The dangers of making European mutts

I do think Varg's idea of recessive traits as determiner of purity is dumb. In fact, plenty of Scandinavians have Asian admixture from invasions from the Huns and Mongols. The Germanics migrated into Roman territory in an act of desperation to prevent their extinction.

Blonde hair, blue eyes and a Caucasian skull structure are not good indicators of purity.

In fact, as a Celt with green eyes and red hair, mating with a Nordic woman would be the same as if a Nordic man married a negress. The genes for blue eyes and blonde hair are as dominate over green eyes and red hair as negro genetics are over White genetics.

Celtics are the last remnants of Cro-Magnon genetics and must be preserved. Not only is race mixing between non-Whites bad, but mixing with different White ethnicities also. It's just that mixing with a different White ethnicity is not as detrimental to the White gene pool as mating with user-White.

However, if Whites survive this attempted genocide, the survivors will probably a mix of various ethnic groups across Europe, as the Jews would've reduced our numbers so drastically.

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National Socialists have always been against race mixing and do not encourage ethnicity-mixing.

Kek, Celts are the least cro-magnon out of Northern Europeans.
Slavs absorbed the most of cro magnon HG dna.

Check your sources. Celts are not as cro-magnon as you seem to think and these claims of plenty of Scandinavians being mixed with Mongoloid genetics is based upon the Laplanders whose ancestors migrated from North Asia and perhaps East Asia (think border regions) to Northern Europe crossing Siberia.

It is not that the Scandinavians (Nordic) are mixed with Mongol blood but that the Mongols are mixed with Nordic blood.

Both are mixed with each other
Scandinavians are closer to Han Chinese than just mixture of ancient populations.
Keep in mind that I will still need to improve this chart. I just discovered that Western Europeans have less Steppe ancestry but I am not sure how to model them

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literal retard

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And where is this coming from? (((David Reich))) by any chance?

Is this coming from the same people who claim that there is not that much Neanderthal DNA in Europids despite evidence that shows otherwise and other evidence that shows that do not have proper source samples to do proper comparisons?

Clearly you don't know where red hair and green eyes come from.

I used qpAdm to model Europeans

they are in that if both parents have blondism + blueism as well as greenism + redism the blonde+blue will prevail most of the time.

Red hair has it's own genes

Red hair is Pheomelanin + Eumelanin, that's why there are so many different types of it; different ratios of each.
The Irish have red hair because they are Norse + Iberian.
Look it up.
You race-mixed scoundrel.

There are about 40 hair color genes. Ethnicity-mixing, getting back on topic, destroys those unique and timeless combinations of the 40 hair color genes, never to come together again.

For this reason, there's nothing wrong with European mutts marrying outside their race.

sorry, but look but what is
Blonde hair is caused by different genes

Are European genetics actually recessive?
I find it hard to believe that blond hair & blue-eyes originated only like 10,000 years ago and then spread rapidly throughout the European population.

Going from no blue eyes, to tens of millions of people with blue eyes in in less than 10,000 years. Recessive?

recessive means that it does not manifest itself but is carried as a allele.
This gives it self a chance to survive when all people with this trait will die.
It does not really change it's frequence in a population lower, it will just make it seem like people carry less this trait.
Also recessive genetic diseases are a lot more common because of this over dominant genetic diseases.
However having only one copy of MC1R will make you already red haired (does not matter what other copies show) according to hirisplex
There is a tool for testing phenotype/genotype, you can try out different combinations

recessive does NOT mean likely dead end, for goodness sake, when will people stop repeating this nonsense
"recessiveness" has to do with phenotype, not with genotype itself
you are not more likely to inherit dominant alleles over recessive ones(putting aside natural selection), "recessive" just means that the associated phenotype needs both genes to be derived

it is actually good for Europeans, it helps us to filter out the mutts

It is also good for eugenics

iirc, blue eyes are more "recessive" but green eyes are much more rare. it is interesting to think how that may have been bred in

Isn't most of Europe intermixed with each other?

it depends on what timeframe you put your static picture. most of these euro "purists" fall back on a sort of diversity argument claiming unique mixtures of genes and whatnot. its kinda all retarded

Blue eye color doesn't exist. It's just turning off melanin in the eye. Same reason the sky is blue.

the sky is blue due to lack of melanin?


Nonwhite cope.

