here is the revised Ethnostate location. Banks Island.

70,000km^2 of open land with musk oxen whose fur is worth 200$ per ounce.

add the qTox : E9287C7437663543A99AAB3A5DFA3C8360E1E09E2D60DD579DF8819F8DBEF74029E192C35953

the creation of an ethnostate is not running, it is consolidation of culture and strength to ride the tiger, until the correct time is to launch GLOBAL prowhite operations, anyone who wants to keep you within the collapsing system where u will be prevented from self segregating is a kike shill who WILL be given the rope.

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I'll start punching trees


to build a c-table of course

Spam thread.

did u not the the > ib4 stop running goy
kill urself kike shill

Fuck off with your god damned LARPS, niggerjew.


Keep it south of the arctic circle and on the atlantic. We are atlantic peoples.


not larps this is a real project i want to create a ethnostate with a few thousand individuals

Europe is our "ethnostate", faggot.

Gods, everyone still here is so fucking stupid. How far we have fallenā€¦

OP is mocking the idea of the PNW (or any consolidation ideas) by posting thread after thread naming some random, shitty island and proposing that we all move there. He thinks he is being extremely clever and original but in truth he is not.

The argument that he is too chicken shit to articulate directly (instead resorting to sarcastic trolling) has already been debunked numerous times. A far better argument would be that anons will never do anything or move anywhere because we're lazy shirkers who don't take White Genocide seriously.
There OP, I gave you a much more effective angle to work. Now stop being such a kike and speak clearly.

too many people already we will never become a voting majority

VERY based

jesus ur duumb asf, the only place a ethnostate can be created is a place where u can become a voting majority within months of a large amount of territory with easily definable borders

We are already a voting majority in Labrador. Newfoundland too. What we are not is a sovergn military. We need more men and white families and work.

ur a voting majority in ethnicity ONLY, u need to be a voting majority in politics also. newfoundland and labrador are nowhere near close to beign ethnonationalist or third position


the majority of labrador are fuckign first nation squawks

have u ever bough a musk ox scarf? that shit is like 400$ but no more labour intensive than making yarn and then kniffing a scarf from sheep wool

Hey retard. No one wants to live somewhere the ground is always frozen it's so cold.

Come from away do ya?

This. Its literally un inhabitable. You gonna carry in some solar panels though so ..

The squas are better neighbors than mudshits, blacks or jews.
They at least will fight us face to face :)

there are plenty of locations with permafrost soil where white men have lived and thrived. hardly unihabitable u are just a shill

OP can't inb4 you dumb kike. If you do it means you know your argument is fucking shit.

This guy is correct.

You are not from here. Go away and never post again.

To be fair Banks IS inhabited. By idiots and snowniggers.

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lmao the kike leaf is mad. the kike fears the arctic exploring white man

thats directly after a snow storm or the beginning of summer, this is what it looks like not directly after snow

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Happens in every single thread. Perhaps I'll join up one day OP.

If you hates Whites with all of your black little heart, then why are you against them leaving a multikulti shithole? Faggotkike.

this is at a similar latitude to Barrow, this is uninhabitable without extensive imports. The sun goes unseen for 6 months and doesn't set for the next six. Why the fuck would you ever think this is a good idea?

Shit like this is a waste of space and a slideshow of why this board has gone to shit.

we just have to ride it out for a generation or two on a ireland sized island, bide our time and subvert where we can. if u dont die by the kike u see urself live long enough to live as a kike lmao, fight fire with fire

explain why this would need imports? plenty of meat? hydroponics can grow veges? plastics are easy made and so is sulphur concrete. wood isnt required, and there are decent metal deposits in the Canadian arctic

I think White Ethnostateā„¢ is a nice lure for survivalist-types like myself because we know that it would be better if it's closer to Hyperboria. Also, I though Barrow was a nice albeit very harsh place that can be managed if you like the snow and perhaps have a small plane.

That isn't necessarily how I would approach it, but it's not a bad idea either. I just would like the Island regardless tbqh.

I just want you shitskins dead.

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whoops wrong picture lmao

Dear Reddit,
Today I learned that I was a shitskin. Yikes!

hydroponics takes a lot of fucking energy when you're keeping it much above freezing temperatures. The temperature in summer, entirely ignoring the 7-8 months of winter in places like this is 40F or so. "Solar stirling generators" like your braindead ass wants to use are entirely not enough. I've never even heard of these fucking things until you made a retarded OP like this yesterday. Fucking stop. You can spew garbage faster than all of Zig Forums could pull it apart.

