How to win World War 2

You have invented a time machine and your mission is to go back to 1920 or earlier and eliminate all the high-level figures who would help the Allies win World War 2: Manhattan Project scientists, German assassins and defectors, American and British "neocons," etc.
Let's make a kill list.

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Just Churchill. He's the one who started the war, and the one who kept it going. Without Churchill there wouldn't have been a WW2.

Just dont invade Russia until after you concur England. Hitler got greedy. Bonus points for german Manhattan project finished by 48. Then nuke every major russian city at once followed by blitzkrieg. Problem solved.

Watcha Slidin'?

Churchill was just a jewish front man though, kill him and they find another
Still worth killing Churchill for his warmongering bullshit
Kill every member of the focus group that funded Churchill's campaign
Kill FDR, Truman, and every member of FDR's cabinet
Kill everyone who worked on the Manhattan Project
There was another Brit who ran an anti-German radio show to prep Britain for war, but I can't recall his name just now
Kill Albert Speer for his treachery, the only motherfucker who sold out his people with a smile

USSR authorities are too safe to get to unless you go back before their takeover of Russia

The easiest way to win WWII would be to go back and show Churchill & FDR footage of their countries in [the current year] then watch as they accept Hitler's peace proposals.

if we are talking silly time travel shit then just go back wel before all this and kill the kikes that first came into europe, all of the poison they spread never gets spread.

no world wars, no EU, no zionist occupation of palestine no holly wood, no muslims in europe, no niggers in europe, no niggers in america etc.

fuck without jewry using niggers, i doubt there would be any niggers around at all.

unfound america, just have european men kill the kings and queens and other fraudsters so they don't have to go live in america. shit i doubt america would exist if you removed all jewry from europe early on.

this depends on these people caring.
race mixing drunk churchill and his jew wife aren't gonna care about the future racially destroyed europe, they practice it at home.

I agree. With Churchill out of the way, it makes this too fucking easy.

Just go back with a single modern fighter jet and win lone wolf long dick style.

You think Churchill would care? He had jewish blood, he knew exactly what would happen.

Team A: Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, Hirohito.
Team B: jews, muslims, christians.


Killing important people won’t win you the war, the kikes will always find another dumb goy to do their dirty work.
If you had time travel, give Germany information on nuclear weapons.
Nuke London the day they declare war and watch as everyone Germany goes against surrenders in a day to avoid the unknown city leveling weapon.

All out war on taking London, public execution of every priest and abolition of all abrahamic religions in Europe, fortification against Russia, while letting the bolsheviks come into Europe, thereby having the winter-front in their backs, establishing the Reich over all of Europe, while exterminating ALL the parasites.

Who the fuck cares about kill lists of people who are already dead?
Shame on the anons bumping this /b/ thread
Obvious slide is obvious

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I think Churchill was a warmongering British imperialist who might not want to see his country ruled by its slaves, but if he was really apathetic it wouldn't be hard to just shoot him in the head at that point.

I would go back further and kill John Dee.

I'd kill Martin Luther too.

No (((Reformation))) means no French revolution either. Vive le roi.

Eton bugger boy who was the Boris Yeltsin of his time.

Churchill wasn't even the PM when Hitler invaded Poland, idiot.
If you don't know jack shit about WW2, you shouldn't talk about it
All I would need to do to BTFO you in public would be to let you make that statement and then snarkily point out that Churchill wasn't even in power at the time.

I find it so telling how you come up with this wild scheme to cripple the Allies leadership yet you can't even think far enough ahead to realize that if suddenly every single political leader in their camp was killed, WW2 wouldn't have even happened.
Why not just kill every single person in Britain, France, Greece, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, America, Canada, Australia, and Yugoslavia?
Then Hitler really woduv won ww2! He could have just marched in to the depopulated landscape and made everything Germany. Might as well kill off the Swedes, Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, Balts, and Iberians while you're at it.

Wrong. WW2 had to happen because the Treaty of Versailles was utter bullshit. I mean still take out Churchill because he was an anti-Germanic warmongering fat slob most probably pedo.

This is not a board for LARPing.

Just don't invade Poland, and you'll be fine.
Nobody liked that move from Hitler in the Axis.

How are they going to find another "war hero" that was hugely popular, an MP, and in debt to the kikes?

I didn't say he was, braindead nigger.
Take your own advice.
And when told that Churchill orchestrated Poland's withdrawal from the negotiations with Germany on the corridor that started the fucking war, you would start crying like the dumb bitch you are.

Wrong. WW2 did not have to happen. All that had to happen was Germany taking back their land and economy. There was absolutely no need for Britain to start a war over this. The war was started because Britain correctly felt that Germany was becoming the economic powerhouse of Europe.

