Hitler allowed non-whites to serve The Cause; so should we


Non-White Units:

Arab: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Arabian_Legion
Spain: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Division
Poland: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poles_in_the_Wehrmacht
Turks: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/162nd_Turkoman_Division

Notice how anti-Semitism in Europe has increased ever since Muslims have moved to Europe. They were the foot soldiers of the Nazis in their war against Communism, Bolsheviks and Juden.

They will now be the foot soldiers in the war against Liberals, Democrats, Jews, Globalists, RINOs, Never Trumpers and Socialists.

The sooner we realize their utility, the more we can devote more resources to recruiting the right people instead of fighting a losing war on several racial fronts

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Heil Hitler, Heil Himmler, Heil Trump

Hitler lost the war because he was too kind and trusting of those who did not deserve either the kindness nor the trust.


Wow finally some common sense.

Trump deported a literal Nazi while pardoning a kike. Don't try to mix Trump with Hitler, you dishonest boomer.

Nonwhites are fine so long as they fulfill these conditions:

trump is a kike puppet who never keeps promises

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Further, while you still need to
it bears nothing: Those groups generally didn't serve as allies because of shared ideological belief.
Further still, they weren't terrible effective:


They did it because it served their ethnic interests.
Spanish and Poles are both White though.

Seriously though, you need to take your diaper-fetish faggotry
back to 4chan.
The /ptg/niggers miss you, I'm sure.

There is no need for 'highly skilled' workers from other lands to come to ours. Let them stay where they are and make their land great.

If they want to come visit on vacation, as tourists, sure – keeping in mind, by definition, a tourist does not stay very long.

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Oh, if you're talking about long-term employment, I agree (work visas are killing the US together with the spics). What I mean is that if your company would like to fly in a technician to service some expensive equipment it's fine to bring in a qualified nonwhite.

And that was a mistake. What we (not you) must do is learn from it, and never repeat that mistake.
What we must aim for is a white ethnowrold, and nothing less. Genocide all non-whites.

There is absolutely nothing wrong allying with non-white nations you retard. Hitler didn't lose the war because of it.

That's idiotically simplistic (I think bait). They were volunteers in a military conflict

How convenient you forgot to write the last two sentences of that Wiki article about Turkic peoples:

I agree on the Arabs though.
There was also an SS battalion of Turks directly under central command on the Eastern Front that used King Tigers, STG 44 or similar equipment. They had defected enmasse to free their lands from Soviets.
They were first (like mentioned before) sent to Europe (France particularly) as a "police force" but they quickly complained and even dropped their weapons, because "they had joined to fight not sit idle" and insisted on being sent to battle. They were sent to Eastern front where they prove quite effective and eventually gathered under "Ost Turkischer Vaffen Verband der SS" the coat of arms which you see in the pic related. A Grey Wolf, ancient symbol of all Turkic peoples.
Here is a video of them:

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Just as long as they understand they'll be second-class citizens at best, I don't mind. Best be weary of betrayal.

No Goy! What we want 4chan and Zig Forums to be is the most retarded people possible. The best Zig Forums is the one where 80 iq's call negroes names, larp and generally turn away everyone smart enough to tie their shoe-laces!

As a huebro, I support you guys taking back what is yours; Europe is for Europeans, period. Not to mention, we have a common enemy, as the Jew is a threat to us all.

Just deport everyone once all is said and done. After the enemy is defeated, there shouldn't be any issues. I recall Savitri Devi talking about how pajeets in India supported Hitler winning the War despite being non-white, as everyone stood to benefit.

I forgot to say. The Goyim must never realize they all have a common enemy. The goyim must never understand that they would all be better off without The International Jew and that the way you deal with a global problem is to attact it globally.

Hitler failed because of his good will. Against jews no good deed goes unpunished.

Recruiting Indians is a bad idea imo. They have a history of backstabbing. All those h1 visa workers are actively working against America. They believe that Indians are superior to whites. They are only here to do mediocre jobs and send money back to India. This especially true for IT pajeets. Most Indians hate Americans but have daddy issues towards Britain and Russia.

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checked for dub dubs and true truth

Purple has been saying we need to do this for months. He says the only way to win and prevent the rats from scurrying to a new ship is to unite the world behind removal of the Jew. Global Starship Troopers is the only way this 2000 year saga of diabolical kikery ends. He also said the reason they flood are countries are because the jews fuck up theirs extracting resource and using cheap labor. He says defeat the jew first, then fix the problems the jew created, finally the invaders will want to go back on their own, and those who don't can be physically removed.

