Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare Thread № XVI


Hail Emperor Maximus Brentonicus edition

Original video, manifesto and music:



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Based Brentyboy

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It’s funny because all of them were basically talking about the great replacement as well as other matters he agrees with, but got all squeamish when he memed on the invaders. Shows either a lack of conviction or just being controlled opposition, and neither one bodes well for them or their positions. Would be much better for them if they didn’t throw him under the bus.

Ding, ding, ding.

A lot of conservatives are just spineless faggots

There are many Tarrant videos here too. Remember to download and share elsewhere if you can.

For image memes, DeviantArt seems pretty lax.

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I agree. And I think that makes them even more open and suitable for being a controlled opposition. Their character or lack of thereof makes them more prone to either accept a bribe or fold under the threat of violence/blackmail/etc.

How was your day Zig Forums?


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I legit wanted to kill someone, my neighbours saw me pointing a gun at him. I'm going to jail aint I?

Good work, keep it up

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Always deny everything and say nothing more when confronted by blue niggers. If anything accuse your neighbors of something and say they're trying to frame you in retaliation for some perceived slight. Would quickly become "he said, she said". Blue niggers will get bored.

And it’s funny because while Tarrant certainly knew about the JQ, he successfully went under the radar with that as he carried out his attack on the very same sort of people they use to misdirect their audience from the Jews.

kk thanks
I'll pretend it never happened

Don't even deny, just do NOT talk to coppers at all. You don't have to. There is literally any rational reason to talk to the police whatsoever, you can ONLY hurt yourself by talking.
Do yourself a favor and watch one of the most important videos ever:

Link isnt working

You're right of course. In case they didn't want to fuck off I was giving him a way to manipulate the situation so they'd think it is the usual shitshow quarrels between neighbors cops see all the time and ends up being big nothings.

This is the best one so far user, maybe the next one could be a full view of Brenton geared up?

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On the other hand, this is fucking amazing. Saved.

It is brah.

Remove the > from the link

I'm retarded. Working now. Too bad I'm not American and have 0 (zero) rights. Good flick nonetheless.

If you live in anywhere near Europe, 90% that this law is the same.

Iyea, 'm somewhere in central Europe.

Then you are golden. I know for a fact that Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland have same thing in their constitutions as United States - you can't be forced to talk against yourself. And since it is only you, who knows if you do or not, you just don't talk to them.

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Thank you all

Of course, I think about it.

Absolutely great. It's a blessing to have such a talented user in these thread.


Love your art

Archive of previous thread

Still hoping for subtitler user to deliver a complete hardsub version of the Christchurch footage.

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Not subtitler user, but if you have a finished subtitle file, I can hardcode them. Or, if you have VLC Player, you can easily do it on your own as well. It's a rather simple process:

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If nobody will deliver I might try myself, but I am literally unable to do the most basic shit.
I tried to complete the subtitles in previous thread and anons gave many good suggestions for the parts I did not understand.
This is the post >>3511756

t. still use Windows media player

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wtf did I do? see, I always mess with this shit.
let's try again

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>still thinking (((1 post))) shilling will convince someone
They are really not sending their best.

I'm gonna check it and if they are all good, I will make hardcode the subtitles tomorrow when home.

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thank you

take a look at the suggestions anons gave in previous thread and correct where necessary.

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What are you talking about? You didn't do that, you don't even own a gun! Nor were you home that day, it's probably all those drugs your neighbour is on that convinced him of that, maybe his house needs a good search.

absolutely amazing

In Honor of all who served in the the last battle.

Shills got bfto as fast as they came in, many new frens were made, snickerdoodles were plentiful.

A special thanks to Murdoch Chan for all that baking.

I wanted to also thank the 2019's Artist of the year, I used your pics in my background.

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I attached the 2019's Artist of the Year's work in this post along with your Kekel of Honor, thank you for your service lad.

Newfags, we can't hide anymore, if we do, then young girls like Ebba won't have a world to grow up in. Trust the oldfags, they will teach you how to let the Shit Flow through you. Never let a Shill take your Smile.

Keep fighting lads, it's what Our Guy would have wanted.

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Sometimes when I read the obituaries of the invaders that Saint Tarrant removed, I feel a sort of pity that they had to be sacrificed for the greater point to be made especially since quite a few of those seemed (emphasis on “seemed” since who knows what the media is hiding) normal & harmless.
But I always remind myself that the (((pattern))) repeats itself in every Western nation regardless of how long it takes, that the mosque(s) they attended was a radical terrorist haven no matter how few radicals it may have actually created, and above all that they would probably have been better off in their own nations to begin with, finding a way to help out their own people where they belong. And that we’ve witnessed European men, women, and children who were even more innocent (since they weren’t invaders) dying at the hands of those very same people, in their own lands nonetheless. So I never doubt Saint Tarrant’s motives nor feel any true sorrow or remorse for the lives he took.
Besides, he too knows that only the victors write history.

