One user’s path to white nationalism. Have Kids, White Man

One user’s path to white nationalism.
I want to tell you about how came to hold white nationalist beliefs.
Let me first begin by defining exactly what I mean. I believe that America should be a white nation, and non-whites should not have the right to become citizens. I believe that all non-whites, regardless of merit or virtue should be stripped of citizenship and deported to their family's country of origination. There should be no immigration from non-white, non-English speaking countries. The only exception would be white people from countries that aren't primarily English speaking, where the interested parties speak English well enough to pass as natives of the US.
When I say white I mean people with light skin who are of European ancestry. North Africans are not white, Japanese are not white, the fucking Chinese are not White. This is only hard to understand for people who are either A) Jews, B) Faggots, C) Retards, D) Retarded Jew Faggots, E) Not white.
When I was younger I was fairly left, although I didn't know what this meant at the time. When 2011 rolled around I was into the occupy movement; Mostly because I was very anti gov't and owned a bunch of guns. I remember seeing people on the street duking it out with cops and it looked like the making of something great. In reality it was just a bunch of millennial faggots fucking each other in the ass and using anti-white Marxism as lube. After going to a couple of OWS happenings, I realized that the people involved were not people I could associate myself with.

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Later, I took the libertarian pill and became a Ron Paul worshiping retard. This lasted until Rand tried to run in 2016 and turned out to be a loser with no real agenda. After Trump was elected I started seeing Antifa and other groups turning up. I realized quickly that we don't live in a society where libertarianism could flourish. We would have to kill off all the niggers and other people whose lives are lived as continuous violations of the NAP before we could ever hope for a chance at peace or security. So, I moved on.
For several years, I studied mandarin Chinese. This me led me to eventually wake up to the reality of race. I studied on my own for a few years, learning to read Chinese characters and understand the spoken language. Sooner or later though I needed to start speaking to people to build my language skills. I started looking for Chinese language partners to practice with and found that no one was interested. In a city of 500,000 not a single Chinese speaking person would help me. This process of intentionally seeking to be around people outside my racial group led me to realize that whites are the only people that do this. We were conditioned since childhood by our educators and often our parents to be racially understanding, to not see skin color, and to assume that people of all races are essentially the same. Other races do not see it this way. Chinese people would treat me rudely and strangely when I would try to make conversation with them and try to get to know them. When occasionally I would meet a friendly person, they would immediately begin to treat me differently when I mentioned I was learning Chinese. To them, I was trying to steal their culture away from them. I saw it as a righteous deed; striving to learn a new language to make new friends, maybe visit a new country, and eventually move to china as a long term Christian missionary. All they saw was some random whitey trying to get into the Chinese club. Even Chinese speaking white people treated me with disdain when I would ask for help. They had entered the club, attained status as an honorary non-white (even though they were merely tolerated), and wouldn't raise a finger to help in a new outsider.

All of this made me see through the programming of the de-racialized white man. I am supposed to be accepting and understanding of people who treat me poorly why exactly? We were taught to be accepting of others, to offer aid, and to be kind and decent for what reason exactly? Had someone been seeking to improve their English I would have gladly helped them. But if the shoe was on the other foot, I now know with certainly that there is no help for the white man. No one wants to teach a white man Chinese, no one wants to teach a white man Spanish, no one wants to teach a white man anything that could help them enter and live among people of another race.

If every other race thinks in terms of racial identity, then, why shouldn't I?

I realized that my race is important because it's the only thing the world has left to me. Whites are hated and reviled in American society. If the laws allowed it, we would be slaughtered and stamped out.

These things worked together to force me to see that a strong ethnonational identity is the only thing that can save people like me from being relegated to the garbage bin in generations to come. I will not die old and alone stuck in some shitty rest home staffed by Pilipino or spic scum who will neglect and abuse me because of my race. Instead my wife and I are having as many white children as we possibly can. We've sold all the things that waste our time and suck up our resources to focus on the only things that matter and will last; our children and posterity. We are planning to buy a piece of land in northern MN and to leave the twin cities. This will allow us to effectively live apart from the degenerate society that has consumed the cities. We will live as cheaply as possible, teach our children to think correctly, educate them ourselves, equip them for life as I wish I had been equipped. Thus, when I grow old and die, I can at least be certain to have left behind something to help my race.