Fuck off Shlomo.

Literally didn't happen.
No one who claims that this happened every provides even the tiniest sliver of proof because there is none. It's only real in your mind.

~Citation needed.
I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt (despite your demonstrably false historical claims) but I am almost certain that you're pulling that out of your ass. If you're willing to lie about fake german massacres, you're willing to lie about anything to back your narrative.
Provide proof that Churchill somehow sabotaged the Polish Crisis despite not even being in power.
inB4 you don't

Just go away, nigger. You're trying to reverse an avalanche of reality, fucking yid vermin.
You should be spending this waning time on your escape plans, and unlikely survival of what you've created against you.
Run, little kike. Run.

What about German assassins (Hitler survived like 18 assassination attempts) and notable British generals? What about Norwegians in the resistance that sabotaged Germany's heavy water program? Who were they?

The real redpill is that there was no way that Germany could have won the war. Most of the planet was divided between four kike-ruled empires and Stalin was planning to invade Germany in July 1941, everything that Hitler did was just an attempt to forestall the inevitable. By smashing the Soviet Union Hitler prevented the kikes from conquering the world through direct military power, he forced them to take the much slower route of conquest through finance.

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This isn't reddit, you can't expect nobody here to have read a book in their lives. Spread this around to your JIDF buddies, watch them cry:

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Nothing could be done to save the Third Reich short of the rest of the world allowing it to exist.

Germany went on a massive spending and public works program to get their economy back on track. They had to go on a war of imperial conquest or be crushed by debt. The world of the 20s and 30s was not in a position to bail them out, there was nothing like the EU back then. The Nazis who just gained power were NEVER going to relinquish it – so they needed war.

Germany had literally no hope, none, of winning the war. Us going back in a time machine won't change it. What would be tell them? "Hey, the Allies hacked Enigma"? No information we could give them would allow them to win the war.

Had the US stayed out, Germany would have won. You’re retarded.

They’re not paying you enough.


What the fuck is your purpose on this planet, you fucking nigger? Because no one is buying your shit around these parts.

Totally organic™ posting!

Totally judaic™ posting!

There's no need to target anyone, the first success nuclear test was already made by the NSDAP in the first place. They were truly the most scientifically and technologically advanced nation in the world. Just need to give them blueprints and instructions for basic enrichment and optionally miniaturisation plus encouragement for them to finish their secret jet planes and bombers then they automatically win the war.

Lol, debt to who? This is the mainstream Jewish narrative which we have been taught for the last 80 years. In national socialism there is no debt, the people invest in their own society out of national solidarity and love of the Volk. National Socialism removed the financial parasites from the German economy, allowing for a massive increase in wages and productivity. National Socialism represents the economic liberation of the people, this is why the (((Communist and Capitalist))) regimes have been waging a non-stop cradle-to-grave demonization campaign against National Socialism for the last 80 years. The most profound redpill of National Socialism is that the incredible productivity of the modern industrial economy can support a high standard of living for the people while requiring very little labor input; if we were free of interest-farming parasites, we could maintain our current standard of living while working for 10 hours a week.

Germany went to war because it was a small and divided country surrounded by large, aggressive and expansionist global empires ruled by Jewish finance which were building up for an invasion. The war was an act of desperation by the only people on the planet who had liberated themselves of Jewish financial power.

Lol, when was the U.S. staying out of the war? They provided massive material support to Britain and the Soviet Union from the beginning, the declaration of war was just a formality.

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lol no.
Money isn’t made from moon beams & pixie dust you shit tier whoreson.
Simplified basics:
1.All economy is based on productive labour.
2.In return for productive labour you receive a 'receipt' that represents the labour you performed as economic value. In simple terms: perform X amount of work, generate X amount of economic value, get X amount of receipts.
3.These receipt are tokens that can be exchanged for other peoples productive labour ie. goods and services.
4.The name of these receipts/economic value tokens is money
5a.If i print off some money in my shed and spend it i will initially boost the local economy but will increase inflation.
5b.If i destroy all the money in the area i will reduce inflation but harm business by reducing disposable income.
6.By artificially increasing or decreasing the amount of money in the local economy i effectively control it without performing any productive labour myself. I am counter fitting economic value ie.counter fitting Labour.
7.This is exactly what (((central banks))) have been doing for well over a century. Pulling the strings of economy and thus labour (jobs, businesses), government (that the (((central bank))) lends our currency to at interest) and through them manipulating society and our Nations.
8.Economic chaos, massive debt and subsequent massive taxation ensues. Dancingjews.wav
1.Slaughter every single jew without exception and abolish their system of capitalist control.
2.The government issues the Nations currency without borrowing it and issues it without charging interest.
3.The amount of economic value tokens (that's money to you, bucko) issued is directly related to gross domestic product (GDP) with the sole purpose of enabling the productive labour it represents to be exchanged by your people for other goods and services.

