The ABSOLUTE STATE of France is causing French Police to Sudoku, Yellow Vests, Wives Demand Justice

Political pawns? Wives of French police officers demand govt action amid suicide epidemic

French riot police stand in front of the Fouquet's restaurant on the Champs Elysees avenue during clashes with protesters after the traditional Bastille Day military parade in Paris, France, July 14, 2019

Rising street violence coupled with government inaction has created intolerable conditions for France’s police force, according to wives of officers who spoke with Ruptly. Their concerns come amid a spike in police suicides.

Weekly Yellow Vest demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron’s austerity measures have strained France’s police force, which was already experiencing fatigue due to personnel and funding shortages. So far this year, 37 cases of suicide have been reported among French police, compared with 35 cases in all of 2018.

For the spouses of serving officers, the mounting stress has become unbearable.

“Fear, anxiety, stress – I sometimes cry because of those acts of extreme violence,” the wife of a police officer told Ruptly, referring to the violent clashes between riot cops and Yellow Vest demonstrators. She said that she often worries that her husband won’t return from work.

Police forces are here to ensure safety in the country and not to be beaten up. I’m against violence from either side, but if the government does not react, [the police] won’t hold for long. It’s time to wake up.

Another woman who spoke on condition of anonymity said that her husband had been attacked by a group of people after they learned that he was a police officer. She called on the government to give more support to the police, and for France to stop “stigmatizing” them.

Responsibility for the crisis lies with the government, Michel Thooris, secretary general of the Angry Police Union (France Police - Policiers en colère), said.

“The government uses the national police force for political ends. They refuse to respond to the political demands of the Yellow Vests. They use the police simply as a tool with which to postpone a political deadline.”

In April, another police union described the rise in suicides as a “massacre.”

A senate report released last year looked at the problems facing law enforcement personnel, including grueling schedules, exhaustion, and heightened tensions caused by recent civil unrest, as well as terrorist incidents, and labelled the issue a “true crisis.”

Maybe these wives should tell their husbands to fuck off from murdering and torturing citizens protesting against jewish hegemony in France.
Seems to me being ordered to, and actually doing that to your own would lead to depression.

I can only take so many "oi mates".

All the police have to do is kill the people they work for, but they just can't do it so they kill themselves. Good riddance.

checked and heiled


This is their chance to immortalise their names into history, they could take down the evil elite destroying France and the French people at once .

If you choose to die, at the end, give your life true meaning .

rolling for ZOGbot self-holocaust spreads to the US

Why am I not surprised at all?


The people destroying France are the same sort of proles who supported the revolution in 1789. Useless people who are only alive due to the government sponsored transfer of resources from the successful to themselves vote for more and more government power. This is now being compounded by the diversity imported by the government, but we must remember that the native French proles who have supported the strength of the welfare state are the origin of the catastrophe.

The yellow vests are certainly composed mostly of idiots whe have, along with their parents, created the very circumstances they now complain about. The entire French civilization is one big lie, from the leaders to the idiot proles.

Democracy is a failure. Egalitarianism is a lie (even within an ethnicity). Politicians of the last hundred years have found victory in appealing to idiot proles who should either be picking turnips or dead. Maybe 2% of people have the intelligence and heart to take part in leading a nation. Giving the vote to 100% (including women, who find safety in a gigantic welfare state which can sweep their single-mother mistakes under the rug) of the population is guaranteed to lead to collapse. Irrationality and ignorance of reality can carry on for a long, long time. The end state is death and decay. It approaches.

This has happened everywhere. We're in trouble, m80s.

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It's a shame really, those zogbots who wake up realizing what they've done would be better off becoming saboteurs.


I'm waiting for the day some waiter serving a table of elites just grabs a knife off the table and takes out someone high up. Fight Club was an instruction manual, the wealthy and elite still need plebs to clean their shit, fix/maintain their shit, and serve them. If it happened just a few times the wealthy/elite would become so paranoid about everyone around them that they would effectively be imprisoned.

Females were a mistake.


