KyoAni Conspiracy: (((They))) are coming for your Anime next

Hi anons, I have a theory on the KyoAni situation since last week:

KyoAni was targeted so that the dark elites can further push the gender war. This is similar to how schools were targeted for school shootings so they can push the gun control agenda. When you look at other information on KyoAni, there are many things that stand out.

Notes about KyoAni:

Hayao Miyazaki in 2011:

Other notes:

Based on these observations, my prediction is that the media will form a false narrative claiming that because the attacker was a male, all male otaku and anime fans are incels and are a threat to society. We have seen similar instances of this when the media tries to claim that all white men are racist, all black men are criminals, etc. Otaku and anime fans have been demonized by society before for being uncool, unpopular, and for other related reasons, but now the media will double down on labeling them as psychotic killers/future threats. This will be done in order to push more anti-male propaganda and divide the genders even further. This will also be done to hide the real killers in society by using these groups mentioned earlier as scapegoats. For example, a common thing you'll see anime fans being accused of is pedophilia, because their shows contain characters that have the appearance of a child. Meanwhile, their accusers are harming real life children through sex slavery and drag kid promotional crap.

One thing that people criticize KyoAni shows for is that they produce fujoshi works. Rumors are saying that the killer was a yuri fan who got upset because one of the female characters in a show famous for its yuri pandering got a boyfriend instead of a yuri relationship. There are stories of other outrages caused by LGBT extremists who attack others for not promoting gay relationships in their works.

Anime will then begin to promote more anti-male messages through their works, causing an even greater divide. Anime was a form of entertainment for predominately male audiences. While some shows can promote degenerate themes, other works promote ideas about the positive aspect of life such as the hero's journey, self improvement, and motivation during times of struggles. Due to anime's growing popularity, the dark elites recognize this and want anime and other forms of potentially positive entertainment destroyed. They will use some excuse such as "we need to change these works to be appropriate for the masses", but in reality, they just want another medium to use to push their globalist agenda. They have done this with video games and comic books and are now after anime since the audience moved on to anime and manga.

You have been warned.

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Some anime had a lot of implicit Zig Forums-tier content, allowing white youth to be exposed to some ideas that were almost completely missing from (((western))) cartoons and other media that were utterly kiked. This raised a whole subculture that shaped what is to become chan culture over the years, eventually leading us to where we are now. Of course, the Jew will not sit idly after discovering this, they will use their neoliberal puppet government in Japan to gradually open the country to more and more poz while going after those intelligent, well-read and informed men who refused to partake in NPC (((society))) and who used their fringe ideas to create art that we couldn't see ever since kikes took control of all the media in the west. Sure, most anime is shit, but there are many gems out there.

Japanese tradition is not compatible with globohomo tyranny, the Jew indeed fears the Samurai

If that's true why did they pick Kyoani, as far as animation studios go they are definitely on the poz side. If they burned down whitefoxs HQ for making Goblin Slayer I could maybe see it but not Kyoani lol

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The perp was mad about his homosexual swim team manga being ripped off. So…nah.

SHAFT masterrace reporting in

Hibike Euphonium has no gay shit in it, ignore fujoshitters.

Shaft hasn't made anything good since Hidamari

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Arguments that "beg the Illuminati" are inherently flawed. Jews have a racial character but they don't act as a cohesive and organized unit. The notion that they do is both a gross overestimation of their competence and a naive underestimation of their wickedness. The idea that there is a "plan" behind everything is seductive because it appeals to rationality. In reality, even the plans they DO have, like the Kalergi Plan, are fundamentally based on Jewish irrationality.

The odds that the attack was some sort of false flag are low. It probably WAS some disgruntled otaku who hates degeneracy and picked Kyoani because they do degenerate shit. But that doesn't change the fact that they will USE this attack to justify pushing for further restrictions and limitations. You can't trust that every single thing that happens has a Jew behind it, but you CAN trust that some Jew somewhere will try and use what happens, whatever it is, to their advantage. Jews have low-cunning, not high intelligence. Their long term planning is trash, it's why they always get caught and kicked out of places, it's why their scams always self-destruct in the end, but they ARE very good at improvising and working angles.

