Iran Naval Blockade Incoming

Not even 1 month after this potential LARP thread are they talking about an international naval force to stop Iran. It looks an awful lot like they have been false flagging to get their blockade so they can finally shut down Iran's oil exports. Maybe it wasn't a LARP you decide user only reports.

To all the super oldfags who remember politics in 2008 this is something in the form of wanting to blockade Iran that we have seen before so the LARP which must not be named could be some DC oldfag old enough to remember the plans for Iran during the Bush years. Below is article regarding that I'm not gonna summarize because it is off topic but if you are interested this is an archived article from 08'. Furthermore they blockaded Iraq in 1990 with Dessert Shield so it's been done before in region.

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Another box ticked.

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I like you, user

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This is totally not American aggression. Imagine if I lock the door you're currently in and I'll kick your shit in if you attempt to leave.
Huh, where have I heard that before? *cough WW2*

You are an idiot. There is ZERO doubt that Iran illegally boarded and seized a British flagged ship, even after being warned off by the British Navy as it was happening, and that's why the Brits are responding. Iran is provoking this.

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Kill yourself moshe.

I really have to wonder what Iran's long-term plan was after seizing the tanker. They successfully called the USA's bluff after the drone bullshit and the international community seemed pretty lukewarm about the whole thing. But taking over those ships seems to accomplish nothing but piss everybody off and give the west casus belli to push back hard.
What the fuck is Iran doing?

Working with the jews to get a war started.

Wasn't it the (((british))) faggots that forced no flyzone over Libya back in King nigger days.

The ships were deliberately sent off course into Iranian waters; while I don't think the ships did it themselves they rely on navigation satellites controlled by the US government so all Uncle Jew would have to do is spoof the data going to the ships to cause them to go off course and violate Iranian territorial waters. Uncle Jew would def do something like this to get the britcucks rilled up for the Iraq Iran War.

Has Zero Hedge ever been right about a single fucking thing in the broad expanse of human history?

I loved this years Sept. 9/11 article where they pinned a story for the entire day that compared 9/11 to the holocaust.

I had a theory a couple weeks ago that the Epstein stuff was coming out just before something really big was about to happen to give more trust in Trump. Iran war happens and Epstein is forgotten about. Not like Weiner/Epstein etc actually spend any time in prison anyway.

The Iranians are just a bunch of stone age cunts. It would be nice to see a nice big neutron bomb go off over Tehran, then they can all go to live with Allah, win win all round


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Yes good. I agree. Those are stoneage orcs that deserve a neutron bombing but its funny boomeranon that you don't include the israeli's on that list for self multilation in the name of a foul foreign god

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I mean, if it's a game of who started it, it is probably ZOG for not wanting an enemy of Israel to have nukes on hand.

Jesus christ lol

Shalom. I belive you.

Doesnt really make sense user.

All they gotta do is survive longer than the west can under such conditions. Military generals and politicians all think they are the next alexander the great whom can win an war in a few weeks. Iran seems to know this war is inevitable so may as well start it before the west can get their shit built up like they did for iraq and drag them into an decades long war. Lets see who is right.

10 to 1 odds they are playing a hand counting on user's and those like us to rise up against our masters. Way too many nations out there have been eyeballing us(angry whites) despite the typical normalfags blatant ignorance of reality.

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Haha! How do you like your trade franchise now

I'm digging this live action remake of Episode I.

Boy, must be expensive keeping those ships on the water.

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It's a false flag, but only because Iran has been a mossad/cia asset since the kike-instigated "revolution" that replaced their autocratic civilization with mudshit faggotry

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which tells us the mossad has def infiltrated high up in Iran

Yawn. All for the build up to 2020.

Here in Brazil the media has started calling Iran as "the regime" of Iran. THE REGIME strikes again.

Every other week shows up a new regime around Is-real.

Were you born yesterday?

Bolsonaro sucks ZOG balls almost as hard as Zion Don.

He's another one they spin those shill posts up for, swearing he's -this- close to having those jews right where he wants them.

