"Send Them Back"

Any anons in Ohio need to got to Trumps next rally in Cincinnati on August 1st and chant "Send them back" when trump starts talking about "the squad". This is because the kikes don't like the idea of a bunch of blonde white people chanting "send them back" to a bunch of shitskins born on our soil (one wasn't but you get the point). That simple three word statement shifts the Overton window in a direction they don't want. I have infiltrated a few of the conservatives organizations (YAF, Toilet Paper USA,…) here in Ohioand the leadership want to send their people to the rally to chant "Send her back" instead. They wanto shift the conversation back to Illan Ohmar. "MAGApedes arnt racist. They are reffering to Illan Ohmar when they chanted "send her back" at the Ohio rally. Anti semites like her have no place in this county and if she wants to spout hatred of Isreal she can do so back in Somalia." We can't let them take this away from us. If "send them back" gets chanted again at this coming up rally, it will become the unoficial slogan of trumps 2020 campaign and will be chanted organically at every rally to come. Ben shapiros controlled opositon knows this, and are going to send their people out in full force to stop this from happening.

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Good tactic bump.
Remember always agitate.

No thanks, Trumps a fucking worthless kike and at this point this country should just die so we can form a better nation

This isn't about Trump nigger. It's about getting a bunch of white people to openly state black and browns dont belong here, even if they are citizens and have lived here their whole lives. Trump and other shabbos goy have been disovowing the chant all last week. If whites chanted the slogan at every rally it would force them to disavow their own voting base going into 2020 or embrace the new rhetoric and make the argument for a white ethnostate much more popular in the public square.

The cockneys lament: send them back - send them back - cos they're dirty and smelly and black

Trump has shown to change his opinion if his base changes too. He made a 180 on h1-b visas and and severely changed his still moot healthcare plans.

Not about trump


Hi jews

I like this idea.

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Hi (((jew)))

You just needed to add one more they're in there and you have a catchy diddy.
"Send them back! Send them back!"
"Cos they're dirty and they're smelly and they're black!"
Wash, rinse, repeat.

I will check this and acknowledge the sentiment.

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I like your idea too user. Make it happen.

Me too. None of the so called 'leadership' for the past 100+ years has been pro European/White.

Shlomo is openly making threads now or do we have a visitor from the donald?


itt: AIPAC

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Shut up you filthy kike. Fuck these bonobo congresswomen and fuck your Kike president.

Deport the only people in Congress who speaking against Israel?

Racism is a subversive tactic to keep whites and non-whites divided. A united white/non-white monolith would pose an existential threat to the Jewish supremacists. When you shout "send them back!" you just give the Left ammo to use against you.

This is a great idea. Any anons who make it - chant "Send Her Back" loud and clear. The media will look to hang this on Trump, and no doubt Trump will eventually defend and embrace the chant.

More than anything - This chant energizes the right but also gives energy to Ilhan Omar, so the left rallies around her and against Pelosi. Ilhan triggers the jews greatly. This chant hits two birds with one stone.

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I get what you're saying. But you need to realize jews have made their nest among the white race and identity. The left looks at these disgusting fake whites, and thinks this is why all whites must perish. For example, on reddit they are greatly upset two kikes ruined Game Of Thrones, but they are not calling them jews, but saying "two privileged white men" ruined the show. Breivik, a zionist, slaughtered teens who campaigned against Israel while the media passed him as a bonafide white nationalist. Same with Tarrant, Tommy, Richard Spencer, etc. All loyal to jews or are jews, but the media passes them as white nationalists.

The nonwhites are never uniting with whites until whites themselves go deep into their racial identity and cut out the cancer called jews. Islam and Arabs face the same struggle…ISIS/Sunni Salafism is a jewish creation and until they cut that out, no one is uniting them with. Jews are a threat to every civilization and race on the planet.

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Trump is a kike but 'send them back' is a nice chant. Like posters above said, the point is to have white lemmings get comfy telling shitskins to go and stay go.