Fight Club was a thinly veiled metaphor for gay sex in faggy bathhouses. The author was a homo and made allusions to gay sex at every opportunity. "Don't talk about fight club." Pistol in mouth. Splicing cocks into films. Man beating himself up (off) joins with other men who beat each other up (off). Their goal is the destruction of civilization.

Gay and gay. You might be gay.

Is it true that art is best interpreted through life experience? Id never have got that.

Post is worth 88's

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The only faggot I see around here is you.

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They are Women. They don't care about such highmindedness in fact they probably don't even care about their husbands, they just crave stability in this situation because they are Women.


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And not a single one with enough balls to do a Pewdiepie subscription drive. Sad.

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To think one thread recently said the Yellow Vests movement didn't go anywhere yet this proves it is progressing.

We apparently have a severe lack of frog anons, because it's extremely rare that we get accurate GJ coverage.

Checked for truth. The whole situation worldwide is ultimately due to the fact that cops, intel and military are taking orders from the wrong people, and they fucking know it. It could all end tomorrow if they had the will. And the suicide rate thing? That's even worse - they know they've got problems, but choose to roll over instead of doing us all a favor and taking some piece of shit down on their way out. If you're at the point you're willing to die, at least do something productive with it.

Lot's of disinfo posters user. I saw that thread too, looks like demoralization ahead of these protests in OP.

What do you want to know ?

How accurate is the jewish narrative of the last week that the entire protest has died down?

I wish I knew what it was about French culture that keeps them from rolling over and becoming extinct like Americans did and the English, Germans, Swedes, etc are doing.

Totally false. They wishes hard to say it is over but they would have to exterminate us to the last to say "it is over".
The roots of "protests" have always been there, for centuries. It is now a matter of months before it turns to something much more violent.

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Nice try, kike, but we're the only thing keeping you from gloabal takeover.

The last I fully checked in on the GJ was in December. Would you say the movement is stronger, weaker, or about equal since then?

The yellow vests are the same idiots who have led France to this point. They're prole rabble and they don't have the brains to understand that their shitty leftist ways have created the conditions which they are now complaining about. The battle in France is between corrupt kikes/golem and stupid proles who don't know anything. They don't have much of a decently bred middle class anymore, thanks to all of their egalite.


Shut up you fucking D&C faggot (literal).

So it looks like the literal faggots are all back on Zig Forums again. Not much of a break boys for you to do something other than attempt to D&C European men and women some more.

Nigger, you can love your women all you want, but at the end of the day, you have to admit that they were the perfect weapon the jews found to use against their men.

All that cholesterol in your brain made you delusional. The whole world is watching Trump try to instigate a war with China and Iran for Israel's bullshit security while Americans are distracted by the latest accusations of racism, sexism, anti-semitism. America went to war over tea taxes a couple of hundred years ago. Now Israel takes all the wealth via so-called aid money and lucky financiers, and Americans just take it up the ass. The country is dead.

You must hang around some dank women, faggot. Women are the companion of men, but I wouldn't expect a faggot kike to know this.

Well if America is ostensibly dead, then so is your desert shithole. Because we're the only people protecting you from the muslims that want to raze you to the ground.

That is a long wait and you haven't addressed any of the real problem you all are facing, like the hordes of niggers and shitskins that are flooding into your open borders nation.

This jew isn't even making any fucking sense.

Muslims are semites user. They are the brothers of the jews. The jews use them as a bludgeon against Europeans. The last thing on the planet other races are going to do is buck the jews now when they are genociding us.

I know that.

Leave it to a non-White not to understand english.

Chuck Palahniuk is indeed a homosexual leftist, but the book and movie are not about gay shit. He wrote the book to basically tell his fellow leftists to man up, and quit being a bunch of excuse making, blame placing beta pussies and act like men. Notice that the story ultimately centers around an attack on wall street, a more stereotypical leftist target, rather than attacking some alphabet soup agency or federal building like a stereotypical right wing group. Also most of Tyler Durden's rants against society are anti-(((consumerism))), it was basically written to try to inspire and incite the left. That's why it's so significant that unintentionally it was the right, not the left, that end up taking his message to heart.

All the more reason to condemn it as (((Hollywood))) trash.