The mods are wholescale deleting anti-Semitic threads.

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Knight Commander Breivik approves!

Rayleigh scattering = red sky (not rose eyes btw)

Light diffusion = blue sky/ocean/eyes

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no, really???

i was just thinking… what if there were an aussieIDF? what would it look like? would it look the same? if australia put their economic stimulus funds purely into hiring unemployed shitposters to shitpost for australia, would that destroy the internet? could anything survive?

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Actual "white" americans (European mutts) have invented everything, well almost everything.

So there is a place for white people (mutts) in the perfect world, but I agree a swede should stay a swede, an irish an irish.

Your red hair green eyes irish master race is shit. You sound like a larping turkroach.

As a Thuringian I'd never let my daughters marry a Harii!
Because the Harii paint their bodies black and that's basically what niggers look like. Their blonde hair, blue eyes and a Caucasian skull structure are not good indicators.

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You sound pretty jealous faggot. Green eyes are the rarest european trait and are superior to blue eyes in dealing with sun blindness, and are great in low light situations like blue eyes. And they are generally considered much more attractive.
But regardless fuck your D&C bullshit. Who gives a fuck as long as your are white of euro decent. True diversity is european.

Dude where are you coming from here?

i get what OP is saying but ultimately this. ive tried to research into what germanic tribe i come from and it basically comes down to educated guesses. theyve all migrated around and intermarried for so long its impossible to tell which areas of germany have the highest tribal purity. with how shit things are right now for the white race i really dont think its a big deal getting married to a med or a slav girl. mixing with other europeans, the worst that happens is a loss of cultural identity. mixing with niggers and shitskins, the worse that happens is a sudden generational drop in IQ and your lineage being tainted with demon blood. forever. its not really comparable.

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I have green eyes. Ive always wanted to torture and burn people with blue eyes, their stare is irritating.

As far as I know most Celts are Thal

Looks like the kikes are desperately seeking ANY angle they can use to wedge between us. Can you even imagine what the morning meetings at the shill factory look like?
The desperation?
The kvetching?
The fear?
The fucking smell?
I'm loving this timeline. Keep torturing the kikes, lads. "Memes" are destroying their minds!

This is the curated crap they want on hate/pol/ now.

What causes those different genes fucktard?

If Europe comes to fall everybody is fucked in fact, but I think Russia would do something to prevent it first.

The end of Europe would be like a child losing the mother and the father at the same time and being left to be taken care by a Zionist babysitter.

The simple idea of living among Africans ruled by Jews is already enough to break away from civilization.

But Russia knows first hand who kikes are and they don't deflect it as the US does, and then go happily fight for Israel as their "new champion".

Low effort.

Most of the European peoples have high admixture of other Europeans in their DNA.

Brits are a mixture of native Britons, Germanic tribes, Vikings and Normans

Irish are a mix of Celt, Viking, Norman and British.

Total purity is largely a myth.

Go to East Germany; you will find many of them to be indistinguishable from Poles in appearance but they consider themselves German, speak German, and have German names… even General Rommel had a cousin who was also called Rommel and was a polish general in ww2.

There are no clear dividing lines between nations and there has been a great deal of migration, invasion, persecutions, plague and famine in Europe over the thousands of years that we have existed which has forced people to move elsewhere.

I can assure you we aren't suffering any ill effects from having mixed blood.
If we were then the Yanks would be double fucked.

I'm Scottish. Do I have Scandinavian admixture?

Enjoy your ban.

Brown shiteyes need to be exterminated

Huns and Mongols never invaded Scandanavia, you absolute fishing faggot.

probably some rapemixture

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If the devil approached me and said "you can trade your soul to save your race," I'd fucking do it, even if that means I only get 1 year in the renaissance of Western Civilization. For living one year of paradise is better than eternity in heaven, watching down on Earth as my people are slaughtered by negroes—under orders from Jewish Commissars.

If you read Ward Kendall's "Hold Back This Day", you'd know what the West will look like by 2100, destroyed by Kikes without even any evidence of it existing in the first place.

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Found the Christfaggot Kike-lover.
They like to talk about 'race,' so they can pull this retarded shit. But they never like to talk about Nations, because Christfags don't believe in the existence of Nations, but they are too fearful to ever state this outright. They don't even believe in racial-identity, as this Christfaggot clearly demonstrates.
The Christfaggot says to the world "No one can have any identity, except through the Sky-Kike." They allow the Kikes an identity, because to deny them one means to deny their own religion. They also allow faggots an identity, because they are themselves spiritual faggots.