Yeah pajeets are tricky. Unfortunately i work ina field with a shitload of them. They work for peanuts so it drives the salaries down for everyone, but I am getting a sense that they actually don’t have much value and people (bosses) are starting to value whites a lot more. I’ve had numerous people tell me this.

I prefer pajeets 1000% more than fucking bugmen though

Hitler lost the war because the Allies were reading all secret German communication dipshit.

that, plus the infiltration of his ranks by (((globalist))) agents


>Spain: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Division

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The thing is most of the H1-B pajeets are shit caste tier dalits who can't find work in india because their genetics are lower than scum and they are societal outcasts. What we really need is for India to do a genocide on the dalits. Dalits come with thousands of years of resentment of their betters hardwired into them; they should all be genocided.

Dude is the next Hitler mark my words. Can't wait till he night of the long knives all these boomers and spergs that scream the loudest and prevent any actual real progress on the Jewish Question from taking place.

This shit again?

Because he was a stupid kike.
Ov courpse, stupid kike.

Nope. Kill yourself. We won’t be allowing nonwhites anywhere near us.

Heil IP switching.

Wow, finally an IP switch.

Suicide now, paid shill.

If, as some anons believe, islam was a jewish creation and hitler was christian, why was he so eager to get into bed with them?

So I can assume the two of you are against the idea of non-Whites in White nations or full ethnoglobe?

He had asian division too. Blacks and even a jewish one. Books have been written about all those. They were clearly fighting the globalist jews not jews themselves. Retard mongoloid fake modern nazist think he thought jews in general. But it was the zionist jews above all. That's why he signed Haavara agreement to let the normal jews get a safe haven.

This is 100% correct. These people care nothing for our people. Do you see any of them thinking of anything but their own self interest while they are destroying our nations through parasitism. FUCK THEM. Subhumans are nothing but trash and Hitler's WORST MISTAKE was trusting any of them. You are correct, this is why he lost (he didn't even weed out the jew).



1930's Germany wasn't facing a demographic crisis. Not even remotely comparable.

This is a paid shill.

Birthrates plummeted in Weimar and the French were importing niggers to rape German women, so it was comparable, yeah.

You have more allies among non-whites than you think. See:

Don't forget the whole world faces a common (((foe))). Don't let them fool you into losing sight of that with peripheral issues, especially ones that were caused by them in the first place.

Shit thread. OP is a subversive little kike.

You should kill yourself immediately, faggot.

Dear Newfags these are not our anons but shills or cards that have flooded the board since the 2016 election. Learning to spot them could save a thread.

Imagine how many chinese were killed by Mao… Now realise Mao did that (((under guidance))) from jewish subversives…

If the world learns of the jew and people stop larping that they have a sekrit klub ONLINE of all places ONLY for whites… the problem will fix itself real fucking fast.

Nice try. Low effort, but nice try just the same, nigger.

The influx of these mouth breathers is what is destroying /po/ as most anons can spot the shill. These people don't simply purity spiral they set their purity spiral so high it is impossible to ever achieve proving they aren't just mouth breathers but kike shills preaching eternal defeatism through impossible goals. Hopefully the Purple user will expose who is paying these faggots to shit up our boards and prevent any real discussion or international unity on the jewish question from taking place.

Mao's finance minster was literally a kike from Europe named Jakob Rosenfeld.


>rushes to call everyone who doesn't agree with him a shill
You're glowing, faggot.

checked, nice dubs.

basically this.

That essentially was Purple user's argument for why white nationalism is a self defeating concept because jews are global and even if white somehow manage to surmount all odds and create their own nation the jews will form an international coalition to destroy that nation just like they've done countless times before in history. The only way to solve the jewish question ironically is globalism and Global Starship Troopers.

What movement?
What organizations?

He also underestimated Russian winters. I love the man but everyone makes mistakes.

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Purple will enact the night of the wignats and these fucking self defeating spergs will finally be purged from out greater international movement. The Jew must be purged globally not regionally and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't learned from 2000 years of history like Purple said.

>[random anons are preventing] international unity on the jewish question
Lel, get out.

You lost it.

If you think you can remove Jews from power your delusional.

All you have is a computer and an internet connection right now.

