Kosher shills are aiming to prevent you from accomplishing your objective via distraction - look at all the frivolous...

kosher shills are aiming to prevent you from accomplishing your objective via distraction - look at all the frivolous bullshit in the Zig Forums catalog

from Mein Kampf:

In every case where there are exigencies or tasks that seem impossible to deal with successfully, public opinion must be concentrated on the one problem, under the conviction that the solution of this problem alone is a matter of life or death.

Only in this way can public interest be aroused to such a pitch as will urge people to combine in a great voluntary effort and achieve important results.

This fundamental truth applies also to the individual, provided he is desirous of attaining some great end. He must always concentrate his efforts on one definitely limited stage of his progress which has to be completed before the next step be attempted.

Those who do not endeavour to realise their aims step by step, and who do not concentrate their energy on reaching the individual stages, will never attain the final objective.

At some stage or other they will falter and fail. This systematic way of approaching an objective is an art in itself and always calls for the expenditure of every ounce of energy in order to conquer step after step of the road.

Therefore, the most essential preliminary condition necessary for an attack on such a difficult stage of the human road is that the authorities should succeed in convincing the masses that the immediate objective which is now being fought for is the only one that deserves to be considered and the only one on which everything depends.

The broad masses are never able to see clearly the whole stretch of the road lying in front of them, without becoming tired and thus losing faith in their ability to complete the task.

To a certain extent they will keep the objective in mind, but they are only able to survey the whole road in small stages, as in the case of the traveller who knows where his journey is going to end, but who masters the endless stretch far better by attacking it in stages. Only in this way can he keep up his determination and reach the final objective.

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Indeed. The real redpill is that your time is better spent reading literature than posting here and arguing with shills.


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How long until this gets deleted?

It might last a little longer than the AOC foot fetish thread about how Pelosi and (((Schumer))) were coordinating to take her down [which was the real takeaway].

And how the fuck is me reading shiterature going to help?
Sorry I'm just really blackpilled right now

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Please don't be black-pilled. DOn't worry about the Result, only worry about the Effort that you give. Set a Goal, and work towards it daily.

Mods are corrupt, shits fucked

Knowledge is the greatest weapon you have at your disposal.
Knowing is half the battle.
The other half is doing some seriously fucked up shit you never imagined in a million years you'd wind up doing, informed by the knowledge gained before you had to do it and which led you to doing and oh man I can still hear their screams at night.

Talking to yourself like that is the same as being a loner who's depressed for being too lonely, yet is too demoralized to socialize and thus perpetuates his own misery.

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We can take 8 Zig Forums back from these ResetEra tier mods; but the endgame is rather we go the way of cuck Zig Forums or forge our own destiny to be the Phoenix that lifts the burden of past strifes.

Ron is working against you

Bump. This isn't OP being a schizo, there's been an unusual amount of threads posted today and somehow half of them although garbage and bait at best - out right concern shilling at worst is still up in the catalog. There seems to be a concerted effort not just recently but TODAY to stop us from talking about something in specific - if I had to guess I'd say it's Epstein and that they're trying to bury it in the catalog because they expect some college kids to mention Zig Forums again in an article and they don't want Boomers coming here and reading all of this. Because the true story not only exposes an elite sex trafficking ring for multi-millionaire to billionaire pedophiles but that their "Democracy" is a Uniparty that fucks kids behind closed doors together.

What are my goals again schlomo? You going to tell me to go to Brooklyn again? Why would I go to that rat infested shithole?

It's only talking to yourself if the speakers aren't pointed at you, and nobody is listening or speaking to you.

Kikes think shitposting on a gook image board will prevent bullets from entering their skulls? REALLY? Shlomo is fucking desperate in that case.


I'm surprised the (((Mods))) haven't deleted this thread for "meta" so they can direct you to the meta thread nobody but Jamal and the guy that LARPs as a mod will listen.
This flood of spam has only gotten worse this week. The mods are in on it.

Of course they’re in on it. Codemonkey removed the mods who got rid of the spam (one of whom you’re insulting there, dipshit) and replaced them with shills.


Same thing on regular Zig Forums since epstein.



what would that objective be?


Dont focus on the big picture too much or you will become upset that you are only one person and cant change the world. Focus on smaller, everyday shit that you can effect

We need a new website without codemonkey.

Oh really, which one? Jamal, who banned anything critical of kikestianity, or the LARPmod that is totally a real mod but won't show any proof and only talks about codenigger not talking to him?


So you are Jamal, good confirmation. Thanks for proving yourself to be just as retarded as always.


You replied to the wrong post.

Bump for an actual thread about shilling instead of the Tel Aviv shit continuously being created and bumped.


OP is too stupid to be honest.


Just read all those "antisemitic" books the kikes want to ban

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