Secret Sterilization is the key to racial purity

The reality anons is that 8 chan is not going to breed itself into superiority. I have had several white children, but those are just a drop in the bucket. We can't fight the masses of brown people such as Muslims and otherwise having kids. White women are sleeping with black boys in record numbers too. Is secret sterilization the answer? If it is give your best ideas on how to achieve it. I just don't see how we can out breed them.

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Pay them to have sterilizations.

How many times are you going to repost different versions of this “white women are fucking niggers” thread?

How can you perform it "secretly"? This would imply that the government is shifted toward white ethnonationalism, and this alone would be enough to have had shitskins either kicked out or mass cleansed already.
Otherwise, is a more viable way.

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There is nothing about the situation that requires us to become kikes. A pro white government could easily solve this problem with deportations and if somehow that wasn't enough we could simply kill them outright. The problem is purely Jewish subversion and not some sort of organized plan by shitskins

That's a good question. Perhaps placing food aid with sterilizing agents. Vaccines are another mechanism. Research is needed here, but this seems achievable given a large enough research grant. Perhaps the Gates Foundation will fund it. Or Zig Forums could set up a go fund me. ;)

The only ones doing similar stuff recently that I can recall are the Israelis who secretly sterilized their nigger jews.

Perhaps we can learn something from Israel?

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Meh, ashkenazi jews tried that on the ethiopean and other nigger jews and look at Israel now. Israel is overrun with niggers with gibsmedats mentality no matter what.


I have an idea that comes to this problem from a different angle.
Pay women to have the 'Norplant' device installed.
Norplant is a birth control device injected under the skin and will prevent pregnancy for 6 years.
We start in the high schools at say age 16, $5000 cash money, the nogs will be all over this.
Do it again at age 22 for $10,000 and again the nogs will pounce.
So for $15,000 we can keep the dumb breeders from their 'welfare baby' gibs through their most fertile years and the brown sluts will take the $$$ at higher rates then will white people.
And we do it all in the name of 'empowering women' of for 'womens health'.
What think you?

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It's not about having kids, you just fucking kill them all

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I guess you've never lived around niggers, because they're pregnant by middle school. You would need to start them on birth control by age 12 to be even halfway effective.

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Copper IUD's are dirt cheap and can last for at least 10 years. We could easily do this if we pitch it as empowering.

Alternatively one could cook up a gene drive and watch the world burn

The Israel gave ugandan women long term birth control without their knowledge.

The thing is to sterilize the males. Make the penalty for not having the procedure done so severe its not worth.

We are going to dehumanize ourselves and face to bloodshed soon if whites are going to survive. That means going against your conditioning and your genetic disposition for trust. All the bitching about colonization makes it sound like whites are the best warriors, so with sincere effort we can build ourselves up to be at this level again.

Stop masturbating, stop drugs, stop alcohol, cook for yourself. Make progress daily, you aren't gonna become strong in one day and do not get discouraged with setbacks.

IUD's are a good idea too.
The Norplant has the advantage of going away on its own, a selling point.

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Can't be done. Next?

Israel literally did it, kike.

Shills are mad, has been notified. This is a hot topic. There is no 'can't'. We must sterilize the muds, its humane.

Probally the most effective way would to be go
into urban centers and sell laced drugs laced with sterilizing chemicals. High risk high reward

Crisper and other genetic modifications are the answer. If they can sterilize mosquitoes with genetic engineering, why not a black man? There is also some interesting work they have done with Crisper too that leads to sterilization of males.

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You guys do realize that you are furthering the lefts agenda by backing abortion?

Congratulations, jew. No one, anywhere else, will ever be able to do it. Fuck off with your shit.
It's the opposite of humane. Bullet to the brain is humane. Sterilization is, YOU HAVE PERSONALLY ADMITTED, what jews do. Those people now have to live decades of existential terror at the knowledge they will never have kids. That's torture. You're subhuman. Kill yourself.

Learn how to read.