Children are the arrows that you shoot into the world

They alone can effect the long term changes that we want to enact, they are extensions of you yourself that continue to live and pass your ideas and values forward. Having a full quiver of arrows, crafting and shaping them into weapons of change is the single most important thing that a white man can do in today’s world.

How will you fix the marriage laws or invent artificial wombs?

Modern society and American culture places the individual above all else. This is a detriment to white people because only whites have fallen for this trap. A man leaves his parents’ house and become a totally unique financial entity, this means he has to start totally from scratch. His wife probably has nothing, so the responsibility to provide is his. He's expected to have his own car, his own house, his own everything; and he is expected to do it all on his own. Maybe this could have worked 40-50 years ago before America turned against the white man, but it doesn’t anymore. Things are priced too highly, and our expectations of basic ownership are too high. What I mean is that in modern society we own too much (luxury) shit. We're expected to own too much shit. There is a certain amount of stuff that we don't feel comfortable without, and this has become a trap. We live indoors, we have electricity, we have indoor plumbing, we have electronic entertainment, access to the internet, a car (cars, often), several changes of clothing, a clothes washer and dryer, a dishwasher, laptops, cell phones, etc. Some of these things are essential. Depending on where you live, you probably will need a car. If you plan to have children you probably should live indoors. If you have a wife, she’ll probably want A/C and heating. But as for much of the rest, we take for granted too much of what we consider to be "needs", and this results in our financial resources being too sapped, us feeling too stressed, and makes having children a fearsome prospect.

Let me tell you though, we are merely a generation of caretakers. The best we can hope to do is to preserve our race and our people. If you're worried about comfort and convenience, then you are part of the problem. White people will win this war only through a demographic blitzkrieg, and the shaping of the minds of our children. If we fail we can expect to be mistreated in our old age by our niggerized grandchildren, and eventually to fade out of existence as the world marches ever toward its goal: The total extermination of the one race that once lifted it out of darkness.

The point of all this?
Have Children, White man. Have Children, or Perish.

Get out of here MGTOW faggot. Women are whatever you make them.

*wins child custody*
Nah, the court tells you how your marriage and custody works. And Reagan made this thing called no-fault divorce.

Leverage your participation. Have lots of kids–after women lose their rights.

Maybe I was rude to you.

The courts are fucked, yes. But we really can't afford to wait around till such a time as "women lose all rights". It isn't going to happen.

The fact is that women respect strong leadership and hard men. We can find, mold, and utilize the existing stock as is.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon the Jews use to exterminate Whites

Men need to learn to be more discriminating. It's still possible to find a decent woman so long as you manage to not just fall for whatever floosy you first encounter. The more you can reject women, the more likely you are to be thought of as desirable.
That said, proper female management is absolutely necessary if you want a happy marriage/relationship.

Imagine being this sad retard.

Keep as much as your surplus wealth off books and out of reach as you can, just in case
See above if that fails


No Schlomo, WN helps the enemies of Whites.

Reminder that WN is inevitable, b/c if you reject every group that expresses high ethnic in-group preference, you are left with only wyppl.
So, the only way to reject racists & racism is to associate with non-racists, and the only non-racists are wyppl.
There are literally no multicultural nations (Switzerland doesn't count, as it's a federation of cantons, literally more like a treaty of three bordering countries).

Funny how that works, isn't it?


No asshole, White Nationalism is pro Jew, not pro White.

Keep trying until your last fucking dying breath.

Post a concise explanation of your views, or piss off.

Unironically want to hear this argument.

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If not pic related

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WN is a sickness promoted by Jews.

Derailment detected.

Having white children is the only way to combat the demographic crisis.

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read the talmud if you want to understand his views

Repetition instead of argument detected

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WN's have mixed ethnic children

You can if you want. I don't see it playing out well.

I'd rather combat demographic decline buy actually addressing the root cause. Lack of white kids.

