==And now ‘apologize to Israel’: Trump in new rant on ‘weak, insecure’ Omar, Tlaib & co. –

President Donald Trump is unshaken by the accusations of “racism” he faces amid a feud with the Democratic Party’s ‘Squad,’ slamming them for being “hateful” and demanding an apology to the US – and Israel.

The four congresswomen are “destroying the Democrat Party” through their actions, yet they “can never destroy our great Nation” since they are “weak & insecure people,” Trump tweeted on Sunday, further fueling the ongoing feud.

I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said.

The heated row between the president and the four lawmakers – Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) – has been going on for some time already, with neither side pulling any punches.Last week, Trump urged the four to go back to the “totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” sparking a massive backlash and accusations of racism from the Democrats. Except for Omar, the congresswomen were actually born in the US.
The “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Israel” card has been played by Trump against the congresswomen before, as Omar and Tlaib are prominent supporters of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. Ironically, Israel said earlier on Sunday it won’t bar the congresswomen from visiting “out of respect for Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America.”
Earlier in the week, the president’s supporters added more fuel to fire during a rally in North Carolina. At the event, Trump addressed Omar’s “vicious anti-Semitic screeds,” as he put it, accusing her of smearing the US military and supporting Al-Qaeda. The statement was met with chants of “send her back.”
Trump later claimed he “disagreed” with the reaction and that he started speaking as quickly as possible to interrupt the crowd. Omar fired back, calling the president “fascist” and “racist.”

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Obvious bait slide to distract from Epstein digs is obvious


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Stay mad kike

And the fact that his ICE raids were a fucking lie.
I want Socialism. I want Healthcare for All. I know what comes after Communism–National Socialism.
I'm voting for Bernie or Yang. I can't be persuaded otherwise. Trump sucks way too much kike foreskin for me to support him. Fuck Trump. Fuck Israel. Death to Israel.

Lol baste

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Vote with a bullet

What else do you expect from a kike president.

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It's the guaranteed way to finally wake everyone up.

Fuck off Kike.

Orangekike will lose marginally in 2020 don't worry.

This is actually good.
It will make shitskins hate Israel

Even if ZOGnald weren't an Israeli stooge, this would still be good rhetoric given the current political climate. So I don't see the point of this thread other than either a) OP is a retard who can't into politics or b) blatant slide thread.

Anyone else tired of winning?

He's making them dance.

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I believe it since digging on Epstein leads straight to Trump.

No they weren't. They have been happening all over. We just had 13 picked up in our little rural county and we never see enforcement officers around these parts.

13 down, 34,000,000 to go. So much winning. I sure hope they don't walk back through the imaginary border wall.

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No, it isn't good rhetoric. It's 100% entirely about israel. Immigrants who come the US and prey on White people, dispossess them of their neighborhoods, violently gang up on them in schools, reinforce the existing capital hegemon's core industries, are welcome with open arms until they make it clear they are going to stop the "Whitey dies for israel" pipeline. Because no matter how much Omar or Tlaib or Cortez DON'T like White people and White men – they aren't going to send them to the sandbox for pissrael. It's why Trump is 200% super nigjew in all of his policies. Niggers must be elevated, in traditional republican fashion, because they can be relied upon to uphold judaic establishment practices for the right inducements. They will gleefully man the military round-up squads to drag White men to the draft for israel's sake.

Everything Trump does is for the sake of negroid-judaic ruling nexus to smash White America.

Soviet Union 2.0

1) The eternal Jew in charge of everything

2) Class struggle over the nation

3) Project of global government

4) 24/7 surveilled "democracy"

5) Propaganda everywhere

6) Race doesn't matter (i.e. anti-white)

7) Bug citizen

The perfect Soviet Union. There's nothing even to hide anymore.

The Soviet Union is here again. Soon the executions get started for those deemed "inappropriate".

He's the one dancing, magapede.


Jewish control in the USSR was very short lived compared to the West.

The current dogma is just as you explained, but you've exited the context of this political event and have drifted away from the rhetoric into the substance of the matter.

Trump Derangement Syndrome in full view. Holy fuck you kikes are terrified!

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Haha yes as long as they send back 1-10% of the ones that enter, things must surely get better

Well it is magapede rhetoric, and you're easy to spot out and you do have extremely shitty talking points which is why you resort to 'le smug' pictures.

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Trump fiddles as America burns.

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Mods did way more than slide that topic, deleted.

We sure as fuck hear about the despicable jews from Trump a lot more often than we hear about any fucking wall.

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Trump is making it rather obvious who controls the United States. Asking a sitting US congressman to apologize to Israel…wow.

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Oh yes clearly a bair-slide my fellow ped!

Cool cherry picked picture! Doesn't change the fact Trump has higher approve ratting in Israel than the US

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How about the bare minimum border enforcement, not letting in "migrant" caravans, or actual ICE raids that get a more then a couple dozen token spics.

Good thinking, Hershel. Voting does no good and revolutionary violence is the only answer. Time to remind you what happens when white men get angry.

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That would be racist though

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Thank you Trump. I love Jews.


hey, can you be call me Jew also?
If you say I'm Jew, then I'm Jew?

Apologize to Israel with a nuke.

drown yourself in semen

Can you believe it? Sheep believed in the ICE detention centers and that zionist goy no1 would save them from jews.

So you compare white people who want to lynch niggers and jews to niggers? Seems like a very jewish thing to do

Adam Green at Know More News has a new vid up and it's terrifying. Trump wants the death penalty for anti semites.

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Somebody stop them.

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Based Trump is literally playing 33rd degree interdimensional quantum chess-boxing with them again.


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All joking aside. What does this remind us:

The harlot (jewry) loves to jump from one bed to another. Depending on which lover she can make best use of.

Usually she prefers reds, but when hes not being a good little boy she'll take a length from civ-cucks dropping some slightly ethno-nat dirty talk, if he'll beat up her ex for her.

Go away Moarpheus. Accelerationism only creates Zimbabwe.

No it isn't Moarpheus. Nobody ever wakes up.

Shut up jew.