So they breed out? You get a white wife and ignore them

As the sluttier women all get knocked up by a United Niggers of different races, why worry about it? let them breed away their privilege of being white. Their larvae will never be white, and that is the end of that lineage, which was squandered.

"A fool and her race are soon parted."

Get yourself a white wife, and have some white kids. "Can't afford a house?" Bullshit. you can go SOMEWHERE where they are cheap enough. Home ownership is a mating call.

So, quit whining about all the whores squirting out whatever they are squirting out, and let them end their lineage. Once you go black, we don't want you back.

Whites are already a minority, worldwide, and we are still on top of many fields. Don't worry about women who choose to squander her genes.

Just get yourself settled and make a good life for you and your white kids.

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just slay the nigs and the abominations, spare the wench. prehaps she will learn her lesson

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op is correct
coal burner dna should not be passed on.

I suggest the following:

Work as long as you must in your Jewed-up major cities to extract cash from them, like a line of hookers you pimp out (that is entirely figurative) and grab the cash and fuck off to CheapWhiteLand, which still exists in many parts of the country, and buy yourself the worst house in the best neighborhood you can find, with a big enough hunk o' land under it that yo can expand the Casablanca to a decent size and upgrade to being one of the better houses on the block.

You will have no trouble finding a white wife. Women gravitate to homeowner men like men gravitate to blonde pussy.

disgusting cunts are clueless, as long as such morons hold the means of production humanity is doomed

More spam from retarded boomers that think this shit will actually work.

All you dark haired niggers better stay away from blond women, these are for blond men, you guys can have the soul-less gingers.

No hymen no diamond. Out of millions around me there's nothing available but used goods, so it's really not my fucking problem.


Good luck getting a wife with a log cabin without utilities that was considered nice in 1905. Women are hypergamous and "homeowner" isn't enough for them.

This is true

The mods are wholescale deleting anti-Semitic threads.

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You're right. Better to just whine about it between bouts of masturbation

In the future, land will be wealth. I pretty much did exactly what youre describing, I was married before leaving city life though. I bought a house in a rural county from a long line family that had only one man remaining on the property that was surprised I wanted to buy it. And there are far, far too many humans. It is a part of what necessitates the current predicament of the world. Is cutting your dick off and dressing like a woman and expecting others to pretend you are a thing that occurs in poor countries or agricultural countries? No. How about communism or voting for women and minorities? No. In cities? Yes. Thats where it exists. Why? Because those people are living stacked on top of eachother in homes they dont own, wearing clothes that were imported eating food that someone else made, getting yuppie direct deposit to their bank account, shopping with a card that isn't money or even property from stores that have the same demands that their nation state does. In other words, these city yuppie think they all came up with the same idea alone, organically, because its moral. When in reality, their ideas are totally absent in nature and wholly unnatural to the extreme, requiring continuous labor and investment of resources to sustain. And, therefore, those people who live that way are necessitated to do exactly what they are told by their school , their job, their government, their tv, their radio, tbeir movies and music. They are completely dependent on direction from the state to tell them what to do, they are slaves. Thats why they cant understand why anyone would be opposed to dragqueens and jews and foreigners, not because they have big hearts of tolerance and respect, but because they are the weakest of human genetics, selected through inversive artificial pressures which are so devistatingly effective that the level of testosterone of hhumanity in general, has to be adjusted lower every few years, and endocrinologists cant figure out why. These people have no choice but to follow their directives, like a pig at a slaughterhouse, they believe the farmer has fed them mash because they enjoy the flavor so much, lacking the cognitive resonance to identify that the mash is an investment, on which a profit will be realized.

Women who are too weak to properly select mates deserve to be caste away, which is their choice in the first. Once they mate outside of their race, their offspring are permanently locked out of all discerning mate selection. If the jews are so focused on killing us all now, and the minorities are so envious of our innate nature that they must breed into it, which isn't even possible, imagine how whites will be seen when they are a minority? Imagine how determined whites will become to defend themselves when they recognize theyre going away… thats when inventions of necessity will flow

First post is best post.

You mean (((tarrant))) threads? Good on them.

