The State of Modern Ireland

It is a subject I'm willing to research, yet I need sources on how one of the most fanatically Catholic countries in Europe have become so indoctrinated to, among other things, accept faggot marriage. Sinn Fein supposedly supported PIRA during the war - what happened to them? Any Paddies here who could provide some information on how the things are in the country now?

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Paddy here:This country is getting pozzed to F right now; the IRA in your picture sacrificed all for nothing as our leaders are utterly corrupt and unprincipled scumbags who do only whatever soros and his e.u gimps tell us to do. We're crashing and burning and our leaders can't care less. Tourism is the one thing keeping our arse out of the fire right now. Can't wait till things really kick off.

Have you seen the photos of all the niggers swamping their school photos. It's more disheartening than most black pills.

IRA were always marxist scumbags that bombed white children, you dumbass

Provisional IRA were nationalists that split from their Marxist counterparts, also their bombings were designed to cause material damage and hardly killed anyone. Sage negated.

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The fish always rots from the head.
Watch your leaders…

Ah, it's so nice to see a thread I made a year ago still appreciated. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only oldfag left. Normally I don't bump threads like this but I can't not bump your thread since you appreciate my work.
I'll let the Irish address your question since you asked them and believe it or not, I'm not Irish. But suffice it to say that Sinn Fein is indeed still around. Still in a power sharing agreement with the Unionists. Gerry Adams has been replaced by (gag) some old hag.

Have some theme music. This is Come Out Ye Black and Tans. A patriotic song of resistance against foreign invasion.
I have always maintained that we need more songs such as this.

Multi generational emigration has robbed us of all free thinking people.

I don't know if there's any hope for us anymore. I look each day for a brief reprieve from this Marxist love child that has become my home.

E.U. Did in 50 years what the brits could not do in 800, they made us all rich for a brief moment and we all gladly sold our souls.

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Why live lad ? Why not embrace the local economy ?
(Industrial) Designing Ireland !
What is wrong with you niggers ?
You can't even see the book without ID !!!
Yet niggers live there for free !!!!!!!!!
Keel some mofos !!!

Ireland was founded by Finn and Gael
FINN AND GAEL ! !! !! !
No niggers !

Things are well on the way to being fucked lad. I live in the arsehole of nowhere, no diversity whatsoever. I'm lucky to live in a very traditional area, but I don't know how long its going to last. Fine Gael are taking about increasing the population by 25% over the next few years. At replacement levels for births you know what that means. Already whenever I hit the towns I see more and more colour everyone, i saw women swimming in burkas in Kerry last week.

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The mods are wholescale deleting anti-Semitic threads.

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Why is Ireland even a country? Fuck them and fuck their nationalism, it should be a part of the United Kingdom

That way, Labour can dump the Pakis and Africans over there instead of here on the countryside. Let them have London and Ireland, just stay the fuck away from Cornwall

Kikes were kicked out of england in 1285 for assassinations and debauchery related to usury of the nobles. They fled to ireland, where they set up shop. They made so much money in ireland over the next centuries that england wanted some so they absorbed ireland and now they call it the UK. The jews went back into england in the Cromwell revolution, the result of which, caused colonists to revolt against king george iii aka jew bankers puppet bitches.

They are out in droves. I/we were in the middle of a decent thread earlier about Australia and the commonwealth and the fuckers just up and deleted/pruned our thread with under 100 posts. How do we stop that shit.

Shane MacGowan's fucked-toothless drunkard ass pretty much is the consummate corrupted modern Irishman, and his song here represents his and his country's visions of a coming dystopian nightmare.

Actually a fair song, but he is definitely degenerate, at least he has enough Irish impetuosity to be forthright about sadness.

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Black, economic migrants built that Castle.

No, they really weren't & it shows how ignorant you are. Most were Nationalists, and didn't give a fuck about the Lefty shit. They're paying the prove for that now of course - but no rewriting history, the rank and file weren't Antifags by any stretch.