Hitler didn’t borrowing the money from anyone & thus didnt need to pay it back with interest to (((anyone))).
Hitler issued money directly from the National Socialist government in order to fund the productive labour for his people.
This labour itself was the backing for the currency.
Thats it.
Read Gottfried Feder.

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Amazing how the mods are just letting this shitskin spam his fucking kikechan threads incessantly.

Oh look, the Goy finally woke up and challenged christianity, time to rape him with facts as he no longer amuses my jewish mind and has become dangerous.

Hitler briefly considered killing the pope, but was warned he'd be dead by the same afternoon if he tried that source: I dont know man just google it. Now, go back to sleep goy.

If I had a time machine I'd get filthy rich then I'd begin lobbying HARDCORE for the allies to join Hitler and murder both France and England and since I am italian I'd also give a disgusting amount of funds to our beloved Duce.
I'd also push for Japan to keep invading China, because fuck China.

Maybe suggest to the Deuce that he shouldn’t invade Greece while you’re there?

Maybe go back in time and stop a nigger from fucking a dog so you're not born.

Just sayin'

This fails to account for two things. First, you must also outlaw usury. Interest creates fake labor from nothing even without the government doing it.

Second and more importantly, how do you remove money from circulation? If you just add money by paying government employees, then you either have inflation as currency in circulation increases year over year, or you require infinite growth to keep up with the expanding currency supply.

WWI caused WWII so the solution is

1 Save the Archduke
2 Become a rich nobleman
3 patron Hitler to become the greatest artist in the world.

Agreed, usury is frowned upon in National Socialism. I probably should have mentioned that.

Government employees get paid by money the government generates by operating services (public transport etc…) & modest taxation.
The government only issues money based on labour (GDP) not to pay a bill. This means that they aren’t issuing currency year on year to create or stimulate an economy. It is Labour that causes the economy to grow & the currency is only issued to keep pace with that: Labour comes first. Of course if the productive labour of your people goes down then you get problems but the solution is more labour not less money.

Convince Hitler and the German high command to rush the armies in France to descend upon Dunkirk with the panzer corps. Hundreds of thousands of British soldiers become POWs and do not evacuate. Churchill's position is compromised as pro peace advocates in the British parliament have a stronger position to push peace now that the home islands are virtually undefended and vulnerable. After that, just tell the Germans that the Soviet's intend to resort to insane scorch earth policies for Barbarossa and that the army will needed to be equipped with more winter supplies before going, because they will likely slow you down enough until winter and it will be a harsh one. Bonus is to tell them to watch out, they will go for the encirclement of the 6th army at Stalingrad. Germany now has a very good chance to win the war.

why would you admit that your entire argument hinges on "haha gotcha lol", rabbi?

Why France? Of all major allied country's in the war, it wanted the least. Its people overwhelmingly didn't want it, its politicians didn't want it, the military didnt want it, only the (((communists))) and (((bankers))) wanted it. Recorded history that they basically had to be strongarmed into the war by Roosevelt and Co.

shill blown the fuck out, gj user…but but germany wanted all muh shekels goy

But that's not how it worked, or what you described. If that is the case, then how is the government measuring GDP and how much currency are they printing, and how is it put into circulation?

Simple. Invade France to gain the north shore, kick everyone out of france and stop there. Build up the entire society over a few decades, 3x-4x the population, and do it in phases. The all out total war tactic only works if you have an endless amount of soldiers (as the allies did).

Joseph Beck

Hitler solves energy problems by going through with development of nuclear facilities. He doesn't hesitate to take Moscow, and seize the central train station of Russia.

This means he solves the energy problems he was having, and stops Russia from ever building a meaningful resistance to him. The rest of the war is basically his, even if the invasions of Italy and Normandy succeed.

Just Churchill needed to die. Most of the rest of your list is just shit heads who would have been killed during or after the war and would have had no effect on it whatsoever.

It is how it worked & exactly how it was described.
calculating Gdp is a subject in itself. Good luck with that.
They release only so much currency as needed to represent gdp. i.e: At any time they ONLY have as much currency as gdp, they don’t keep releasing more every year unless the economy (labour) increases. This currency then circulates within the economy as a way for people to exchange economic value derived from their labour for other goods & services created by other peoples labour. Without currency debt or interest.
As for how currency is put into circulation. How is it put into circulation now, user? It doesn’t require usury or debt based currency to do it.