Shill harder kike any oldfag already knows what you are just try and make it more obvious for the newfags that don't understand we all are window licking idiots who like cuckservatives value intangible concepts above the final victory.

the IQ on this board must have dropped to sub saharan levels
serving the NS cause doesn't mean they get any footing whatsoever in European land or affairs, it means they get to fight for the destruction of those international forces that are attempting or will attempt to the life of every single country on earth
some non-white who sees this danger and wants to protect HIS OWN land from this future danger is welcome to join the ranks

I haven't read starship troopers but if you want to kill an international plague you have to deal with it internationally…

Also, all friggin races the jew has made enemies of. There's people in AFRICA of all places that can be made to hate jews ffs because even there their women are starting to act like retards because of feminism…

There's nary a peoples unaffected by the jewish scourge. But they don't realize how and in what way. All you have to do is fill in the missing information…

Everywhere in the world they hate feminism… feminism is just a tool to reduce birthrates and weaken a people with lower iq, more developmental problems, lack of fathers, etc… You just have to point this out. That it is a jewish weapon. That the jews are waging war on all peoples…

This, staying out of the way and not actively blocking it is the best thing non-whites can do. And I’m a non-white who’s trying as much as I can to get others (relatives, etc) to do so, with admittedly little success.

Notice, anons, how the spicspamming glownigger hops IPs, as always, and "agrees" with itself without adding any reason to.
The literal definition of a "shill" in the crowd.
They're so fucking lazy too.
It's quite insulting, really.

Of course, the only "real" solution is some kind of Science Fiction future that YOU will have nothing to do with, and have no effect achieving, because face it, anons
White Nationalism kills Whitey, cuz JOOOS!
Amarite, Fellow Whites?!

Oh well, anons, looks like it's all over. Give away all you own to a nigger, and kill yourself.

REMINDER: THIS is the best they have.
And we're still foolish enough to keep playing this stupid game.
Stop talking to subhumans who are desperately bargaining for their filthy, parasitic, destructive, raping souls.
Eliminate the threat.
Be done with this shit.

Don't feed the shills but good point; newfags and lurkers should observe that behavior and learn to not engage with it to prevent them from derailing threads slinging endless unsubstantiated ad hominems and purity spiraling like some Klanfag in the woods who breeds their sister for the sake of genetic purity of course.

It's a combination of lower IQ but mainly Jews paying people to come on here and 4 chan to make absurd statements that make us look like idiots and to do D&C so people never globally unite to stop the jew. The jew's power comes from being able to divide people against each other and they've been doing it for thousands of years. Ergo the only way to stop the jew is to unite globally among all people and races to defeat him. This obviously doesn't include subsaharans as they lack the basic human evolution to add anything of value to such a movement. US blacks with white admixture may be different to a small extent but I've never been to burgerland.

>PurpleLARP will enact the night of the wignats and these fucking self defeating spergs will finally be purged from out greater international and multi-racial movement
Alright, Anglin, time for you to fuck off back to your shitty site.

This is just sad.

Iv'e heard "african americans" talk about how PC is madness and not using the proper term "negro" leads to a lot of identity problems…

How exactly does the retard rap help blacks too?


Purple said that is what his mission is going to be to unite everyone against a common enemy - the global rootless cosmopolitan class, jews and shabbos together.

Oh look it's the bedridden boomer faggot on disability who shits up this board 20 hours a day because he can't do the decent thing and end his pathetic existence.

Remember faggot traitors first then jews - you have a bullet coming.

Go back to Tel Aviv!

I guess Hitler did some things wrong.

Purple is not a LARP like you think. Purple is probably 'Q' repackaging himself; all butt hurt and sore from the reaming he got from the White House when he was removed from power.

'Purple' has three dedicated paid faggots who follow him around licking his balls and worshipping at his feet.
Here is number one:

Here is number two:

Here is number three:
(most likely)

They post these fucking ridiculous OP's about love and tolerance of faggots, subhuman trash and other Kalergi and Deep State agendas and then call everyone who disagrees with them 'shills' and continue sucking on 'purples' balls.

If you felt the need to filter someone, filter the ball suckers.

This is the best you got, nigger? This IS just sad, faggot.

You're trying way too hard. Back off a couple clicks. You'll be hard pressed to fire up a fad fetish for another Q LARP around these parts, homo.

Again, THIS is the best they have left. We fucking destroyed everyone else. Listen up, little nigger! By the time you're done here, YOU will be the suicidal fuckwit who can't stand the heat of REALITY! And stop projecting. The bullets are all waiting patiently for you fucking useless bastards.

This guy gets it.

Kill yourself Moarpheus you aren't fooling a single oldfag here besides I thought Purple was Mike Enoch and his supporters where TRS shills guess your new shill line is that he and anyone supporting him is Anglin now.

Reminder all Jews go to the ovens you cannot avoid your fate Purple Hitler is coming to put a boot on your neck and zyklon down your lungs.

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If a war breaks out take your memes to the war.

Laughing at you is the only way Jews can be removed from table now.