This is also why it's a mistake to make the argument that "if we/they/us do X then that will be bad because it will make the Jews do Y and we don't want Y to happen." It's a flawed argument, because they will FIND a way to MAKE Y happen, no matter what. You aren't going to make gains or achieve victories by worrying about what somebody else is going to do whose explicit goal is to ultimately exterminate you from the face of the earth and then scrub your existence out of history. Don't worry about Jews being Jews. Focus on helping your own people.

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What the fuck are you even talking about?

>(((They))) are coming for your Anime next
Next? They already got it 20 years ago, Remember how popular Hellsing and Black Lagoon are?

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. (loser)

If you had kept reading you'd know, you illiterate nigger.

I am sure they aren't

You're absolutely full of shit. The only hearsay I've heard about this story is some CWC-tier autist getting mad that the studio used a portmanteau in one of their new shows that he think he invented.

Being that you're this into anime - kill yourself

Are you saying I shouldn't burn down the studio that took my idea, even if the commercial for the premier of said show is blatantly flaunting that they stole my idea?

Almost like you already knew they did.

oy vey this shit again

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Fuck off, you water-muddying jew.

Who are you talking to?
I am not even Jewish.

Yeah, that's pretty damning.


Yep, that really convinces us all.

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This is an extremely rational post despite 's general lack of reading comprehension.
Generally speaking if you use the notion of ukemi with the jew, you will win.

I think its due to Japan putting up a fight still. The feminist issue runs deep in Japan but they still have very low immigration and gays are pretty much the butt of jokes in actually popular work/public. The Olympics are next year as well, less than a year away and this happens and grabs a lot of headlines. By all rights, something like this shouldn't really pierce the Western news cycle at all.

New analysis:

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This. (((Anime))) has been degeneracy incarnate for over 2 decades, if you think it's worth saving you are a disgusting consumer who does not belong here. Pedophile and feminist cartoons have no place here.

God I hate fujoshifags, they interpret every single piece of artwork as being about a secret homosexual to suit their own insecurity. And they have this extremely smug attitude where they believe their opinion is a actually a known fact. Then they circlejerk over their own blogs as evidence for their claims.

>they will use their neoliberal puppet government in Japan to gradually open the country to more and more poz while going after those intelligent, well-read and informed men who refused to partake in NPC (((society))) and who used their fringe ideas to create art that we couldn't see ever since kikes took control of all the media in the west
And the kikes will win. Nobody is going to do shit to stop them. Japan is doomed forever.

How is this site a better use of your time than anime?

Zig Forums doesn't turn you into a pedo tranny unlike (((anime))) which is a purely kike-operated medium.


Honestly I’m not sure I care what happens to anime rn. Kinda seems to be declining in quality lately. It’s okay, but maybe a darkside conspiracy to stir it up will do some good.

Culture does what it does. Some manipulations of culture are bad, most manipulations of culture are normal. Culture shouldn’t involve ruining the life of anyone in particular, is I think the way bad vs normal manipulations of culture should be determined.

This is guaranteed to be the end of Japan. The olympics will be the final nail in the coffin.
==After Japan is inevitably pozzed, all of its old culture will disappear into the ether, never to return again for the rest of human history.

This. Cuckime BTFO.

Lol, the locals here serve pedofascists. LGBT doesn’t actually get along with pedos; NAMBLA got ejected an eon ago and isn’t being brought back. Pedos aren’t gonna have a place in society until they start marrying child-shaped robots. I’ll wish ‘em the best when that happens, haha.

Asses and Cornholes


There’s no way someone who was into anime for decades could ever fuck over a studio like KyoAni. If Netflix burned down and some blatant propaganda western-made "anime" style show (of which there are two so far) then I could see it, but an otaku would never do that to KyoAni.

Japanese feminists worry about actual societal problems like getting canned just for being pregnant; they heavily support the anime and manga industries because it's chock full of women who made a career for themselves. Like, there is a good amount of LGBT movement going on in Japan but they don't see it as a top priority nor get too uppity and crazy about it, like you said. They're the only ones who can make fun of trannies but be alright with them so long as they don’t cause trouble.

