Shifting Morality discussion

Why aren't Jews regarded as the vilest, evilest, most wicked creatures alive?


Jews on the other hand

How do we change the morality of the west to reflect the truth that the jews are the ultimate picture of evil? That jews are far more evil than any 'crime the goyim can ever commit and the jews actively praise the vilest of things as their greatest virtues. Jews have reviled Hitler as what they should be seen as, the greatest evil and the blackest devils on the earth.

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They are.

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They are. Fuck off.

I knew Paul. He was a jew. Everyone hated him. Nobody had anything good to say about him when he died. Even the other evil jew criminals I knew hated and despised him. Dorothy tolerated him because her skull was totally empty.

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Why does he look so much like Merkel, May, Bibi…?

You cant defeat the inventors of Christianity you dumb pagan niggers. You will be christian and jewish until the end of time.


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You're already consuming yourselves. All we have to do is gently steer your downfall till we can get a few chunks to appease us for the centuries of parasitic torment. Be patient, you fucking psycho. Let us try to enjoy at least some of your annihilation.

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Lemmings can't hear you over the music of ZOG.

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Cool, reminder that Christianity have tortured raped burned annihilated your entire pagan culture. Whilst the Jews remain intact. We're too smart for you.

I wonder why?

Are you now? How so?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Nothing about you is "intact". You're nothing but a jew.

Same as we were for 3000 years. And yet you STILL lose. Which means your amnesia is deliberate and off the chart, or we're genuinely better and can shit on you without a second thought. Now, we know you dont hate the Jews by themselves, but secretly hate Christianity as well. Go on, pick a fight with it. I dare you.

Its not the people, its the teachings

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Watch out the Jews are coming!

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IDK why don't you go ask your pedo fag bosses.

I thought you said you kikes were 'too smart' for us.

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He doesn't, but you never stop shilling.

Its the people who are the product of generations of being subjected to those teachings.


Normal folk can't relate to those scale of crimes.
Normies also act as sheep and think in terms of following the herd. A football team can appear to be majority bad, but the whole league? The numbers dwindle for each stage of understanding. Some do believe football is bad as a whole, ones that understand it down to the college, free pass level. But do those same people believe in the entirety of corruption going on at the college level beyond the sports portion?
So we that exist that recognize Jews for what they are, the Jews that partake and not just benefit (however unknowingly), are the ones that do.

You keep using words like "better", and "smarter". Lying, cheating, and stealing under the cover of constantly stirring up shit between people is neither of those things. The very fact that you believe "shitting on me without a second thought", makes you a higher being, or is some grand achievement, is all any actual human being needs to see to fully understand the vile, demonic parasite that plagues all of humanity.
It takes creativity, effort, and dedication to build a sandcastle. Any nigger can cruise behind the crafter and kick them over.
You are no one. You have always been nothing. And you will always be known as human filth. The entire world is growing weary of your shit, and now there is nowhere left to hide on the entire planet. You're desperately trying to steer your fate by tormenting your eventual eradicators. There is nothing "smart" about this.
You are changing nothing but the time schedule, which works in my favor. The longer you stall, the more you suffer in angst and misery. I'm loving this. Your toys are all winding down, jew.

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A former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD) has called for Jeremy Corbyn to be ‘sacrificed’. “Sacrifice him”
Will he be brought to swift justice?

>no animals are harmed in (((vegan?))) gear

Vegan farming horribly kills exceptionally more animals. Destroys a significantly larger area of the environment.

It's like some people here are a type of blinded and deafened. So I am using format.


I also posted about the jew subject. In a thread I didn't make.


There is reason for the aggression you see (here) when it is about jews. But the real reasons are not the jews.

Video in the OP

I did not know that Überhumanism was part of the jewish religion. But this will be ok if we discuss it further. One is that it is commonly known that religions have many flaws.

Ending the jew problem

1. If there is really something it would have come out during this American administration or long before that.

2. White supremacy is big enough, they can get governmental attention. Or take it by a lawsuit if they have sustainable evidence. I saw on Stormfront that there are attempts to contact the government.

Important condition discussing it further

I need a reply and the response that it will be discussed further. Or it is not possible to solve the issue. I don't explain this further at this point. But it should be understandable.