Here in Canada it's the same only worse;
We have both America's Zog media and our own.

All this happening is painful to hear; We're watching all the steps Purple layed out for us play out in slow motion, and we can't convince people enough to stop it because we got all this info from some guy with no proof except information, so normies will only cheer for war.

Is this why Fed niggers drink?

Let's hope it's not a LARP and the user does his new media thing to deconstruct propaganda narratives. The only person capable of stopping this is someone who knows the enemy's playbook after all. I wasn't convinced by first threads but after Venezuelan embassy raid I started to take notice.

Since Iran isn't taking the bait, it looks like Israel is calling on mother Russia to get that precious Lusitania II footage needed to rise up Americans in defense of freedom or whatever.

Who will be next to surrender another ship to Iran? US or the UK?

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This, Khomeni is another of the Savarid line, jews don't give up power so easily, and it surprises me so many anons think they only control 1 side of the dialectic. Look at the gold crypt0 they just released, does any1 seriously believe (((they))) dont remember how to rig precious metal markets? the same markets they manipulated with usury to come into power in the first place?
You can't auto-win ww3 unless you control both sides…

It's world war jew.

I gotta say glowniggers, this whole ramp up was the most retardedly transparent little piece of smoke & mirrors ever. Well done actually, you're really pushing the limits of credibility as far as possible, with only the most incorrigible normies buying this at all.

Yep. And freighters that "strayed into Iranian waters", topkek. Sounds like they were out for a morning stroll and got lost, because that's totally how those things work. At least it's not as bad as those "mines". I don't know why they bother any more, just fucking invade already. Normies won't do shit & don't care so long as the HRT for their children arrives every week on time.

Fuck your dubs. The freighters just "strayed" into Iranian waters did they? Imagine that, fully automated billion dollar vessels guided by GPS can just "get lost" apparently. Honestly, why do you fucks even bother posting this crap here? Go spam a Fox news comment section or Twitter or something, holy fuck.

Reminder the Mods are Kikes and Hate Purple with a Passion

Mod also deleted the thread in question to cover his tracks.

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What an strange cohencidence user since the jew mods have left Christcuck CultLARP up for 3 months with 5 threads so far with narry a single ban they no longer have an argument of "I shoahed a LARP". The best part is the reason the kike mod gave you that you were a "Q-larp fag" despite Purple being polar opposite to Q and the retardation associated with it. Furthermore it shows the mod went over multiple threads to delete any mention or defense of Purple so he could try and create a hugbox for jew approved ideas.

Here one Mod in the rules thread literally admits the only reason he volunteered as a mod was to impose his will on the board and shut down any thread mentioning Purple. What an absolute cohencidence. At least kikey was upfront about his fuckery and censorship instead of some back handed back alley dealing kike who covers their tracks.

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Amazing how they let Q faggotry get spammed here for years and then use it as an excuse to crackdown on some unrelated leaks.

user remember as another poster said the US Department of Defense controls the global positioning satellites everyone relies on for GPS data.

They even gave the cunt his own board but God help them if they let actual information out into the wild as their jewish paymasters would kvetch with a seething rage reserved only for the amalekites. The christian CultLARP is even worse than Q and that shit has had multiple threads over months. The guy LARPing has suggested breaking numerous federal laws and detailed his supposed plans to do so yet that shit still stays in the catalog.

I feel like a few years from now when Trump is really starting to shove the concept of President Ivanka down the publics throat purple will become the new "you should have listened" meme. That is if we don't find out he is Chinese which is really the only doubt left I have regarding it could be psyop operation of foreign government. The only way he would have high level information about US diplomatic and military intentions/operations would be connection to that government or a foreign adversary. Well I guess we will find out once some super autist finally locates his Youtube channel from the clues he left in that Iran thread that got shoahed by the ravenous kikery of the one mod who has a hard-on for removing anything related to purp from Zig Forums.