Lol my brother was the owner of that page

nice reddit spacing, niggerfaggot.

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We are user for a reason. Please consider tighter OPSec in the future.
Also, diamonds are stupid and worthless.

White women are less than 5% of the world population, we can't afford to lose anymore.

If all of the jobs are in major cities, you can't unless you're already wealthy or own your own Internet business.

Natural selection is a bitch

This is all bullshit.
Women have always been under male guidance, and Jews hijacked things like Disney which women didn't know became dangerous. Neither did most of us until a certain date because we haven't had access to the information.
You want to lose white women to the others? Foolish. They need you, they just don't know it. You have to find a way to pull them back, salvage them, just like you would a cheap home.

there are way more blonde women than blonde men user.

I own a house and live alone. Nobody gives a fuck. Its such meme that women care about these things. I pulled more pussy when I lived in my fucking shitty beat up car. Im not even kidding. Its a media meme that women care about what kind of car you drive, where you live, whatever. Its just to get you to buy more shit in an attempt to get women. Ive seen the biggest losers in the world with girlfriends, there are losers right now that live with their parents and dont have a job that have several kids. Just let that sink in and think about what women actually value as a whole.
what im saying is dont worry about how much money you make in order to have white babies, you get a house for yourself and to have a more stable life, you can have white babies independently from this. You have to trick a woman into thinking youre cooler than the 300+ guys that are giving her constant attention via her iphone, at her school, job, and where she hangs out at every waking moment.

Lol I got laid living outa my car too.

Women probably know it'll be temporary so they want the fuck.
Most women are kept as children due to entertainment conditioning. Tons of women are so far from being responsible enough to have children, they openly oppose having kids.

Allow me to respond, after undoing your Faggot Spacing ™

Post pics of physique and and car.

No, it is universal among females.

Translation: "I engaged in sexual degeneracy in my younger years."

I'm not really sure what planet you're from. Or what level of beauty of women you're talking about.

Again, I would have to see pics of the couple, the house, and the circumstances to find that credible.

isn't that really the gist of what I have just said?

INB4 "You have no game, cuck, loser, blah blah blah." so don't bother, Shlomos-masquerading-as-Chads

I have no way to verify if you are just a disinfo black pill JIDF shill, so I will say that a stable job in a self-owned home is an attraction for the right TYPE of girls.

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You DO know he's hooked up with a rich Jewess, do you not?

So, ((((((women))))))))

fake blondes

Talks about White wives, posts Brown girl.

It would be Blonde women, and Blond men.

There is a real difference in the words. It's one of the few remaining gendered words in the English language.

Fuck off yid.

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I can fix that.

When I was in HS there was this chinless sap that was from a well to do family dominated by his grandmother. We all came to school in t shirts, jeans and adidas runners. His grandmother sent him to school in 3 piece suits, trench coat, umbrella with a windsor knot tie. He was a simpleton but he had this smoking hot girlfriend glued to his arm. He was in line to inherit right off the bat on graduation a house that had to be a minimum of $3 million in today's market.

It's true. The media shoves blondes in our faces but even as far back as the 40s woman have been bleaching their hair. While platinum blonde isn't a popular shade anymore you bet any blonde you meet has roots showing.

All white women who have mixed babies eventually regret it to the core and live out the rest of their lives in misery.

Women don't give a shit about your white genes, they care about money, being supported, going on trips, watching TV, etc.

But this is not the problem. Whites are more economically successful than most other races. The blond chick has already hooked up with a successful white after getting off the cock carousel. The problem is a tidal-wave influx of brown peoples will mean whites will eventually be a minority.

When whites become a clear minority, white political franchise will be weakened to the point of meaningless. The IQ of the nation will drop and become no different than any other 85< IQ nation which is run by corruption and welfare programs.

The elites of the nation will still be predominatly white thanks to their family connections and higher IQ, but since most of the nation are low-IQ, useless retards who just know welfare programs the elites will just settle in and rob whatever economic value is left.

Higher class whites will flee to better countries wherever those may be. The lower class ones will just survive in their white enclaves.