Iran Announces Gold Backed National Cryptocurrency

The Tehran News agency has reported that Iran intends to launch a gold-backed cryptocurrency. This comes less than a week after President Trump slammed virtual currencies on Twitter amid tensions between the historic foes. The New agency reported the development on its English website.

Accordingly, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has approved the issuance of new cryptocurrencies. This is according to the CEO of Iranian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) FANAP, Shahab Javanmardi.

Shahab described the measure as follows:

“Iran’s cryptocurrency will be supported by gold, but its function is similar to other cryptocurrencies. The crypto asset is designed to maximize the use of Iranian frozen bank assets.”

As a matter of fact, banks like Parsian Bank, Bank Pasargad, Bank Melli Iran and Bank Mellat were working with blockchain startup Kuknos Company on this as early as January. The Financial Tribune reported that the gold-backed cryptocurrency project will be called Paymon.
The Legal Status of Cryptocurrency in Iran

The Iranian government had earlier this year signaled some opposition to Bitcoin and mining in general. This is because the government decried the use of power which is a feature of cryptocurrency mining. Notably, power is subsidized in Iran and many miners took advantage of this opportunity to have large mining farms.

Mehr news reported that CBI was looking to ban private cryptocurrency and encryption services like in China. That said, the status of Bitcoin in the legal system is still quite unclear. Different government agencies have given conflicting positions in the recent past. In this regard, the conundrum of crypto regulation is as unclear in Iran as it is in most countries globally.

Accordingly, Javanmardi urged the government to retain its policy on limiting Bitcoin in Iran. This is because authorities seized 1,000 bitcoin mining machines in Yazd Province just last month. The Iranian government seems keen on ensuring that Bitcoin miners don’t profit off its considerably cheap power costs.

Ironically, the American government has accused the Iranian government of actually using Bitcoin to circumvent sanctions. This is because Bitcoin is immutable and not subject to centralized control. Therefore, the Iranian government seems to have a “do as I say and not as I do” stance on Bitcoin.
The Role of Politics

Cryptocurrency in 2019 is undoubtedly becoming a political hot potato. This is because governments have realized that they cannot afford to ignore cryptocurrency. The announcement of the Libra project by Facebook, in particular, has brought unprecedented regulatory attention.

The Trump administration has been historically tough on Iran. With sanctions coming thick and fast, every avenue of commerce and politics is an avenue for battle. There is a direct correlation between the collapse of a country’s currency and warming up to cryptocurrency. Venezuela has also signaled intentions to develop petroleum backed cryptocurrency to deal with similar hyperinflation issues.

Iran is similarly in the middle of currency turmoil after more sanctions from the USA. The fact that cryptocurrency is a way to escape the monopoly of SWIFT transfer in finance is lucrative. As such the country is simply taking a logical measure to cope.

Iran is not alone in exploring cryptocurrency. In fact, more than 70 percent of the world’s central banks are looking at the impact of such a coin. The announcement by the Central bank of Iran will certainly up the ante.

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War is now guaranteed before the 2020 election. Expect to see a medium importance Western city nuked by Israel and blamed on Iran.

if there are nukes dropped this world is over with anyway

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Remember Libya? Gaddafi?
He was in the process of switching to a gold standard and a privately owned central bank.

Yes Satan, you should. Chainlink is the true choice of course (since it's needed to tie legacy systems into the emerging blockchain economy). Once it moons, it'll be used to run the smart contracts in the decentralized ethnostate system so pic somewhat related.

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Iran has a state owned central bank as does Syria. But it's just a coincidence.

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Because it will be a real currency backed with real assets and not kikeland fun bux like the rest of the world.

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Quite interesting, I wonder if the oil feud with Saudis is also directly related to this.

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I hope they hit San Fran tbh. But they would actually hit a US Military base to piss off the grass roots right and then blame it on Iran. At this point most sane people don't give a single fuck about LA, Chicongo, Jew York, or any of those places. If they hit Bragg, Pendelton, or some Naval base it would be different.


But it will be a real cripto?
Venezuelam petro is just cripto in the name, its not actually working like a cripto, is very different from the concept o cripto, is just a digital currency the government is trying to manipulate with their oil barrels and is not working anything.

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Is this good or bad for the us/Israel?

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Duck and cover, Jimmy

It'll be Vegas that gets nuked. High emotional attachment for Americans, very little impact on the broader economy if it disappears, easy to get a low yield bomb out to the desert.

Wonder what kind of happenings we can expect now.

