LionsBot's clients will be able to choose from 13 different types of robots including ones that scrub, mop, vacuum, and sweep across various terrains, effectively eliminating low wage cleaning jobs. Another version of the robot can also transport up to 1,000 pounds of equipment.


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if you want to stop automation, you have to stop any kind of technology including fucking lighters

What about antibiotics?

And what are you doing to prevent the incoming technotyranny and the ushering of the artificial human being? Posting on shitty imageboards? Watching your latest ecelebs vid on the smoke trick that is modern politics? Enjoying your McDonalds food? Enjoying being able to sustain your earthly body by walking outside and being a factory made frozen meal for 3 pieces of green paper printed at a factory to then heat up in your microwave which was also made in a factory?

Tell me you faggot, what are you doing to destroy the system? You don't even have the character or grit to be the pawn in a brave man's plan were one to emerge and challenge to current state of the global technological system, go fucking educate yourself you shit, there is no "people" there is no "enemy", this is simply nature, unavoidable natural evolution on a systems scale where the instrumentalization and molding of the human being is a NECESSITY as much as breathing is for our individual biological machines.

The only reason automatization of these menial jobs hasn't been pushed further is because the system has not yet REQUIRED such a change to come, and it does not want to handle with the innevitable fallout and on the spot maneuvering it would have to do, if for example there were 1 million taxi drivers coming out to the streets with their guns in hand demanding the death of Google's latest self driving car's creator.

And I ask again, what are you fucking doing to prevent our destruction or innevitable state of artificial living beings? I'll answer for you, you're not doing a single fucking thing, and in your position, with your knowledge, education, you'll always remain in a position where you will do fucking nothing but post on taiwanese comicboards

You're a schizo sperg. You do realize that they aren't hiring whites, they're hiring shitskins to do the jobs.

I find it hilarious how plebs think automation is going to cause some kind of apocalypse in minimum wage shit jobs when the maintenance and repair costs will pile up quickly.

and netiher are you for some reason

I'm not the one who made this halfchan thread to discuss something obvious, I'm not the one who fails to identify reality and how society works (OP simply thinks one day we figured out how to make robots who can do imported immigrant labour jobs), as tho we hadn't had the possibility of doing that before.

And if I was doing anything, why the fuck would I post or speak about it on an FBI monitored website?

TBH Ii can't beleive you just said this. It's the most self-anaware shit i've read all week. Fucks sake.


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Is this an ironic conversation?

Kikes or bots, I can tell anymore since kike IQ is lower than they claim.

what about Phage?

Kikes love to annoy people, just like every other subhuman.

Fuck off yid.

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spotted the commie

Think ahead a little retard

I work in IT. OP is a retard.

As opposed to importing more cheap low skilled shitskinned slaves we could easily replace with robots? Kill yourself, kike luddite. I'll continue working on robots and AI until the savage races are annihilated by my beautiful killbot children.


So I have to make sure there'll be jobs for them forever? What the fuck?

Kill yourself, Luddite. With automation comes less slavery. With less slavery comes less need for niggers and spics who become obsolete.

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automation and human obsolescence are inevitable by now
solution? Build and maintain your own robots to make the things you need to live, and trade with other people who also make their own stuff
everyone's on the chopping block now, when the future arrives the best you can do is be there to greet it

Eh, I work in automation and make robots that do take other people's work.
Here's what I gotta say:
Noone of you wanted to be my friends. Girls didn't hang around and noone invited me to their fucking birthdays. You fucking knew I was lonely, you knew because you kept joking about it. And now I gotta hear my parents ask about my friends and girlfriend and all I want to do is screm back at them that I have none.

Well guess what, payback's a bitch. Didn't you guys enjoyed laughing at the journos, telling them to learn to code?
Well, here's my well-hearthed laugh telling you to learn to code Robots.
Git fucked.

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Because there's no way they will ever be able to build a part replacing robot that responds to diagnostic requests from static machinery, they in turn reporting to a central maintenance facility for decommisioning and replacement..
That's just sci-fi.

I can code you into non-existence.
Suck my hydraulic cock.

Gas yourself luddite retard.

Go back to t_d where you can stick your head in the sand and pretend that intelligence agencies don't actively monitor internet forums and Czech pottery boards.

OH WAIT, I just realized: you actually think Pajeets can code Robots?
OH fuck me, dude, that was fucking hilarious.
Let me peel back some of the veil for you to see. There's this wonderfull place you can visit:
It's the support forum for Siemens. They make a lot of shitty, overpriced and barely functional hardware we use.
Now, please peruse their forum for a few minutes. Do you see all those Pajeets? Millions upon millions of them, constantly asking the most retarded questions, struggling to achieve the simplest of tasks.
OH they try, trust me, and they try their hardest.
But unlike Computer Science, where you can bullshit your way through a 9 month project, when you're coding robots, the client periodically drops by. You got 1 month for shit to start moving. 2 months for data collection to be outputting logs of everything the machine is doing. AT MOST, you'll have 3 months to finish up a large machine.

