Avi Berkowitz - Deputy Assistant to the President at 28


This fucking 30 year old kike has been a "deputy assistant to the President of the United States" for 2.5 years and his only qualifications were riding kushner's dick while sucking up to Ivanka and being a jew. This is the absolute state of the administration; Trump's voters have no influence inside but prepubescent jew boys clutter up the west wing with kikery.



I guess "played basketball" is new euphemism for gay sex.


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Magakike free first post

People need to understand that the Trump administration is a panic move from jews. It is a naked act of desperation.

Rolling for the far off Neptune chance that Trump is pulling the uber, 4D, quadruple cross on the kikes and israel.
Only trips or better count on this one.

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Okay, and? Are you going to kill him? Why do we care otherwise? He will continue to be in power, be jewish, and exterminate whites.

Couldn't hurt to get dox. Never know who's lurking and what they're willing to do. Hence why the mods scrubbed the Bolton and Pompeo info with quickness only match by their hand-rubbing.

Yeah they really hate that purple character he rustle the fuck out of their jimmies; someone claiming to be a mod in the rules thread said he only became a mod to shut down Purple threads and that he put it in his mod application.

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Yeah mods def have hardon for him especially since he is all over their paymaster and the reason some kike named Avi even has a job with the President in the first place - Jared Kushner. Purple not just posted Kushner's and Bolton's addresses but details of the security plan/layout for the property including a vantage point that would give you direct line of site to Kushner's bedroom.

Share info.

2449 Tracy Pl NW Washington DC

38°55'02.3"N 77°03'17.7"W

was location he said would give you vantage point from second story window of the Kushner's bedroom but that it would have to be a .338 Lapua or higher due to bulletproof glass.

Bump for extremely useful information

valiant effort but the MIGAniggas will never learn they are a lost cause

bump for info dump

The fire has risen

Trumpcucks are such fucking retards

Trust Berkowitz.
Trust the plan.

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Don't forget to buy a tshirt, too.

Well well it seems the namefag did good by us after all.

Bumping for dead jews

Where is someone with nothing left to lose when you need them. I honestly don't think there would even be sympathy for Kushner and whoever did it would be an instant legend for all history.

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bump for a dead Jared Kushner

bump for dead court jew

To the Secret Service fags ITT why don't you do the noble thing like the praetorian guards of old and slaughter the traitor Trump and his court jew son in law. Prob should get Pence too, the cabinet and all of congress. Fuck now I understand the only way to not have someone owned by jews run the country is to take out almost every last politician since the majority of them are shabbos.

based praetorian secret service lol