Feds on image boards and subversion

We know FBI were on Zig Forums looking for Piano boy and posting bait. Demanding IPs of any one who replied to the thread. This implies a government presence here in some form.

Soon after /b2/ appeared from no where and has constant /hebe/ style posting. Lack of moderation and BO support means we now have a board allowing what counts as CP in most of Europe as the top board on the site. An easy excuse to slap restrictions on the website. If I was looking to shut down this avenue of discussion I would make sure to link it with the worst things I can. We all know the glowies use CP as a plant to shut people away. What if they were using 8ch as a method to plant "soft" CP on people's caches and history so when they come knocking you're listed as a child abuser not a political rebel? Much easier to ignore a man labeled pedophile than racist. Racists are just "dumb" but pedophiles are pure evil and deserve to be killed.

The website culture has become more paranoid or more intense D&C depending on how you look at it. Memes like Reddit posting, claiming everyone is a goon if they disagree with you and promotion of questionable material like on /b2/ or lolicon lead to a fractured userbase. Those who embrace White culture against those who embrace Asian culture but want to be racist like the white culture guys are. (((Media companies))) like Netflix are now pushing into the Asian entertainment industry and promoting it in Western countries, using it as a vector to warp white nationalism from what I can tell. We know they play both sides so if you can't subvert white nationalists through Western media why not buy up the Japanese media instead and use that to subvert them? Based honorary Aryans Japanese can have Trannies (dick girls/traps), homosexuals and cuckolding as a core part of their industry and white nationalists won't reject it. It;s the classic tactic like with Superman and Captain America, present as your enemy then slowly warp your enemies perspective through children's media.

I'm reminded a lot of the Silk Road stuff the feds did to catch those people using TOR. A lot of the disruptive posting we're seeing sounds how they would plant trust issues between members to get them to rat each other out. The way people shout Goon, Reddit or Cuckchan at the slightest disagreement alienates people and drives them off. If you're a white nationalist but don't like anime you're a Goon. If you space a post correctly you're reddit, if you disagree with an infograph you belong on 4chan where you're even easier to track and monitor with more censorship.

There will be glowies in the thread. Ignore them. Remember a kike cries out when you call him a kike and when he strikes you. Discuss the topic at hand don't let them disrupt it.

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Stupid people who didn't disable javascript, yes.

How's the weather in Langley?

Better call him a glownigger before i get called one

Feds have been trying to take down and take over Zig Forums since we moved from 4cuck in late 13'.

Today they try and take over the userbase by promoting christcuckery, (((brenton terrant))) and (((alt right memes))). So far they havent been sucessful and most of the userbase has driven them off but the mods are in on their inflation and openly work with the feds.

We really need a new website without the redditfaggotry of 'creating your own board' which has never helped us by migrating to a new BO or a new board, thats never happened on pol ever. What we need is a website built exlusivly for Zig Forums content and nothing else that is entirely safe and anonymous where dissenters can share ideas without censorship, deletion, subversion, shilling and the endless fucking spam the feds throw on us here.

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Calling a man clearly from here and who actively did something against the invaders a kike is the exact type of D&C I mean. We've seen plenty of times that the feds can't use the memes in organic ways and Terrant clearly did.

thats because shapeshifters flooded this place with crossposters and migrants
8ch will never be the same again after Brenton


Before Brenton this place went to shit and is why it gets called Nu/pol/. Kampfy banned any faggot worth talking to and left only /v/ tier posters.

Only one fucking jew plays the nu card, yid.

The subversion is visibly failing & more of the same old shit only in tempura batter wont really change that. Not that they wont try it anyway.
If simple shut down was what they wanted they could have done that at almost any time without much effort.
They are trying to understand & control not simply shut it down. We're a test bed, but the problem is that the forces they are attempting to control are deep, powerful & OLD. They live in the hind brain, they don’t care & they are waking up.
Nothing can prevent war now. Nothing.
Honest paranoid is good, btw.

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it wasnt that bad it was the golden age of shitposting (peaking with Brenton), everything after that just attracted too much attention to this website and now the userbase is completely changed

nu/pol/ was shit but at least it was pretty funny now its cancerous without the charm

The ideology isn't going to change from more shitposting, new users allows a group to move forward. Think we would remember the 3rd Reich if NSDAP had stayed in their first beer hall with only a dozen or two members? Growth, even sometimes painful or looks counterproductive growth, is necessary. We don't have all the time in the world, the genocide of our people is picking up pace not slowing.

Shit posting is what destroys image boards.It encourages it to turn into /b/instead of having on topic discussions. It all becomes ironic and "just a prank" until the only people left are ironic pranksters with no values except to shake short term cummies.

Very good point. The complete hostility to someone who doesn't agree 100% with you is why the right often collapses in on it's selves. The group meeting at the beer hall can't decide if they should sit at a square or a round table so they decide to go to different beer halls all together and fracture.


