What the fuck?

Sorry for the low effort op, but I was eating lunch at the local Chick-fil-A, and I saw this bullshit (pic related). Does anyone know what this is and why it is in east Tennessee? I have seen that my area is targeted by an immigration office out of Knoxville, but this is weird.

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Also targeted immigration thread

Include at least three central arguments in an OP as a minimum to start a discussion.

The logo looks like a giant bullet hole through glass decal

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Those muthafuckas. You should call ICE on that biz. Nice work, user.

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And they now have the uppity audacity to hate you back. Openly. I remember 15 years ago they were too afraid to even talk in stores and now they yell their conversations across the store IN SPIClish!!!

C'mon, OP. At least you have good taste in fast-food


The 5th annual Festival de la Primavera served 81 patients during the event on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

The event helped patients get access to free medical and dental services. It was hosted by Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems in partnership with Emory & Henry College’s Appalachian Center for Civic Life and is geared toward the Hispanic and Latino population within the area and to unite the community.

This year, alone, there were 21 labs performed, nearly 50 dental assessments performed, and three behavioral health assessments were made.

This year’s numbers were up from the previous two years. 2017’s event only saw 25 patients, while 2018’s event grew to 58 patients.
Alongside medical and dental exams, the festival also has music, dance, games and activities for children, light refreshments, raffles and prizes, and information regarding local community resources.

Sarah Agron, Migrant Health Coordinator, said “Those of us from the Migrant Health Network and the E&H planning committee were very pleased with the turnout this year. It was definitely one of our best events – despite the weather – and we look forward to reaching even more people next year.”

You saw this shit and did nothing about it? Op is a race traitor and a coward. May you be thrown from a rooftop, Allah willing, faggot.

Part of being here on earth as a human is learning, not getting fucking arrested.

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Its an org associated bringing muds into the US, that's what it is.
Why its there? Because you're supposed to go buy some nails and dump them under the tires, or at least pry off that gas tank lid and pour some sugar in there. I suggest brown sugar. It does the most damage.


What about Southern Europeans, Slavs, and Cubans?

It's probably just an angry sodomite. It never gives argument only is angry because they refute sodomy.

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Both are completely white and as master race as NW Europeans

I am more interested in the black and white triangle motif. It screams of a Masonic sigul.

It's an all-out war on whites. They're attacking from every angle you can imagine.

Did you slash their tires?
Then you are complicit in the destruction of the white race.

What would be the best approach to contacting ice?

Just because you're a Jew doesn't mean the rest of us can get away with shit.

Call their phone number you idiot.


Taking pictures instead of setting the shit box on fire… the state of, /pol

I reported it. Others should as well.

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I heard once on this board, no less, that the democrats were targeting counties that were heavy white with migrants to flip them in the next election. It also could be a employee of that organization using a company vehicle for a private use. I don't want it to be the former, but it probably isn't the later.

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Where the fuck are you niggers in actual spam/slide/qtddtot threads? Do you expect nobody to notice you only swarm legitimate threads? You pulled this on the veritas thread too.

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No, they are not, Achmed. They are the mongrelized product of roach rape. To even compare a Balkanian to a Gael or a Saxon is utterly ludicrous. You probably think spics are part of the master race as well…

I concur they are not the same as Western Europeans. When I look at them I never think 'european' I think foreigner (that is just surface; their DNA is completely different as well as their culture and their mental abilities). It would be like looking at the second 'first lady' melania and thinking she was European.

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It's even in their origin mythos:
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All Celtic culture is sudic not nordic like Germanic and Slavic.
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The ones who grew up under communism usually vote Republican forever (newer generations often revert to Democrat because they're used to a life of gibs), but their offspring are invariably nigger-tier spics who wreck their neighborhoods and are openly racist against white people (while claiming to be white).

Imagine the shit you don't know about.

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Wtf is sudic, user?
Also the Celtic urheimat is essentially Switzerland, and Celtic and Germanic peoples are hardly distinguishable in genetic tests.


Equating south slavs with north west slavs/Baltic.

Sorry you're not a Jew but you were also foolishly equating a south slav to a north slav as the user you were reply to was referring to.

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I've been using that form to get ICE to pay a visit on the race traitor thots that refused me on high school. I wished they were non-whites so then they would have gotten deported, but oh well, a win is a win.

sage negated

We are doing a disservice to the men who attempt to remove the scourge from our nation, when we fail to act against these migrant interest groups. If they were unable to congregate in public, display their organization logos and openly proclaim their association with such groups; it'd be productive for our cause.

Another invader ngo.

It is and the bullet hole which is obviously not, represents venus. (8 points)

OP, you could do some research on the company and let us know what you find. Where do they get funding, what do they spend money on? Help us help you.

key the car and call ICE

They do this to bullshit with you trying get you to cave in making you be more sympathetic that they can't speak English, if fuck with them by talking back in Spanish they tend to cower.

Slash the tires, call ICE.
Write down the license plate.
If you let these fucks get away, you're a disgrace.

Seems like a really brave thing for them to label themselves in public like that. Considering how high tensions run, you'd think somebody would do something when they came out of the restaurant. Thankfully, OP is a faggot who responds to threats by coming here and sharing his feelings.

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Should have pissed in the gas tank OP.

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They are a subsidiary of Southwest Virginia community health systems. That much is on the car, but I can't find much on the interweb. Phonefagging so I can't get much done.

Is this an anti-white or pro-white vehicle?

Anyways, if it's used for anti-white shit, you should check for cameras. If there's cameras, get clothing you don't plan on wearing except for Ops that covers you up good, and come back… or else find a vantage point outside of the view of the cameras and be careful that you don't cross into the view of the cameras either. If necessary, you may also disable the cameras from a safe vantage point, and then move in. Anyways, after all this is done, just destroy that fucking vehicle or at least spray paint or slap pro-white stickers on it or molotov it.

Bro. While you say this there's corpses laying around in various American and Canadian cities and nobody gives a shit enough to even report it. Fuck, if I had a camera, you'd be amazed by the shit I found today while wandering around abandoned houses. Law enforcement is stretched thin, the prisons are overflowing, and they don't even do shit about most things. The very least you could have done was take a sharpie to that vehicle or something. You should always be prepared in advance for such encounters.

I literally find nails, broken glass, and pieces of metal laying around fucking everywhere… near signs, construction, dumpsters, etc.

You don't even have to buy them.


Btw speaking of migrant propaganda.

There's fuckloads of "free English classes" posters everywhere in my city.

I think I better tear one down and post the details on here.

Would Zig Forums then be able to info dig on it and see if it leads to anything?


Healthcare fag here. user, Alliance, or en espanol, Alianza, is a huge healthcare services network that has clinics all over the USA, and in recent years have been specifically targeting spics, because spics have all the money and benefits these days and are the most financially viable option to make money off of.


Why the have a spanish banner in east TN I don't know, but I presume you guys get seasonal spics for harvest season.

Find the address and report it to ice.

this. you should pack a few 6"x6" plywood squares, hammer, and nails in your trunk to create a niggerfied invention to place underneath tires