The "GJ" movement as it was in December is over. But will spring up very soon definitely.

While you're right, the late protests forced the hand of the Jew. Now the true French knows what's coming up next if he dares to "protest" again. People will organize on a different basis from now on. And that is a huge difference. The "democracy" bullshit is coming to an end. If you want to hit ZOG, you need to hit hard on the "Sumerian Swindle" (a good read by the way), usury, whatever you call it. This is the only way to take back our country, put our lads in and then takes the necessary steps to purge it from the scum.
The great replacement already happened ages ago. France always have been in the claw of the jew. That's what we target. It is the only way to save our blood. Hitler said it far better than I say it now.

Yeah. I agree. It was also laden with faggy metaphors. Do I need to list more? The narrator had to inhabit the consciousness of an alter-ego to fuck Marla. The first night a fag went to "fight club" he had to fight (fuck). Nobody in fight club has a name until they die (of aids). The author grew up into his faggotry when it was still stigmatized here (stay anonymous ["RULE 1 DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB"]) and when aids was wrecking them like mad. The fags could be recognized when some filthy disease killed them because, at that point, the secret was out.

Half of the point of that novel/movie was to get a bunch of unwitting straight people to idolize gay culture. It is subversive. It is as gay as aids.

What is the difference between the December movement and the 'spring' movement?

Also, why do you put 'GJ' in quotes?

spring up = reappear, surface..
Sorry if I'm not clear

Because it is used as a trademark now by ZOG to portrays it as some random leftists gibs protesters. We are a not a trademark, we are the legitimate people, on our soil. We do not want to improve our slavery, we don't want this or that, we want the end of the whole swindle.

So you are all planning on exterminating your jews, but the invaders, who are in your nation at the discretion of the jews are not going to be happy about this because they will know that their paid vacation in France is coming to an end. How will you fight off that many groups of foreign invaders if it is as you say 'the replacement happened ages ago'. I wish that you guys would organize a weapons running trans Atlantic smuggling operation.

Where did the jews use 'GJ' to trademark you? What the fuck are you even talking about? Are you even french, or a fucking yenta?

Since it has been hijacked by ZOG, mid-December. If you could read French, you would know it.
"GJ" "Gilets Jaunes" became a buzzword to trigger the lemming golem and make him hate the protesters. And when you associate the term with the pictures of current "protesters" (Not all, but a good part of them), it is very easy to quickly be disgusted by it. It is easy for them to redirect a movement. Just like they did with Occupy Wall Street.

You're a jew. Filtered.

A shame those cops killed themselves rather than turn on their masters
They could have been heroes

The only point you made is that you didn't read the post I am responding to. Roastie be gone.

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To be able to fight, you need to be sure that the White in front of you is really from your blood and not from an old bloodline of marranos. Most of the time, you see something is not quite right by the look of their face. Sometimes, it is a bit tricky as they are here for many centurires, so you need to let them talk to see the little talmudic gem hidden.
Indeed, France is a huge mess. The shitskins will play their cards when shtf, we will play ours. No army wants race traitors in their ranks.

Filter me pussycat.

If only this were the largest problem facing France. The people are mostly idiot proles now thanks to this last century of leftism. The kikes hardly need to lift a finger. The yellow jackets were never a noble/good movement; they may hate their leaders but they're still mostly idiot proles who don't understand reality and, in boomer/leftist fashion, simply wish for the powers that be to make things comfy for them. They don't understand that diversity is about to kill their bloodline. They don't understand that their economic situation necessitates a collapse that will leave many of them starving before legitimate growth can begin. Thanks to the age of leftism, the proles have outbred the productive instead of dying off due to their bad decisions/methods.

Nothing good can come from a prole mob. Leftism spat in the face of evolution and now everybody will pay the price.

he's a puppet put still hes a risk

Good, good. More ZOG bots need to neck themselves.

They're not suicides. It's yellow vests righting the wrongs.