On a serious note though: The gall that these invaders have to be making such demands even after a whole country capitulated to them can’t go unanswered.®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=4&pgtype=collection

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Amazing work user, I loved it all. Tarrant is right, we are the best group of cobbers.

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Jew thread of the year award

Shit, nine times? He should've used the gas.

No we are not until we pushed through the ZOG kikery enforcing his isolation.


Tarrant was Mossad.

Oh fuck off already you retarded shill.

hes just going to every thread saying shill shit so people read that thread it's a good read tbh but it's pretty autistic how he is making people click the link

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Well, that was totally unexpected. Better reserve judgment next time.



Can someone upload the "I Have No Regrets" video?

He is a loser who history will assign as a footnote at best. Why do you worship a loser that was just attention seeker. If he was a really man he would have fought in the Great War on Terror like the rest of my generation. Join up losers, or go home. Enlisting in the military is not that hard key board warriors.

fuck off faggot he didn't go after a big target and only some poison and didn't go after the poisoners at lest he did something.He will be made into a hero and he will get a satue just like all the other hero of the revolution.

Serving in the Military was the biggest mistake I ever made. All I did was expand Greater Israel.

Did I learn useful skills? Yes.

Worth being a race traitor? No.

I'm sure there are more vets here than you realize. We faced the biggest (((propaganda))) history has every known as kids, surprised I ever took the pill.

I pray to Saint Tarrant for forgiveness for being on the wrong side everyday, my only way to redemption is Red Pilling as many as possible and then man the fuck up against this Clown World.

Don't forget her.

fighting the ZOG wars AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Where do you think you are, nigger?

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Just say you need to speak to your lawyer if you need to talk and not a word more than that. You can even start looking up lawyers now so you know who to call when the time comes

Ebin tribute to the last thread, soldier, and put together so quick. We persevered through another battle and are back now to honk another day, just as based Chan will always be there to replenish our morale with a fresh batch snickerdoodles.
I'm honking on something right now, but it will take a while for me to get around to finishing in between wage slaving. For now though, some fresh OC.

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His body looks a bit like a blob but keep going.

Fucking based pictures!

Thanks! I got to learn all about vp9. I used FFMPEG to squeeze 549 MB into about 15 MB. Quality came out decent.

Never thought shitposting would motivate me to learn new things.

Looking forward to your content, glad to be fighting along your side Fren.

I don't know, Tarrant's chest looks pretty bulky, check the side view in slow motion here for example.

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All of the music remixes and tribute tracks(some were breddy gud) are gone off YouTube.
Can you good lads with them share them here or gib links? I've got a big drive on friday and I want some good stuff to blast diwn the highway

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check here

This has to be bait or you’re actually just another boomer,


He should have focused a bit more on headshots.

What I found interesting about this article is this photo inside. See the little rocks and pebbles under the railing? As far as I know, it's Jews who use rocks instead of flowers on their graves. See:
They just can't fucking help themselves. A mosque which produced literal terrorists and those hook-nosed fucks still do this.

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They are only here to pillage and sucks us dry of all the wealth our ancestors so laboriously left us.
Extermination is the only thing these vermins deserve.

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Of course. He even wants to import more invaders because of this, not the wisest thing to do but you can’t count on kebabs to have self-awareness.

Nice catch m8. Seems like them anyway, moving under the radar like that, nobody would normally notice such a thing. Fits their MO all too well.
Their time is coming, we must remember this.

Someone translated the book to Ukrainian and published it

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I think I remember the user who translated it to Ukrainian, he was one of the first together with the German and Czech translation. From what I've understood it was also pretty good old hand-made translation, no GT bullshit.

what is that? a telegram group name?


Are the glowniggers on telegram too?

Yes. But I would guess just to monitor. From what I've heard it also seems that western glowniggery already cracked Telegram, while eastern glowniggery did not (yet), as Telegram is often used in Ukraine even for war-related stuff and Russians are not keeping up.

Is there a list of translations that are known to be of good quality? I never saved any translations because some were said to be dubious or even machine translated.

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you can find the translations here

Yes. Tarrant has many admirers on Telegram.

Thank you

You can check original thread here, translators posted there directly:

From what I remember, German, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Czech translations were supposedly professional translator tier quality. Others were supposedly pretty great too, but some were left unfinished.


there is no need to be upset

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How's the day in the office?

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And yet we are all here keeping his legacy alive.
He will not be forgotten.

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Any news from his lawyers?

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It's sad the stream cut off, now shitskins like this are taking honor for scaring away Saint Tarrant.

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Not even Wikipedia is buying it

He was little more than a nuisance to Tarrant according to this version.

Did he get new lawyers?

Those are old news, currently he is defendant of those two: Shane Tait and Jonathan Hudson.

This is the website of the first guy:
And this is a linkedin of the second:
Website notes these contacts:
Enquiries: [email protected]
Telephone: +64 9 308 9446
Telephone: +64 9 263 0453
Facsimile: +64 9 263 0458
Mobile: 021 628 001

(info from the last thread).

… what a legacy

Why are you shills so lazy these days? Not even trying anymore.