Epstein pedo evidence

They say in mainstream media now that this guy went accross town with kids. But they don't show evidence. If this guy really was that open about being this J3w child raping pasha one of you people has to have photos of this guy going around town. That are not banned by his J3w friends at google or in mainstream media. For the sake of coming to terms with what this J3w empire we live under really looks like. We need to get this absurdity visualized. Like with Rotherham. Just bring evidence of these people openly preying on your kids and our society being that subjugated that they simply get away and nobody does anything.

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Back in the 70's there was this rich jew criminal here . He was 45 years old and fucking 11 and 12 year olds. Welfare mothers would happily turn them over to him for a $6,500 "loan". He openly dated a 14 year old and married her when she was 15. He's still alive and hanging out in Cuba but he can no longer get it up even with Viagra. He's bored shitless I hear. But he's filthy rich. 10 years ago he was worth $80 million. I could post his picture here but it would be too dangerous for me to do that even now. You're waking up to this through the press. I lived in proximity to this jew filth for decades. And he knows I despise him and when he sees me, especially if he's coked up with a snoot full of whiskey his hate for me comes vomiting up. The police knew all when a couple of guys informed on him to the police (I was there when the head of the vice squad was told) and all that was done was someone whispered to him to cool out for a while and move out of town away from his beach house penthouse where he spied out young women on the beach to rush out and hit on. Cuba is about right for him. Pimps at 8:00 in the morning will hustle up school girls in uniforms going to school for you, along with that cabana, those cigars and the rum and lobster dinner you want.

But how do they find these people without families and get a whole network of criminals to cater them to these cockroaches? Seriously how does this continue. Like with Michael Jackson there is no way this goes unnoticed. So where are all the accomplices and how do they go about this? It beats me how they go around preying on vulnerable people and get away systematically. Do they just target orphenages or something? In Belgium there were these North-Africans that would literally go to
centres for troubled youths, orphenages and such to try and recruit children to pimp out among each other. This all goes unpunished because the media is just a propaganda installation for our repression and actively suppresses evidence of all these crimes against our people. They are complicit. So we need to expose these people ourselves with alternative social media and hunt them down with nationalist militia obviously the so-called "justice" system has to be replaced.

i'm just ranting here ok

this is going to sound weird to say but it's my opinion that this somewhat boils down a shift in the system actively starting to shit on it's cogs

it's probably still going on, even with this, this is probably all still some kind of game, but the thing is if you believed there was a certain order to things and then the people entrusted to carry out that order started actively undermining and 'pissing on your face', you know 'dropping civics' and so on

it's that breaking of the compact that does it, it's breaking that trust in the order of things, probably has pissed people off more than diddling /shrug

You know, once bibi gets reelected and is secure in power, this entire shit fest will drop right off the map and you'll never hear of it again. In 4 or 7 or 10 years you'll be on some bbs like this and you'll mention it and nobody will know what you're talking about and then when you mention it happened in 2003 they'll say "what are you
doing here, old timer?"

It's hopeless; welfare mothers are everywhere. It's a scam. Some lazy stupid cunt that's not bad looking doesn't really want to work so she gets knocked up by anybody, hell fucking is fun, they like it. A bottle of wine, a joint on a Saturday night and some lug is between her thighs pounding home a little welfare ticket into her hole. Having a kid out of wedlock to get welfare doesn't suddenly convert her into a church going moral person. She's got no morals. By the time the kid is 12 she's 30, and now things are serious, the kid is no longer a financial asset, it's a demanding troublesome liability and she wants to unload it and do something else. Going back to school is an option. Some older guy like my jew criminal acquaintance gets to fuck her easily. He's not working so he just cruises around town in one of his expensive flashy cars pulling over to the curb and laying the same stale lines on every cunt he sees. He's not picky. A 2, a 10 it doesn't matter. And he fucks a lot and get gets some real hot ones. A hot former beauty with a kid (boy or girl) is perfect. Send her to Hawaii for a one month getaway and dump the kid with him for wrestle time on teh front room carpet and get the jingling change out of his pocket after an exciting struggle. You're not attuned to vice so you don't see it. I walk down a street at night and I see happy people in groups socializing. My friend grew up with an older brother that was a drug dealer. He sees 7 separate drug transactions going down instead of happy people socializing. On closer scrutiny thanks to him I see it too. It's the same with this game with slutty women and their off the leash brats I suppose. Not for me but then I'm not a jew so if I got caught you know they'd bust me hard. Jews get to play with a different rule book you know.

