. You can survive on just plants, but you can't stay at optimal health if that's all you eat. Surviving is not the same as thriving. It's not a hard 11, 00, 10 system, biological complex systems are COMPLEX.

Incidentally, you don't have any argu(e)ments, either. It's just the usual appeal to emotion crap and shock images that every vegan posts everywhere. Cherry-picking shitty factory farms that no one likes is a cheap way to try to get support, and places like that are why I avoid supporting them whenever I can by being informed. In addition, I don't see any vegans offering a good argument to this guy yet. >>>/veganism/540 Come up with one and maybe we can get somewhere.

Not a bad idea, but assuming this isn't just a bait thread you're talking to a vegan. It's a cult crusade against anyone who doesn't follow their lifestyle.

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Humans are animals.

Because the herbivores that we eat convert the inedible parts of our crops into food.
If we can't convert the inedible parts of our crops, which is over 90% of our crops, into food… we clearly have to have 10x as many farms to feed the same number of people.
This huge amount of farmland is going to destroy nature as I know it, and I don't want that to happen.

Farming flora and fauna is more efficient than just farming flora.


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Correct. Most plant eaters are not protecting animals with their diet. Mono-cropping slays trillions of small animals, destroys ecosystems, and is killing our soil.

Fuck off, with your intentional density.


It absolutely is, and it goes nowhere. You can live a healthy life while eating meat, while eating no meat, and while eating no animal products. If you follow one of these paths then just say "I eat meat because…", "I don't eat meat because…", "I don't eat animal products because…" That's it. Don't define yourself by what others are not.

This. Concentrate on the crimes committed, and not on each other. They are incarcerating, torturing, poisoning and brutally killing billions of animals annually, behind anonymous walls so that the public can't see the atrocities. The products that come out of this crime are straight up poison, made to kill us. That is what you should go against.

I dont any of that jew-product meat, faggot. Your problem is, you are projecting. My primary protein is eggs and whole proteins from legumes and rice and fish, of which, I kill myself aka fishing.

And that is why veganism is a problem. Vegans shift focus away from the real problem, (((industrial agriculture))) and onto a small subset of it. They then propose a false solution of veganism, which does nothing to save animals or remove the poison from our food. We need to end (((industrial agriculture))), not meat.

No, you can't. There are essential nutrients in animals that humans need for health. This is why there can be no compromise with people promoting slave diets. Degeneration of culture begins with the degeneration of genes, and that begins with malnutrition.

Wide Set Eyes; pick a Syndrome that causes

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Precisely. Industrial farming lowers quality and humanity of both meat and crop produce.

Exactly. The problem isn't eating meat, the problem is your president is so cucked they say on the news you need to bring in beaners to work mass-ag and raise cattle as massively and cheaply as possible so that people can go to their cucked yuppie jew-slave jobs, then go out go dinner and eat fast food patties of meat soy composite. I do agree with the vegan premisses that animals are supposed to be on earth and are not here to be tortured. And I would add that people shouldn't consume jewish controlled industry, because it is anti-moral and it causes all suffering of men and animals alike.

Take your vegan faggotry elsewhere nigger.

It's not vegans are or wrong, Humans are carnivores for a reason, it's because our treatment of animals is often inhumane.
If we just killed them painlessly instead of hording them in a slaughter house it'd be fine.

Are you yourself logically consistent? You oppose the abortion of cows. Do you oppose the abortion of humans as well?
Not to straw-man here but most vegans I run into would argue "just a clump of cells".

Animal, vegetable, mineral. Humans are not separate from nature or the world which is something vegans forget constantly. You still want to eat, fuck, sleep and have the social needs of your species met. You're still made of meat and are considered fauna, just fauna with a fantastic neocortex. This isn't incompatible with religion either, if that's your angle. Humans are indeed special, but it's not because we aren't in the animal category.

Support humane, sustainable farms and ranches where the animals are raised in a healthy environment with real grass and open spaces. It's more expensive, but even if you don't care about animal welfare for some reason the huge positive difference in taste and nutritional content speaks for itself.

They try, the issue is that it's not natural in the slightest and relies heavily on supernormal sources like supplements and a LOT of imported food that a good portion of the world would have no access to. It's all based on what companies can get for them and ends up being slow starvation most times anyway. Out in the mountain forests you wouldn't have avocados and vitamin D supplements, you'd just have the local wildlife and whatever happens to grow nearby. If SHTF and their big pharma can't give them what they need, all the vegans are either going to cave in and eat animal products or die off. Or maybe those crazy fuckers who try to live off air and sunlight will start to take off.

Hey OP, why haven't you gone breathararian? Even the plants don't get hurt, you just breathe.

God ate fish with his disciples and commanded Israel to sacrifice animals in the Old Testament. If God allows us to eat animals, then I and my/your ancestors hold that above the recent feminine vegan movement. People don't have the same dignity as animals. We are made in the image of God, don't forget that.

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Remember to sage and report.

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Wouldn't risk the prion diseases. Vegans should be killed, though.

The scariest part of the potential future to me is this effort to get people reliant on food product. There's already been tons of success in this. Dentistry as a profession wouldn't even exist if people ate their ancestral diets. Ancient skulls, and those of isolated peoples all have perfect teeth. Almost everyone is misinformed about food, which is the last step to complete domination, and severance from nature.

I was just telling him to fuck off with the blatant pilpul. Obviously humans are animals. But just as nobody genuine would suggest that white standards be applied to non-whites, human standards have no relation to non-human standards.

nice trips but fuck yourself. I was speaking literally.