Julian Assange's Fate

What will happen to Julian Assange in the immediate future, is he going to get the Bradley Manning treatment?

Will Assange be extradited to the US?

From what i've seen the media treat Assange as if he doesn't exist, have you guys noticed that as well?


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He tried throwing America and President Donald Trump under the bus. I legit hope they are interrogating him with a car battery charger lol

dudes dead bro

He's still alive kikes

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I hope he is still alive, they're probably keeping him alive for as long as possible to prolong his stay. I wonder if they pulled his fingernails off yet :)

piss off israel

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The mods are wholescale deleting anti-Semitic threads.

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Man, watching you liberals have meltdowns is my morning coffee.

I sincerely hope you cocksucking America-hating queers put on your Pussy Hats and jump off a building to protest Drumpf.

How does it feel knowing that Drumpf probably gave the personal order to beat Assange to a groaning pulp if he resists the police in custody (and he most certainly resisted)?


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go back to reddit holy shit

Awww, so Assange getting tortured DOES seriously get you liberal losers TRIGGERED

It must be so tragic knowing that Assange is old and fragile so he's probably had quite a few things broken by now :)

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I could give two shits. I'm just wondering why you're so neurotic over Julian Assange..?

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Go back to r/The_ZOGnald you fucking kike

The Seth Rich mystery murder is still festering beneath the surface of the Pond ready to bubble up with the stench of a rotting corpse. Julian Assange holes the key to this and Seymour Hersch is on the case.

Awwww, you guys are so cute with your Trump Derangement Syndrome

If it makes you feeeeeel any better (it won't), they probably cut off a few pieces of Assange (his ear, some fingers, his nose, maybe cutting his penis off little by little)

And Trump is very aware of what's going on to the traitor


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You've run out of things to say and are now repeating yourself. Failtroll is fail.

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Have they posted touchingwall.png yet?

Trump got elected because Assange published the DNC emails that Seth Rich stole. Seth was enraged over Bernie being cheated by Hillary. Trump owes Assange for being a whistleblower on DC corruption.

Israeli Shills are multiplying, I wonder why they don't like this topic?

Nope, they probably will soon though. A symptom of TDS is posting out of context photos to make Trump look like a Jew when in reality he's done more for white people than they ever will/ Sad!

Nope, Trump bows down to no man. Assange tried to mess up Trump once he began having a "conscious" (aka TDS-induced delirium)

Baaawwww, so cute! Assange probably had a few holes drilled into the edge of his teeth (I hope that made you recoil), hopefully


they should try GLP, the tavistock US military original conspiracy forum where you get banned for being a conspiracy theorist, using a VPN is a crime because there's probably some retarded jewish cyber shaman or literal grey or reptile alien that treats it like a game of risk

Ha, nice reddit-spacing. You're conspicuous as fuck here, you know that kike?

Now you're just being silly.

I wonder if they burned Assange with a lighter, hot iron or an open flame. Drumpf probably knows, right?


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Keep bumping the thread you want to bury, I'm sure that's exactly what your employers would like.

If Trump is being pushed around by Bolton and Pompeo, then he is a pushover omega cuck. If Trump is an "alpha chad" and gets his will then, he is a globalist traitor. That shoop just shows how delusional you are even after he has spent 30 months proving his loyalty to Israel. >>>/reddit/

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Funny how you stop responding now. C'mon, give me another boomer-post.

He's dead Jim.

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Which he is.
What a nonsensical strawman.
Trump never gets his will, that's the issue – he only ever gets 'his' will when it serves Israel's will. The rest of the time he does nothing.
And then you faggot /ptg/ niggers come in here and run damage control for him.

Go back to 4chan.

I'm not so certain he's actually running damage control for him. I think he's saying Trump's will is Israel's will. I could be wrong though.

I hope you get done over with jumper cables you faggot. He almost single-handedly gave Trump the election & this was his repayment. A good example of why if you get some nuclear level secrets just fucking drop them, there's 0 purpose to trying to negotiate with the government.

they're going to kill him. but, he'll live on forever as a hero and martyr if we work hard enough

The same script of some fake diagnosis label. They are not even trying anymore.

Easy, Assange has found so many secrets and used Wikileaks to show these government secrets which range from data mining to even sick crap like human trafficking and satanic rituals (i.e Pizzagate). It is no wonder that (((they))) have been trying desperately to get Assange for years.

Will he be extradited yes. Will they charge him with much more serious us crimes once he hits us soil. Absolutely yes. Do the British know this, sure. Do they care, no. Julian's big mistake was not kissing the ring while he was at the Ecuadorian embassy. He became a thorn in the side of the current Ecuadorian leadership so they through him under the bus. The guy should have least shaved and bathed. I mean throwing your own filth around, yikes!

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Memory holed and replaced by an actor.
Its what they do to everyone who defies them.
Don't get caught, don't be Martyr, be Anonymous.
It's easy.


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something smells about the whole thing, if he was real it's hard to see how he might have been taken down

Jones was in full psychopath mode today and started singng that song again, it's all so tiresome lol

Assange deserves a pardon, wikileaks is good shit to keep the bastards in check

Sucky Job, Putin. Dick

He died in 2016, so I assume nothing.

Icke-pilled. Shit is NO JOKE. Ive seen the real deal happenings. Stone sober.

Actually aside from the DNC stuff that Seth Rich stole, I think it's the Panama Papers that upsets them the most.

Julian Assange is a puppet. Search the cult called the Family and its ties to the Ninth circle.

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esoteric fairy tale garbage.

You could have followed the story. But no, you're nu/pol/, you care more about doing gayops and postering campaigns to make brands and hand symbols look "racist" than doing anything of use. Now you only pretend to care by posting a shitty question thread with nothing but a poll.