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Nuke Hawaii faggot. Simple. War's over. Hitler did nothing wrong, but he didn't do anything right either.

Perhaps you can direct me to the more important threads because it all looks like the same gibberish to me.

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Imagine what The National Socialist Germans would have done with the advances is genetics and DNA. What a beautiful peaceful world we could be living in.

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Instead we're increasingly dealing with a jewish generated shit-hole.
Is there a kike here who isn't jacking off to a picture of a little boy up to his armpits in shit? I know how you kikes get off on scat porn.

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He was ideal, they could easily make do with someone less ideal, especially considering their intermingling with Brit nobility.

Churchill was the face of the appeasement narrative, and he attacked Chamberlain's character at every opportunity, for his lack of action against what was apparently an obvious German threat. Both of these made it impossible for Chamberlain to leave Germany to its own devices. Without Churchill agitating for war, those blank checks Britain and France issued Poland wouldn't even have been considered, Poland never would have allowed the pogroms Hitler couldn't ignore, and they certainly wouldn't have felt safe enough to spit on Hitler's deescalation plan. Considering Hitler's only other target was the USSR, Britain and/or France never would have been able to justify a war against Germany.

pdf related
inb4 "but that's German propaganda, show me kiked sources"

I would like to imagine OP found The Bell and plans on saving the world, but I forgot funposting is no longer allowed.


I program my machine to 1940 and kill Hitler.

This documentary is a huge redpill suppository. I thought that I was well informed but this information on central banking is more suppressed by our society than the truth of the holocaust.

Here are some tldw points that I thought were extremely disturbing:

1. Central banks are private institutions with anonymous international stakeholders. Central banks decide how much money to create and when to create it.
2. The anonymous international stakeholders in the central banks are the only people who have foreknowledge of future credit conditions, allowing them to use interest rate fluctuations to impoverish any businesses and governments which they desire, they have near omnipotent power over all economic activity.
3. The central bank creates money at a rate which ensures steady inflation, making savings impossible. No family or company is able to accumulate its own inter-generational wealth to reinvest in its own growth. Since all savings is destroyed, everyone becomes reliant on usurers to finance their growth.

Central banking is a swindle of an unimaginable scale. The fight for the democratic control of currency creation has been at the heart of American politics from the beginning of the nation until the (((post WWII period))), now the central banks have become all-powerful and untouchable, not even a part of the political discourse.

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Warcraft based on hindsight - when the reality is good v evil. Meaning, that the war is still ongoing, as the fight is for what it has always been for - Greater Israel.
ww2 is still ongoing and will continue onto ww3, just as ww1 became ww2.
They have just taken a break until the European fighting stock replenishes.

This is why the Fed needs to go down.

Eisenhower was the biggest threat in WW2. My Tierlist of the biggest threats would be.

The Federal Reserve is basically a cabal of anonymous and unaccountable international kikes who have a killswitch on the entire economy. It is absolutely insane and it is a travesty that we don't talk more about it. Without control of our currencies the kike parasite would lose most of its power over our nations; the value of our labor and our capacity for wealth accumulation would increase by a staggering amount. Public control of currency should be our main issue, everything else is basically a distraction.

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How on earth could he just leave Germany to its own devices when they kept on gobbling up their neighbors?
Only a moron would just allow an aggressive, expansionist power to start gobbling up neighbors without trying to contain it. This is basic bitch geo-politics. If you were in power in Britain, you would have declared war on Germany as well.

Hmmm. Maybe we should use only jewish sources for their holohoax claims as well?
Surely they wouldn't dare exaggerate or fabricate evidence, right?

On the document itself,
1. that 58 (gorrilian) thousand Germans allegedly killed (and probably turned into lampshades) by the Poles is by their own admission POST invasion. Not pre. So even if we just mindlessly accepted this propaganda at face value, it does not back up your claims that a billion Germans were lampshaded before the war. Read your own sources.

2. A lot of it seems to be "pamphlets" and heresy that no one can independently validate. Identical to the jews' claims.
Not valid evidence.

Germany was the only major free country in the world, it was trying to unify its people within its historical territory and survive a global conflict against multiple hostile Jewish Empires. The British Empire, the French Empire, the United States and the Soviet Union were dangerous expansionist transcontinental Empires dominated by Jewish finance, they could not give less of a shit about securing the Polish territorial gains of WWI. Germany put up the best fight against the Semitic power of any European people, and by smashing the Soviet war machine they prevented a direct kike takeover of the world through military power, forcing them instead to rely on a slow takeover using media and finance. Poles were merely useful idiots for the Jew, if they were smart they would have returned the Danzig corridor to Germany and allied with them against the Soviet Union, rather than stupidly relying on distant England and France to protect their territorial gains and getting swallowed up by the genocidal Soviet Union and its genocidal European Union successor.