As many as it takes until you change your gender and start banbing some bbc in the hope that you can squeeze a human being out your asshole, user.
Then they will stop.

Eh 90% or so of white women are loyal to the white race. The bottom 10% who sleep with niggers always pay the toll, so it is eugenics essentially, the race traitors are naturally selected against. Even if they aren't killed by their nigger, they cannit reproduce with one. They birth a nigger out, none of their genes are ever expressed again. Basically, there is no way for the coal burner to continue their genetics or line. Good riddance, nature solving its own problems.

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good point, justin trudeau.

can't have the literal enemies of the continued existence of the european diaspora to live in 'existential terror'. that would just be mean.

Also we are not going to sterilize them, we are just gonna round them all up, shoot them in the back of the head, in minecraft.

This is a natural outlet valve for getting rid of the most deplorable and unfit to live White Women. We need to step up the pressure and start saying things to ANYONE who is White and thinks race mixing is acceptable like, (concerned voice), "Why did you decide to end your European lineage, dear?"
You have to let them KNOW that they are no longer 'your people'. Women respond to social cues like this. When they realize that we find them revolting and disgusting, and shun them from our people, they will reassess the wisdom of bestiality.

I don't want them living in 'existential terror' user. I just want them dead.

existential terror is better than they deserve. that being said, they won't even experience terror relating to their fertility if the sterilisation is performed without their knowledge.

the most important thing is to do it to the jewish community. they're the main problem. niggers at least kill other niggers.

Congratulations on your illiteracy. Kill yourself.

dragging niggers and kikes out into the street and shooting them in their heads will tip off the niggers and kikes that you're trying to kill them. poisoning their water supplies with sterilising drugs without their knowledge will accomplish the end goal without giving them a chance to defend themselves. your plan would result in niggers and kikes killing europeans in self defense.

weeeeeellll that is why you need a BioChemical solution to the problem. Before they knew they were being targeted, they would be dead and the whole world and all life in it would be ours.

I started this thread to prove how extreme 8 Chan was. You do disappoint you goose stepping Nazis. I ask the question about sterilization and you guys decide that the preferred method is to commit genocide in mass. You Holocaust denying scum proved my theory. You know the Holocaust happened, you just don't want to admit it because it didn't work. 6 million never again! This message brought you by the Jewish Justice League.

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Pepe has even converted. Join us.

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nobody cares

Assuming we're right about the impact of ongoing jewish subversion then removing kikes would also remove influences promoting welfare policies which would make it harder for freeloaders to survive and reproduce. It would also remove pressure via the media for Whites to remain childless which would likely help improve White birthrates.

When a group has such disproportionate influence the effect of removing them changes everything in a big way.

IMO the means to do that would be numerous small lone wolf actions where you don't get caught. I think even the most cowardly of us is capable of such actions and honestly going through with even a small action is amazing how it washes that blackpill feeling away. But my point is a ton of small events where nobody gets caught plays on their cultural neuroses and could easily be a driver for the "rats fleeing a sinking ship" effect, and for every one that leaves on their own the fight gets easier.

I used to regularly fuck a jew who had an Aryan fetish. The occasional nazi jokes were the funniest part - little did she know haha.

Post pictures of the two of you or it didn't happen. LOL

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Whites have literally always been a minority in the world, you fucking retard. The point is to stick together if you want to keep existing.

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Wow you picked a picture of the gayest simpsons character. Martin is a loser. LOL

Lol no. BTW I know a couple jews who hit the chans too. Everyone else here might believe you're all on payroll from mossad but I've seen enough to know you're probably some loser who's mother probably doesn't even pretend to be proud of him anymore. Why are you such a disappointment and when are you going to stop waiting tables?

One more thing your entire identity is completely dependent on white people. You're like that scene in that woody allen movie where the family is completely oblivious while he's sitting at the table feeling like an obvious alien and mentally muttering to himself that they probably never get sick or even catch a cold.

You will never be white.