You go to a better board.

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What other threads did you make? One other I know is about ETA. It's pretty rare to see such an effortpost.

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None after them as the whole Tarrant thing happened just as I was going to make an effort post on the FLNC. I really did intend to get to the Loyalists and talk about how they successfully forced the London government to abandon negotiations with the Provos through their own, less destructive economic warfare.
After Tarrant, this place just became flooded with shills and idiots to the point where I don't even feel like making effort posts. The amount of pointless infighting is depressing.
The TLDR "moral of story" of my FLNC thread would have been something like this; Funding a terrorist organization is important and there are many ways of going about it, even if you are an island of dirt poor people. However, getting involved with the mafia and becoming a drug trafficker and protection racket yourself is like drinking poison, ideologically. Even the PIRA suffered from this (the IPLO) and it nearly crippled the organization. However, their conduct of the war was admirable (even if some of their target selection was a little out there) and they tended to have a "superior" collateral damage control even compared to the PIRA. Especially if you count PIRA's earlier Northern Ireland struggle which was bloody. The lack of (excessive) civilian casualties helped the FLNC to continue to draw upon a plurality of support from the locals and this allows their organization to continue existing even today. Sure, the conflict has died down (for now…) but the organization is intact. It's just a shame that it's been tainted with criminal activities.

A fish rots from the head, but money is the great corruptor of men in all ranks. Once an organization has a source of income that is outside of the revolution, ideological death quickly follows.

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African shithole

Some haunting prose right there

Irish are greedy and they dived at the google and europe money.
Jews flooded the catholic church with subversive homosexuals and pedophiles because it was the only church that directly named them, the vatican failed to execute jesuits for this.
All public education has fallen to the globohomo marxist doctrine.
And now the country is being flooded with all manner of shite when the country never had enough work for all the paddies which is why no matter where you go you bump into a guiness drinking potato nigger, and you'll have a right crack, so you will.
Tl:dr nothing about Ireland made it immune from the ceaseless propaganda and dirty tricks of the entire worlds greatest ally, not to mention the most moral and high iq.

That was a great screencap, is there more though? links to some archived threads? Something?

I know it can be disheartening to see Zig Forums at times, why make the effort right? Those are some great posts though, and you're knowledgeable about it enough.

I say go to Zig Forums, they will appreciate it too and it will last longer in the catalog, there is also much overlap of userbase, or i hope there it anyway.

Kikes pulled their heinous genocidal protocol again. In the confusion, Bongs and Bog Trotters were at each others throats. Kikes never questioned, held to account or punished.

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Seconding this user:

Come to Zig Forums, it's a topic well suited to it. Zig Forums is indeed mostly lost, lotta anons moving on. The place has served its purpose I think.

I hate the Irish so this pleases me. You potato niggers aren't White. Enjoy having your daughters raped by SAVAGE NEGRO BEASTS while your son od's on heroin.

Here are my archives of those two threads. History and Analysis of IRA.7z History and Analysis of ETA.7z

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You're right, of course. I've been a long time lurker on Zig Forums and have contributed minor tidbits from time to time.

I understand you user, sometimes I take a few day break myself because of irrelevant shit flooding board, but cutting quality content is not going to help us in the long run.
You're really good speaker and I hope you won't abandon writing pastas

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Is the modern Sinn Fein the same party that was going around during the civil war?

They targeted British structure and business. The goal was to cause financial damage to the Crown and British occupation. I would love to hear your explanation to why they where Marxists though, I am sure you could take a break from prepping paki men on the streets of Londonistan while at lunch and provide a nice post here.

You elected a faggot paki who can't poo in the loo WTF did you people expect. The IRA killed the brits only to hand things over to a brown skinned buttfucking mongrel.