To the kike approved wignat hugbox mod who will eventually find this thread and shoah it too I say this, while you may think censoring purple or any mention of him shuts it down it actually makes his arguments that much stronger by proving how much they make people like you seethe in such a rage you enact massive censorship in a place that claims to value the freedom of all legal speech so anons can make up their own minds. You idiots are making one of the best arguments for purple and you don't even know it, the absolute state of your autism abounds.

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I wonder how long before they delete this thread too. Yet ChristcuckLARP is on thread 5 and the only reason his other shit RP threads aren't still up is because they hit their limits. This gay ass shit has been up for months yet anons ITT have shown proof that any mention of purple namefag gets you instabanned and posts/threads deleted. Does anyone have the namefags original thread archives? I didn't bother reading them when they dropped except the "plans for Iran" one; I thought it was a gay ass LARP but after seeing how hard it is being shilled against including direct actions by mods it really gets the old noggin joggin and makes one want to investigate for themselves. I mean FUCK just look at this screen cap from latest CultLARP thread and this shit is being endorsed by the mods FFS while the other namefag is taboo it's like the mods think we are stupid niggers and won't notice such things.

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inb4 Israeli submarine funded by American aid sinks one of those ships so MSM can blame Iran.

Oof is that christcuck thread cringe as fuck.

Pretty fucking obvious they intend to do a blockade at this point but to the namefag's credit it definitely was not even remotely clear over a month ago. The timeline estimates even match up considering it's going to take the Amerimutts at least a couple more months and prob a few more false flags to get enough nations on board to do their little blockade. Economically namefag was right a blockade is the only way ZOG can reduce Iran's oil exports close to 0.

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Wrong user ChristcuckLARP currently has 2 active threads on the board along with the several that already maxed out and created the second active one after getting buttblasted in the other one. There is no way that faggot isn't a mod to be able to flaunt breaking as many rules as he has.

So, they reallly want that oil price high, huh.

Reminder that Israel bombed the USS Liberty, and the US government took it up the ass from Rothschild.

The other user posted most of them there were many more that got deleted too quickly to archive the one I offer is the most recent thread of his the kike mods burned.

Doing something useful for once…

Yup and also for bongs the Oct 31st (Halloween) exit from the EU can be mumbled off as "impractical".
Stena may operate in British waters but they aren't British owned. It's Swedish. Or (((swedish))).

Damn. We're doomed.

They have been preparing the coming major false flag background for at least a year now user. Even earlier, if you want to consider predictive programming such as Designated Survivor. The people are being seeded with (((experts))) warnings of not just Islamic sleeper cells, but Iranian sleeper cells.
Pesky Hezbollah, which has never been punished for the bombing of the Argentine israelite Mutual Association, reached its 25th. anniversary a few days ago. So they appear to be the best patsy option as justification for war following a false flag that would necessarily involve real fatalities. This media preparation was not blatant, yet enough to seed a narrative that few would be justifiably distrustful of today. Fast forward to the past few days, and already we're seeing hints of what's in store. There's minimal effect of a false flag in the UK when kikes are desperate for US involvement.
It's not hard to see king nigger's involvement here either.

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If you haven't guessed the christian cult thread is a fed op. It stays up as a honeypot and jim gets to keep the ad shekels from the site.


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Kill yourself shill faggot; if you actually bothered to do your job shilling correctly you'd know Purple not just hates Trump but wants to destroy the Trump dynasty to ensure his jew cunt daughter doesn't run for president. You are fooling anyone with you pilpul Moishe the archived threads ITT prove what a disingenuous piece of trash you are.

people will give a shit, in a anti-war way, when gas costs 10$ a gallon, that's the only reason nothings happened so far

Kushner admits to using all of media tactics namefag accused him of during 2016 but says this time it's for Palestine

This site won't let you copy & paste text that is how much they want to shut it down

Purple namefag really wasn't joking about Kushner and some of this reeks of exactly how Kushner kiked the chans into MIGA.

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Burger fucks are so dumb they will literally fall for a false flag that gets amended multiple times to make it more severe. What's that Uncle McBurger is that two drones you say now; just like the kikes and their holocaust the lie just keeps getting bigger.