Because most people don't know anything at all about Jews. The single most effective weapon the Jews have is camoflage. To not be recognized as Jews unless they wish to be. I do not recall who said it, the quote is not mine, but some WN 1.0 demagogue once said something to the general effect of "if we could turn every Jew purple for a week, the people would revolt all on their own."

People simply don't RECOGNIZE Jews. Out of everyone who hates Harvey Weinstein, some 90% of them think he's just a particularly ugly looking white man from California. What he does or gets accused of, assuming he doesn't ultimately walk with how big the sodomite pedo ring is, is simply blamed automatically on white men. Even other races and species unrelated to us often believe Jews are white. Niggers in particular infamously cannot tell the difference, and neither can most chinks. Some We Wuz Kangz professor actually wrote a book about it, titled "We Thought They Were White," where he fingers the kikes, and not white men, as being the primary instigators and shills for the Atlantic slave trade. Which of course is true and isn't news to anyone who is aware of the JQ, but it speaks volumes that they've so effectively blended in that they can simply shunt blame for their misdeeds directly onto white people and escape any consequences themselves.

The greatest con the Jews ever pulled was convincing us to not think of them or talk about them because they do not matter. The broad tree of related human races and species we collectively call "Aryan" have been bamboozled into believing that Jews are one of us and belong in our spaces. They effectively walk past our radar without even being detected.

This is why Jews instantly become nervous and on edge simply when goyim speak about them. I can tell you from personal experience, I once knew a Jew who worked in a political party, and I recognized him on sight because he was a hilarious sterotype straight out of DER JUDEN. Shapeless potato body, huge sagging jowels, beady eyes, high set ears, sloped forehead, those weird gross pufferfish lips, and a massive hooked banana nose. During a meeting with others I casually addressed him as a Jew, and he looked at me like I'd just murdered his own child in front of him. He didn't know that I knew. He didn't think anyone knew. He was horrified that someone did. He accosted me after the meeting and demanded to know how I knew he was a Jew, and when I told him "you look like one," he looked like I'd kicked him in the stomach. He avoided me from that point onwards and never voluntarily spoke to me again. I was never hostile to him, or anything less than polite and professional to him, but the simple realization that I KNEW, that his camoflage wasn't working on someone, compelled him to flee my presence like the hounds of hell were baying after him.

If you want to do something tangible to fight against and undermine Jewish power, look no further than simply naming the Jew. Anytime someone like Weinstein does something that makes the news, remind people that they are Jewish. Stop overlooking Jews and call them what they are. You don't have to advocate for their death or call for their expulsion. Simply name them. That alone is enough to set the wheels in motion that will eventually turn the populace against them, and they know it, which is exactly why they fear it and exactly why they use charges of "antisemitism" to try and shut people up. The Jew cannot survive being identified as Jewish.

Never forget: once 10% of the population believes in something, the idea becomes unstoppable and effectively mainstream. Only 10% of the people need to wake up to the Jewish Question before the JQ becomes an unstoppable mainstream idea. 1 in 10. That's all we need.

I'm a bit in a "hurry". I am somewhat agitated. Not (personally I never) in some unworthy way.

I'm not hurrying anyone else in that sense. But I want to see a reply soon. I want to make contact about this.

you may be physically intact, but you are the most disgusting group of lying, thieving pedophiles in earths history. Have a read of the Talmud. You and the Muslims, two peas in a pod

Yea, way too smart. That's why there's been pogroms against you in every country news have ever entered. Because you are so arrogant you believe you can exploit and rape the 'goyim' and their children. And you reap what you sow. I know you think it will last forever and you are too smart. They did too.

Because they always get help from White Nationalists to reinforce their eternal victim hood.

How much do they pay you to shill this same message over and over again, and do you get paid extra for the redtext? Genuinely curious.

If you don't respond to this in an intelligent and coherent way, I will know that you are a b.0.t.

Reminded me of this baste tweet

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Can you post a pdf of the book

maybe he means this

This, always have been. Globalization left you nowhere to hide this time, ovens stoking around the world as you see. Told you not to focus on the nose so many times, didn't listen. It gets dire from here on out caterer.