Just because someone is white doesn't mean they didn't deserve what they have coming; when one white country does colonialism on another white country while at the same time giving shitskin colonies their freedom all over the world then the citizens of that country are all traitors to the spirit of our people and deserve everything they had coming from the IRA.

Just start doing to the migrants what you did to the British only make it much much worse and you'll win a lot of foreign support just like the IRA did.

Look brainlets, the jews had bought and paid for the IRA from the beginning. The IRA was being funded, armed and trained by the bloody USA, and this is well known by all. Everyone knows that means with certainty that the jews were heavily involved.

Yes, Nationalists flocked to their banner. Nationalists also flock to the banner of Donald Trump. Nationalists flocked to the banner of the bloody Bush dynasty before that. Nationalists also flock to the banner of the freaking Conservative party in Britain. I'm not trying to insult Nationalists here, in many cases they are making the best decision based upon their limited options; but the fact that there were good, or at least well intentioned men in the IRA in no way disputes the fact that the leadership were all marxists and the whole thing was funded and run by kikes. Just look at what their methods were and what their ultimate goal was.

The IRA is and always will be a steaming pile of controlled opposition bullshit. Did they free Ireland? Or did they just take it out of the hands of the British and put it straight into the hands of the kikes? That's not to say that you have to like the British or be happy about them; but wake up, the IRA were not your liberators. They were traitors selling you from one foreign people to another.

Its also worth mentioning that this is why we are so concerned about controlled opposition leaders today, with people like Richard Spencer and Tommy Robinson posing a huge threat.

[citation needed]

My father is Irish, moved to Vancouver to work as a doctor. We came back to Ireland when i was 15, that was 17 years ago. Before moving back here, Ireland was a unique country. Only 20 years ago, the generation before mine still got physical discipline in school for bad behaviour, divorce and infedility were looked down upon. Its shocking to see, that after the introduction of the Euro and greater American influence through politics, TV, whatever, how Americanized we've become. We are like another state just with an Irish accent. The EU had a referendum on 'The Lisbon Treaty', every nation had to ratify it for it to pass. It was rejected in a few countries, so they waited a year, told us we're fucked if we don't vote it in, and had a second referendum. We are now pro-abortion, the government spits on the church, and we are just pathetic and fucked in general. To think SInn Fein, wich is the political arm of the IRA is pro-abortion is so ridiculous. We pay the very people who shouldn't be having kids tax money when they have the 5th baby they have no intention of raising properly, and encourage middle class families to have abortions. We are fucked.

Provisional IRA split from their marxist predecessors.

The goal was united Ireland. So, I suppose, the change of power. They wanted the power over the whole island. Does that make them kikes, and is it really wrong?

Do you have any fact to back that up? Everyone knows that UK is heavily kiked by itself, so why would (((they))) fund an uprising against their own? The whole war cost BILLIONS of pounds. Your arguments don't make any fucking sense.

Ireland would have been no less united under Britain than it would be under the EU. Whilst I have absolutely no trust for the British government, the British monarchy or the Corporation of London; they are their own factions, and whilst they work with the kikes often, they also come into conflict with the kikes often. There have been countless wars where each of these factions, seemingly all representing the UK; have fought one-another or funded different sides in a proxy battle. I know Zig Forums likes to portray geopolitics as 'EVERYONE IS A JEW'; but if we're all serious with ourselves, it is not QUITE that simple. Do note I am not saying that any of them are on our side, I don't trust a one of them and they have all dealt with the kikes many times; but these are separate factions.

The EU is the literal bastard spawn of the Frankfurt School. It is Kalergi's vehicle for destroying the genetic make-up of the various nations of Europe. No matter how selfish, depraved or sadistic those British factions might be; they are not the yiddish EU. I'm not saying they are much better, but it does need to be noted that the jews were trying to take away power from one of their rival factions in this whole ordeal. As such the goal was not a 'united Ireland', it was not 'having power over Ireland', it was not a 'free Ireland'; it was taking Ireland away from the British and giving it to the EU. That is what happened.