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this isn't about having people who disagree with me, this is about having people who don't belong here, 4cucks agree with me on most things and I wouldnt want them here

didnt Jim work as a server technician on a government facility in Nevada? truth is the game was rigged from the start

No shit we all fucking know that already cunt

Thanks for proving my point and doing your best to destroy any sort of movement.

there is no "movement" neanderkikes, this is Zig Forums, there are people associated with movements on here but Zig Forums is Zig Forums

Please do carry on glowy nigger. Keep up those insults which insult white DNA.

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Quality OP.

Fuck off putinkikes

I swear I'm an inch away from converting to Judaism and killing every last one of you morons.
You deserve to die you fucking idiot.

Fucking retard!

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How sad is your life, nigger?

I am using a 'cracked' VPN. Am i safe? serious q

Billy Joel? He grew up and they call him the Piano Man now.

Except that it's a DoD project already. The Feds won't shutitdown.jpg, because it'd expose way too much shit that's best left out of the headlines. They just want to go after any spergs looking to IRL effortpost in the immediate future. The only non-Feds posting shit that's v&-worthy are Iron March retards though (who are honestly the new stormfags, except worthy of even less respect).

thanks for keeping america safe. i know not all of you glow fags are super gay, there are maybe a few that suck less at sucking than most do. god bless america, and god bless USA (USA means our beloved Hitler) usa all the way- lol.

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taking the internet serious is a sign of metal disease

for at least a year there isn't a single thread that goes more than five replies deep without devolving into "you're a jew" "no you're a jew". either everyone here is paranoid, schizophrenic, or both. maybe it's time to take a break from the internet and go lift some weights, maybe socialize a little?

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You're not a jew, just a good goy.

Or maybe…

It spreads farther than just Zig Forums and /b2/. The rabbit hole goes deep into Zig Forums. Zig Forums has had a sudden rash of "Christian Identity" style posts talking about NZ style attacks. /islam/ has had a sudden rash of posts borderline praising ISIS/al-Qaeda trying to get "those who agree".

Stay vigilant.

Just a nigger, usurper, puppet, sociopath.

Bottom line is the Empire is Crypto-Jewish and the public has lost the commonwealth, the state of the Nord, the Saxon, the Celt, the state of the Northman is deep in dire emergency as a race and nation targeted for being swept from the earth, by jews, whom know not the white man's worth.

Jews hate Christians more than the Chans hate Jews.

>Oy Vey it was started by (((them))) so stay away from it goy
If you believe it's a Jewish trick you're a fool. Everything (((they))) do is against the same God they claim to worship.
(((They))) really do belong to the synagogue of Satan based on their actions and words.

like clockwork. ironically, you're definitely either a jew or one of their brainwashed, miserable, subhuman slaves. you should entertain those thoughts you have about suicide. you know those nagging ones in the back of your mind? the ones that come by when you realize you just spent another 109 hours out of your last seven days just staring at glowing screens, wasting away? listen to that voice. slit your wrists. right now. nobody will miss you, or even notice.

Oh yeah 8ch is targeted for destruction, we need 99ch immediately, and it needs to be setup to force every user to be an anonymous proxy of the site, like it's own little TOR network.

livestream kys now?

/* I grieve that grief can teach me nothing, nor carry me one step into real nature. The Indian who was laid under a curse, that the wind should not blow on him, nor water flow to him, nor fire burn him, is a type of us all. The dearest events are summer-rain, and we the Para coats that shed every drop. Nothing is left us now but death. We look to that with a grim satisfaction, saying, there at least is reality that will not dodge us.Emerson*/

It's possible to have deep contempt for someone who benefits you.

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You're confusing Christianity with National Socialism, user. Do keep up.

Maybe you could kill yourself. Or better yet, kill the owner of the website so that we can have actual discussions again. Don't like it? Cry about it. But do it somewhere else, because your spam is even worse.

I thought FBI got the silk road guy based on internet posts he made under a non-anonymous account about silk road.
How can I find our more about their tactics?

Why doesn't Kim dotcom launch and host his own anonymous image board?


I thought it was bizarre that people were posting copypaper but there were no news stories about a major arrest which was fucking common during cuckchan's /b/ days. More worrying is the fact that the mods do fuck all about it. Myabe their harvesting IPs?

and using the same style of writing and using a gmail account for their operationsuse cock()li.

the time and space requirements (considering how fat he is)

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This board decreased more than it increased.
It didn't change shit.

Go to nein or nano or end.

WTF do you think, 'total information awareness' was? There's nothing innocuous about TOTAL. They monitor EVERYTHING. ALL electronic communications and even your fucking mail.

You mean the same day the OPs spammed degenerate shit all over the catalog?

Ramblings of a paranoid dummy. I bet your the dumb shit who made a thread today about how it's impossible to red pill anyone but the poor.

Take note newfags: this is a shill.

This is an actual user

Another shill.

Know how I know? See if you can figure it out.

A large percentage of them aren't Feds though. They're O9A - it's gone from "occasionally irritating", to "really fucking noticeable", especially after Christchurch. That's a whole other fucking rabbit hole (and possibly at the bottom of it lies even more glowniggers of course). The ride never ends.

Kiked putin post. Thanks for the D&C Yuri!

4Chan is also compromised faggot.
Where ever we go they will follow it wouldn't matter.

WWG1WGA? Always seemed nefarious to me