A parasite can never be better or superior to anyone. It may infect or disease its host killing it in the process but at the end of the day, it will always be a lowly pathetic parasitic insect. You and all jews and your parasitic pariah state are nothing more than bad insects and will never amount to anything more than that.

>"The fact is that the Jews were known only as destroyers in ancient history, not creators. They have developed no science, have produced no art, have built no great cities, and alone have no talent for the finer things of civilized life. The Jews claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but thorough their parasitic habits have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers." ~ Charles A. Weisman (Jew)

>“Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.” ~ Samuel Roth (Jew), “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

>"The genius of the Jews is to live off people, not off the land, nor off the production of commodities from raw materials, but off people. Let other people till the soil; the Jew, if he can, will live off the tiller. Let other people toil at trades and manufacture; the Jew will exploit the fruits of their work. That is his particular genius. If this genius be described as parasitic, the term would seem to be justified." ~ Henry Ford, Sr

>"Himself a Jew, Marx has around him, in London and France, but especially in Germany, a multitude of more or less clever, intriguing, mobile, speculating Jews, such as Jews are every where: commercial or banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades, with one foot in the bank, the other in the socialist movement, and with their behinds sitting on the German daily press — they have taken possession of all the newspapers — and you can imagine what kind of sickening literature they produce. Now, this entire Jewish world, which forms a single profiteering sect, a people of blooksuckers, a single gluttonnous parasite, closely and intimately united not only across national borders but across all differences of political opinion — this Jewish world today stands for the most part at the disposal of Marx and at the same time at the disposal of Rothschild. I am certain that Rothschild for his part greatly values the merits of Marx, and that Marx for his part feels instinctive attraction and great respect for Rothschild. This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the large banks? Oh! The Communism of Marx seeks enormous centralization in the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which. speculates on the work of the people, will always find a way to prevail ….” ~ Michael Bakunin, 1871, Personliche Beziehungen zu Marx. In: Gesammelte Werke. Band 3. Berlin 1924. P. 204-216.

It is the people, user. All behavior is genetic and even a peoples representation of 'god' is a direct product of their genetics. This is why niggers have no 'god' because their genetics are animal genetics and they can't comprehend 'god'. Consequently this is also why jews have no concept of 'god' either because they are race mixed with niggers.

Which do you think came first? The jews or their 'god'? I assure you that the jews came first and their 'god' justified their behavior in their own eyes. At this point globally behavior is so incredibly immoral and skewed by the jews imposition of their 'behavior' onto other peoples that to cleanse the planet almost all people would need to die.

If we take the idea if 'god' to be "godliness" and "goodness" then yes what you are saying is true in that the jew and the nignogg have no internal moral structure.

But why do they have no internal morality that is rooted into them? Europeans and asians do, we have a set idea of what a 'bad person' is, a murderer a rapist or a traitor.

Yet for the jews, they have no concept of 'vile' or 'goodness' because their idea of 'goodness' seems to stem from the idea of their racial urge to dominate and subvert, like their is an inborn psychoapthy into every jews mind (maybe circumcision? We know it changes the brain permanently from the trauma) and


Demonstrate that the jews see christianity as their weapon to enslave white people and use us as their shock troops to subjugate the world. It also shows that the jews have a venomous hatred for whites (or anyone) who views them as the absolute picture of evil.

This may be because to the jews (and to all narcicistic psychopaths as well) they view themselves as the absolute picture of what we refer to as 'goodness' and 'godliness'. Yet internally the jews are the absolute definition of evil and externally they narcicistically lie about being a 'good' or 'godly' person. This lie of being 'god's chosen' is used as a cover for their immense unspeakble crimes across the globe and the guilibility (again that 'goodness') is exploited by the sociopathy of the kikes.

So, I think we are onto something here.

1. The Jews see themselves as the absolute picture of 'goodness' which is what whites have been braineashed by the jews into thinking they are. This is used as a cover for all of their evil crimes.
'''2. Jews use the 'goodness' in christianity which originates not in (((yahweh))) but in the natural morality which is inborn in a white european as a weapon to control us, twisting and distorting it to their will to enslave us as their army against the other races. Whom the jews also label as "goyim" (cattle).
3. The Jews ract with vitriolic hatred and spitting venom whenever someone identifys them as the picture of evil (this may be related to 'narcicistic rage' in narcicstic personality disorder- as all jews seem to be born psychopaths) and they react with such spite they are seen for what they truly are- they also can't help this reaction, its involintary, the jews NEED to be seen as the most 'moral' and 'godly' or what we call 'goodness' people that has ever existed.