Whites simply need to consistently expose the Jews as Jews whenever they pretend to be white, not only to offload much of the hate of whites but also to make it very apparent to non-whites that Jews are disguising themselves as white and to subconciously create an increasingly hardening difference between whites and Jews in the mind of the non-white.

Yeah no thanks, guy

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go out and do something you retarded festering faggots

No, the point is RACISM, ethnostate.

The black and arabs can fight against jews in their countries, not in ours.

Israel is not all jews.

There should be a hand of jews who hate Israel. Israel is propped up as punching bag for world jewry.

That's defeatist. You must use your enemy to attack the greater enemy before there is any chance of an ethnostate.

you dont know shit about meter apparently. you took a good rhyme, added a word and it fucked everything up. what a goof

"Kill shitskins" is a more productive demand.

Get out

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LOL, the muslims will use their defeat of jewry in order to legitimatize their being in a white ethnostate.

Their fight against Israel is LITERALLY nobody can have an ethnostate, jews included.

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God yes, I’d pay to see that! He’d probably start crying. This is a good idea, have a bump

Someone needs to get seated behind him and wear a shirt that says
"jews killed Jesus"
They will quickly be kicked out
Christians will (maybe) think, "but they did."
even more hatred for the dispicable vermin will grow.

This is much much larger than Trump. This is about whites waking up. If you dont realize that then you will eventually go down with the rest of the race traitors.

the idea of helping out this chant does have appeal. Can I get in with a megaphone

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I agree. Anons who live near Ohio, please do this.

I always support two presidential candidates, one on the rep side, one on the dem side. Omar is definitely my fave on the dem side.


The only reason you got free personal army in 2016 was because you said to the jews : "I´m not accepting your cash to become controlled like Jeb". And now, your boss is a kike cocksucker. Also the NSA is after us. Wew lad.

Jump into the oven, kike.

All Ivanka has to do is come into his room and insert his favorite string of big black ass beads then slowly extricate them bob by exstatic bob from his anus and he's putty in Jared's hands. Instead of bragging about the big beautiful wall he intends to build, he'll be murmuring about empowerment of women and the need to send more billions to our dearest friends in Israel.

You absolute low IQ idiot. We want crowds chanting in the plural. Send all shitskins back even if they are (((citizens))) and lived here most of their lives.

yes send the whites back to europe

Yeah leave cotton wakanda alone. Whites ruin everything. Make America Savage Again

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Nah you just fucked it up more.
Maybe try something like:

Nope. We are however going to deport (((you))) into the ground. As ash, shylock.

I’d have no problem going back, but did you ever notice it’s only white lands that are being (((diversified)))? Nobody ever say Africa is “too black”. Nobody ever says China has a bug infestation. Nope, we just get told our lands are too white (as an example: granitegrok.com/blog/2018/07/new-hampshire-is-too-white-and-experts-want-to-fix-it).

So instead of going back to Europe I’m more in favor of continuously manifesting the Indo european spirit of continuously wiping out the native populations of new lands then claiming it as our own, as we have done for the past 5,000 years

lol what is this 2017


No, we've been thru two years of constant, blatant bs from the red media. Anyone with a spark of intelligence knows the talking heads are fucking lying. The time is ripe to dropkick the Overton window by drawing analogies between the ridiculous over the top displays we see today, and the incessant shrieks about 6 bazillion souls lost.
It's the same weasels writing the headlines since 1940s and that is more evident than ever
Strike while the anvil is hot

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I like this idea.
Trump is not going to condemn his own people twice over and will throw msm into another shit storm

It's a good idea.

The (((msm))) has not gone all out at Trump for the chants because they need him to attack the Squad some more.

But you know that chants of "send them back" sends a cold chill down the spine of every (((rootless alien)))

great idea send them back and by them I mean niggers.

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OP, go the fuck back to Mason you P&G glownigger.

daily reminder titanium isn't grey.

The chant is one method of getting the multiculti Empire to die so we can form a better nation. Trump is just a harbinger and a tool that we can use.