Pajeets WANT to learn code, but don't bother learning english. So they find themselves in a site of a German manufacture, trying to comunicate with broken english. And then spend months building a simple input/output system.
It's not that no client tries to hire/contract Indien automation firms. They do. And in 3-4 months, when the project is nowhwere near finished, they give up, assume the 20% they pre-paid is lost, and go hire someone else in the first world.
Someone like me.

Do you get it now? This isn't Javascript. This shit is moving 12 tons of force, controlled to go off exactly 712 milliseconds after some analog sensor outputs a value that crosses a threshold defined by a central line-server.

There's a fucking world of diference between what I do, and what half-a-dozen "Coding Classes for Beginners" in Python/Java can do for Vajhdeen.

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And you will be shot.

I didn't do anything to you, you narcissistic fag. EMP strike renders your shit useless anyway so you get fucked anyway.

This. The real threat, hilariously, is to all the bullshit White collar jobs, so often filled by cat ladies and pajeets. Shit like accountants are far more cost effective & beneficial to automate than burger flippers.

((( automation is bad ))) says the k**e while every other commie nation like china or russia progresses into singularity AI and western civilization becames garbage collector workforce. Fuck you, AI and robotics is what will make this world greater.

I fail to see the downside.

Great idea OP! We should let the entirety of European races be subjugated by chinks, pajeets and jews.

Wrong. Automation works in favor of whites because it obsoletes dumb shitskins who aren't capable of performing difficult manual labor.

I'd like to add that even if automation was designed by niggers and jews I'm 100% sure Whites will be able to turn around all that tech against them.

Hackers are a part of White culture.

There is nothing wrong with automation in a European ONLY world.

Which people? The billion+ locust asians? billion+ poos? billion+ niggers? billion+ muds? however many millions of spics? over half the White population that's sjw'd? christcucked zio/open border/ship them in/breed turd worlder doormat Whites? jews? They're already enemies.

You're being too generous, it's not English holding them back. It's a thousand years of low-IQ, low-creativity, slavish dedication to hierarchy, which they try to overcome with rote memorization and cheating.

Their own IT overlords have said 95% of their "engineering" grads from diploma mills are unemployable, can't write any code that can even compile, and are untrainable – not just low-skill, but unable to be taught. So they sit in call center/support roles reading their little prompts to increasingly frustrated customers who give up, or coworkers who just (re)do it themselves.

We ought to bring her back to life.
She is a good gorl and didn't deserve to get shoahed.

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D&C Maximus

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To be honest i hope robots take all fast food and customer service jobs

Seriously haven't had a pleasant cashier experience since 2008 when they elected King Nigger, not only black cashiers but all the nigger-tier cashiers and white trash started acting like no one raised them and daddy obama said never apologize.

What people? The 50% of the country that is basically niggers?

Even if they worked off a subscription model, the long-term logistics don't work as the bots start breaking down. And then you factor in the bots that aren't broken, but are having intermittent problems, and now you get shit quality work done. What do you do? Send niggers out to field repair (expensive), or send the same niggers who would have been mopping up to collect the bots and take them to a repair center? Even the best bots in the world aren't as smart as a retard.

Let's face it, it's just easier to pay some grunt to do the work.

The same niggers these bots would replace, would be the same niggers who end up have to clean and maintain the bots, and now the business is still paying for the nigger indirectly + a markup.

It seems it is not an appropriate age in the turmoil of our tide of times to be inept with electricity.
/* .-~*~--,. .-. .-~-. ./OOOOOOOOO\.'OOO`9~~-. .`OOOOOO.OOM.OLSONOOOOO@@OOOOOO\ /OOOO@@@OO@@@OO@@@OOO@@@@@@@@OOOO`. |OO@@@WWWW@@@@OOWWW@WWWW@@@@@@@OOOO). .-'OO@@@@WW@@@W@WWWWWWWWOOWW@@@@@OOOOOO} /OOO@@O@@@@W@@@@@OOWWWWWOOWOO@@@OOO@@@OO| lOOO@@@OO@@@WWWWWWW\OWWWO\WWWOOOOOO@@@O.' \OOO@@@OOO@@@@@@OOW\ \WWWW@@@@@@@O'. `,OO@@@OOOOOOOOOOWW\ \WWWW@@@@@@OOO) \,O@@@@@OOOOOOWWWWW\ \WW@@@@@OOOO.' `~c~8~@@@@WWW@@W\ \WOO|\UO-~' (OWWWWWW@/\W\ ___\WO) `~-~'' \ \WW=*' __\ \ \ \ \ __\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \\ \\ \ \*/

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*clinks glass* i'll remember you my follow frog posters, in my future apartment with future genetically engineered femdom gf

Exactly. So it'll only happen where there's a clear benefit to the business. So Walmart greeters and such are actually secure jobs, while really scriptable back-office tasks are the ones at threat. They need to Learn2Code basically.

OP needs to think things through

OP you are a faggot.

Here's the solution. Shut the boarders down to zero net immigration. Mandatory abortions for anyone on welfare, complementary tied tubes on the second offence. The under employment and the race problem will sort themselves out in a couple generations.