It'll be Vegas that gets nuked. High emotional attachment for Americans, very little impact on the broader economy if it disappears, easy to get a low yield bomb out to the desert.


So close. I would throw a huge party, and I hate huge parties.

Doesn't San Fagcisco have a navy base though?

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Too many beans and whores. If I was a (((greatest ally))) I'd go with a city that would make people pretend to feel sad but not really, like Detroit or Sacramento.

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Making anything based on something that can be inflated is still retarded. Ditch the gold jew and value currency based on the effort one puts in their work not an inflatable object that tank the economy if too much of it exists.

Nationalizing any bank is a step in the right direction but you don't want debt, inflation, or anything that could hurt the people so I still see it as just another version of a central bank

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actually the problem is that gold is deflationary

looks like they're just creating it as a way to move money in the absence of payment processors


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It did to some extent. Try to find the Clinton docs in regards to Gaddafi. We came, we saw, he died. A major reason was that it was a "national security issue" when he launched the gold dinar exchange for petro. Like the cherry on top of a shit sunday.
Also recently when facebook tried to push their "crypto" there was enormous push back by our gov. Same issue National Security. It competes with us being a reserve currency and means of exchange for vital goods in a modern petroleum based era.

Yeah dead hand and all that
Here’s hoping

Same reason they killed JFK for making silver backed dollars.

Make it L.A.


All of these targets would improve the USA. You forget that your are dealing with the kike. They will never nuke Jewyork, their headquarters of degeracy Hollywood. Look to a place like K.C. it depends on how desperate the Jew gets. At most they would hit Houston.

The Vendetta Project
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Doesnt Iran have a defence pact with russia or something? Lel were back to nuclear threath(TM) strategy. Russia has Tsar-option, as in tsar bomba. So Why is Everyone sperging?

Will there be another BTC Bubble btw?

Honestly that last target really, really does not work for me…

Remember that movie 'Independence Day'? It had Jaden Smith's dad in it. Anyway, in it the US military, on the president's order, detonates a nuclear bomb in Houston. The scene shows the blast from I45, just south of downtown. They have to chose a city to test this method of fighting the aliens and they choose Houston. It didn't work.

Anyway, if you beliebe in predictive programing, then it is something to think aboot.

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lol last nail in the coffin for his libertarian supporters

Remember Late 2015 when Trump virtually blamed Bush for 9/11. Compare that Trump to this Trump FFS. Pain.

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I love the subtlety of this image.

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Is this the start of the one world cryptocurrency ?

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Ba'athism is National Socialism for Arabs.

Fucking this. Libya tried introducing a gold back african currency backed entirely by gold. Then we know what happened

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Rolling for Portland getting nuked on the 17th of next month during the Antifa vs Boomers street fight. With that tactic the government would be able to take out a large portion of the militias that are a small thorn in their side

This is now officially a Chainlink thread.
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I like this idea. The banksters and traders have kept the price of Ag depressed for over a century. Based on supply/demand Ag should be much higher- $20 Ag is such a bargain. $16 Ag is almost free. I buy regularly, I started buying at $4.
Plus- the BigBanks are hoarding millions of ounces. (((They))) know what they are doing.

Rolling for NYC.

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The numbers do not lie, 747's were used in the false flag of the Twin towers orchestrated by Israel. Jews will be getting their payback from Iran.

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The user that you responded to is right. If they hit Houston it has the most impact on the only real economy in the USA. Within 120 miles of Houston is 85% of the oil, gas and petrochemical capacity of the nation. When you combine the fact that Texas has it's own electrical grid, you hit TX and it doesn't fry the rest of the USA. The kike gets maximum effect with minimal fallout on industries they control and they head shot a state that is going to be a problem in the long run for them to deal with.


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the USD is the reserve currency bc of the depth of its financial markets, and that's why oil is sold in USD, not the other way around

Gold price $2000 come Friday?

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Especially when citizens already panicked when Hurricane Harvey was hitting Houston and many around Texas were buying oil like crazy. Houston definitely would put a dent in not only Texas but also the US.
On a side note, it also wipes out the nigger and spic problem in Houston

There are multiple reasons why USD is the reserve currency. The biggest reason is Trust. The petro-dollar was a system to keep that trust stabilized/controlled. Other than US military intervention, there is no real reason why another currency cannot be used to trade for a shit ton of oil barrels. However some countries will not accept anything else due in part to contractual obligations like the saudi deals(petro-dollar). A balance of trade can have the affect of inflating dollars or deflating much like how the fed can use reserve controls or interest rate cuts to regulate the supply of currency. In this case its the USGOV itself that can play "alchemy" too