Trump Is Trying To Get A$AP Rocky Freed. It’s Not Going Well

So are any of you still going to show up to vote next November?

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I never voted in my life. And every day I feel better and better for it

Not going to vote for anyone, fedup of this orangefaggot and christcucks.

Yeah you know things are bad when the Swedish prime minister is making better calls than Trump

These politicians should be counting bullets flying their way not ballots.

Maybe swede fags are getting tired of nigger overflow in their country?


Trump is secretly trying to get the nigger the death penalty knowing the world will do the opposite of what he wants.

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l know you are being ironic but funny enough that is the most believable cope post I have seen yet

Q predicted this. He said that Trump will free the beautiful American person. He knows that people will believe that this was/is a ploy to secure the negroid vote. His plan is to do this, thus appear inept and weak. But this is 88D Chess.
It has also been reported by both the Kremlin and MI6, that this negroid American man is in fact Jason Borne aka 007.

Don't really care what happens to the nigger. It's funny to watch Swedes jail him tho despite clearly defending himself against mudslimes. It seems American niggers are lower on the totem pole than muslims in Sweden. It's also no surprise the orange kike would try to get involved in his case when there are thousands of such cases in America alone with whites defending against spics then getting arrested for it.

I hate niggers, but I'm not gonna balk at one for fucking up Muslims. Niggers are animals by nature, but Muslims are mostly scum by choice, because they choose to be Muslim. So let him free just to piss off Muslims and the cucked Swedes.

So I trust that means Ill be seeing you at the free my nigga Rocky block party?

fuck this world.
trump should've freed assange instead of that worthless gangster rapper miscreant



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they, again, saved some lives from some egocentric fucktard.
this actually proves again that an increase of surveillance of the populus will lead to more safety…
i hope they have some safety precautions up at the 3lc to prevent misuse of their technology…
i wish they would report more on successful interventions like this in some way or the other…
just look at that mugshot … pure disappointment

Lokk at this Christless fagoot.It's like looking in a mirror, isn't it.

What a revolting niggerjew country. Pulling out all of the stops to salvage its wretched cultural poison spreaders to keep its capitalist game afloat. Keep buying those nigger drugs. Keep buying those nigger shoes. Keep buying that nigger music. Keep buying those niggerball tickets.

Sure thing nigger lover.

Daily Mail fake hysterical news kek. If the news is considered a source and their is no evidence from the actual DHS, then it's fake you dumb animals.

The nigger is named rakim

Wasn't the person he punched the same complexion?



Leave him in prison to get cornholed since judging from the jumper he's wearing with its rainbow colors with it's cute little collar he's obviously a twink. They can turn him out nicely in prison, as in turn his prolapsed anus inside out in a huge cream pied ass tulip.




Trump apparently

Not sure I understand this case. So Ricky beat up some mudslimes and now Swedes are locking him up indefinitely? And Trump is actively showing blacks how much lower on the totem pole they are than mudslimes? Sounds like good lulz could be had emphasizing the fact that while whites are overtly being replaced, Africans are being covertly annihilated.

Based Swedes. Shouldve killed the nigger, but jail is fine too.

Settle down Alex

More niggers get abortions than any other race. They have them performed so often that it's nearly more than every other race combined. Between that and the way thug culture of blacks killing other blacks is so amazingly glorified here, and with the chimps unable to stop doing what the TV tells them to do…

Fuck off nigger.

There is no habeas corpus in Sweden.

Reason he is jailed is because there is an obvious risk of him fleeing if he wasn't locked up. In all honesty he should act a bit more in character, given that hes trying to be a tough thugh nigga.

Swedish jail is very tame compared to American jail, though I can imagine him getting put with the violent criminals and them having some "fun" with him.

Not a single living soul is going to believe you. Not even niggers, and they can't even count. Fucking kill yourself for even thinking you would be welcome to post here.

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Low level shills, lurk more.
Simple case of virtue signaling before 2020 elections.

I live in a solidly blue state so it's not like it even matters if I vote for Trump or not in the presidential election.

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Jesus that makes me want to choke on blood. Yeah it's that fucking bad.


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No, it isn't virtue signaling. The Republican agenda, and that of entrenched capital, has always been super nigjew. This is about the cultural primacy of enforcing negroid-judaic social norms globally.

It's almost as if voting doesn't matter.

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Well, shit. Maybe we could ask Trump to get this thread UNDELETED.

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oh wow based swedes now do it with the rest of your niggers you fucking faggot cucks

This fucking guy, Mark Twain.

