Student arrested for wearing gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter rally cleared of most charges

Student arrested for wearing gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter rally cleared of most charges

Black Lives Matter Protests at My Uni

>0:02 / 4:15 White student wearing gorilla mask interrupts BLM

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did he ooga booga at them, and say hey jigaboo!

I remember that thread good times

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I wonder if he still posts here

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he considered contracting nigger aids but thought that would be taking the role too far

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he shouldn't have put the nooses around teh nanners. that's what probably got him

why? really, why? this isn't /b/, user

I'm pretty sure I posted in that thread. Can't believe that was three years ago already. Seems like only yesterday… :')

Fucking based

literally everything BLM antifa and every leftist does

honk honk

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forgot ending
Hope he stays safe, and posts in here some victory laps.

We may never know

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New images have come out with James fields and Mike Pienovich together today too.

Enoch is a fed and I'm starting to think the whole fields arrest/trial was a psyops.

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Thread related

Up To 6 Months In Jail For Wearing a Gorilla Mask

>A jury found Tristan Rettke guilty of one misdemeanor count of disrupting a meeting

Tennessee Code 39-17-306. Disrupting meeting or procession
>(b) A violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor.

>Class B misdemeanors carry up to 6 months in jail and / or fines up to $500.00. Common examples of a Class B misdemeanor in Tennessee include reckless driving and prostitution.

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those poor crybaby snitch bitch ass niggers

Ironic that they attempted to charge him with civil rights intimidation while the state is intimidating him and people who share his beliefs.

All 50 states are free speech zones

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Unless you're prepared to do what the nasty little thot in that picture you took from a jewish film about serial killers with a fetish for murder is shown doing, it won't stay that way.

And you aren't, hence, it isn't.

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and you can't for some reason too

What the fuck???????????????????????? Nigger you just throw the guy out or lock him up for a day and then leave it at that, what the fuck is this stupid kike shit? WHY IS EVERYONE TODAY SUCH A MONUMENTAL FUCKING PUSSY CRYING TO THE GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT THEIR POOR LITTLE BUTTHOLE

Top kek, he should go in blackface to the next one.

You mad white boï?

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Students often make some strange things. I think this is normal now. But it's better to be if a student loves his education more than some strange actions. If they read more books, they will be smarter. And then they can write book reports on writing service one of the best services in the UK.

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Niggers are a protected, pandered, coddled, privileged, enabled, fostered, harbored, by the (((justice system))

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That police officer is the reason we are going to lose the united statesto jewish communism. I hope plenty of those types of people step up to bat during the war, and if they are too cowardly to face what they created, I hopethe bat steps up to them

Trips of truth

OP actually brightened my monday, thanks

Why would the yid want change?

This is a Clear example of Anti White hate.
See something - Say Something!
Stay vigilant, and report all Anti-White activity!

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Niggers have the thinest skin on the planet LMAO


Black Lives belong to Jews. Blacks will always be slaves to Jews and you must accept this fact if you still want those Jordans. KEK.

Why do you have interracial porn saved on your computer, and why do you think it's appropriate to post it here?

The reprobate bastard…

Reminder that this took THREE YEARS. Reminder that it's only MOST charges. No one is fighting back at all.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites

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Reminder that Jewish Nationalism is the weapon Whites use to exterminate Jews

always taught us
hitler was an evil
person yet never went
into detail about his M.O.


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Lol. Mike Penisbitch

Oh look, a properly made OP. Quite the refresher. Guy in OP has brass balls, very based.

Indeed. Those animals could have beat him down and he still would have been charged with a hatecrime while they would be set free. He's going against all natural instinct to confront a mob of Half-Human Half-Lower Hominids without any protection or shoes on. The balls on this kid.

EVERYONE fears the "Crazy White Boy". The "Berzerker". Everyone.

HE is waking everywhere.

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Get out boomer

A real hero has arisen
No fake media needed
No trips to pissrael in his background
just one user with a passion for bantz

I remember that. Why was he jailed, and in America of all places? I thought you have free speech

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Honk Honk

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Gotta front for dem Chozens doe. Nigguh it's like bruh…I know. We gotz to fight fo dem Jewbois doe cuz dey own us 'n shiiiieeeeeet. We will be kangz once dem damn white motherfuckers is gone. My handler told me so!

U meen muffukaz bytch

Bumping for /ourguy/

So do I. It was one of a few instances that OP actually delivered on his promise!

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Hope the Stormrat is raped by 'gorillas' in jail for being a traitor for the Jews.

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You're just another pathetic prog trying to spread lies to discourage public activism.

What was it - in 2016 - when these BLM niggers were yelling "Black Lives Matter," there were white guys on the sidewalk screaming, "pancake batter"

These are the type of threads I miss on here…

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