They knew about them for a long time and tracked them ofc, this was just now a card they have decided to play.

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Other urls found in this thread:'s_Mujahedin_of_Iran

Who are those men in your image?

Neato. Have a bump.

Fuck if I know, got them from b2, make my peepee hard as steel. I detest kawaii uguu jap girls, screaming like chimpumnks. Tomboys are my thing,

Hope they hang the radioactive niggers. Terry is smiling down from Valhalla.

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I look forward to Iran's first nuclear test.


Kill spies, save lives. Based Iran.

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Old news, though interesting to follow.
>Iranian authorities said on Monday that security agencies had arrested 17 suspects and sentenced some of them to death after dismantling a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spy ring in a case announced last month.
Iran's March is our June, so the arrests were last month.


They have a different calendar system.

@HeshmatAlavi 17min

Director of the regime's prisons in Sistan & Baluchistan Province, southeast #Iran, has been killed by unknown armed assailants.

More details will be provided when available.
CIA is known to supply Balochi separatists and keep them on their payroll. Shit is really escalating beyond anyone's control.

Attached: gettyimages-1060197752-2048x2048.jpg (2048x1365, 781.87K)

So some of them are already dead?

17 is starting to be a number that seems a bit like 33

Turning Iranians into snitches is not exactly the hardest of task. Iranian expats are notorious hedonists, give a shiny new BMW and a gold collar to them and they'll tell you even the color of ayatollah's shit.

Nothing says this are real spies either. There is nothing stopping Iran executing a bunch of enemies of the state and declaring them spies. It's a win/win. Enemies gone and US looks incompetent. Either way it doesnt matter the US is going to put them in their place soon. Iran has pushed Trump too far by taking those brotush oil tankers. I predict air strikes in 3,2,1.

so you want israel to conquer iran? one of the few countries on earth that is not controlled by jews?

who do you work for exactly?

I wish that the stereotype of LA based Iranian disaporashits is not true for all of them.

Anyway, user who posted about March arrests was right.

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What you think I work for Mossad. I am more affiliated with the JJL. Shobat Shalom user!

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Only 17 dead CIAniggers? Oh well it's a start.

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This means USA has lost moral high ground. iran can now start executing civilians and nobody will give a shit. Nice job, CIA.

I haven't seen any indication one way or the other. Not getting a clear enough picture yet. I doubt Iran executes any CIA or Mossad niggers instantly. It's also now difficult to find anything related to the June 15th. arrests; here are two saved.

Iran should start executing Israeli citizens by nuking them.

pretty lame they're only showing family photos and not actual photos of the guys captured.

@SaudiGazette 17min

#BREAKING: US Secretary of State @SecPompeo says #UnitedStates does not want war with #Iran.

#BREAKING: US Secretary of State @SecPompeo on reports of CIA spies in Iran, says cannot comment specifically but #Iran has history of lying.

unless they start showing pictures of the guys captured or something, i say it's bs.

Hardly newsworthy
Your shitty OP is just shit

wtf is this?
Also OP's 'headline' is misleading.
they are spies LINKED TO THE CIA

Exactly. Anyone against Iran in this situation is either a kike, a semi race traitor, or completely uneducated on the matter.

go back to school summerfag

This user is an intern of John Bolton's who in turn as the main spokesperson for Iranian regime change has these guys as his shadow CIA approved gov in waiting.'s_Mujahedin_of_Iran
And this is their would be leader.

Okay, thank for the fresh information.

Every day Iran becomes more and more based. Hopefully they execute the glowers in public.

They can live stream the public executions to make the shekels.

Hey CIA, if you're reading this thread we all just want you to know we're very sorry that you're not one of the agents about to be executed by Iran for being one Israel's cancerous little lapdogs.

Q was a glownigger on Langley's Iran desk.


Rain = the non-masons (goyim) know

Nukes aren’t real because of neutron meditators or moderators or some shit , that’s what you’ve said before
Stupid fuck retard

Kikes and CIAniggers have a history of lying too.

The spelling flames seem to indicate that. Desperate.

Go suck off your worshipful master, your hoodwink failed.

If nukes aren't real Iran should create real nukes and drop all of them on Israel.

@DanWilliams 2h

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, on British tanker incident in Iran, says it falls to the United Kingdom to take care of their ships - Fox News via @Reuters

They forgot to get pictures before the torture started. Enjoy your glowholiday!

