The chancellor said Germans have a "duty" to stand up to right-wing extremists just as the resistance faced down Adolf Hitler. July 20 is the 75th anniversary of the failed assassination attempt on the Nazi dictator.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday urged strong opposition from all sections of German society against the resurgence of right-wing extremism.

In her weekly video address, a week before the 75th anniversary of the assassination attempt on Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, she paid tribute to those who opposed the Führer's rule, and took action.

"They followed their conscience and thereby shaped a part of Germany's history that otherwise would have been solely defined by the darkness of National Socialism," Merkel said.

"We, too, have a duty today to stand up against all those tendencies that want to destroy democracy," the chancellor added.

July 20 marks the anniversary of the 1944 bomb plot to murder Hitler and remove the Nazi Party from power. The attempt failed and Hitler survived with minor injuries. The plot's orchestrator, Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, and some 200 co-conspirators were executed.

Merkel said Germany owes them a debt of gratitude, noting that the country's post-war constitution may not have come into existence without such actions.

The chancellor also singled out the "terrible murder" last month of German politician Walter Lübcke, which prosecutors think was politically motivated by those with links to neo-Nazi extremism.

Lübcke had become a target of threats because of his support for Merkel's refugee policies.

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A spectre is haunting europe…


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the war is over
merkel stands before a court
what are her crimes?

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Treason, genocide, and most likely a lot White collar type of crimes.

Remember lads, the Sun always rises. Look to the East.

For being anti-White and wanting to bring White people debt and death she will be tried for crimes against humanity since clearly only Whites are human.

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Treason, conspiracy/conspiracy to commit genocide and sedition. I'd try to get the judges to keep the charges as limited as possible to the most pertinent for our propaganda because it will look better in 300-500 years when we lose control again. Too many charges and it will make it look like we smeared her 500 years from now. Call me crazy for thinking that far ahead but it's why I'll probably end of leading you assholes.

That will literally never happen again, rabbi. As soon as we lift ourselves from your shackles, we will immediately cultivate the stars.

Shut up brainlet the only history you know is the promiscuous sexual history of your mother. The idea that "This will never happen again" is preposterous, this is a cycle and it may not be Jews next time but it will happen again. Decay and prosperity have to balance themselves out or we are doomed to extinction - the very reason you flock here, because you sense that balance is in peril.

Sorry, jew, but my mom is a saint. Your mom, if history is to be believed, is a fucking whore who fucks niggers and whites all alike.

Adolf Hitler is the ONLY reason the insufferable childless treasonous bitch even exists.

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Nice job retard

I look forward to watching her Parkinson's disease slowly kill her.

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You can only lead yourself, user.
Hitler 2.0 is legion.

Shut up, Sinead. Go back to pegging Hyle Kunt.

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No, it is different. It's actually possible to build an orbital ring with currentyear tech already, meaning the Aryan Imperium will spread across the solar system and the stars, using clean technology. The cycle will be broken, no more eggs in one basket and waiting to get complacent again.

Fuck off O9Afag. Go infiltrate a Mosque or the cops for your insight role next time.

haha the former spy chief came out with a book and said they live under a secret treaty with the allies and are essentially slaves. It's like 80 years now and they're still under military occupation.

Why are you so danm stupid?you want a revolution and you fucking yell o9a tob nigger like a little fucking girl.Shut the fuck you total tard. who even fucking cares theirs satanists at lest they want to kill fucking jews and participate in the revolution.I don't even understand it under more why people care I alwas fucking say the same shit all the other siege fags say "their satanists"I don't fucking care if their satanists their not ever the christan verson of satanists.Their not even that many anymore afterthey realized it was not for them to fucking play around and shut the fuck up nigger their atom divisons in almost every western country and you can't stop it.

this treasonous cunt is shaking in her shekels

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Im just fucking sick of it people fucking just conplaining about muh satanism muh satanism when most fucking awd member are not but infact fucking pagan stop being a little fucking larper faggot and do something nigger.More and more people fucking skreech "satanism"more and more I want to fucking punch a wall

also this does not even make sense this is some hard ass jewish bullshit

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The absolute state of western leaders.