So from this we can draw a final conclusion that the jews use morality as a weapon to control the goyim and other jews, keeping us all controlled and in-line with their agenda of world domination under their 'god' and 'goodness'. Which is what we refer to as the ultimate picture of evil in the aryan natural morality which is inborn in us.

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If we Europeans could just agree on ethnoglobalism then we could be done with all these problems…{sigh} and spend the next 400 years straightening out our own issues without interference. I don't believe that the jew cares at all for either 'good' or 'evil'. They care about the power to arbitrate these values. So, it is their ability to DEFINE 'good' or DEFINE 'evil' for others that is the root of their power, which I suppose you said in a roundabout way already. This allows them to control things like rape and murder because IN THEIR OWN MIND AND THEY CAN EXPLAIN IT TO OTHERS (because all psychopaths have a justification for what they are doing) in order to justify themselves. They are not 'inherently good' they are in control of the definition of 'good'…imagine user, what you could do and get away with if you controlled people's perception of what was 'inherently good' or 'inherently evil'. This is much like purple anons endless haranguing that he only murdered White/European 'mouthy whores'.
He has defined his murder for pleasure as 'good' because he has justified his action (the murder of our people) as the murder of someone 'who deserved it' because they 'were a whore'. The fact that he contracted the whore or was a willing participant in her behavior is immaterial. This is how the goalpost is shifted to accommodate his desire to murder and 'get away with it'. This is where the jew excels. He defines which murder is acceptable and which is not. So the murder of himself as payment for his murder of our women would be classed by him as 'unacceptable' and thus he has the power to do whatever he wills like a serpent twisting and turning on the path.
The jew also excels at convincing our people to war for him because he maintains through propaganda that HE ALONE is the arbiter of 'good' or 'evil'. He manufactures whatever he needs to convince people of the course of his decision. If he needs a bodycount, he engineers a massacre and this pits one human against the other.
They need to be exterminated user. The problem is that our people have some sort of mental block against 'doing what is truly moral (extermination of parasitic elements within society)'…it is like we can't function without 'direction' at this point. Like we have been dysgenically bred to dependance upon someone to tell us what is 'evil' and what is 'good'. FUCK IT! KILL THEM ALL AND LET THEIR GOD JUDGE THEM.

i dont know the full extent of objective morality but I do know that some of it is directly encoded into the sky
there are over 4,000 placental mammals each with their own specific menstrual cycle.
none of these 4,000 placental mamals correspond to the cycle of the moon
except for our women. the moon encodes the definition of a human woman. not a cow or a shrew or a manatee or a whale. a woman
"the learning channel" is running a program right now called "I am Jazz" where everyone around a man is forced to call him a woman and the reason they can get away with this is because all traditions have been associated with hitler and association with hitler means a life sentence in prison these days.
regardless, jazz is a man running around without a "moon cycle", saying they are a woman. this is objectively immoral. jazz is not a woman. you do not need to reference anything more than what is already in the sky to prove this is objectively immoral

these people hate everything so much they even hate the moon!

Ok so the really fucking sick part of that "I am Jazz" show? He is a palestinian BOY who was adopted BY JEWS and forced/mind controlled/fucked up into becoming a woman via butchery.

Stop and think about the level of sickness in that. Palestinians are the enemy of the jew, someone he is trying to murder and exterminate. They ADOPT A BOY and through mental manipulation TURN IT INTO A GIRL.

How immoral is it to take a slave, raise it in your household and then eviscerate it and transform it into a 'woman'. It is so fucking immoral and sick that I have no words for it. I can't imagine humiliating my enemies like this…bullet to the head, rather than this enduring vivisection of their enemies televised live on tv for the world to see. It is fucking sick!

t. kike

Sorry, didn't meant to post that I was really tired and read " I can't imagine having my enemies like this".
Archive of thread thus far.