And there's something else I have to say about this and it's in no way intended to let any of these assholes off the hook. Let's face it, nobody actually forced these girls to fuck. There was money, there was a way out of the trailer park which was really nasty in its own right regardless of the jew fuckers. Now they've got what seems like an escape of some sort. It's not like they're not getting used roughly at school. I went to a good school in a rich neighborhood. The poorer girls that weren't top lookers from so so families got quite the treatment. Worse than they'd get from Epstein and his ilk and without the money or the glamor. Getting gang banged drunk in a pitch black suburban rec room by some pimply skaters and tennis team assholes is nothing to write home about. So these girls are getting their asses fucked off anyway regardless but now some jew is using them, not so much to fuck but as tools in his spy game for Israel. When they're too old they're cast off, a tragedy for them, the end of their hopes and the shutting of the window onto a rich glamorous world they'll never step into again. Now they're getting old, fat, used up. They're roasties. Now they have kids, bills to pay, and no medical insurance. Going for a big payday is really their only hope to ameliorate their miserable position on the road to becoming a fat badly dress Wal Mart cashier. Go for it baby. Hope you win.

There really is no hope you know.

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Oh there is plenty of hope. Just unite and lynch, terrorize them. It's about organising their extermination but we can only really do that with underground nationalist militias until we get a representative nation. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Frank

3000 x 2322 pixelss
by Pieter Brueghel the Elder
Blow it up and have a close look. This is what the late middle ages/early renaissance seriously took to be justice. I'm sure you'll get some good ideas from a close examination of it

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Evidence is in the other 20 threads.

Bad talking points Hiram. This takes down Clinton.

There's multiple threads already moshe.

It's not going to take anybody down. It's going to make Ehud Barack lose the Israeli election.

check out the St Thomas Locals kikebook page. Probably 100 people on there saying "yeah well, everyone knew it and we still didn't do anything about it" and shit like, "I remember seeing the planes and thinking 'I want to be having fun like that!' shit I wouldn't even have cared. I'd let that old guy touch me but I was too ugly." dead srs

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Bitch what? Netanyahu won a few months ago and he wasn't running against Ehud.

What the fuck kind of psyops disinfo are they paying you kikes to post.

imagine having a face so disgusting and malformed from inbreeding that you actually have to strain to keep your mouth closed.

you can never have too many threads against your precious mossad, boomerfaggots.

That doesn't mean we should stay quiet about it.
Keep saying and posting evidence everywhere, eventually some loser will snap and hopefully kill one of these untouchable billionaires.

If an user has the information that got the last thread deleted repost it here and if it gets deleted than we really know where to dig.

What are they funneling into that poor bastard, bottom left.
Same for this one. The Garden of Earthly Delights.
The Garden of Earthly Delights is the modern title given to a triptych oil painting on oak panel painted by the Early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch, between 1490 and 1510, when Bosch was between 40 and 60 years old. Represents history and religion.
It's beautiful, in a nightmare-ish way.

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What a fucking retard.

Where the fuck are all these outsider nigtards coming from? Why are they allowed to shit up the board when they don't even understand that even 4chan lets you say "jew" and "kike" without retarded twitter algorithm-dodging misspellings?

they're coming from twitter, normies are getting redpilled by the tens of thousands in epstein threads

Might be coming from fag GLP where they get a life ban for saying Jew or Lucas the owners name or generally pointing out the truth and hypocrisy of the place. That fucking place. That site and RAWSTORY I would like to fuck up.

Water. They're giving him the old water torture. Force feed him water till his stomach nearly bursts. Then whack him in the stomach with an iron rod.

Heh, sounds horrible.


Stopped reading here. Nice LARP, faglord.

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I'm interested to see if there's evidence unearthed about him being an actual child abuser, not just the borderline 'underage' but procuring and abusing actual children 12 and under. The guy is clearly a creep, an exploiter of many; but mainstream paranoia of muh pedos isn't going to see justice served.

There were about four hours of posts that missed being archived iirc. Hard to tell exactly what triggered it. Hoping this thread doesn't get aids before Thursday's conference in Giuffre v. Maxwell (1:15-cv-07433).

Doing God's work user!
Listing your caps in time order:
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Can you cap the rest of the thread user?
How many replies do you have on that open tab thread you're capping from? I heard the total was 479.

Archive of thread before deletion, 429 replies. Said to be missing the proof linking Elton John to Epstein:

Archive of thread after deletion - i.e. Proof the thread was getting to close to the truth and was shutdown:

See screencaps of some of the thread in
Archive links in

I remember reading more than 429, but went to bed after about 450. I was interested in replies to 95f787 at 427, so I waited awhile. Didn't see anything that might have triggered mods shoah. Usually keep anything of interest in an open tab overnight, but failed this time.


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the entire point is to run cover for Jew crimes.

You will notice, nobody is talking about Epstein anymore.