Americans can win a civil war that REMAINS a civil war, but it won't

Until (((they))) can stack the deck against the good people with infinite ra6e niggers from other countries.

Oh, wait, that's exactly what they already did to Germany, wasn't it?

So, for those of you salivating over the whole idea of a civil war in the USA, it ain't gonna happen.
A) Burgers love their burgers. They won't rebel as long as they have their burgers and porn.
B) The people who could kick it off are all owned by the same bunch that INSTALLED all the transvestite negro women as top brass in the military.
C) Media and disinfo. There would be one, unified anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-heterosexual, anti-male narrative, and all of the Mockingbird Media would be chanting it in unison, while using NBCW against the whitest areas of the country, then claiming it was Muh Russians.
D)ream on, dreamers. It ain't never going to happen.

Muh Civil War Part II. In Part I, niggers were voiceless slaves and the country was white. Now? Women and children rule over you, and you are Rayciss For Being White.

Good fucking luck. What's your fucking military doing about the fucking invasion on the Southern border? Providing free food, clothing, medical care, and housing.

Motherfucking brilliant. Glowing like a thousand supernovas brilliant.

Only God can steer this rolling outhouse pit uphill. So far it is headed straight for hell.

Do you REALLY think the rest of the world will be told the truth of what is going on in America?

Fucking hell no. What will be told them is that there are six hundred and sixty six million Jews being gassed, ovened, skinned, lampshaded, ra6ed, masturbated, and having their testicles beaten until they die, even the women.

Do you really think the fucking Euros are going to be told that niggers being paid to breed like overfed rats at a garbage dump is they niggers are "underprivileged?"

No. They are going to be told whatever The Most Viable Line of Bullshit is that will Rally Them Unto Wrathful Righteous Indignation to stomp out the disgusting ignorant Americains once and for all.

Fantasize on, gun-clingers. How many shots have you fired so far? None. Why? Because the people and the resources needed to fight and WIN a civil war are all ass-fucking little boys in dungeons in High Places.

You tell me YOU tell ME under what fantastical circumstances you actually think that, unlike racially homogenous Germany and Japan, YOU, Niggerbeanmuttistan, YOU will somehow unify and prevail.

Go ahead. Lay it all out for me. Convince me you are going to quit being ass-raped. I know you aren't going to, because, in your heart of hearts, you KNOW that it is just not going to take place.

You know those same neighbors you have that have the rainbow stickers on their car and whose son you have to tell to quit trying to get your son to dress in girls' clothes are going to turn you in to the Homosexual Authority for re-education the moment their AIDS-tainted shit hits the fan.

You know those teachers at the school have ALL the non-correct-thinking children's parents noted.

I'm not saying there is no hope. What I am saying is that the fantasy of some glorious scum-defeating Civil War II is not looking very likely. Your enemies are not foreign or even geographically separate from you. They are right in the same neighborhood.

Nah. There has to be a way forward other than that fantasy. Literally every army in the entire WORLD has been taught to hate America. Who do you think WON'T jump in to ra6e every last white infant in America?

Nope. You are more alone than you know, just as Saint Adolph was, though he didn't know just how utterly debased and depraved England and the rest of the world had become. He fought Weimar IN Germany. Imagine his shock to find that it was the whole world OTHER than Germany.

Do you really fantasize that the entire world will NOT be rallied to ra6e and murder you all?

You know, the same America that thumped its Bible also lined up 47-deep behing the 82 commies to ra6e every last girl in Berlin, and 99.9 percent of the boys, because they were so Morally Outraged about the five Jews that lost some windows, er the 666 sextillion Jews that had been gassed, burned, ra6ed, masturbated, skinned, and then had their gold filling removed before escaping to tell their story.

I can explaing the Moral Outrage in one sentence: "I get to ra6e children if I win."

Don't expect a world that is far more brainwashed to hate America for the last 70 years than formerly-largely-German-Christian-White-America was to hate Germany in three years to stand by while there is even ONE white American child left to ra6e.

Civil war? Ha. It will turn into World Ra6e III and it will be done IN America.

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Spelling changed because lazy algo's to filter for porn shot down the post with the word as "rape."

How do you tear down a stone city?


suck a nigger dick you blackpill faggot

The first (((Civil War))) wasn't much of a success, in whom it destroyed, and in whom it set free.

I think the War of Independence is more of a model. Another "get all whiteys to kill each other for the (insert Special Interest Group or its golems here) war" is the LAST thing America needs.






Last one it has.

BTW, "R3ddit Sp4cing" is a kike dog whistle to allow other kikes to shit up a thread by lazily searching for that phrase."

'Dont fight goyim- you cant possibly win'. Im sure kikes and pussies like yourself told Hitler and the nazi party the same thing when it was on the rise in Germany. Go somewhere else faggot. Offer solutions or just shut the fuck up and get out of the way. You will be forgotten. Faggot

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gas yourself

Yeah? And how do you know that? You can even define what such an event would look like.

A) You realize the food shortage has already started due to flooding yes?
B) Any White man can start it.
C) Taking out communications is one of the first things that would occur.
D) Your stupid, jew ass couldn't even make up a fourth fiction. Sad, sad jew. This post resembles your mutilated genitals.

Skitzo Shlomo then goes on to make his daily journal entry full of mental illness.

So you are stating that it could not be won, agreeing with OP, yes?