This is true. It is nice to see someone who recognizes the value of the productive class vs the parasitic classes (proles) and the parasitic rich. Marx was wrong, it was always about these two classes warring to take down the productive middle class their lifeline. The larger the productive class, the more productive society is. This means that in order to obtain the stars we MUST exterminate the two great parasitic classes and then breed them into extinction whenever we find them within our ranks (along with all the other parasites, globohomo, etc). The USA had a HUGE productive class and it was the most productive nation that ever existed. But now the parasitic rich are using the parasitic poor to destroy productivity. If we want stability and peace we need to destroy all parasites whenever they are found. Also, ethnoglobe; the Earth should belong to people who deserve it rather than parasitic trash.

Doubtful. More likely their J-O-B is driving them insane because no matter how much they tell themselves they are in the 'right' their brain will never be comfortable. When cognitive dissonance weighs too heavy on a person, they kill themselves.

The wrong ones. If they're killing themselves, they were potential assets.

Instead of killing themselves why don't they just stop being police officers?

thats a really long way to not-figure-out that your government functions need to be elected and need to cross compete for balance

Probably because they believe the point has been passed where anyone working for the government will be forgiven.

That's stupid.

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I didn't recognize it until it was pointed out to me by somebody who worked in an industry full of homos (EDM) during the 80s/90s. He was surrounded by their culture and knew the shibboleths. It isn't meant to be obvious to those who aren't in the know. Tbh that fag author is a genius for pulling it off (no pun intended). He tricked a bunch of bored, suburban kids to identify with a gang of insane homos. The subversion is everywhere.

the GJ are retarded proles in their mindset, but they ARE the productive class. they've just started to realise they're the ones paying with their everyday work for all the parasites. there are probably some lumpen parasites among their ranks as well, and they all have a lumpen subcuture, so it's a mixed bag.


Surely OP meant Seppuku.

The state of this board.

John. Read the manual. If you lack this much again they will slash your bonus. More importantly they will push more bullshit on the whole department. i'm tired of your shitt, John.

nah they’ll promote him to middle management like every government agency does with their failures.

Unless he's white. We have diversity quotas everywhere.

nah if he’s a faggot, a tranny, or has child pornography on his pc then he’s a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.

That's the joke, newfag
Get the fuck out of here or lurk 2 moar years

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fucking zogbots

If you happen to live in a town where civilians, maybe people you grew up with have been maimed, and then you go to work and listen to your colleagues crow about smashing a skull or two, you might get despondent. There's so many yellow vests that unless you live in a pig bubble you are going to know some personally.
This is probably why the french pigs are drafting in anyone they can get.

Don't spoonfeed it's one of the main ways they become obvious, when they don't get it.

But their husbands are bravely defending the foreign invaders these women fought so hard for.

user i think you might be gay

Lets all sit around and feel bad for cops that work for jews and blue haired feminists that want to destroy the white race.

Tears are falling out of my eyes right now ;(

You're only half right. White most people are nothing more than cattle and too stupid to realize what's going on, it's the rich and the "successful" who enable and even enforce most policies. Yes, it's the factory owners and your bosses the ones who profit the most from immigration, not the kikes who want to dilute our race.

I think I know what that means - fag bond is strongest bond.

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Yellow vests code for DOT losers and walmart homos.

Niggers like you shame a great nation. There’s no Jewish subjugation in France - yours is the subjugated soul, for you can never escape the racial animus to which you have chained yourself. You are bound forever to hating Jews.

I hope you commit sudoku.

Former French PM is a crypto Jew appointed by a Jew ran bank, nope no Jewish subversion in France.


I'd rather perform partial differentials.

Answer me honestly, are you a pleb or a jew? Do you really not know they main cry of the YellowVest protest was "Macron, pute e juifs"or "Macron, bitch of the Jews"?

This proves Zogbots are scum. They want to leach off the system with easy work and no consequences rather than decline to apply.

Maybe everyone should move to russia!

Exactly. This user is halfway there. Next is executing Zogbots and their kin.

Good point here too.

And do you not know right wing faggots make everyone have to run to the jews? Lap at my feet and I can do something. Don't lap at the feet of white degenerates and mental midgets.

everytime a white ZOGbot kills himself over remorse, a nigger or an algerian takes his place.