QTard Arrested for Murder

He Wasn’t Seeking to Kill a Mob Boss. He Was Trying to Help Trump, His Lawyer Says.


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Very nice work, i didnt know the cucks had it in them. Gambinos are kikes by the way.

What was the first murder related to q?

trust the plan

Hahahah I love this. Trump's retarded chickens coming home to bite him in the ass.

They're Italian.
Holy shit. Go back to your containment board.

Mob niggers are spiritual kikes though.

Unironically alpha af

Whats wrong with killing a mob boss?

Why isnt this man given a medal?

Wait, so some user (even if it's a /qresearch/ tard) took out the trash on a fucking known & confirmed Mob boss, someone even the worst normies should view as fair game, and instead of saying "Oops, what a pity, so sad" and quietly giving the guy a medal they arrested him? Well done Feds, you're truly on the right side of history aren't you?

Actually DYOR on that. There's a redpill infographic around about that (haven't got it handy) - basically, the Italian mob are often used by Mossad and the Cianiggers.

You can tell on which side they are by the tattoo on the arm of the zogbot. The american government has devolved into a simple gang of criminals.

Nothing inherently wrong with it, but he's still a retarded Qcumber.

No hes right i got the names confused Genovese are the kikes, the whole godfather movie is a true story from start to finish though just replace italians with kikes and you get the picture.

Here is Gambino saying the kikes took over the vatican though..

Hero and freedom fighter, we need to get to work on making some official BoomerWaffen™ edits of Saint Comello.

You can’t kill FBI assets without getting fucked for it


Does he actually name the jew, or is that just what the uploader named it? Phelps and Szymanski are kike-protecting black popers. Phelps is an Israeli diamond merchant with a jew wife.

If I was the attorney, I would have stuck with him killing a crime boss and focused on his crimes. Going for the insanity plea will not help his client.

What a bad ass

At least he's getting psych for Qanon instead of prison

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And hes a total Chad.
I highly doubt anyone here would leave the comfort of their home to perform a service such as this.

Yea he does but its not exactly Zig Forums tier.

Okay, now we need the boomer group to mobilize…
Quick, Johnny, shut off the medicare and socsec!

Only in clown world is punishing a criminal a bad thing.

Very likely he drew on his hand to get so.

To plead for psychward that is.

You suppose to know your place in society, which is definitely beneath the boomers.

We tried to get them to take the red pill and instead they chose the purple.

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This is a terrible thread in every respect.

The mods are wholescale deleting anti-Semitic threads.

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Utter bullshit. The mobster wouldn't let him date his daughter. Go back to the month it happened, that was the story. How that was memory holed and became this lunacy is clearly the work of jews.

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Whats new

His instagram: instagram.com/realamericasvoice_/
A true spiritual boomer.


Lol, hes so full of shit. he wasnt trying to kill a mob boss, and he wasnt trying to help trump. he wanted to date the guys daughter, and when he was told to not date her by the father, he snapped and went to go kill her father.

theres audio to the incident from the video cameras. he approached him friendly and the dad was being very civil. he gets him to leave his house and shoots him while shouting "dont YOU tell me what i can do! you cant control me!" and all that kinda shit.

he couldnt deal with someone telling him what to do/who to date.

wtf i love qanon now

Pick One!
If that criminal was involved in drugs or prostitution I see nothing wrong in eliminating scum.

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Ha ha did this dumb nigger shoot his mailman or somethi-
wtf I love Q now.

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Because killing criminals that ruin lives is bad goy.

Q Bridiktid dis

Drusd de blan

FYI, mafias are not all equal. its just a general term for italian families operating together. some of them do crazy illegal shit, some band together and dominate certain industries in an area. most of it isnt illegal, its just an old school way of keeping money within groups of people you know/like. its italian tribalism, essentially.

there has never been a movie that has accurately depicted what it's really like. its alot more normal/unnoticable than most would imagine.
a "mafia" family could easily appear to be a family owned business in landscaping, carpentry, gardening, contracting, plumbing, etc.
they'll run a business like that, then buy properties and flip them . they keep it within their families and use their resources to pool together to help raise the property values. they'll operate within an area that other families are doing the same thing to boost the property value in the area. some are connected to politicians, city workers, police, union offices, etc so they can know someone to help get quick services. eventually they'll know judges, etc to get help whenever needed like evicting squatters.
what they do often has conflicts of interest, but nothing they do is really crazy. its really just like a large family business that extends multiple families and they'll call it a "mafia"
it is, but theyre not a bunch of murderers, although the families are so big someone might get into something bad. its just like a bunch of rich people rather than a gang.
most mafia businesses are pretty legitimate, but some families are in the business of owning/operating nightclubs or arcades. some get into drugs, some get into counterfieting, but the vast majority of them get into legit businesses like restaurants, bars, delis, etc.

a big part that gets them labeled as "mafia" are arrangements. like the deli guy gives certain families free food or caters multiple parties or a wedding in exchange for some free plubming work.
most of this stuff started as a way to get around taxes and the government.

albanian mobs are structures differently. its essentially 1 rich guy with alot of power and resources and 70 albanian people willing to do anything he says in order to get close to his money. they usually do take care of people close to them by getting them jobs, etc.

jews lie about mafia using media.

gambino family was famous for a guy getting in trouble for extorting strip clubs (usually jewish mob or albanian.) theyre not really owning them. the other thing they do is smuggle fireworks into NY where theyre banned and basically took over contracts involving fireworks displays in NY.
anyone doing small neighborhood fireworks shows in NYC where fireworks are banned has them to thank.

also the fact that it was the only way i got to play with fireworks as a kid

well done. guess Q isn't totally useless after all

Interesting. I stand corrected.