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It's ultimately an ego-motivated expression to give hollow hobbyists a short-term surge of self-satisfaction. These types unironically believe that merely hanging out in online chatrooms/forums circlejerking over how self-righteous they are will bring about Total Aryan Victory. The vast majority are obese virgins who are only good for comedic relief, tbh,

Show us your pictures Hero.

The burden of proof is on you to show you're not an obese virgin, faggot. Now get to work.

This is true but most who say their "satanists tho"
are mostly siegetards like my self.I think its like a leeming affect everyone has to agree or their kicked out of the ciycle jurk for speaking out about the bullshit.They know we need to destory the goverment but like you pointed out their little self righteous cunts.most are not fat weebs but some are like most siege tards they try and make their bodys look as most ethitic pleasing so working out is basic underone lol in one of the servers to get a higher rank you have to do a number of pushups and pull ups and running while recording your self.Still i say it's the leeming affect.

Fuck off fed

bruh I already read that thread


Being shoved in a oven like all her tribesmen should’ve been in the first place

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I don't work for you, you nigger.


We also have the right to fight back against tyrants who want to destroy our people.

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Being a mischling.

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Josef Müller with guidance from the Pope of the Catholic Church was the architect of the plan Stauffenberg enacted. Years earlier his fellow Catholics tried to get Hitler blown up on a plane ride by sneaking what looked like a gift filled with explosives onto it and before that it was a podium Müller pointed out. The SS finally figured out Müller's involvement and who his fellow Catholic associates were both in the NSDAP and the Church, many were righteously killed for their treachery against the Realm. Still, Müller escaped Adolf Hitler's hand since Hitler didn't find one of his higher fellow Catholics who had Müller released near the Fall of Berlin.

Müller after WWII then starts the Christian Social Union which Merkel is now the current minister of. Hitler should never have allowed Catholics to attain any high positions, I think Hitler learned this with "Mit brennender Sorge'' but Hitler never knew how many traitorous cucks surrounded him. Who'd see him dead and destruct Germany for a foreign jewish philosophy.

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Color me surprised.

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Fuck off kike

There certainly is…

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where is this witch nowadays?

its lucky they failed. With a more intelligent leader Germany might not have lost

I fucking call you out for kvetching and you start to kvetch ok

See you just scream like a child why do you shills do what you do?

Go ahead let the fucking kikes try and use pro white peoples as an excuse to further white genocide I am sure it won’t back fire right in their face and awaken the whites against a common threat.

Siege is not satanic, just because some satanists took over Atomwaffen it doesn't mean the entire ideology is satanic you fucking kike.

The government approves of domestic terrorism now

Oy vey goy why you trippin

oy vey, because you endless trash talk in public, and steal and break my stuff.

Then you say it's my fault be you want to call me the Emperer. You followed me around all yesterday calling me Nero.

She will be tried in public, live-streamed on EuroTube. It will be a short trial on the hoof as she is dragged from her bolthole and through the streets, wailing and weeping, to a lamppost, soiling herself as she goes. Each person present will have their own list of her crimes that she has committed in their head and all will be sufficient for the punishment she is about to receive. Most will believe that it is too charitable. A makeshift noose will be forced over her head and a German flag rammed up her shit-smeared ass. The crowd will cheer wildly, but also also be saddened that she had no offspring to witness the humiliation and death of the traitorous. diseased cunt.

This. Id like to smash her head in with a stone block (in minecraft)

Why so mad if it's not true spiritual kike?

James Mason was a Satanist, and we all know how memes & subversion works you retard - look where you are. Anyone can go and read the O9A stuff or Liber 333 openly declaring the intention to subvert everything with the slightest potential to cause violence. Tolerance of overt crypto-kikery, traitors & self-admitted infiltrators (who are doing exactly the same shit in police departments and the far-Left) is NOT a Fascist or National Socialist virtue - Satanists all go in the oven.

Did you even fucking read my posts I already fucking explained retard.