I can just imagine where this kvetching is going to lead

Free Iran


The Purple user was right again imagine my shock. Love how the mods still ruthlessly censor him while christ larper gets to have multiple threads at once really shows how sensitive Purp's info is to ZOG.

Have to kill him.

Fucking Kremlin Propagandists. Russia desperately trying to promote a favorable opinion of their pet monkey Iran towards neckbeards.

You people deserved operation Barbarossa.

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No, dumbass.

If you think, no one has been a bigger muppet of the kabbalists than the filthy russian slav sub-humans. Try again KGB nigger.

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You two shills have already lost pack it up already this "LARP" has been confirmed to have legitimate info in it. You can debate as to the source or about some of the shit like the ayy stuff he said he overheard but you can no longer just simply write this shit off like it's Q which reminder the faggot mods supported. There has been too much confirmed info on a range of different subjects for this to be completely fake.

Suck my motherfucking dick you no good slavic low life cunt.

You subhumans are nothing but a hired arm of the Kremlin's propaganda arm or the SVR or the KGB. You're not even legitimately good at what you do nor are you Vladimir Pussy's best.

All your grudges against the United States are based on the cold war butthurt. Meanwhile China is slowly going to swallow you whole like python. When that happens I hope you enjoy seeing that Chinese dick go in and out of your mailorder girlfriend.

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Russians didn't kill millions of Ukrainians, kikes did. Same people who killed millions of Russians.

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Guess what you asshurt faggot I am an American of Anglo extraction. Only a disgusting turk or a kike would hate slavs this much. Also speaking of not being good at what you do, the KGB hasn't existed since 1991 you dumbfuck.

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Stop censoring technology and you won't need Oil Tankers anymore.

Stop bitching about Oil Tankers.

Once again, suck my motherfucking dick you stupid lying cock sucking Russian piece of subhuman slavic shit cunt.

You fucking lowlifes claim to be everything under the sun and even posting on these message boards using American proxies everytime you need to spread your propaganda.

You have a fetish for division of the US and anyone in your way. As for your intelligence agencies (I use the term loosely like your mother's cunt) they've actually grown. We know you seek to provoke influence in Iran and set up shop over there. Unfortunately the US and other nations are in your way. So you try this lame internet hoax crap.

Try not sucking some commie and kabbalist dick next time and maybe you retards won't be as stupid.

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Russian-Soviet "nobles" are from Turkic-Khazarian blood though. Putin "Shelomova" comes from Chabad leadership.

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Turk or jew the mystery as to your ethnicity continues.

Another article substantiating a future blockade

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lame attempt. Putin was KGB for years under communist rule before he eventually got the FSB job for sucking the right dick. He's been behind false flags, Polish leader assassination and everything under the sun.

Well which one is it Kremlin Shill? You got to make up your mind sometime.

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Once again I remind you that neocon-run Iran wants this shit, and does everything in their power to play the bad guy for this shit.

All very predictable.

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Putin has enough ties to jews just like virtually every other world leader that you don't have to make up retarded conspiracies about him. You need to go back to Stormfront dipshit.

As the other user pointed out only turks and jews hate slavs this much so which are you subhuman?

Shills ITT shills everywhere and the mods are supporting them by deleting comments

Why oh why did they delete attacks on obvious D&C shills but leave the D&C shill posts up hmmm.

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Explain why Iran does all of this shit but does not nuke Israel?

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Explain why US/israel do all of this shit but don't nuke Iran/Syria/Russia/North Korea?

Because they don't have nukes and aren't building them and never have been, you stupid brainwashed jewish puppet. Stop listening to what jews tell you.

I'm the one that fucks your mom the most. I don't hate slavs. I hate Russians. But seriously, everyone hates Russia. Even other communist hate Russia. Fuck Russia and fuck you too.

The Turk-niggers don't use a shill internet propaganda force as much as the Russian Sub-humans. This is why Hitler attacked Russia and not Turkey. As a matter of fact he even left the Czechs alone to a certain extent. Russia however everyone knew was a threat in some way. Whether they be Allied or Axis.

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