Never mind posting an image that actually relates to the story.
Look at this faggot/tranny and his wife's half-nigger kids.

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Are these people actually CIA? Or are they people who went to work in Iran, were approached by CIA, and were stupid enough to be a good doobie and feed info to the CIA?

So if a woman came on Zig Forums and all she talked about was how big black cock made her wet, would you think she was 'White'?
You are pathetic, race mixing trash.

I hope the Iranians rape them to death with bonesaws and send the video to their children.

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Cuck Intelligence agency.

Aaw, did some big bad kawate girl kick your ass all those years ago? Tell us, where did she hurt you?

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found the commie shit smear
always so jealous

More race mixing trash.

Considering socialists have whacked tens of millions, the CIA has a lot of work to do!

regardless of what you think about Trump, he has access to the highest intelligence in the world and he's usually vindicated in these types of sweeping, inflammatory statements

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I never thought I would be happy when I listen the CIA got fucked, but when you think of all the harm that has been made to millions of innocent people and you know the Jews haven't personally done it you change your mind about the CIA.

America has descended into such a disgraced rogue state that any US government loss is humanity's winning.

I hope they die screaming.

They will. The best part is the traitors will be tortured before that.



No such thing as a 'state' that is not also a 'rogue state'. They are all bad.

Its spelled 'coughed' not cought.

LMAO…right? Can you imagine a person easier for the jew to dupe? The man married his children to kikes.

You mean 'caught'?

No. They coughed on them to give them germs.

Smelly muslim germs.


Do you think he would just admit that Iran captured ZOG spies? Are you retarded?


We should deport all Iranians from the US as spies.
Or at least intern them in camps like we did to the Japs.

Brilliant move there. Wipe away harmless specks of dust yet pay no attention to the kosher ticks sucking away at every inch of the country.

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Non of the kids look anything like them, hell some of them are clear nigger mutt offspring. They married into a family as cover.

Don't worry Iran shows publicly all of it executions.

Attached: EAFQYWxXoAE99q.jpg (691x438 46.6 KB, 46.19K)

I would also deport all the Jews to Iran.
And all the black people.

Hope that helps?

Shut the fuck up, faggot.

He's a jew and mad that Iran has kicked the jews out of the country during 1979

I would be completely unsurprised if this was true. And now he has 'repackaged' himself as 'purple user'.

Iran is like 30% kike…or something outrageously high…I can't remember exactly but there is a fuckton of jews in Iran.

Looks like Iran will lead the Indo-European people in a DOTR.

Please turn off the fluorescence, it hurts the eyes and compromises your identity and shilling.

The CIA doesn't show Trump anything. Anything they tell him is disinfo.

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Absolute fucking BULLSHIT

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outrageously HIGH user…besides who gives a fuck? You have seen one semite, you have seen them all…no fucking difference between Iranniggers and jews at all on the genetic level; the only level that counts.

As always, you're trying way too fucking hard, yid. No matter how you slice the future, you lose, subhuman vermin.
You die.
You die.
You die.
Kike filth.

Whatever user…we all die. They have no genetic relationship to my European people at all. They are a completely different people than we are and we have no genetic connection to them in the slightest.

So this is Why they wanted the alt right GONE. Without goyim knowing they could have had ww3 in iran and send in infinite white (exces) goy cattle zog soldiers to die and rebalance the global economy.

Right now they are at a stalemate it seems and cant get into Iran. And they wont get their remote controll war be ause that narrative is jammed.
Congrats anons, we have change the macro course of history. \o

Kike and nigger.
Am I cool now?

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Purple, is that you?

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There is no "alt right". It's just the right, the real one, the one that actually opposed wars to begin with just like the Old Right of the Republican party before the batshit insane neocons hijacked the party.

Obvious syntax still.
You glownigger.


You are not European, kike

Because I used a question mark?
What am I supposed to use instead?

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Hmm who should I believe?

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Mossad is next in line for the gallows.


HRC is a loony bin and women in politics will always be a joke. The altkike is complete bullshit from the start when the neocons like shill kristol went on national television to proclaim he was the father of it now it's just a buzzword for anything the establishment doesn't like or kosher controlled opposition like that gay niggerloving jew milo is a posterchild of the altkike. Makes no fucking sense. It's all bs.

This user knows blatant strawman propaganda when he sees it. They have plans for all of their invented targets. Why do you think they throw around the "NAZI!" label so hard and often? If you don't know what's coming by now, I pity you.

back to where you came from