No worries. I make mistakes like that too when I am tired.

I wholeheartedly agree, the jew doesnt care what is moral or good or what is not, he merely uses it at the moment like any sociopath/psychopath/narcissist as a tool to control others reactions to his crimes, enabling him to kill and rape and plunder as he pleases.

And yes through the mass rape and torture the jew referenced in this thread when he brought christianity against us as a weapon to control us, they killed off anyone who violently rebelled and castrated millions others, we have been dysgenically bred down into dogs from our wolf like ancestors.

You are perfectly correct also you forget that "jazz jennings" has manipulated others into believing he is a woman and yet he has no uterus or menstrual cycle (the word Menstrual comes from menes, meaning 'moon').

I think the Jew's morality is a rebellion against nature and natrual morality that we all understand inherently.

Probably why the Moon told 'The Crasher', "fuck y'all…you aren't landing on me!"

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Cool, and not a single one of you has challenged Christianity. The conversation will go "Fuck Jesus" and and I'll go "He's challenging Christianity!" and watch as my Christian rape spawn torture and annihilate you. You can be erased at a moment's notice.

I believe that this we wuz kangs, Nasheed, and what followed in regards to niggers identifying as kings of the world, was a preempt to negate and ridicule any further claims made by whites on these issues.
Now if we say Aryan and India, or a blond dynastic egyptian, they will bring up the nigger claim thereby associating our truth with their 'truth'.
When did this nigger kangs claim explode on the internet?
Was is just before, or after 2016?
Did it coincide with any claims made by whites?
Did the nigger preemptive claim dampen our efforts at challenging the out of Africa nonsense?
This nigger Tariq went from 'wash yo ass' to discussing deep historical events ( albeit based on nonsense, but nerveless)in the space of less than a year.
He is then given air time to debate with Jared etc.
Are niggers this strategical with the brain power to see beyond a leg of fried chicken?

To the best of my knowledge the only white people in favor of Jews are Christ-tards. Christianity is not a white man's religion.
"Man will only be free when the last Jew is strangled to death with the entrails of the last Christian."

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I found a big pile of brains like that in an old shutdown drive in as a kid. Some guy got smoked and the body snatchers took him out, but left the filth and boarded up the windows so my buddies and I had to jump in and see what all the fuss was about. Brains weren't much different than dead fish innards. stinky and slimy.
I just knew I didn't want to die in a place like that to have kids poking at my brains afterward.
Bathtub might be nice.

Jesus got nailed to a fucking cross to show the world how disgusting jews are, what have you done aside from shitpost on a message board?

Fucking poetry. Jazz poetry. Gorgeous, user. Just gorgeous.

It's probable that this so called Jesus of Nazareth character is entirely fictional. If you want to compare personal accomplishments that's another matter.

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youre 1 messiah away from being exactly the same as what you hate

You left out the part where Jews say we are all the same except when we're not, i.e. when they're playing the perpetual victim card.

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Yes, the jew invented a religion that persecuted them for centuries, so that 2000 years later they could take power. Also, the jew only gained power with the fall of christianity in europe, and the rise of secularism, but let's ignore that.

We know this board is owned by masons and thats why you larpagan faggots spam this board. kill yourself.

He's a shill and so are you.

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And when knife raping fails.

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This pedo hysteria would have more basis if you moralizers even knew what pedo means. Hint: it doesn't mean "2D drawings of anime girls" and it doesn't mean "teenagers".

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And that circumcising small babies and sometimes sucking their bloody dick is apparently a legal thing to do…

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Again its a jewish weapon distorting history to destroy the aryan race and yes it does seem to come out around the 2012-2016 area.

I think what we can learn from this thread so far is three things.

1. Jews use racial camouflage to blend in with their host and arent recognized as being a different race therefore not being recognized as the evil they truly are.

2. Jews use distorted morality (a perversion of natural morality we all know inherently) as a weapon of control, like christianity

3. The Jews react with avarice and venomous hatred when recognized as the evil they are, because like any narcissistic psychopath, they deceive themselves into believing their lie that they are the most 'good' and 'righteous people when they rape en masse, subvert and destroy aryan civilizations.