I don’t think so. The worst case scenario is that soaplands, porno, and Akihabara shops will have to temporarily close down or follow a temporary ordinance to keep smut hidden/online only during the event so dumbass Westerners won’t shriek about cartoon kiddie porn while Ahmed, Tyrone, and Paco are raping their kids back home.
While we can’t rule out the possibility of Japan bending over, the Olympics aren’t going to wipe out an entire domestic industry for a couple of weeks worth of tourism. If that were the case, then popular characters like Sailor Moon, Goku, and Doraemon wouldn't have been ambassadors in the first place, and there'd be thousands of animators, mangaka, artists, and authors (be the source material G-rated or smutty) out of a job and royally pissed. Hell, Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo, wants to make the city an “anime land" for the Olympics.
In connection to the fire, it’ll probably get some attention regarding fire security norms and procedures, maybe some new laws regarding handling of flammable materials. Nips are pretty pragmatic about this stuff, their solution to everything is increase government control.

These topics are interesting because they show who is a genuine national socialist, a man committed to his race; and who is an orientalist cartoon fan, indulging in degeneracy with a handful of weak excuses as to why it doesn't make him a treacherous faggot.

Nice try, kike. Better luck next year.

Unless I got your nuance wrong.

You want to hear a conspiracy, a bunch of Jews figured out how to wire the blower fan through the power lines to communicate and troll me in the bathroom.

Now that's fucked up.

Not if the nips have something to say about it, and no those gook niggers in nipland don't count as nips. And fuck the chinkniggers as well.

Shinji did nothing wrong, all entertainment must die as it promotes degeneracy, some less than others but they won't bother about your future anyways. Now we're only lacking in someone bombing the press in the west. Shouldn't be too complicated.

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This is possible, maybe even likely, but that would be the case whether the attack was a false flag or not.

That's not how false flags work (if it was one). You're supposed to attack your own guys or allies, such as KyoAni which was supposedly quite pozzed. You give them victim status points by doing so, and can use it against anyone you can label as the opposing team of the victim. If they attacked Goblin Slayer's studio, they would be the victim, and their enemies the bad guy.

I'm not convinced it was a false flag either, but it has nothing to do with the odds, but with the facts.

Irrelevant. Furthermore based on the information I've seen, he was a degenerate who liked yuri.


This isn't Zig Forums. Go to a designated anime board.

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Nihon best ally!

Samurai fear the Jew.

Shut up idiot. There is nothing wrong with loving something good from other culture. You can be a NatSoc and still love other cultures.

More anime is always a good thing.

They are not really infiltrating anime yet. The only thing they could do is complain about it from the western side of the board, but Nips don't really care about that. However, I could be somewhat wrong, as Japan is trying to make a better image of themselves for the 2020 Olympics. (For all new friends here, the Olympics is obviously a political event) There also has been a decrease in hardcore fanservice in anime due to trying to improve public relations. We are probably never going to see anime like Strike Witches/ Lotte no Omocha/Moetan/Kodomo no Jikan again. Also the controversial rapelay years ago may be a reason why a lot of Japanese sites (like Alicesoft) are Japan IP only.

I believe though what they really have gotten a hold of is video games. There is so much censorship of Japanese video games it's not even funny. One funny example is that Steam bans all japanese visual novels with underaged characters (some of the games I heard, weren't even sexual), however allowed some ugly western garbage game "Life is Strange" which depicted two minors having sex. There is also extreme censorship with soyny (even in nippon), so a lot of Japanese IPs are moving onto the labo machine or PC.

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>>Zig Forums

There was another thread with some interesting points that was deleted, but I'll make my post there then. Somehow you would think that current moderation would handle retarded spammer too and clean all the threads from shit, including this one, but that would be way too much.

By otaku you mean social rejects that are brainwashed into being zombies, the exact same people that watch KyoAni garbage? Left-wing anime is the exact kind of anime that forms this deep degenerate obsession with anime and thus turn people into mindless zombies that don't give a shit about anything but their shitty favorite animes.