This is what all the sliding was about.

Why is he trying to get that nigger out when when he could get that UK man out who reported on the Muslim rape case?

TY for the info user, I tend to automatically think white country = same kind of constitution as burger land

Good question user I wondered the same thing I still have the full thread open in a tab

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idk the mods deleted a thread about this Trump/rocky thing yesterday too that had almost 100 posts

See: >>22

Is this topic really worth making a thread on? Who fucking cares. Trump is trying to bail the dindu out to try and pander to get some of the nigger vote, Is this even politics or is it just a slide/mindless thread to either bury something important or to keep this place descending into more of a shit board that's a shell of its former self? OP is either a low iq faggot, a glownigger or works for some kind of left wing think tank that specializes in keeping intelligent discussion at a minimum. God, sometimes I wish 2016 never happened then this place would still have decent threads about topics that actually required brain cells

You faggots should be ashamed of yourselves

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Why do you burgers have so many rape fantasies about prison? Why did you design your whole system around it? You don't think having nigger rape pits is kinda gay?

Now imagine how many whites being locked up for defending themselves against muslims

I don't know what the fuck that is and I don't care.

Its not a 'fantasy', its a reality, and its a reality because our prison system is overwhelmingly non-White, and non-White men tend towards homosexual behavior at much higher rates than White men, so when you get locked in prison with a bunch of non-White pseudo-faggots, rape is ubiquitous.
We didn't, we designed around containing violent criminals, and the result is an overwhelmingly non-White prison population.
Not as gay as the refusal to simply shoot them.

Its a 4channer thread. You can tell when you've got the eye for it.

We're being raided at present it seems.

Looks like Trump probably got confused by Rocky's last name and thought he must be jewish, and THAT's why he's trying so hard to get him pardoned.

Well done Zion Don. Well done.

Oh you sweet child, never thinking to question that which is right in front of you, like

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>(((vote and meme while you're being genocided)))

Oh so dragon energy nigger didnt work out?

An actual niggerjew. The worst possible combination for a bipedal organism.


At this rate he'll tell Ivanka to star in a BLACKED video because the very basted black community would support it.

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Swedes hate Trump and white people. So of course if Trump is involved, they will just lock him up more out of spite. Also makes sweden look bad in their own populace for locking up a nog. It is a win win. Sweden looks bad to its own SJW populace and has another nog locked up.

Go back to thedonald, you trannies already got two threads about this niggerlover deleted.

Trump cucks in absolute shut it down mode

Not helping.

lol civnats

A politician should distance himself from the entertainment industry as much as possible and treat the media as he would a pet dog.

This must be the point I'm considered old, because I don't have a fucking clue who that A$AP person even is. Never even heard of him.


To bad Trump is addicted to attention

Did somebody day

Trump is a public face, a whore, not some independent "leader".

Underaged like you ruined this board.

that's what swing states are for.

Every. Single. Time.

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Nah he is right it is the magaboomers and christkikes that ruined this board.

Whats the point in helping out niggers they outright voted against him, White people got Trump elected. Meanwhile he could point out the anti-White prison system where Whites are exclusively targeted by niggers in prison and then given worst punishment if they join a gang to protect themselves then lose rights while a nigger rapist in prison is given free reign.

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Pic. Bet you my aim is better.

And freedom.

Trumps a attention whore the prison system would get him his attention he wants, you reddit kikes need to leave.


Honestly i think its his boomer mentality of trusting the folks around him too much now

Another retarded kike drivel disruption oi vey don't do anything goy .

Omg, if you removed all those filters it might actually look human. Scary!

That's bad news. I already told my family how Trump was trying to free a fellow American out of prison for self defense. I was looking forward to telling them the good news. I just hope Trump succeeds before Thanksgiving.

Just kill yourself.

who gives a shit about this dumbass nigger celebrity and his scuffle with some muslim faggot

the president, unfortunately. that's what this thread is about.



The supposedly most influential man in the world

You should, and you should consider forwarding this around Twatter and Faceberg along with all those videos of ghettobese animals attacking each other in public.

Our only hope is enough normal people seeing America and Sweden arguing over how to clean up the mess of two different African tribes brought to Western civilization and proceeding to shit it up.

So what are you going to do about it?
Bitch uselessly?

lol I love how this has become copypasta

back on topic, i bet the police chief and all the CO's of the jail are bringing their daughters in there to let that nigger fuck them and the police are taking pictures and high fiving each other, thats what they do over there in europe, that nigga probably dont wanna ever come back

Projection is off the charts.