Tucker Carlson makes anti-Semitic remarks at the Israel-controlled National Conservatism Conference

What did he mean by this?

Tucker Carlson seemed so inebriated during his speech that it appears as if he inadvertently revealed his power level. There is no other way to interpret this than as a statement against the Jewish racism of (((Bill Kristol))).

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You provided a link that proves:
1) He's not inebriated.
2) He's not antisemitic, but he mentions Bill Krystal is a goy hating shill for da jooze.
3) There is an obvious way to interpret it, and you're gibbering is not it. Krystal was being an asshole and Carlson is laughing at him.

minimum requirements for new thread. neck yourself

There is nothing in the video even remotely against Jews. Cucker Carlson wears a Kabbalah bracelet for fucks sake. Piss off (((Fox))) marketing shill.

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a true 'pede he is

The context is included in the video: Carlson was speaking about psychological projection.

Then he references Bill Kristol calling him racist. The direct implication is that Kristol is himself a racist, a kike racist, according to Carlson.

Meme it.

Lol butthurt

To be completely fair, it was about as non-aggressive as one could get while still chipping at an iceberg with a toothpick.

If you faggots held yourselves to the same standards there'd be no need for DOTR because it'd have happened already. Tucker is about as close as possible to /ourguy/ as you're going to see for the foreseeable future - a mainstream Nationalist who will criticise Israel on any level at all.

Right, he was trying to make an old comedian low hanging fruit.

Trump's approval rating (not the fake one the Jewish Media puts out - the real one) is way the fuck down. They know their goy can't win against a populist like Sanders or Yang (which is funny as fuck since Sanders is a kike but an AntiZionist kike). They're noticing fox ratings are way the fuck down because nobody gives a fuck about Trump's lies any more. They made him say some racist shit to prop him back up but his policies are fucking open borders trash and lied and nobody's buying it. Nobody fucking trusts Trump and I hope he chokes to death on a fuckin big mac in office. Literally, he can't win so they're trying desperately to get his support up.

Fuck Trump. A Trump second term equals war in Iran. No thanks.

Remind me again who Tucker Carl is

He was also regular at Comet Ping Pong in 2008.

Pretty sure you just stated a dozen contradictions.



Of course!
Of course!

Comet Ping pong was a Jewish meme devised by Roger Stone to help get Trump elected

Do you expect him to go 1488 on air just like that? Maybe that’s why he’s actually relevant in politics whereas you’re relegated to a fringe imageboard.
Tucker goes about as far as he can without getting memory holed. Plenty of his base has already moved past their MIGA phase. Try doing something actually productive rather than getting a swastika tattooed on your fucking face or something pants-on-head retarded like that.

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Whites are being ethnically genocided. We don't have the time to be politcally correct. Neither must one Heil Hitler to say
Your excuses are just that: excuses. Of which I have neither the interest nor patience to entertain.

Yeah I'm sure an heir to Swanson tv dinner money is just waiting for the right moment.

thats because he knows the "evil eye" is an aryan talisman that deflects evil magic, it was appropriated by the jews during the exile of babylon so they would be immune to all psychic attacks against them. he wears it to protect himself from jewish magic

Sauce me

jews literally havent made a single thing in history, even their entire religion is nothing but some frankenstein abomination, the result of butchering and reassembling various elements from sumerian and babylonian myth, egyptian ritual, and greco-roman philosophy. not a shred of anything "jewish" is actually jewish, except drinking infant blood and pedophilia. those seem to be the only things jews are capable of creating on their own. even all their artwork, trinkets and little cultural artifacts are stolen from other races.

"Anti Zionism is anti Semetism and we will not tolerate anti semetism".
Donald Trump


Isn't that more from the Phonecians/Carthaginians?

I agree with you. Kabbalah is a cheap Jewish knock-off of ancient Aryan mysticism. Cucker practices Kabbalah… he's a spiritual Jew.

also thanks for providing sauce

You believe that? kek. Since it won't make any difference, vote him into office in 2020 and lets see how long it takes for him to start rattling sabers..

People like you killed Zig Forums.

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who do you think the jews come from in the first place? jews are directly related to canaanites, a branch of the phoenician race.
they try and deny this in their holy books but its the truth, the jews and canaanites never warred over dominion of israel, jews and canaanites were just different religious sects of the same race.

"I know it's hard, but why don't we have a right to know? If there's a jew on the loose, if you don't tell anybody, if Bernie Madoff rips you off and you don't tell his other investors, you're part of the problem, are you not? What am I missing?" -Tucker Carlson

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I had never bothered to listen to this guy before, sounds like a complete shyster. The tone of voice, word choice, pattern of speech, it all rodent-like. Usually I don't dismiss people off this, but he thoroughly disgusts me. No idea how anyone on pol unironically watches/listens to him.

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Based commentary. So are we voting for Bernie or Yang?

This is what you ALWAYS DO.

You faggots. You disgusting faggots.
As soon as someone criticizes your (((chosen))) shill vector, you come out and try to imply your opposition believes something they do not.
If they demand even 10%, you faggots imply they demanded 110%.

Look at you. Look at yourself.
>maybe he's relevant because he just tows the line, while you're relegated to a 'fringe' imageboard (which I also use) and it has nothing to do with people EXACTLY LIKE HIM refusing to stand up to the jewish subversives and anti-white murderous pedophilic shabbos goyim, refuses to stand up to (((THE NARRATIVE)))
>tucker goes as far as he can while maintaining a platform which allows him to appeal to a few million utterly-fucking-irrelevant boomers on weeknights, with weak civic nationalism and constant and total support of (((THE NARRATIVE))) overall; ala

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Go back.
To fucking.

You /ptg/ faggots.

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