This is not wrong, this is exactly what the liberal party is for the most part, except people call liberals mainly "dogs of America" which is pretty much the same thing, liberals were called this way since the day Americans formed the government instead of taking everything in their own hands so people wouldn't resist and revolt. This doesn't make him and the rest of the dogs zainichi koreans, however.
Liberals are US/Israeli dogs to this day, in fact, had America made TPP a thing Abe would accept it too despite the fact that people were against it for years, among other things, this is also why US military bases are still there and so-called US military that are nothing but scumbags can get away with raping local women or causing other nuisances to Japanese. Also, the biggest problem with many non-compromised liberals and their supporters is the fact that they're pretty much just civic nationalists, at least this is what I gathered when I spoke to them and their supporters too.
Now, democrats probably have a lot of mongrels in their party, mainly mixed with chink blood. In general they are the ones that started making life of immigrants easier in Japan, the party is very left-leaning in general, while liberals are actual centrists, meaning they support both left-wing and right-wing policies.

They're not a Japanese company anymore, they dropped already backstabbed people under the bus the moment they moved their HQ to commiefornia.

It was one guy who had a serious grudge because they stole his script. Then claimed they had no record of him ever submitting it.

Did kike mods delete the other KyoAni threads? I can only find this and the original in the catalog. There were at least two others, the second official thread, and one where the OP had a Japanese article translated.

Ah seems like it:

This is quite gay as those threads were about actual information, whereas this thread's OP is mostly conjecture. Not saying this thread should be deleted either, but a curious decision on their part.

Take your fucking meds.

>(((mods))) B&D+ some faggot
Where did I see retarded moderation like that before? Oh right, it was Heil after resurrectedreplayer aka kikey or the other guy aka brony therealmoonman did the exact same thing to what I think was the original IOTBW threads.


There is a strong jewish push in Japans entertainment industry, theres already token niggers on tv in every show.

This was a real surprise for me. Because KyoAni was mostly female (because you don't need to make money as a female to get laid), there is now a distinct anti-male commentary in all the english language news at least, especially in the comments. The male sex itself is blamed. But yes OP (((they))) are certainly coming for anime and they are trying to buy all the studios up. Despite how some call anime degenerate, it was not promoting white girls with niggers at every turn. It was more pure entertainment and less propaganda. No longer. The Jews try to divide the women from their men at every turn, and substitute the men not with women, but nigger males. This is part of their global dysgenics program to eliminate racial competition and merge the goyim into one niggerized mass to easily rule.

While it’s definitely a big concern, China has a more meaningful influence in the industry than the West, even with Latin America. They hold the record of more companies in anime production committees than any other country. Chinks are even plebbier than Japs and Amerifats; the stuff they like is literally the dumbest and stupidest romance and action that you can imagine. They are literally 3rd world tier for their society AND entertainment media. It could change a year or so depending on the Olympics and such, but who knows what’s what with underground connections in a web of lies.

I thought he only did key animation and got fired over jew rant tweets. And at least nips know the Holocaust is a complete joke. M

This is something Western media refuses to learn. If you do something niche and suddenly gain a mainstream following, you shouldn't try to "appeal to the mainstream". You are already appealing to them, changing your strategy just means alienating what drew the mainstream to you in the first place.

I take that entire interview and that entire post with a grain of salt. Especially since it's posted on a cuckchannel site. It didn't even reveal too much anyways, just bashing Christian's mostly along with the other Abrahamic religions. Heck, he bashed christianity more than Judaism.

Jews are definitely not behind anything related to Japan.

But how is he wrong? Show me something happening that isn't making things worse.

All faggots always cause trouble. All sexual degenerates should be burned.

This. Fandom Delenda Est

lol stupid fucking nigger, shinji liked yuri(lesbian media), he got pissed when they got rid of it on his train anime.
he is just as mentally ill as any typical jew.

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not to mention that (((media))) in the West constantly claimed that the number of casualties was 33 (a masonic number)

Kikestianity deserves it. Bunch of abrahamic faggots worshipping kikes.
This thread is schizo bullshit. Some guy claiming the company stole his shitty idea burned the place down. There's no kikespiracy behidn it.

Gonna need proofs of that, I thought it was the train narrative at first but that has already been debunked

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Watch the analysis posted above, its detailed with actual sources