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University is going to become mandatory like High School was mandatory after the Industrial Revolution. Intelligence will be more coveted than most things in the world.

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Boggles the mind. There's infinite knowledge on the internet. People can learn to cook, clean, code, and countless other things. Yet I every day I stew away shitposting, playing shitty video games, and vegging out in front of youtube video or arguing some in some thread about the superiority of one waifu over the other. I envy those with the resolve to better themselves. I've lost myself to a cacophony of digital noise. There is no escape. I delve ever deeper into the madness. I welcome it. This is the future I chose.

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Perhaps you're subconsciously waiting for the happening to start. At some level you realize how futile trying is when there's no way to fix anything, but you're at least aware of it and at some level and there's a desire there to do something. Be patient and get prepared for the shit show.

Found the low IQ brainlet. Fuck off

So… are you a lazy spic or dumb nigger? Because your being rustled about low paying, shit tier jobs that people shouldn't be doing means your one or the other.

For someone who is a coding genius you sure sound stupid.

The feels I know all too well.

Robots replace pooinloos and require the White Man to maintain.

Nope. Working in robotics is great for right-wing people.
What's dangerous is letting only left-wing nutjobs work on the algorithms.

You give the theory a bad name through sarcasm. Could it be that your statement is truth? I mean, wether you agree with it or not, it unfortunately has to happen coz revolution. Or do you think Zog will allow power to the Goyim peacefully even if they deserve it?

This may be true but it won't stop them attempting full automation combined with augmented humanoids to troubleshoot.

buy chainlink


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I disagree, I think robots are going to be center-play in weapons and sensing design to defeat zog. Using conventional weapons is tactic without strategy, using force multiplying tech is going to be necessary to have an effective strategy. If I were anyone reading this, id learn electronic eng and C language.

This. OP should whine less and do more.

Except they will have robots to do that, dipshit.

Yeah, all 3 of them.

just imagine how hacked robots crush, cut, grind, fall on, smother niggers, jews, mexes and other biowaste
it's wonderful, new level of terrorism

Robots aren’t nearly advanced enough to fix each other.

also seeing a lot of shills, really gets the noggin a joggin, doesn't it.

Tell me, what does OP not understand that makes it the upmost importance to tell him to fuck off?

then they will disassemble the broken ones and assemble new ones

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How about we don't, and say we didn't. Read "The Industrial Society and its Future" by Ted Kaczynski if you want to know how 'free' this makes us.

If you seriously think the only problem with technological advancement is automation, then you need to read more books.

Gawd I hope you are being sarcastic. Because if you believe this, you are too brainwashed to save.
ALL of the "Electronic Arts" must be done away with. Call me a Luddite. But I can see trends, and I can see where this has led us, and where it will lead us.


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He was not a luddite like the anons in this thread.

This, my hope is for the industry to wipe clean the entire service sector so I don't have to deal with these barely cognizant mystery meat migrants.

nobody is giving anyone anything. They're developing it themselves. If you want to see the future Ted hated, we're already there and there's nothing you or I could do to turn back. We must rival them, build clean, free, automatice systems. Use them for good not decadence.

Whites will then export Sentient Robots programmed with the 14 words to take jobs from foreigners in foreign places. First stop will be Israel.

Found the pajeet. He was actually generous, he implied you retards can even code on python or javascript. You can't. You're honestly too stupid.

There's nothing wrong with robots.

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Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson DEBATE the Impact of Driverless Cars

there's nothing wrong with automation even in the status quo, it makes "muh cheap shitskin labor" obselete

Except they don't have bots to do that now because it changes the design complexity by an order of magnitude, and you have to build a secondary system to repair the first system, or a single system capable of repair itself/others. Now that cheap piece-o-shit pajeet replacement bot suddenly costs more than hiring 10 pajeets. But don't let the real world cost constraints hurt your delusion.


And yet the US has increased in both spic and nigger population. Sounds like you're full of shit.

this, but unironically

how do I get in on this LARPER industrial complex ?

Killing jews and their leftist pets prevents that. Allow development of only what you can use to control non-whites, or what you can use to improve the white race without imrpoving the other races, or what you can use to genocide all other races. Anything that doesn't fit in those requirements must be stopped, destroyed and their supporters killed.

I don't see a problem here. Remove the shitskin and its a self correcting problem.


That is not how it works.
Any anons working in these industries must be finding ways to subvert it from kike hands and proliferate it to the world.

I work with industrial robots as a welding operator. Fight me

how is $1350 - $2150 / mo for a robot competitive with a human? like yeah he can operate 24 / 7 but the floor dont need to be sweeped or mopped 24/7 it's more like pants of shit walk through and now theres cleanup on aisle 5. human can already do that for $8 / hr no benefits either. automation is not about the money its about control. the robot will never go on strike and will never ask for a raise or vacation or benefits. its the perfect golem.

he then proceeds to choke and a counter argument ensues. didn't show that part.

I work in IT security and fucking hate it. I see how bad tech is now that all the normies want to use it for everything. Ted was right.

Good thing I'm not so low IQ that my greatest skillset is bare minimum washing of things, or pouring.