Ukraine, the saviour of the White race. BASE UKRAINE

What the actual fuck is happening to these backward fucking mutts, that they are allowing this to happen?
>The endgame is Ukraine joining the EU, thus finalizing (((their))) plan. War with Russia?

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Whoever wins, we Jew

All White people are mutts, apparently

No they are mutts because the mongols raped the shit out of them and made low IQ part bug people babies. Their average IQ is much lower than Western European IQs due to the bug blood (it is not 'high IQ' like the bug people claim).

You are here user; therefore, not a mutt.
Coincidently, by your logic, there is no hope for White people.
Why are we Americans in the state that we are in? Nativity and lack of information. These fucking Ukrainians are allover the internet, which tells me that they have sufficient access to the kind of information Americans were not exposed to post 1930.

"Mutt" implies genetic mixing. It's not an ideological state.
If the actions of jews in power make the entire nation that they rule over genetically inferior, then literally every White nation on earth are mutts. That's OP's logic, not mine.

And Americans have had more access to the internet and for much longer than Ukrainians. Additionally, Ukrainians have the added disadvantage of being literally under siege from Russia. America has no White enemies.

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If they had any substantial YDNA from Mongoloid peoples in any shape or form, they would be manlets with higher IQs than their Euro counterparts. However, from what I've seen of UKies, this isn't the case.

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Kill yourself bug eater.

Very NPC tier reaction.

Central Asians are hybrid mongrels and they have lower IQs than either Whites and proper Asians.

Dont fall for this obvious JIDF bullshit. they do this every once in a while where they cherry pick the 2 dozen niggers in Eastern Europe and say its worse than America there, they are all mutts, all the women are nigger whores, so just give up goyim because there is no hope and no such thing as white people.
Ukraine is a white country. If youve ever actually been there, there is no denying it. kill youself, Schlomo.

To be fair to Ukraineā€¦ Catherine the Great exiled most of the jews to the Pale of Settlement aka Poland. By the time the USSR was formed the Bolsheviks became the Soviets. One of the first things the Soviets did was steal all the food from Ukraine farms and traded it for guns to spread jewish Communism through Asia and South America.

millions of germans were imported into ukraine and south russia during the reign of catherine the great to "civilize" them i.e. improve educational infrastructure and thereby increase crop yields, the ukrainian germans were the first to be killed in the holodomor. ukrainians were always suspected by russians of being too german due to admixture, even though germans kept to themselves mostly. to this day ukranians still feel racially superior to russians and are quite racist towards them, especially during soccer matches.

East Asians have low IQs too. IQ studies in the eastern region of Asia only take results from students in the most elite schools, which is averaged at 105 for them. Whites in elite schools score higher at around 130.


Let's see how long until that kike suggests that Ukraine needs some DIEversity and is too Christian.

Ukraine isn't real anymore, its just a fake thing propped up by the West.

If they have German blood in their veins they are superior to Russians.

Sure Schlomo.

Gonna need a sauce on that because east asian immigrants in USA attending same schools as whites outscore them by half a standard deviation.

Reminder: IQ is a jewish construct that artificially elevates certain intelligences over others; completely ignoring the importance of immeasurable ones that define who we are. Retention of information and ability to calculate complex formulas are important, but don't let the jew fool you into believing it's the absolute. There's a reason they keep pushing STEM and publishing articles that refer to science as if it were an all knowing being.

t. voodoo nigger