My god. You people. I can't believe I'm going to you

My god. You people. I can't believe I'm going to you.

I feel such rage. Such righteous anger at the bigotry and injustice in media. And the only place I can express it is here. Among even worse bigots and other hateful people!

I'm so angry at the dominance of women in films. The double-standards regarding ethnic slurs etc.

I can't stand it. I feel a twisting, a lopsidedness, a messiness, a noisiness, a pain, a searing, odd pain like there's a spike wedged in my body and head.

I don't know what to do. I'll try getting it off my chest this way.

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Haven't been here in a while. What's the deal with all the reddit spacing in these fucking GAY little OPs? I know it's always been bad here the last few years, but what the fuck is going on right now?

Also, OP, did you know you are a faggot?

White genocide is real its perpetuated mainly by jews, feel free to cry about talmudvision propaganda being the source of your greatest pain that you must 'get it off your chest' though you useless pathetic excuse for a human being.

journalists and twitter normalfags flood in here every time a blue check starts talking about us

blatant sliding going on, this place has been dead the last week or so and suddenly some faggots are making 20+ new threads


Wow, nice reddit spacing there bud. You don't have to put a new fucking line between everything you type.

Laughing Out Loud Really Hard (LOLRH)

Dominance of women in films is not why you hate them.
Double standards in ethnic slurs shows you why ethnic hegemony is important, considering we're only sharing "half" of the country and it's become this apparent to you within the decade. Oh, how you still squabble at the thoughts even before us now.

You have two options. Wave whatever useless flag you want to wave like a faggot or endow yourself to the proclivities of no political action other than the desire for your tribe to continue to existing. It is essentially the same as being upset at homosexuals. The buggery is gross, but what'smore gross is the idea that you will never exist again. Perhaps for them to die off, the better. But the thought remains the same. When you are gone, you are gone. Behold who's attempting to inherit the future, and ask your heart if your anger is wrong. No. The good fall for caring, as much as they can fall for exploding in blind rage. Find your center, grit your teeth. Do not stumble. History's political strife is a teeter-todder, when one side bucks hard, the other slams harder. There is no other choice, unless you wish to get launched right off of it.

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At least you didn't have some weirdos stalking you and watching you pee in the woods, and have them call you the freak.

We have been saying it for generations, only thing niggers are good at is stealing. “We waz kangz” OH hour history repeats itself.

I’m an eternal, I’ve been here since the beginning. They did to Egypt what they’re doing now. Whites built it and bam, stolen by anti-racism.

Rome built by white people, stolen by homosexuals.

Nineveh was stolen by Islamic niggers. As was most of Israel. You don’t hate Jews you hate the Islamists claiming to be pasty white Jew.

The United States is the largest so they banned together and bam stolen by homosexuals and niggers.

Wake the fuck up. Next time you see what your ancestors built up in ruins, you’ll listen to us, KILL EVERY LAST ONE, leave none standing or they will rape your grand daughters and destroyed everything whites built. Don’t stop until the job is finished or you’ll lose the freedoms you fight so hard for.

Lurk for 3 more years and never OP again. Thanks.

Op read this:
it’s irrelevant that you’re a tranny faggot pretending to blend in just read it anyway

You're an (((eternal))).
What my ancestors built is being rebuilt as we speak.

Only revolution or civil war will fix it now, OP. You know what you must do as peaceful dialogue is made impossible.

"You people"? What do you mean by "You People"?
Out of all the places on the internet Zig Forums is the last place I would expect such bigotry and racism.
I'm reporting your for Bigotry and Racism. And considering all that extra space you have in your op, you're upper class rich. So I will also be reporting you for Classim.

You're a little late, OP. 8/pol/ is a shadow of its former self.
However, you should embrace nationalism because it is the only answer to the feminism problem. Feminism is only a problem because it is pushed by Hollywood. Who owns Hollywood, user?
It's pushed by the media. Who owns the media, user?
It's pushed by the giant social networking corporations. Who owns these corporations, user?

It is the jews.
Feminism is a problem only because of jews.

Around 73 I found all the rock and roll people were dying of either motorcycle accidents or heroin overdoses. Plus glitter glam came in, rapidly followed by disco which I despise. Plus it seemed that all the artists and producers were these American jews and while I wasn't as antisemetic as I am now it was starting to bug me. I went to high school with a lot of jews and the guys were 90% assholes right off the bat. I hated them and they despised and hated me though they said nothing to me. So I turned to Baroque music. I never went back really. And there's art and literature too, novels from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, paintings from the 1380's to the outbreak of WWI when Western Civilization was murdered by jew bankers.
You've got a lot of reading and studying to do, maybe learn a second or even third language. I recommend Italian, maybe French too. And then there's mathematics. You should have at least a 3rd yr university level which you can cheaply attain thanks to the internets.

Get to it. Turn your back on the poisonous pseudo culture of the kikenvermin right now.

1. "Muh plebbit spacing" is just d&c shill tactics. We know this from leaked docs. Everytime you use it, you give us a hint what you are really here for.

2. People are using quick reply to post causing the spacing. It isnt plebbit at all. Plebbit spacing is actually single lines for 4 or more separate lines. Rarely do we get a plebbit autist trying to mimic the writing style. There is no need.

3. You mean you got re-hired to shill. Was the previous shill crop too incompetent and needs to be phased out? Good. Either way some were probably getting too redpilled by now.

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Welcome to Zig Forums, now swallow this red pill.

Kill yourself. You don't belong here.

Website owner banned all natsoc mods. Current mods are paid jewish shills.

No one will ever fall for this. You don't belong here.
Nope, that's not what causes it. You purposely put it in, redditor.
No, you don't get to redefine what we know it to be.
The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

They probably paid to be Mods.

Get out troll.

Ok, let's test your knowledge then if you belong here. What is Zig Forumsinas other name?





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Hey guys! Look! I caught a newfag!

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wrong thread. please ignore.

Why is this retarded shitpost not deleted yet?

Welcome to the truth.
Sieg Heil.

Board of Peace & Mongolian basket weaving, faggot, go incite-blogpost somewhere else.

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Welcome home

Consider the following. Whites are the only race that cares even in the slightest about social justice. Kikes pretend, but only so they can equally enslave everyone by deceiving them with sophist demagogy, which includes their paid authoritarian enforcers, the SJW's. Racemixing is very unjust, because it's not only a genocide of the most beautiful, creative, intelligent and just race, but also deprives people of proper mates as nature intended, or proper love if we look above that. A white woman might be with a nigger due to kikes exploiting her ingrained social conformism and learned/conditioned depravity to override her natural instincts, but a white man will hardly be with a negress unless he is totally broken/defective. This creates a very angry and unhappy person. Segregation and ethnic homogeneity are the best ways to reduce hatred and bigotry, not forced integration that kikes are trying to do in order to make everyone hate each other (racism is natural).

Well if this is it and how threads are deleted and bans, I think go here >>>/NatSoc/ Which I now own and group and talk about what with Zig Forums.,

There are some issues here that are ok. But it is too much under some sort of ponzi scheme, pyramid game. As soon as something is right it is also clouded.

Still in the end this won't mean a disapproval of anyone. I mean there is no goal to get rid of anyone.

I mean by me