Goes without saying. Still had balls though, and chose a target that nobody should miss. Better than a lot of other spergs.

It's time to get silly.

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Impressive for a pizza man

And nothing of value was lost


My point for 2+ years… leave the Q LARPers to their own devices. Don't interrupt them. Aren't there like 5 million of them looking for evil under every rock, attempting to find corruption in every nook and cranny?

This guy killed a mob boss. Good for him.

He swallowed too much kool aid. Who kills people over conspiracy memes. Also, clearly not a Qtard, or he'd have "Trusted the plan." Instead of going off the reservation.

Another young Man about to spend life in prison for killing a worthless guido. What a waste.


Top fucking Kek, a LARP takes down a fucking godfather


Seriously, why didn't anyone think of this before?

What if this was some sort of super-FBI MKULTRA

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Am I meant to care?

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everything about this seems totally legit and organic

Wouldn't they be Sicilianiggers?

Would you rather he reproduced, and had retarded children who also believe the Q LARP?

is Qanon dead?

It's never going to die. Even if Trump loses in 2020, they're will be people saying it's all just part of the plan.

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The family is making tons of dosh smuggling nigs and sandpeople people into Europe. To think that the only reason the mob was founded was to defend themselves against said people is incredibly ironic.

Is it still a LARP if you actually kill someone?


Really? The Mafia is a "Conspiracy meme" as well now is it? You know Mr. Deradicalization-nigger, if you faggots did your damn jobs there'd be a whole less of this shit. Best case - he was right and capped a pedo Mob boss. Worst case - he was wrong and capped a non-pedo Mob boss. Wow, huge moral distinction there lmao.

t. when Qtards are better at taking out the trash than actual avowed NatSoc’s

inb4 glownigger

holy shit Satan!

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Lord Jesus Christ, Song of God, strengthen my heart for struggle.

Damn, was hoping for 777

So this is the power of QTardation. I hope more Qtards rise up and kill criminal scum, they’re sure doing a hell of a lot more than the LARPers on this board.

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Seconding. This is great, it wasn't 'The Plan according to Q™' but nonetheless he went out and killed a mob boss, that's a good hit any way you slice it. Good shit. I hope more Qcumbers start doing similar good deeds even if for dumb reasons. If they start taking matters into their hands directly then it won't even matter if Q is full of shit, once they start looking for targets themselves they will find them.


Interesting, quality effort post user.

Absolutely, objectively and unequivocally B A S E D


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b-but user, doing things makes you a fed! let's all turn off tvs and post memes instead, that'll show those jews!!!!!!!

He was going out with the mob boss's daughter before the father cock blocked him. Lawyer is trying an Insanity defense angle. He's just a low IQ jealous boyfriend.

t. Todt Hill resident

^this tbh

His jewish lawyer told him to do this to avoid the chair.
They are trying very hard to blame this on Plumfd.

Well how about that.

All the schizo retards on this shithole wax poetic about how they're going to take down the kikes and start the race war, and nothing ever happens. Yet, some Qtard LARPer who probably doesn't even know about the JQ actually had the balls to off a high-level kike boss. I guess Qtards are officially more based than Zig Forums now, since they actually have a kike bodycount.

WTF do you think Qballah is?
I thought everyone on Zig Forums realized the resident of 666 5th ave has at his disposal a quantum array and a seething hatred for whites?
All unrevealed technology seems like magic. You could think of it as an electronic spell, or Tay + Oy Vey.

Because we live in a clown world so good is evil and evil is good.

anonimoose. basement vigilante.

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I honest think the Qshit is retarded but if it's getting people to actually take action? I might have to reconsider how I feel about it.

"It's bullshit, but I believe it."

Oh no, not the Mafia. How could this happen. The poor mob boss. No.
The Militia of One's gonna get ya, Schlomo.

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no, you don't. please go back to /qlarp/

this has potential, except target actual kikes instead. that would be hilarious, actually, especially if they will go all out with the memes, like st. tarrant did

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Oh my god, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Double posting, but fuck it

Be inspired by Punisher Durante, blame Qcumber to avoid prison and get EZ psych. This guy's a genius. Nothing wrong with killing mobsters and even if the mob wasn't spiritually kiked, what good are they? Drug dealing, white women prostitution, African immigration is OK if the mob is doing it? Fucking lol. They're scum.