Fbi strength, weaknesses, strategy & tactics

See the thread on mobilization indicators and read this: politico.com/magazine/story/2016/06/orlando-terror-fbi-surveillance-gap-213967
Let's analyze the FBI's strategy, tactics, strengths, weaknesses and potential actions (legal and otherwise) pro-whites can and will take to meet their objectives.
It seems FBI's job is to keep a lid on things while doing what the Jews want.
So their big fear (because Jews) is whites organizing politically for white interests. Hence the prosecution of groups like RAM, LoS, Proud Boys, etc. That will continue. It is working so far, the public acquiesces.
FBI will continue to use low-cost tech for mass surveillance. They have the resources. As this gets cheaper, they'll use things like license plate readers, facial recognition cameras, state databases, social media monitoring. Expect some bigwig at FBI to try to make his career by integrating all that shit for real-time info. Expect a jew to argue for bending/breaking rules so that they get the DMs, phone and emails of people, to keep tabs on things, particularly groups jews fear. They ignore bigger pimps and spic drug cartels - that's not a threat.
Lone wolves - FBI knows and identifies lone wolves, but cant arrest them just for that. So now they do the radicalize-and-arrest thing. Expect FBI to push bullshit tax avoidance scams (a great way to catch greedy and stupid whites) and other spergy offenses like solvent traps.
What can/will pro-whites do?
A few thoughts:
Establishing databases of anti-whites
Establishing payment systems to promote pro-white actions
Seemingly random attacks on prominent targets to provoke tyrannical responses.
Attacks on muslims to provoke retaliation
Attacks (kinetic or otherwise) on jew organizations and jew-associated big tech to provoke more (((censorship))).

Expect FBI to go after people fighting (law-abidingly) adl/google/lgbtqp as if they are terrorists - so expect pro-whites to try to rope in normies to attack those targets just so they get attacked by zog.

This is all satire. Always follow jew-created laws and be a good shabbos goy.

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hey guys, totally not a fed here like fur real, but what are your tactics? what are you planning on doing?

Crashing the Minecraft server in Minecraft

One of their tactics is shitting up the servers with mass spam of images.

Disruption of online communities - that works both ways. Figure accept for JIDF, ZOG has to pay trolls/hall monitor types.
In contrast, TRS and other organizations/communities (look in the mirror) troll/disrupt for group bonding and to fuck up the opponent.

Why not just make a better Minecraft?

You should figure FBI pays analysts and monitors this board. That said, things like IOTBW came out of the chans, and even though zog saw it coming, it couldn't stop it.
I think the biggest thing anons could do is get normies in a moral panic against trannies, bringing down the (((ban hammer))). That and convince people it is (((censorship))) and (((trannies))) not censorship and trannies.
But I'm hoping this discussion can produce tips/ideas.

everything stems from Bnai Brith and the ADL (subset ACLU)
the fact those two agencies operate with impunity in the US as OPEN TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS lets everyone know that LAWS MEAN JACK SHIT!
Fuck you "law enforcement officers" for defending your lawless banana republic.
YOu're a joke!

Cause you can’t build greatness on ( ( (foundations) ) ) of liquid semite piss and shit……in Minecraft

You can still get a bunch of friends together and play on a private server with your own rules. You just need to tweak it enough that the main servers can't come after you for copyright infringement.

Something occurred to me. One thing anons could do is start doing things with other people, in a secret way. If the minecraft server doesn't get shut down, you've got a partner or two to play minecraft with and you know he doesn't have loyalty to the other servers. 2 or 3 can do a lot more than just a solo guy.
Taking an example from real life, two homeless nigs shut down dc and got a high score. If they'd been smarter and less greedy (niggy) they'd have been more effective.

Kill Every FIB & IAA Agent, they will go through the NOOSE

^^^ originated from Tel Aviv
think about that FBI

If you don't fuck with or connect with the main server at all, your private server won't get shut down. If you're only invested in a private server, why would you care about the main servers? The problem arises when you invite people fanatic to the main servers onto your private server.

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Another post brought to you by the kremlin. Thanks Boris!


FBI will try to disrupt/derail this way. That "(You)" Zig Forums search warrant affidavit showed they suck. But nevertheless, we should figure we are being surveilled too, because the jews fear wrong thinking goyim. So follow all jew-made laws, and always be satirical, like me in this post.


Yea, its become so pathetically easy to pick them out not quite sure why they keep doing it, paycheck I suppose. I figured ands its always nice getting additional evidence for confirmation that this place is a containment zone. I don't mind, just having a place where you dont get banned for typing the word nigger while committing the grave offense of being white, makes society a little easier to breathe in.

Informants get paid. I suspect it's a jew or a commie blaming Putin - they seem to do that a lot. They are probably doing it for the feels not 30 pieces of silver.

this is precisely where we've had pretty much 100% of our success. keep at it

Thats retarded and you know it user. If you don't want to get in trouble online, use tor for the things you can and be as vague as possible when talking about IRL stuff that could be used to dox/make it easier for the feds to find out who you are. In real life just don't carry a cell phone, avoid cameras and wear a hoodie. Pay for things in cash too because CCs are fucking gay. unless its not yours

I don't trust Tor or vpns. Those are both under serious attack by state actors, plus just using TOR (which your ISP sees) makes you seem up to no good.
Look at Medeco - they had the best locks. So state actors attacked that hard.
That said, here's something revolutionary - pay white teens (13-16) year olds to troll IRL. Pay them to do tasks they can't do solo so they'll get on the pro-white activist path. If you're on Zig Forums, you wont do anything. But white kids are bored, pissed and have the time, so let's radicalize them. eg a channel called "lol pranks" that pays out for funny videos that just happen to feature chads doing prowhite trolls.

Tor is just a facade of anonymity, a while ago while I used Tor to see a movie that is restricted for my region on a website,the site said that I was still in the same country. I tried with different apps and online proxy, all the same. Like previously said just be vague, anonymity is a lie.

there are websites you're supposed to go to in order to make sure your browswer is configured properly and you're not leaking

change your DNS, use one of tor's secret servers, use tor through a vpn, etc

don't be a gay



Two rules:
1. Don't let them get in your head.
2. Don't let them get evidence.

FBI are masons which is the jew's proxy and firewall.

Since when were private servers free of all cost to host?

While this is NSA it'll tell you everything you need to know about the 3 letter agencies.

>Attacks (kinetic or otherwise) on jew organizations and jew-associated big tech to provoke more (((censorship))).

Fuck off FBI. Global report coming your way.

Damn good thread. They are traitors to the country and need to be revealed for the pro-israeli and anti-American agency they are. It's time to educate the public how the fbi, atf, doj, and cia are simply israeli owned agencies promoting white genocide a crime against humanity according to UN Resolution 260.

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Hey new/lurkerfags, see how this works? FBI-managed provocateur pushes terrorist acts on Zig Forums. FBI uses this as basis for subpoenaing the information of everybody in the goddamn thread. Female judge grants the request based on an emotional, "protect me" response. FBI "Hate" database and lists of potential surveillees and informants grows.

The good news - other than subpoenas and spot surveillance in meatspace, zog can't do much.

Are you a "Non-Investigative Subject" too?


Saw it happen live
Pizzaamore in st Thomas , pizza delivery service , Oscar Faria connections

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Dude it was up for over 72 hours and we were just getting some traction then boop, fucking gone
Good thing I saved pretty much all of it
I’ll make a duplicate later and see if it gets shit on too

What makes you believe I didn't looked at it?

All the websites said I was in the US except the one for the movie.