Same posting style, same shitty shill argument against only namefag to ever give the goods, different IP - Shill sucks at his job and is not fooling a single user.

Can you assholes even see yourselves from outside your tiny bubble? You look fucking foolish.

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They outed themselves as shills from the moment they started posting. They jumped into this thread, immediately and without a second thought voiced their support for OP's half-baked idea, and then they began to vehemently attack everyone who disagreed by hurling various buzzwords around like "wignat".
Without a doubt, these are shills with an agenda, and tbh, they're not very bright.

They also promote race mixing openly. So more than likely this faggot is number three ball washer for 'purple' user.

As well as the same person who made this 'OP'. It takes a special type of retardation/boomer to fall for their 'agenda'. Muh subhumans 'good' anons…
Also, do not forget that 'purple' took part in jewish human sacrifice rituals (the murder of White women) so he is compromised from the beginning and very easy to frame when anyone wants to dispose of him. He is a dangerous wildcard and not someone who can be relied on at all. Also the information he dispenses is NOT RELEVANT to anything that would help us at all.

Okay. Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.

You're a good egg, user.

Let's see how many socks this shill has by how many times he replies to his own shitty arguments to suck off his own ego

25686c Phone
cf0c6f Laptop
7b6395 PC

Nope they are too busy myopically sucking each other off.

LARPs IMO are just the deep state fucking with anons. So 'real', what does that really mean? Is it 'real' because it is a deep state kike op? Sure, that is really an operation against this board and against European/Whites.


At least two of those are different people shillanon.

Oh, spicspam. The only one who glows around here is you, and your RED TEXT, anti NatSoc, pro
bullshit, and you actually believe you're still invisible to this entire board? You must be a bitch, because I have never met a man, even a nigger, who was this fucking socially retarded.
You glow, cunt. You fool no one but yourself. You actually believe you're achieving anything but another slide of more important threads
You're merely a speedbump on the road to your imminent eradication, nigger.
Keep trying though. You WILL go crazier than you already are, and you WILL kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.

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This kike just keeps talking to himself; Newfags and Lurkers take notice this is how they derail a thread even if you filter them and make us look like mentally impaired idiots on the level with Heimbach to insure there is never enough idealogical unity to actually defeat jews.

It's definitely one person on multiple devices.

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Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites

It's called a VPN dipshit who the fuck is the tech illiterate boomer now faggot.

You are literally retarded. You can change IP in 30 seconds from one device.


We can never talk about anything without getting into finger pointing flame wars, huh?

Still glowing nigger. Do you know why yet? It would behoove you to figure it out so your shilling is more effective in the future. But hurry, we keep figuring out your tired tactics before you apply them.
We know you're sliding other threads. You don't stop anything here. You definitely aren't hindering what goes on outside of this board, and IRL.
You don't survive what you've created, niggers.
You're not even anonymous here.
Allow that to sink in, fuckers.
tick tock

spicspam on parade!
You're joking, right?
Not even fucking trying anymore.
This board is nothing but bots.

You're still going to die.

Yes but if you want to simultaneously have a conversation with yourself you need to keep the same IPs and the poster strikes me as someone stupid enough not to know what a dedicated IP VPN is or what running multiple VMs on one PC is.

At least the shills give themselves away with bombastic accusations of race mixing support, jewish human sacrifice support, and everyone who doesn't agree with Wignatism is X.


You don't need a VM or a VPN to do that. Just a router. You can trust me on this, I'm a shitposter.

I already popped you before you started this retarded bullshit again.

It's funny that you assholes actually believe any of this works.
You obviously have no idea what's coming. Thank you so much for censoring the entire internet.

Now you fucking morons are flying blind! You have absolutely no clue what's coming. I am so much enjoying your frantic desperation. THIS bullshit is the only tactic you have left. None of you are even equipped for REAL WORLD ops, are you? Not for what's coming for you!
I can't wait!
tick tock, niggers.

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Also can you calm down, boy detective? You're clearly off your meds today

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Remember we are dealing with a wignat who likely doesn't even know how to get administrative access to a router and still probably uses the one the cable company rents to him.

See, I think things have gotten muddled because the faggot shills keep IP hopping. I thought you and I fell onto the same side of not supporting (((OP)))'s shitty idea.

Seriously, can we see the Yeas and Nays for who supports (((OP)))'s half-baked idea of teaming up with non-Whites to somehow defeat the jews so that we can all sing kumbaya and live in peace and harmony or whatever.

I'll start, Nay.

Is this your first day, Schlomo? When you niggers figure out why you glow, you can come back. Until then, you're an embarrassment and an insult to yourselves. Fuck off, kike.

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