MSM News Bury Epstein Story

These news sites have massive HP's and not one single word about Epstein.

Massive hp's and not a peep.
Can someone enlarge the diagram.

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Other urls found in this thread: - Thanks for the Memories - The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave.pdf


"this country" = Israel

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Yids all fuck kids user, including the bingo caller.

This is your media redpill for the newfags. If they can't pilpul their way out if it, they go silent. Kikes are nothing if predictable.

>(((Stephen Colbert))) going after (((Epstein))) for being a pedo

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What is happening with Kevin Spacey?
Rick and Morty will be back November 2019 after two years?

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the witness catch dirt nap

most enterprise level corporations worth a shit have lots of big HPs

Either (((they))) found out its ineffectiveness against Trump or made a deal with Trump about Epstein. Welcome to Weimar?

I wonder how mad they are that they can't just spam the news with cuck porn when they get nervous like they do imageboards.

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Kevin, that gay fag fuck, charges were DROPPED.

Rick and Morty still on air, yes?

Don't give them ideas.

That's pretty ineffective when people browse with images off.

Memes are a kikes form of communication anyway.

I'm spending most of my summer rereading Evola rather than argue with kikes, normalfags and David Brock.

He gave up David Geffen.

The mob with ties to the Kennedy family, JFK, Henry Kissinger who is 96 years of age and still alive, and the up&coming "The Council"…these were factions fighting for power and for the reigns of the US Gov.. The Council won, JFK dead, the mob obsolete. The Council won with means of technology and pedo-blackmail. - Thanks for the Memories - The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave.pdf

It is said that Ms. Taylor named the book "Thanks for the Memories" because Bob Hope (who was one of her rapist handlers) had written a book with the same title and when his fans would order the book they just might get hers instead.

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Right this is why I think there is a new faction trying to overthrow the old order
Or maybe the Jew is trying to confuse us by throwing us these dirt bags thinking we will be appeased by a few arrests including Epstein.

Too late. It's in the ether now, those large nose sons of bitches will sniff it out sooner or later.

So this is your new tactic? Shitting the catalog up with epstain bullshit? Use one of the many established threads, kike.

bumping to drown the guy who keeps flooding the board with muh russia shit

Brice makes some really outrageous claims, but both Walter Bowart and Ted Gunderson vouched for her.

B u m p


where does the line go between big and massive? is it computing power or sheer size?

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the entire point is to run cover for Jew crimes.

You will notice, nobody is talking about Epstein anymore.