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As of 2016 the atf was aware of about 85 million murrikans who owned a fun. Also in 2016 95% of fun owners who voted, voted for blumph.
So let's call it an even 80mil. Also also in 2016 every army, including reserves and paramilitary outfits came to about 60 million people world wide. The amerikkan people have all the armies of the earth out numbered. Murkkah cannot be taken by force. That's why they have to poison it.

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A "Civil War" implies some section of the ruling class is willing to use violence against another.
In that sense, I agree. There will be no "Civil War," because the differences between the ruling class of that homosexual interracial porno called "America" are trivial. Moreover, the Democratic and Republican "Parties" aren't parties at all, but State institutions, that don't actually give a shit about anything.
The next "civil war" is going to look like a National Liberation War. It is going to start as a decentralized guerrilla conflict, with Lone Wolves and small Wolf Packs acting in ideological unity, but otherwise acting independent of each other, with no central command.
This phase of the White National Liberation War is almost already here. The ideological war against the ZOG is almost finished. The only thing that is needed is a mechanism to spread awareness of how to expose them, and what their real thoughts are.
The second phase of the White Nation Liberation War is when The Leader will emerge. 'The Leader is the person who figures out how to move from a decentralized guerrilla conflict driven by ideological hatred of the ZOG, into an organized and centralized guerrilla war, driven by ideological hatred of the ZOG.
Then that thing called "America" will be obliterated from history, and the nukes will rain down on Israel, and any other country that make friends with the ZOG.

You type like a fag, so your opinion is discarded.

Hate to be the blackpill here but in a "Civil War" in MINECRAFT the US military would most likely pull into their bases, secure the nukes, then send out a combination of drones, satcom and scout missions to see what is going on. The National Guard would be activated to try and hold certain key positions to keep supply lines open but they would be spread really thin.
All an insurgency has to do is grab the artillery first. Blow the main electrical interconnects and balancing stations, cut about 16 main train lines and blow about 14 key bridges and HWY passes. Now you know that the Zog knows this as well, no problem just take out as many of the substations as possible, they cannot defend them in the mayhem and it does the same thing. The civil unrest would drive the pigs from the streets, in 90 days 25% of the population would be dead. Then the real fun starts

Whatcha sliding moshe?

technically op is right, 'merica' cannot win this war.

but we all know op is a fag whom meant to say 'whites' cannot win this war. which we all also know that is not true so long as we cull cucks from trying to stop us from doing what is required.

we have no kind hearted painter whom just wants his people to be left alone and everyone to realize we can live in peace together. No, this time it is just the spite in our hearts we can rely on as our leadership.

preppers were afraid those fema camps were for rounding them up. they never realized it was only good for creating fob's and places to gather up military families to protect them from what comes in this kind of conflict. it took an vast percentage of the us military's on the ground combat troop strength to garrison iraq, iraq was basically just a couple highways and maybe ten miles wide habitable zone running the distance equivalent to going from brownsville texas to austin. Even with all of every western nations armies deployed here and doubling in size they couldn't hope to garrison and pacify an continent like the us.

they will try tho, idiots in power always do. hubris is a thing in human nature.

They'd need to flood the US with the entire world's population of subhuman filth for the exceptionally armed Whites to lose.

You think the rebels in America will keep it civil? Oh jew, European people have a proud history of torture and we are going to absolutely indulge ourselves on each and every one of you. You have been rubbing our nose in the shit, more and more americans hate jews like you enough to enjoy torturing and killing you. All in minecraft of course

I like the one where jelly and honey is spread all over a person's body then they're tied up in a bog and left to be eaten alive by the gay frogs.

Although the scariest one is being cut in half starting at the bottom between the legs.

Just use paragraphs like a literate human being you stupid nigger. This isn't rocket science.

that's enough revolution bullshit, faggot. You have been plundered and are now in the last stage of an Empire: Decadence. The dollar will crash and the Jews will move on to the next pile of suckers.

all wars have been funded on both sides by jews. seriously, it's over just die.

Zoomers like this think anything longer than two sentences is a book and the thought of reading paragraphs instead of skimming text scared them

Your CWII scenario isn’t the one believed in by Thomas Chittum author of CWII or Dr. William Pierce author of The Turner Diaries or probably any other white racialist who talks about the upcoming second US civil war.

No one is saying its going to be a people rise up revolution from the bottom scenario but rather it will most likely come about as a result of an economic collapse likely due to Jew design or incompetence.

As Chittum put it in his book “first mega collapse, then mega civil war”.

And Dr. Pierce basically put it that Americans won’t do anything so long as their refrigerators are full and they can still watch Niggerball on the Talmudvision.

Sounds about right to me in our present moral debasement.

Chittum has said during CWII ZOG wants to somehow kick off a nuclear war with Russia and China and is actually insane enough to think it can win.

If you could replace the entire ZOG world order with a new religion that meets these criteria: enshrines the love of one's ancestors, fosters a health air of mystery, grants soldiers divine authority, has traditions/creates traditions - then we will be able to win. Until then we shall lose because the greatest vector of attack against this World Order is spiritual, and we've taken very few shots across that bow.

Soros or his successor will start one eventually with his nigger militias. But not until after Asia is conquered. White Americans will hope for the best when President Julio Iglesias tells them to turn in their weapons like civilized human beings.

Mostly true. The cognitive dissonant replies pretending to be patriotic indignation are as weak as anything even leftypol could REEE back with.