As if going straight from the UK into the EU was not enough proof that the jews were funding and supporting their leaders (if they were not actually the leaders through controlled opposition agents); the fact that the USA are behind funding 50% of what was going, and the fact they were using US weapons - should go some way to showing jewish involvement. It is also worth pointing out that Soviet Russia was also heavily involved in funding and supporting the IRA. There you have the two most jewish countries of that period in history both supporting them.

Now think about it politically; Britain was a distant third place super power at the time. You had Communist Jews fighting Capitalist Jews in the USA vs Russia thing; but you can be damned sure that they would want to remove any other not-completely-jewish faction as soon as possible. We have seen this countless times with the two rival factions of kikes that seemingly hate one-another, dropping all their histories to focus on taking out a common enemy.

It's also important to point out that for a good amount of time prior to this event, as well as during it; the USA had been funding and support uprisings against Britain around the world. It is a classic jewish power-play; trying to take out any threat no matter how small as soon as the opportunity presents itself; no matter how helpful that faction may have been in the past. Britain's reward for helping the kikes during WW2 would be the extermination of their Empire.

If you really do not think the jews would use Irish nationalism in the same way they used Indian nationalism, or in the same way that they today use a sort of 'black nationalism'; then you are damned fool.


Ha no friend. The absolute best version was deleted for god knows why.
But don't be fooled by an awesome image. The absolute best version you can still find is this one.
Such an excellent pace and deep chorus.

> so why would (((they))) fund an uprising against their own
to attract other anti(((them))) groups like the PLO and get intel and infiltrate them.
Were there ties between the Irish struggle and the Palestian struggle? Were there murals on the sides of houses advertising this?

OP, I will tell you the real reason why Ireland has been ruined, you may not believe me, but this is the truth.
The ancient Irish were the most advanced race on the planet at one point (pre diluvian times) The evil forces in the world, led by the (((holy roman empire)) sought to destroy this nation in order to prevent the Irish from realising their power and roots, so they conquered us, drove out the druids (who had the last remenants of ancient knowledge) and installed (((catholocism))) to keep the people in check. Then you have the brits fucking the place up also.
As for the modern age, it is just another country that the anti human elites want to completely destroy.
Check out mind unveiled on youtube, specifically "Ignored Christian Origins"
This is the truth, whether you like it or not.

Wait a minute…
I was reading your eta thing and I realized suddenly that I'd seen that video before. Then I realized that I'd seen it here
So the guerilla warfare user is the folk dance enthusiast user?

the stickies were Marxist homos but the Provos were based

they targeted sure but they also killed children and we lost a family friend to one of their attacks decades ago.

That is a major part of the problem. Ireland has long been a colony of the Catholic Church. The Catholic church no longer cares about race… if they even ever did, and even then it was not cannon. Also you care about 'faggot marriage' when in reality that is not a threat to Ireland. Mass immigration especially of non-Aryans like niggers, however, is. The entire Aryan world is succumbing to the black and red plagues, Niggers and Communism. You could also add Islam ect.
The time to fight for Ireland is now. You have an advantage as an Indigenous Irish man, that Aryans in North America don't. Deport all non-whites and whores who bred with non-whites to Africa or the Middle East.

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For you.

I only wish they'd killed more of you.

What do you think I'm fighting for, friend? I'm motivated by love of my peoples' heritage and traditions as well as burning desire for revenge for what the jew has done to us.
This is a war for our souls. Only by preserving our Folkish traditions can we preserve our Aryan Spirit.
Here is a Celtic Breton song for you, user.

heya, irish man here, catholic church was full of rapists and suppressed us spiritually and sexually. so they had to be eradicated.

Hey, actual white man here, no one cares

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That's because the Catholic church isn't as "trad" as you think.
If only northern Ireland wasn't Zionist, then it'd literally be 100X better than the republic.