The Devil makes a straight forward deal. Never.

you do know that brown eyed individuals dominate European culture and science?

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You know a kid is at 6ft tall? A kid looking to get the crap beat out of him by a short man.

I honestly don't understand this eye/hair color shit. Yeah non-brown eyes/hair is cool and unique, but at the end of the day it doesn't make any difference in the person. Niggers aren't hated because they have brown eyes, but because they are low IQ monkeys. Likewise if you think you're superior because muh fucking eye color, you need to kill yourself. Inb4 you call me a shitskin, I have green eyes.

green-eyed alien shitskin.

What kind of shitty bait is this?

Reminder to sage faggot threads.

Generally speaking:

If you're a lowland Scot you'll be closer to an Englishman in admixture, being descended from roughly the same mix of Welsh speaking and Germanic tribes and vikings.

If you're from the highlands/islands mostly Celtic and Irish with Norwegian Viking.

Most likely a spic.

It’s too late for russia

Genetics prove Celts are the most neanderthal, though. Learn to DNA, nigger.

red hair is germanic though. celts have two types, darker celts who have curly hair, dark eyes, and slightly darker skin, and lighter celts found more in wales and scotland who have dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes

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I've also looked into my family history (obviously I'm not going to solicit (((23&me))) for anything so I can only use public records) and my family for the most part appears to hail from southern Germany.
Whether they migrated there from somewhere else during the Dark Ages or were native Celts who were assimilated by Germanic tribes is unknowable. Though it would be really cool to find out.

germanic tribes literally had red hair, tacitus described them as red haired. celts were dark haired apart from the ones who descended from Germanic Tribes(caledonians for example)

"rutilae", referring to their hair, at least by Tacitus(Germania), could also mean blondish or to some form of light brown, which would make more sense
for instance, there is a quote attributed to Cato in a text by Maurus Servius on Virgil which says "flavo cinere unctitabant (matronae), ut rutilae essent, crines" i.e "(the married wives) used ashes in order to make their hair "
"flavus" itself usually means "blondish", and given the effects of ashes I doubt their hair turned ginger, but probably got some form of lighter color

ultimately ancient colors are not that easy to interpret

We're all niggers that Bred with cave men to get white skin and bigger brains.

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You wanna know how I know you are a kike?
We are all very well aware that your genetic history is from niggers.

I find relevance in the fact that you can arbitrate an iq, cranial shape, geolocation, dna divergence etc. for a basis of "race" that must rely on some form of evolutionary history in time that binds it to a singular overarching law of continuity that would negate it's arbitrations intent. The opposite alternative would be that of creationism (as interventionalism would still be relegated to one of the two camps.) This would imply that the races and temporal/spatial manifestations of them are reflections of the relational ideal withwhich they had, or do preserve their identity in the reflected environment of the same. It seems apparent to me that this dichotomy is resolved in both above and below as they are, as we are now. Faith is blood and blood is faith, or that which would not bleed for its faith, will not have blood to have faith nor faith in it's own blood. Nature and God have never been seperate, and they do not fail.

The absolute state of Zig Forumsack.

Can't make this shit up.

Fuck your D&C. White or not.

They already are. Europeans aren't as recently ethnically mixed as us in the US, but they all are. The healthiest thing is minor, natural trend in migration between ethnic groups, which is basically what we've been doing our entire history. Racial migration is not natural. Ethnic migration is, because we live right next to each other. It's normal and good in small doses.

Wrong. Niggers are a product of a unique evolution in Sub-Saharan Africa, which occurred at the same time we were evolving in Europe. There was no such thing as a nigger 200k years ago, which is supposedly, according the mainstream science, the oldest known homo sapien skeleton, which was found outside of Sub-Saharan Africa. All humans today are a product of a unique evolution in a unique environment. No one comes from anyone. We're all tangents. We're all evolving away from each other. There is no "original."

Every European is a mutt by this definition. You can only mark out the more extreme cases.

This has to be coming from an American.