In the end, Poland will become a brown third-world labor camp run by Jews, just like the rest of Europe; and if the Germans manage to rebel against the kikes, liberate themselves and reestablish some national order, they will just annex most of Poland anyway.

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Nigger If japan attacked from the east then the USSR would lose. Google Professor Phate.

After WW2, Soviet has the single biggest land force of Europe, the fact they cannot conquer Europe is because Western Europe holds the 2nd biggest. Germany invasion of Russia did not prevent jackshit, Russia ends up gobbling HALF of Europe after Germany's failure.
So they were dumb, and it's right for Germany to ally with the Soviet Union to fuck them up?
Despite the fact Poland has already beaten the USSR advance in the 1920s.

The consensus among dissident historians is that the international element was arming the Soviet Union for global conquest. The reason that the Wehrmacht performed so well in 1941 is because Stalin had dismantled all Soviet fortifications as part of his no-retreat doctrine in preparation for an invasion of Germany later that summer. The Soviet army was largely equipped with offensive weapons; massed artillery, large bomber fleets, paratrooper armies and mobile light tanks. With no defensive buffer Germany would have fallen quickly and entire old world would have come under a kike totalitarian state.
Poland would not have been able to contribute in any substantial way to resisting the Soviet Union in the 1940's, as it was still a largely unindustrialized country. It was necessary for Germany to unify its people and consolidate its borders in order to stand a chance against the Soviet Union.
Because justice demands it and because Poland would have no chance of resisting a resurgent nationalist Germany. The only real nationalist movement in Germany, Der Dritte Weg, has the return of German Territory as part of its political platform.

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American radio, media and central banks.

You mean taking back German lands that were removed after veraille. Kys kike.

These are all tired, one-ball tier historical commentaries from reddit with no sense of the context or capabilities of the said countries. Want Germany to win? Stop US Lend lease, don't declare war on America because of dubious obligations to an ally that will not be able to help you, and stop Italian autism in the Balkans which delayed Barbarossa and diverted important men and material. Hell even without the latter happening stopping US Lend Lease would still seal the deal.

The Wise Men & Anglo-Merchant east coast Ivy League establishment as a network is too huge of a 5th column in addition to Soviet infiltration following Roosevelt's unilateral recognition of the Bolshevik 'government' in the 30s. How you cripple this/at what fracture points/moments of historical import are varied. In anticipation of time travel becoming possible in the right hands – (Simply blocking the passage of Lend Lease wins the war imo, for a simple solution)

Pic. related. This stops the 'Boris Yeltsin' 4th term astroturf via Anglo-Zio fuckery in the Republican primaries – these fucks actually managed to place a non-isolationist to throw the race with Wendell Willkie

Then there's anyone on the Venona decryptions
– Specifically Roosevelt's two Soviet/UK handlers Harry Hopkins and Harry Dexter White one of these issue orers to sen fissionable material + plans for atoms bombs to Vladivostok toward the en of the war, only notice by the harbormaster in Washington countermanding the "do not inspect" order phoned in by one of these two. Both die in suspicious circumstances.

The captain/crew that allowed the capture of enigma.

Herman Hess – The ideological character of the expatriated Nazi capital's '4th' corporate Reich stays on-message with this counterbalance to a overly-pragmatic Borman – if the mission to touch base with the pro-German Royal faction(s)/UK military for a negotionated peace was going to fail/get a member of Saxe-Coeburg kille, terminating it in the first place (even by Hess' death) maintains the security of that force within Britain. UK concessions to Stalin & the severity of security service compromise thereafter may be seen as a function of the lack of this political realist force's presence/optics as 'Kraut Cucks'.

OSS assassination of a much more strongly positione (an angry) Patton becomes less of a possibility. A Patton presidency following Truman would actually be capable of reinstating MacArthur with a containment policy that had actual teeth, as opposed to blood usury for profiteers. early nipping of the bu shortly after Truman's formation of the glow-in-the-arks or empowering of the Paperclip Germans to clean fucking house of Soviet/UK/Merchant subversion would be very interesting.

This isn't even the worse timeline, by a long shot.

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To win WW2, "The" United States would need to be prevented.
"These" United States would have surely allied against jewery.

Then you got the same world we still have today faggot.