The last white enclaves are shitholes

Parts of russia, white american appalachia, Poland, , etc. all (from what i hear) are shitholes. Maybe thats why theyre still white. The jews leave the poor areas alone and let white culture sustain itself. its quite the conundrum, indeed. If a white area becomes prosperous the jews move in and brown the place to death. If its poor, the jews leave it alone. how the fuck do we fix this. god dammit. Maybe we should just all
be poor and sit on the porches on our shacks drinking alcohol. atleast wed be able to be away from
niggers and the jew would leave us alone.
fact of the matter is:
like can we even win

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like can we even win

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Yes. And we will.
We all know what must be done. It's a matter of when.
And that moment rapidly approaches as the tormentors lose their grasp on the narrative, and attempt desperately to stitch it back together by force.
You don't have much time left, kike.
You should run.

No, we wont. Whites are an unremarkable race, I'd much rather have the Ancient Egyptians or Greeks ruling the world.

Good, focus your energy. remember that the jews use browns as a weapon to stoke racial division. They are below us but know this they want the same thing that we do: to be with their own people. with the proper incentive they will leave voluntarily. focus all energy on the jew. once goldberg is gone all the pieces fall into place. browns are simply a tool, and nothing more.

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Well why do they all want to live in the UK and Germany?

What race do you think these ancient people were? Black?

lmfao maganigger detected

Uh yeah, if your citizens are making so little money they have to move to another country I would say that's a pretty clear sign of failure

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migrants-gastarbeiters send earned money to their country often
and ready to return if well paid jobs appear


There are plenty of white countries such as Scandinavia, Germany, France (outside of Paris), Greece, etc. Within the USA there are plenty of white neighborhoods and towns. Even in places like Canada and Australia you can find white places. There are even white enclaves in South America.

There are plenty of places for whites to flee too.

Look at the white farmers in Zimbabwe as a microcosm of how whites operate. From the outside looking in it seems crazy that they want to continue to live there, but from the inside they seem more-or-less secure on a day-to-day basis. Yeah occasionally a white gets killed, and the government makes noises to take their shit, but they are left alone ENOUGH so that they don't really feel the need to make a radical change in their lives as a whole. If it gets to the point where the government really will take all their stuff then they they'll just leave.

So does that mean Mexico isn't a shithole?

can't tell if b8 or stupid nigger


The plan is to collapse western civilization to get niggers and kikes out of here


Why do all Germans have gay partners?

Ask dishonest questions, get dishonest answers.

>Heeeeeey! Check out this video of people who aren't as materiallistically rich as (((western standards!)))
>This pretty much conclusively proves that Poooland is a shithole because unless everyone has three (((HD TVs))) and two cars, they're lives aren't worth living!
The irony is that this still looks better than most American cities.

Have a nice video from Germany. You can laugh at the hurting Germans or would you rather only laugh at Slavic children suffering?

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He's an anti-White scumbag, he revels in any and all instances of White suffering.

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shit tier thread

Read Culture of Critique.

Poland isn't completely safe, your country is bringing in Indians to work in your county too
sage because antiwhite policies are happening in every county

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