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Selbst wer sich frei weiß von Gefühlen des Rassenstolzes, muß zugeben, daß für keine Rasse die Vermischung mit einer anderen Rasse wünschenswert ist. Die systematische Rassenkreuzung hat, ahne einige Zufallserfolge verleugnen zu wollen, niemals zu einem guten Ergebnis geführt.Dadurch, daß sich eine Rasse rein erhalten will; beweist sie gerade ihre Lebenskraft und ihren Lebenswillen. Mirerscheint es nur normal, daß jeder seinen Rassenstolz besitzt, und das heißt noch lange nicht, daß er die anderen mißachtet. Ich war nie der Meinung, daß etwa Chinesen oder Japaner rassisch minderwertig wären. Beide gehören alten Kulturen an, und ich gebe offen zu, daß ihre Tradition der unsrigen überlegen ist. Sie haben allen Grund; darauf stolz zu sein, genau wie wir stolz sind auf des Kulturkreis, dem wir angehören. Ich glaube sogar, daß es mir um so leichter fallen wird, mich mit den Chinesen und denJapanern zu verständigen, je mehr sie auf ihrem Rassenstolz beharren.

Even those who are free from feelings of racial pride have to admit that mixing with another race is not desirable for any race. The systematic crossbreeding has, without wishing to deny some chance successes, never led to a good result. In that a race wants to keep itself pure; she just proves her vitality and her will to live. It only seems normal to me that everyone possesses his racial pride, and that does not mean that he disregards the others. I never thought that Chinese or Japanese were racially inferior. Both belong to ancient cultures, and I openly admit that their tradition is superior to ours. You have every reason; to be proud of just how proud we are of the culture we belong to. I even believe that the more they persist in their racial pride, the easier it will be for me to communicate with the Chinese and the Japanese.

The quote is pretty accurate.

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Don't forget to to your fedora.



Don't want to risk it.

This is a reference to the meme
, i'm not
a mongrel.

Show me on the doll where the American touched you

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Stay mad mutt

If you want an example of the abject horror that comes with Euro mutts, look no further than South America.

You're right. I will only have children with blue or green eyes.

OP has a point, but we can't afford to be that picky given our current situation. Personally I would not breed with a blonde haired blue eyed individual if I could find someone who better matched my own lineage, and would do everything I could to pair that blonde haired blue eyed individual with another of their likeness as is our duty.

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Where do I fall if I have green eyes, brown hair, and a sicilian jaw?

Recessive genes don't just disappear because you mated with someone with recessive genes, contrary to what retarded black supremacists and other think.

They just aren't expressed but they are still carried.

Hence why two people with say, blond, brown, or black hair could mate and produce red hair children (since red is recessive to all).

The recessive traits will just crop up later you idiots.

it's not that simple with heavy polygenic traits
some phenotypes like blue eyes are largely regulated by one, say two mutations in the right places for the most, so they are easily preserved recessively and it isn't unusual to see them even in niggers with small European admixture
hair colors are another matter, they typically are the expression of specific polygenic configurations which can easily be disrupted, which is why finding blonde or red haired niggers is much harder

There are no proper models for modern European populations.
They released these tools, I can give you settings I used to create these results.

phenotype =/= related to shit like this

World history has to be rewriten. Egyptology is wrong, the erosion marks around the Sphynx is proof the it was built atleast druing the last ice age where egypt still recieved abundant rains. This sphynx story may seem irrelevant to the discussion but globalists are very stupid, impresionable and narrow minded. The belief that the great pyramids (agruably the greatest manmade momment on earth) where built by slaves set's a precedent that the globalists want to emulate in order to trigger a "golden age". The Pyramids where built by freemen who probably used sound waves to float the stones into place.
Meanwhile scientists are fucking around trying to prove god is a mental disease while they themselves belive that the big bang came from no where whitout cause.

Our diease is materialism, sprituality is the remedy, the Allfather, Christ, Kalki… it dosen't matter everyone needs something some scripture or code of honor whit authority over the philosophies of petty men. Unity under god. Unity among theists. We need to reclaim the grounds lost to atheists and occultists. We need to inact the will of God.

I'm just a faggot human trying to free myself from sin and illusion, instead of reading my words you should be reading the Bible the Gita or studying random religions / mythologys. God bless you all.

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That fifth pic is so faggy.

It's precisely the destruction of invalids that prevents ill health and suffering and war.

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