Most American Indians Died From Eating Seal & Sea Lion Meat Long Before The Rediscovering Of America

Also, the team looked at the DNA strains of the disease. They confirmed that some American Indians died of European diseases, but that was nothing compared to tuberculosis which was already well established.

Anti-Whites love to guilt-trip White people for things like this, and as usual, science and history ends up disproving most of what they say.

They want us to hate ourselves so that White genocide can go full steam ahead. If we hate ourselves, it’s easier for them to flood us with millions of non-White immigrants, and force us to accept “diversity”, or in other words, make it illegal for a place to be “too White”.

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As much as i'd like to spare my people blame, this is horseshit. Tuberculosis was never a problem until they started eating imported modern food, like (((white bread))), and other shit. The same is true in Europe. One of the early chapters of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston Price covers the Swiss. Switzerland in the 30's suffered Tuberculosis more than any other disease, but the people in the villages eating their ancestral food (rye, dairy, meat, seasonal veggies) had never been afflicted with a single case.

Malnutrition is the gatecrasher for all modern disease.

Maybe not tuberculosis but certainly eating uncooked meat from an infected animal can prove deadly in time. One thing I know Europeans didn't kill muh 100M feather niggers once upon a time that shills always promote. There's more of them than ever before.

Certainly. I just don't buy this theory based on what I've read.

This post paid for by the Weston Price Foundation.

Why do you keep shilling this book everywhere? I don't want to insult you, because it's good that you're promoting a healthy diet. But I've read '"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston Price' in every thread I've opened today, except for the one on Kushner's Palestine deal.

Source for this part? It would be very useful to bookmark and pull out whenever I see a leftist talking about this.


so niggers gave aids to indians across an ocean, great, so what chance do you have if they move in next door

Whenever someone makes a vegan thread, whatever your opinions on that are, shills from the ranching industry get alerted and they patrol the board for a couple days in the aftermath just to handle any others that pop up. The ranching/slaughterhouse lobby is a massive power bloc in the traditional conservative mindrot nexus, so this board is heavily watched because the user base found here isn't considered "reliable".

Same reason people say "read Mein Kampf before spouting off about National Socialism and Hitler". People should know about nutirition, and people should know Weston Price's work before speaking as authorities on it. It's a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Jewflix just made a show with Kevin Costner where he plays an evil racist rancher who sucks as a father and manipulates the town to his will (nice projection kikes). It's pretty clear what the jews think of white landholders who raise their own food, and shills like you push their agenda here. Fuck off.

The greatest support for israel and zionism in the United States can be found in traditional ranching and agricultural areas. The top lobbyists for illegal immigration and waves of legal migrants tens of millions strong a year are ranching, agriculture, and processing industries. The very last people who want White people raising their own food are the entrenched land owners of America's agricultural industry.


Don't buy meat from store.
Buy from local rancher.
Or become hunter.
Or farmer.
I have to kill my first chicken tomorrow
Vegitarian (milk+eggs) is good.
Vejanism (no animal products) is death.

The people running our institutions are corrupt, yes, but white landowners have strong incentives and massive propaganda allowed by our zionist occupied government to behave in a manner not in favor of their own people. The problem is jews.

The results speak for themselves, faggot.

I never did though, and neither should any White person.

Vegetarian w/ Eggs and Dairy is fucking amazing. You can't get huge but it's probably the healthiest diet and it's very cheap as well. I like sausage, bacon, and chicken but buying local and stuff that doesn't have hormones is extremely expensive. The hunting thing is fine but depending on where you live it's a pain in the ass.

Nothing is wrong with meat and it became a natural part of human life while early humanoids where mainly herbivores.

To be an immigrant there has to be a country to go to. If you settled in Antarctica would you be an immigrant?No, you would be a pioneer. Were the James town colonist migrants? Unlike Antarctica there were stone age people living there, but they didn't welcome the newcomers with food stamps and bilingual education did they.

About ten days after the English chose their camp site hundreds of Indians attacked them in order to exterminate them, that's worse than trying to settle Antarctica. So no, the colonist were not immigrants. Yes, once there was a nation there was immigration. From 1790 to 1820 the US population grew from 2.9 million to ten million, that's 250% growth. Lots of immigration, right?

Wrong. That population growth of six million was almost entirely due to the natives having children, at the end of that period only one percent was forign born, one percent. We were not an "immigration of immigrants", and if the founders wanted immigrants then they wanted White immigrants.

The very first congress of the united states met in 1790. The constitution has been just ratified, and congress had to decide what kind of country it was going to be. In that year they pass the very first naturalization law that restricted citizenship to free white persons. The founders wanted a white country.

Later on immigration did pick up but it was from Europe.

Two groups occupied the site in prehistoric times. The Siouan-speaking Middle Missouri people (Initial Middle Missouri variant), ancestral to the historic Mandan people, first occupied the site sometime after about 900 AD. They built numerous earth lodges on the lower portion of the site. Caddoan-speaking Central Plains people (Initial Coalescent variant) moved into the area from southern areas (present-day Nebraska) sometime around 1150 AD. (The historic Arikara are a Caddoan people.) Whether they displaced the earlier group or moved onto an abandoned site is unknown. The Central Plains (Initial Coalescent) people built at least 55 lodges, mostly on the upper part of the site. There is no direct evidence that there was conflict between the two groups, and scholars have found evidence that both cultures changed gradually in relation to the other.