"Plastics are made easy" we dont fucking want or need more plastics. More wood and metal in our lives for less xeno-estrogen and microplastic garbage in our bodies.

Sulfur concrete: `As of 2011, sulfur concrete has only been used in small quantities when fast curing or acid resistance is necessary.`
Another thing I've never heard of. Again, putting all this effort into surviving in an environment that doesn't want anything to live but rather in a temperate zone would yield one of the best nations to live in, full stop. Instead you get Vitamin D deficiency and SAD out the ass because its a hellhole.

we will just have a high energy usage per capita? food will be expensive ? id rather 3x store prices than have to deal with niggers, sulfur doesnt make xenoestrogens, inverse vulcanisation is a thing. fast curing is necessary for flash colonization

energy is money you retard. All the money you spend heating your little shithole is money that could be invested into your people. Energy doesn't just appear, its fucking expensive to make.

Wrong brainlet. This is the fucking kikiest idea I have ever heard.

wind power is also a thing u know, and solar stirling generators are easy to make so we simply make up for lower efficiencies by using more of them. and nuclear fuel can be extracted from seawater using metal organic frameworks. and temperature can be moderated using geostationary reflective balloons for 1$ per square meter every 7 raising average yearly temps under said 0.4% sky coverage of balloons through radiative forcing by 15-20 celcius. 350 million every 10 years or 35 million per year to maintain higher temps of the the island, or if we limit the area we want to warm to only human inhabited areas we are talking about a few hundred thousand dollars a year for the creation of a local artificial greenhouse effect. stop complaining about "muh hard to live" white men fucking make nature our bitch.


every single thing you said is hideously expensive while anyone in a more southern region can literally just grow their food outside like God intended and use firewood, coal or gas heating for their homes because its not fucking freezing the majority of the year.
You talk in a blob like some sort of schizo with random punctuation. No one wants you to cover the entire area with reflective balloons, they want to see the goddamn sun.

The cost of racial freedom is working as a fucking group in inhabitable environments.

You do realize part of why you're such a fucking retard is that there's perfectly good habitable places you could've chose from but you immediately revealed yourself to be a sub 100 IQ brainlet when you think us running into a frozen tundra somehow hurts Kikes and their plans.

0.5% sky coverage from a distance of 35 km isnt visible to the human eye but a 15 celcius warming effect is VERY useful.
thats all good on paper and idea, but the reality is the nations u try to do that shit in have been preventing from those communities forming deliberately and u lack the sovereignty to do shit about it.

a frozen tundra who holds the majority of the worlds musk ox, whose wool is 10 x time more expensive than silver

You're just an escapee from the mental ward who wants everything that's good on paper. You said it yourself that it would cost at minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars, and upwards of 40 million at worst. Rather than trying the obviously failed strategy of running away again, you could just spend those millions that you clearly have, on uniting village sized groups as our governments turn increasingly into ineffective genderfluidkin.

Just chase out the Sami Mongoloid-hybrid Laplanders and send them back to North Asia (their ancestral homeland), chase out the Congoids; Capoids; and other Mongoloids from Scandinavia and northern mainland Europe and declare Hyperborea or Thule.

im talking about hundreds of millions of dollars u nigger not hundreds of thousands

I rest my case, you're a retard.

alright rad, then call back whenever you've got your billion dollars to build all this infrastructure needed for basic life past the arctic circle and we'll talk then. Fuck off with these shitty threads atleast

there are certain things i need people to do from specific countries to help me secure funds, i am advertising the project in order to build up a network of a few dozen people to do some small jobs for the project to help fudn it

Even if we run away the jews will still go after us.

we arent running, we're consolidating and biding our time

KEK did you give up on the Svalbard LARP already nigger?

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hell yeah dude lol

Hello fellow white people. Join me in our collection point so the jews can wipes out with a missile. Beedeebeedeebeedeebee

Better to spread out than put all your eggs in one basket. Moving to some island is just begging for a missile strike

IRL Minecraft.

Yeah, we should totally just keep working & paying taxes in our disease ridden, nog infested hellholes under ZOG rulership. I'd unironically rather live free & die by missile strike than watch my children grow up to date Jamal and Juanita.

Your not going to do anything, so stfu.

also we talking about canada lmao

spread out over the island?