Would you play a game like this?

Im thinking about doing a point and click game about Epstein Island, just want to check if there is any interest about it.
If everything goes smoothly I will have a workable room with interactables at the end the week.

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Stop talking and do it.

Are you using a game building framework? If so, what kind?

Adventure Game Studio, it would be Sierra like, but I can add or take away stuff I dont like. Its very modular and easy to use.

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This is the spam codenigger wants this board filled with.

One thing a Brenton Tarrant game would be limited by is lack of content. A different idea would be Level 1: Epstein Mansion, 2: Tarrant's Mosque, 3: Pulse Nightclub Boogaloo, and so on. At the end you could take over the White House filled with Jewish spooks and place the Swastika banner at the heart of the nation.

Make it a proper game-shaped object and upload to steam early access right now!

what program are you using for the pixelshit?

Are you going to post it on Steam? Where can we download it?

That would be fun. Just make sure it gets really batshit the further you go into the temple.

LOL funny stuff, but does it serve to desensitize children who come across it without the knowledge to understand the joke? Make sure the goal is to catch pedos, not be a pedo

Will it have lolis?

All of you deserve death tbh.

OP should rope himself really.

You have to go back.

It wont be on Steam, it will be free and I will post it somewhere in a zip.

do i get to fuck underage girls? if not, then no.

no one else goes there for any other reason; why would you expect me to?

Honestly no. Looks scary as shit.

The mods are wholescale deleting anti-Semitic threads.

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You'll post the code and the compiler version + the build flags so we can verify you're not a glownigger, right?

I am stealing your art and style and going to make the game before you.
If you even try to continue, i will sue for copyright infringement.

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Found the boomer jew.

You made me laugh so hard I wasted a bong hit.

Woop woop! It's the fun police, here to make sure we're doing nothing but posting the same old spam infographics and incriminating ourselves to the glowniggers 24/7/365.

Society got to be as jewed as it is today primarily due to the influence of mass media, not concentrated autism on message boards. These "softer" distribution channels are by far the most effective weapons that we can use to get our message out (and therefore expand our base of support), which is why these threads attract the ire of demoralization and distraction shills.


OP should use ren.pai to make a visual novel where you play Epstein and fuck high school lolis and surpass Unteralterbach


Hey OP, pic related may give some inspiration.

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as a juror at epstein's trial i cannot play this game :(

this. does the game involve banging underage grills or not?

Add Raytracing for the lulz.

is this codeword for underage grills?

Maybe to someone somewhere? I think of it more as a boring and largely unsupported feature that made my gfxcard overpriced for a 70 series GPU. I mean sure, it is like a 1080 in some respects, but I am more angry about wasting my money on yet another overpriced piece of glass. I regret not buying a Vega 64 and OCing it. Either way I am forced into contributing to a duopoly, or buying used. Instead of getting a quality card. Like i did with HD6970 or GTX285 i got a 500 dollar marketing scheme aimed at idiot teens.

Computers are pozzed, so…yeah, you could say it is a codeword for kidfucking.

Do it


interesting. so, what sort of setup would one need to do the intensely real, VR-interactive underage grills that are apparently going to be in this game?

…asking for a friend

Yep. Don't try and monetize it either, just release it for free on Steam or something. Every redpill helps.

Hey Im going to let my inner child speak out for this rare occasion just to lyk that thats pretty cool user. Im currently working on a majority of arts atm but have not touched game/flash design in while. Wll have to try my hand at all this. Just know that this is a cool thing your doing my friend ;)

just take shower with dad and make it shower with jeffrey epstein

I want to be part of this, tell me if you need a code or ideafag to help you with this

Nope. Kill yourself jew.

Eat shit you filthy fucking jew.

You're late

Sure, so long as you give us an actual OC user instead of just using Pepe.

just like, make game

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I'm not too sure. Might be fun.

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It's called Ren'Py you nigger

I like the idea. It's akin to all the cia/fbi funded "kill da muzzie" or other bin laden related flash games pushed during the iraqi war, but this time it's for our case, not for these subhuman satanists

Kek, I like your pic rel. Make sure to include the incinerators builderanon said must be underground by looking at the absurd ventilation system they've installed at the island



Don't let the glowniggers or the pedo shills put you off, OP.
This is a great idea. It should make people want to find out more.

Yes, as long as the puzzles make sense, and the narration and revelations are interesting. I love point and click adventure games.

no, not an idiot

this, and all culture creation like it, is the winning hand
ignore the naysayers and blackpills
this is how the culture war is won

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That is an excellent idea and I strongly urge you to pursue it

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Looks pretty intredasting. Do keep at it.

the rubbing hands sticking out of the window on the right are a nice touch

k niggers im doing it

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oh shit, also the owl on the left in the tree and the troll on the lower left

more plox

keep it up user, this will be remembered as one of the classics

Oh fugg

You have my support user. Someone mentioned posting source code and build flags to prove you aren't glowing?

Guys, john McAfee flew drones over the island

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yes make it already

I'm sorry mario, but the princess is in another castle.

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Adventure games are boring as shit and don't last long enough
Make it a hard as balls sidescroller instead

Only if it is a loli H-game

user DO IT

You cheeky little shit.

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Im using Adventure Game Studio to make it, it's a ready made program for this sort of stuff.
Since I am not a programmer I do not know what do you mean by that stuff, but if you want I will upolad the project files with the game.

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that looks amazing
keep up the good work user

they already made giants: Citizen Kabuto

Fucking based

You're doing great work, user. Keep it up!

As far as story/settings, have you seen pic related? It was posted by Raychel Chandler's Instagram and is supposedly of the underground area.

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Unironically based. Half expecting the 'drops' to be tin foil hat tier and not actually naming the jew, but I suppose we'll have to see. If McAfee gets royal user'd, I hope the glorious bastard goes down fighting.

Sounds hella cool. Don't let this nofunallowed board ruin it.


Good shit. Are you the guy who made these gifs a while ago?

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What the fuck is your obsession with 'fun', you retarded child? The entire internet revolves around entertaining window licking mouth breathers like you. If you can't handle what goes down here, go the fuck away.
This isn't your board, child.
Go play.


You try too har.

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Whatever you get paid to shit up this board, it's twice what you're worth.

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Go to /v/


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Yes, Im aware of that.

Yes, I also made the Tarot Cards.

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In that case it would be a waste to not use your talents.

You don't know what "strawman" means, and you should take your bottom-shelf kike discouragement tactics and fuck off.

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