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Every white ethnicity originating from the inner Hajnal line gets along just fine, and the majority of white Americans are mixed enough that specific ethnicities (e.g. Scots-Irish, German, Scandinavian, English, Irish, etc.) are almost indistinguishable. Even the Italians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Poles, Russians etc. are hard to pick out.

You got anything other than "mixing white ethnicities is bad, mmkay"? If no then go back to sucking Vox Day's prick, faggot.

maybe you could link to something instead of just shitting up the thread. I'm interested in hearing your arguments, if you have any.

That's not the root cause at all. The cause is the institutions that implement immigration policies. Hunt down the politicians and make it public that anyone who tries to replace whites or prevent the ethnic genocide of non-whites is an enemy of the state.

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WN /= NatSoc

KYS Shlomo

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Go do it then. I'm talking about a slow moving demographic revolution. If you want to engage in different actions to the same end, please do so.


The USA will Balkanize w/in 40 years, at which point there will be states that are nearly 100% white.

Eventually, they will reconquer the lost territory, b/c the shitskins won't be able to stop themselves from a militaristic incursion (Mexican-American war 2.0).

Move somewhere white, be productive, have kids, pass on values, put it down in a family journal so the knowledge can be preserved.

You're not talking about revolution. You're talking about having kids, which is fucking stupid. Your children will still be forced into the same hell we presently live under and still be replaced. There is only one front you can win this war on.
You're not the brightest bulb on the block, are you?

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I don't put words on separate lines, spergy.

Yup this says a lot about American individualism. Even European parents whether pro-white or antiwhite give their kids money

Hello Schlomo


It is fucking stupid. Having kids while leaving the institutions and the people who run them alone is damning your kids to the same fate that you lived but probably worse.

Ignore the spiritual jews and other shills. Youre post is great user, although very obvious to most WN

You have the argumentation skills of someone with down's syndrome.

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Youre gonna have to have kids anyway. If you disagree youre either a kike or an antiwhite faggot.

Get the fuck out.



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OP is making a good, although somewhat obvious post. Nothing to disagree with him unless youre either a jew or an antiwhite. Are you a jew or an antiwhite, 84d258?

So you are against white people having kids? Good to know, Schlomo

I'm homeschooling my kids. Most of the white parents I know are. Obviously we're stuck paying taxes and living under the system but there is a lot you can do combat the indoctrination of your kids if you are willing to do it.

You control what your kids see, read, and are exposed to in media. You give them the narrative to live by. If you can't do this with your kids, i'm sorry. But I can, and so can many others. Having children and shaping them to live and think correctly is crucial at this turning point in US demographics.


Please point out the error(s) in my argument then

I think it's redundant insofar as trying to change the world for the better (for whites) is concerned if you display zero intention or inclination to changing the institutions (mostly likely with violence).

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I smell something…. smells a little, how do I say this.. sloppy…

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Said institutions are still far too powerful to take down. It needs to collapse under it's own weight. Move to a majority white area now. Time will take care of the rest.

Glow harder faggot.


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You're a coward and deserve to be culled.

You keep talking about violence and not having white children all the time. You do know that we know that youre a fed/Mossad agent/kike right?

Yeah, that's way, way above your pay grade.

It's one of the saddest things to me. Kids get the boot, expected to make it with no real knowledge of how to do so; Only with a little bit of instruction on how to play (and lose) the jewish world system casino.

Then later on they stick their parents in a home. There isn't any filial piety, there isn't any faithfulness to family. Every one is an each and it saddens the hell out me. This is one of the things i'm seeking to correct within my own family. My folks, grandparents, and inlaws are treated with the utmost respect even when they don't deserve it. My kids will be prepared for the world, since they will have the basic truths that the schools didn't tell us. If i've done my job right, they will be able to live in the world, and will preserve the family line as it was meant to be.

Not just as a name or as DNA, but as a continuum that they are a part of.

It's easier for you to imagine that someone's a fed instead of admitting that you're wrong.

Obvious kike is obvious. So hard to fit in these days.

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Believe it or not, some people don't care about fitting in.

Wrong about what? Youre the one sperging this entire thread about NOT HAVING WHITE CHILDREN and VIOLENT REVOLUTION.
Fuck you and your stupid gay asss "argayment" that we cant have white children because of the institutions. How about we destroy the institutions AND have white children? If you disagree with having white children UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE then youre an enemy and you dont belong.