The question now is not "are the jews evil", which we all know to be yes, but the question is "HOW do we get everyone else to recognize them as the evil they truly are?

I think we can do this by looking at how certain movements shift morality of the white masses using natural morality.

1. Animal Rights movements. They have had tremendous sucess with white people using our natural empathy for others as a weapon to get whites into the self-destructive vegan diet. We can study how their propaganda works and use it to our advantage

2. SJW Anti-white movements. So called "Anti-raccism" movements use the education system and mass media (we all know who owns it) to brainwash our children using examples of "crimes" done against non-whites by whites acting in their self-interest. Their propaganda can be used and twisted against them to portray who the real cause of slavery is (jews) and show how whites are the natural 'goodness' they truly are.

3. Christianity. (the jews ITT admit it is their weapon), The most powerful of all jewish morality weapons. Has done extreme brainwashing through examples of 'immorality' and portraying the jews as 'gods chosen people' it has distorted natural morality more than anything else and done far, far more damage to whites than liberalism and communism put together. It uses examples of moral stories written down milleniums ago as a tool that a single person ccan use to manipulate the morals of a whole town. We can study how they change the morality of native americans (aztecs, cherokee, myans est) as an example of how they shift morality.

Now the question is how do we learn these tactics of "morality warfare" and use them to portray the jews as being exactly what they are- the greatest evil the world shall ever know?

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All jews must be killed, regardless of what they say. The world is for white people only. The jews that fund marxism and diversity are the first race that must be exterminated, before the other non-white ones.

Correct, I'm also baiting you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE challenge Christianity I want to watch you lose again.

Looking at this trailer using my previous #1 Example of the animal rights movement. We can see a few commonalities.

So just at a glance we can see how one of the most prolific propaganda films for the animal rights movement uses morality warfare as their primary tool to shift others morality to serve their agenda.

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You whole heartedly admitted that christianity was your race's moral weapon and that we can "never challenge it" and that we "lost".

Now that we are exploring how to expose you filthy jews as the devils in human form that you are you keep bullshiting about "losing again".

Don't worry, nobody will be "losing" this isnt about fighting, its about being moral, and you are truly an immoral sociopathic kike like the rest of your people.

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Admitting? I never denied it. I've literally told you everything and you still speak like a fucking retard. The Christians did a thorough job with your mind.

jews are globalists. they move to where they can prosper, drinking the land dry, basically destroying cultures. then when they cant make money or people hate them, they run away to another part of the world and begin process again. globalism doesnt WORK. We need independant nations to take car eof the earth.

Is this why the Jews do this procedure religiously ?
To create something lacking emotion and perception?

A nigh complete grip on media, entertainment, governments and the "education" system. That and their father the devil has a spiritual anointing to rule this world until Christ returns. God does not end a ruler's time in office just because they were judged wicked. They get to carry out the entirety of their term. This is the only explanation for how a tiny group of people can rule a planet. they are not smart enough, cunning enough, ruthless enough to do this without supernatural allowance. It sucks, but that's our lives in this world.Hopefully things get better upon Christ's return.


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You aren't even in a position to create your ethnoglobe larp. If you are, then you wouldn't need permission from a bunch of faggots on an imageboard. Just fuck off already, between you and spicspammer the board is total shit.

Uncensored version if anyone is interested.

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Because most peoples integrity doesnt go past their paycheque and by most were talking about 90%.

Good rundown user

Do you have a link or the full versions of that thora?

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Hmmmm if this article is legit, why does it state bringing back? I can't remember there being this law in any other country than the Soviet Union…

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White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

White Nationalism, 20 years of complete failure but it's everyone else's fault. Sound familiar?

If you post with an anime image next to that redtext, it might make your shit opinion sound even more smart and sophisticated.

It's real.

Where is the source for this, I'd like to read about it?

Pedoposter alert.

What that doesn't make any sense? mr. 1 post

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It does if you know Gemantria and Jewish numerical code. You pedokike.

You didn't actually believe rewriting the bible would hide the Truth of God did you?

Your fear is literally tangible

even if he was fictional, it doesnt change shit, jews still want christianity to die, it just shows everyone that jew rats are fucking autistic, they should be documented like chris chan. in order to fuck up their image.

Did I miss a meeting?

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