There is evidence that the Central Plains/Initial Coalescent villagers built well-planned defensive works for their village. They were replacing an earlier dry moat fortification with a new fortification ditch around the expanded village when an attack occurred that resulted in the massacre. The attacking group killed all the villagers. Archaeologists from the University of South Dakota, directed by project director Larry J. Zimmerman, field director Thomas Emerson, and osteologist P. Willey found the remains of at least 486 people killed during the attack. Most of these remains showed signs of ritual mutilation, particularly scalping. Other examples were tongues being removed, teeth broken, beheading, hands and feet being cut off, and other forms of dismemberment. In addition to the severity of the attack, most of the people showed signs of malnutrition and many had evidence of being wounded in other attacks. This evidence has suggested to scholars that lives of people of the Initial Coalescent culture were under more stress than was thought; they have theorized that the people were attacked by another group or several groups of the Initial Coalescent culture in the area in competition for arable land and resources

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If you're a dumb hipster that buys at fancy markets. I buy directly from farmers here. 9KG of meats for 55 bucks, that's unreal cheap here. And none contain any shit.

It's also not expensive when you consider the vitamin content vs factory meat.

The mods are wholescale deleting anti-Semitic threads.

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They're all antisemitic threads, though.

Where do you find these farmers? Social circle?

Knight Commander Breivik ordered our volk to put a bullet in (((anti-semites))). He was very clear, we need to unite with OUR Jewish brothers!

That's also true, same with bread. Buy a bread thats 1 dollar and you will get hungry fast. Make one and after one or two slices you're full.

Yes. Make connections where ever you live, especially when it comes down to foods. When shits hit the fan you know who has what.


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And WTF? I hate seal clubbing now! Thanks seal bros!

African host species? I think that means tuberculosis niggers raped the sea lions.


It's bullshit. Smallpox is what decimated the North American Native. There was a concerted effort to spread the disease just as there was a concerted effort to wipe out their primary food source, the buffalo.
If you feel guilty about it your a fucking idiot. Unless your a member of the elite that has been butt fucking this planet for the last 2000+ years you don't have any reason to feel guilty.
Shit was planned and staged.
America was never "discovered".

Who's a good dog?

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>by Sarah (((Knapton))) (like my fake goy name? tee-hee!)
At last I truly see.


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i was piqued by that number so i went to wiki and got "around 130 million people." along with "killed by Europeans through slavery, rape, and war."


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If anything it's the feather nigger that should guilt for creating the violence through rape, kidnap & murder of the first settlers. The first settlement was completely destroyed and all were killed by these so called nobles.

Also, Some tribes like the Paiutes of Nevada actually believe that they were not the first and only race on the North American continent and it was their own genocidal behavior that has resulted in the disappearance of the ancient white population of North America.

If you do not think that such a fate is possible, you haven’t been reading the demographics.

These bastard non-White parasites are all using the big lie technique to kill the creators of civilization & innovation from learning well from the Jew.

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Make them regret it then, goy. Make your ancestors proud & destroy those that want your people in shackles, murder you & memory hole our achievements..

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Try 500000000 and they are still dying.

Zig Forums truly is dead.

Bullshit! They mostly had no systematic agriculture, nothing like in Europe or Asia, and they had only llamas (some maybe kept turkeys) and dogs as domestic animals. They constantly warred with each other and for the most part stayed in the Stone Age - what metalworking they did do was AFAIK purely ornamental, and only a certain few tribes did it.

It is also not right to lump in South Americans with North Americans, they were and still are genetically distinct populations with different origins and hybridizations. They would have killed each other if they had come into contact as they would rightly recognize each other as foreign and strange.

Their means of survival could not possibly support half a fucking billion people - that’s the number of total Europeans, worldwide, only a small number of years ago, no more than 400 years for sure - and we had agriculture and a much larger variety of livestock and working animals to aid us. Five hundred million is just ridiculous!

Try 750,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dead feather niggers and itz all hinkeyz fualtt

Europeans were first to the Americas. Chinks cam thousands of years later.

says a nigger

So malnutrition causes paranoia?

Archive your wiki links, nigger.

Nobody cares, not even the Indians.

This. England only had a population of 1M at the battle of Hastings in 1066, England was more developed than those still 5000yrs behind in evolution from having Roman & ancient Greek influences.

The demon sprawn masquerading as truthers are trying to convince retards who buy into anything that has a huge twitter following as fact, for the holocaust narrative and thus promoting White guilt is getting pathetic, so they more onto other means to achieve that end.

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I doubt it. Primitive people don't waste everything which means they ate the really healthy parts too, like liver.
This is just another attempt to promote globohomo veganism in order to shove industrial waste down your throat.

this is the most retarded shit i've ever heard. how the hell you've turned this into some insidious play by (((them))) I have no idea

I gotta offer a rebuttal to what the jew in that pic is saying.

judaism, zionism, and jewery in general is an ideology, which are very easy to get rid of, especially when a critical mass of the population is aligned against it.

jewish genes may still remain, but just like neanderthal genes, they can be bred out or ignored for the most part. a common jew belief is epigenetics, which are nothing but bullshit science born from false understanding of genetics combined with typical jewish elitism.

eliminate jews, use everything we know of them to root them out and criminalize everyone who aids or supports them, you'll find jews will cease being a problem in less than a hundred years. deny them reproduction rights, confiscate their newborns, and actively supress jewish dogma, and they'll disappear in only two generations.

You're not understanding the sheer madness of Jew world. Like Yuri Bezmenov, who was a Jew bragging not warning (absolutely magnificent), said there are many useful idiots that do our work for us now. George Soros admitted to a German newspaper that Blacks are the easiest to manipulate to Communist tyranny.

If you get rid of the Jew at this point it wouldn't affect the social structure at all. Most useful idiots are now turning against Israel & the Jew allows it to some extent for most normies see the European Jew as White and thus an oppressor, colonizer & apartheid created hell-hole as they say.

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sure now that every thing is built you want it