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I absolutely believe Jew

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Make that argument then. I'm not seeing anyone doing it though, which is probably because it's a lot harder then leaving the institutions alone and just having kids like people are doing right now. Easy to advocate for the easy choice, hard to advocate for guerrilla war and having a fucking family at the same time.

You should be castrated.

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The funny part is that I was making a positive argument for having white kids. I said absolutely nothing about any other aspect of the slow war. I thought this would limit the scope of discussion to what the thread was made to discuss and then the retard you're talking about pipes up.

It's fine to have white kids regardless of the circumstances. If we don't then we won't exist in a generation and it won't matter what else gets fixed.

It's also fine to engage against the institutions if you wish. I didn't say it wasn't. I won't, because I have a family to look after. If others want to, that's fine. We're essentially different classes of soldier in the same fight, engaged against the same enemy.

What good is victory without posterity to inherit the land?


Not really, literally every sane and organized WN is doing that already. Its called prepping and training how to be independent of the system.

But this thread is ONLY about having white kids. I dont see where OP is making a point about letting our enemies having their way so there was no point in the point you were making.

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Get out of here with that shit.

You don't even deserve to have kids tbh.

Although I do think that OPs post is a bit obvious for most people here the fact that we should FOCUS on having kids cant be said enough.
Yes, the Epstein thing should be focused on right now but I dont think this is a slide thread but a genuine post about a white user that wants to share stuff

Man, that picture is like heaven.

And I agree with you. If you have kids (which you should) then you should also be preparing to protect the family if (when) shit goes sideways.


Reminder that incels and MGTOWs 100% come from reddit, and are irrefutably and objectively just mirror images of soyboy beta cuck bug numales. You inarguably and absolutely cannot be National Socialist if you are MGTOW or incel. You are a kike, a nigger, a cuck, and a redditor all at once.

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It can't be said at all, in sincerity, because it doesn't change anything if you choose to leave the institutions alone.

Dont even reply to this kike anymore man. Laugh at him. Just laugh at him.


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As much as I appreciate all the bumps, you could probably just make you own thread for discussing violent revolution against the institutions.

You know, if you wanted to anyway. It's an option.

Shut up Jew.


It's been said, and no other constructive dialog is taking place, just more kikesperging. Slide confirmed

fucking saged ffs

OP here. Not sliding. But if you guys can really only think about one thing at a time then let it die. Its just a thread.

MGTOW DOES HAVE some good observations about women like hypergamy and the absolute cold darwinian (subconscious) mindset of women. Their data and observations can help with reasoning why giving room, any room, to women is bad.

Here's what they are doing wrong however:
-They are still fighting the war between the sexes to break up the family, which is jewish.
-They are promoting hedonism and individualism, which are also jewish.
-They are too afraid to dominate women and kvetch about marriage lawsuits etc, only a beta faggot that isnt fully redpilled knows that if your frame is superior she will follow you everywhere.
Correct, women arent loyal. Im talking about women being obedient here. She will submit to a man with anough frame.

I started at TRP/MGTOW and SOME of it should be applied to WN strategy. Generally speaking, MGTOW is for incels and losers (not talking about the divorced men here, I feel for them because they were conditioned their whole lives to be bluepilled and have been forced to be redpilled)

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Holy shit, 84d258 is glowing so fuckin hard and you tards are falling for it.

Calling for violent acts and inciting Zig Forumsacks to say violent things is their modus operandi. Thought Zig Forums would know better by now.

Have white children and be as independent as you can.
And also prep for the inevitable.

I actually hardly visit the chans because they are so toxic/counter productive. I advice you to talk to your local WN/1488 friends, if you dont have some already. For me its way more productive when I want to talk about "common" WN stuff. Not saying chans or other forms of media shouldnt be used of course. Just that one should be aware of what medium one is using. user chats are different from talking face to face with friends, you dont have to constantly explain and counterargue the most obvious kike tactics.



Are you aware of your cognitive dissonance yet? Oh wait…

I… Scared a jew today… To see if he still shills